Microsoft Teams how to delete correspondence. Where Teams stores files?

How to remove chat in Windows 11? Click on the “Chat” button with the right mouse button and select “Hide from the Particone Panel”. The second way is to click Wini, go to “personalization” and click the “Task Panel”. Next in the list “Elements of the Task Panel” find the necessary key and turn off the function. Below we consider how to remove the chat in Windows 11, what is this option, and how to use it correctly.

There are several ways to remove the chat in Windows 11. do this through the taskbar, disconnecting or deleting the Microsoft Teams application. Consider each of the methods in more detail.


The easiest way to delete the communication tool in Windows 11 is to do this using the icon on. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Find the icon “Chat” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on it with the right mouse button.
  • Select the option “Hide from the taskbar”.
  • Make sure the icon disappears.

This method allows you to remove the chat icon in Windows 11, and the application itself remains installed. The button can be restored at any time.


The following way to remove an unnecessary option in Windows 11 is to do this through settings. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • Click on Wini combination to enter the Windows 11 Parameters section.
  • Click on the item “Personalization”, and then “Panels of Tasks”.
  • In the list of “Elements of the Panel of Tasks”, find the “Chat” key and turn it off.
  • Make sure you deleted an unnecessary option.


To remove the chat in Windows 11, you can go in a more global way. Take the following steps:

  • Go to the “Parameters”.
  • Go to the “Applications” section, and then “Applications and Opportunities”.
  • Find Microsoft Teams on the right.
  • Click on three points, and after “delete”.

Note that the symbol for entering the program on Windows 11 will be visible on the page “Parameters”, and after “personalization” and “taskbar” even after the deletion of the program.


You can delete the application completely on Windows 11 using the command line. The algorithm of actions in this case is this:

  • Enter the Get-AppXpackage Microsoftteams in the window that appears in the window. Remove-Appxpackage.
  • Click on the “Enter” button and make sure that you managed to remove software.

What is it, where and why

Many users know how to remove the chat in Windows 11, without understanding the features of the application and its capabilities. Microsoft Teams. a program built into the OS that allows you to communicate with other users using text, voice or video. Its capabilities allow you to contact your family, work colleagues and friends at any time. After starting the operating system, the application is opened automatically, and most importantly. the entrance to the Microsoft OS Windows 11.

Software can be used to send messages outside the program. For example, when sending a message to a user who does not have a profile in Teams, he will receive a letter by SMS or e-mail. In parallel to a person comes a link for registration in the program.

Microsoft included TIAMS in Windows 11 as a supplement to promote the product in comparison with competitors of Google Chat, Zoom, SLACE and others. Despite the wide functionality of the application, many do not like it. For this reason, there is a desire to remove it.

Account Information

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Microsoft Teams cannot delete the file (fixed)

Microsoft Teams is more than a chat application; This is a tool for working together, which uses the advantages of Microsoft Office 365 applications, as well as various other Microsoft services to provide users with a center for working together. Among its numerous functions is the file exchange function, which allows users to work together on documents, edit them together in real time, among other things.

Files can be divided through common channels or with specific users. The file, to which general access on a specific channel is provided, all participants in this channel can access. Several people can edit it at the same time, and although the function is magnificent, it can cause problems with resolutions and access to files.

How to delete a file in Microsoft Teams?

Files to which common access through Microsoft Teams can be deleted by any member of the group. All you need to do is go to the “Files” tab, select the file and click the “Delete” button. Of course, if you shared a file in the channel with several people, you may have problems with its removal. If Microsoft Teams believes that the file is used / edited / read, it will not allow you to delete it.

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Ask everyone to close the file.

If, when trying to delete the Microsoft Teams file, it has not been possible to delete it, try the following.

  • Ask everyone who has access to the file to close it.
  • Wait ten minutes.
  • Try to delete the file.

Restore Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams cache can cause quite a few problems with the application, including problems with file removal.

How to Archive / Restore unused Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft command exit.
  • Close Microsoft Teams.
  • Click the Plain Panel with your right mouse button and select the task manager.
  • Go to the “Processes” tab.
  • Look for any process that Microsoft Teams works.
  • Choose this and click on the task.
  • Open Microsoft Teams.
  • To come in.
  • Try to delete the file.

Edit, save and delete

Often Microsoft Teams thinks that the file is edited, although this is not. He needs to synchronize this information so that the files are not accidentally deleted, but this can lead to their blocking.

  • Open the file you want to delete in Microsoft Teams.
  • Make a slight change to it.
  • Save the changes.
  • Close the file.
  • Wait ten minutes.
  • Try to delete the file right now.

Close Microsoft Office 365 applications.

Microsoft Teams can open files created in the Microsoft Office 365. If you have problems with the file deletion, close all Office 365 applications open in your system, and then try to delete the file.

Departure and arrival

The file extraction and its return can allow delete the file.

  • Open the channel to the file is provided access.
  • Go to the “Files” tab.
  • Click the Option Baby Options (three points) Near the file.
  • Go more details check.
  • As soon as the file is removed, press the additional parameter button next to the file in Microsoft Teams.
  • Go more details. You can leave the field of Комментарии и мнения владельцев empty.
  • As soon as the file was noted again, try to delete it again.

Ask the command owner to delete the file.

Each team created in Microsoft Teams has a team owner. The team owner has the highest level of privileges. If the file is not deleted, ask the command owner to delete it. They can be successful where ordinary users did not have this.

How to save / cancel messages in Microsoft Teams

Chat applications that are used to increase performance need to prevent loss of important messages in longer conversations. Channels are one of the ways to group conversations on topics, and Slack has achieved great success with their channels, but the messages still tend to get lost. Adding them to bookmarks works much better.

Microsoft Teams allows users to keep an important message, t. E. It goes with bookmarks to save messages.

Save Microsoft Teams Message

Saving a message in Microsoft Teams is very simple;

microsoft, teams, delete, files
  • Open Microsoft commands.
  • Look for a message that you want to save and click the additional options button just above it.
  • Select “Save this message”.
  • And the bookmark icon will appear to indicate that the message was saved.

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Unprocessed message at Microsoft Teams

Cancel the conservation of the message in Microsoft Teams as simple as saving it, but some users could not cancel the conservation of the message after it is preserved.

  • Open Microsoft commands.
  • Click your profile icon at the right on the right.
  • Select “Saved”.
  • To cancel the conservation, click the tape icon on the saved message. This is or click the “Additional Parameters” button and select “Cancel the preservation of this message”.

The message will not be saved on Microsoft Teams

If the message is not saved, this is a mistake that some users face. This is easy to solve, and you can delete the saved message. Try two solutions below.

Close Microsoft Teams.

  • Click the Microsoft Teams icon on the taskbar with the right mouse button.
  • Choose to leave.
  • Run the application again.
  • Cancel the conservation of the message.

Go out and enter the system.

  • Click your profile icon at the right on the right.
  • Choose a way out.
  • After leaving the system, enter again.
  • Cancel the conservation of the message.

Disconnecting icon “Chat

The easiest method of solving the situation without interfering in the files of the operating system is simply to disable the “chat” itself, since it will not work to get rid of it directly (except to look for a file in the registry and delete it yourself). I recommend using the shutdown precisely, since there is a chance that in other cases the “chat” will still return to the operating system after installing updates.

To open the appropriate setting through the Start menu, go to the “Parameters”.

Open the section “Personalization” and select the category “Panel of Tasks”.

Among all the elements of the task panel you will find a “chat” and you can turn off the icon by moving the switch to the appropriate position.

As you can see, there is nothing difficult to remove the icon itself. Now the taskbar will become freer, and your irritating icon will not loom in front of your eyes. About the full deletion of the Teams application

Removing Microsoft Teams through a list of applications

Although the default Teams is in the OS, the developers do not prohibit users to delete the program, which is already pleasing. This can be done literally in a couple of clicks through the same “Parameters” window, but in another section.

Going to the “Parameters” select “Applications” and click on the tile “Applications and Opportunities”.

Use the search to quickly find the required program.

Click on three points to the right of its name and from the context menu select the “Delete” item.

Expect the completion of the deinstal. Now PC memory does not clog excess software.

Microsoft Teams is not deleted

Microsoft Teams comes with Microsoft 365 if you use a corporate account to install it. Thus, it is not easy to delete it, especially if you use an AD account or your desktop is a corporate. Most likely, he will have politicians providing access to Microsoft Teams, and these policies can prevent the application of the application. Here are several ways to delete the application.

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Delete Microsoft Teams from settings.

When removing Microsoft Teams, you may need to remove another application to prevent re.installation of the application.

  • Open the settings application.
  • Go to the application settings group.
  • Select the “Appendix and Functions” tab.
  • Select the following two applications (one by one) and click “Delete”.
  • Microsoft commands
  • Machine installer of commands

Delete Microsoft Teams via PowerShell.

If you cannot find the Machinewide Teams installer application in the list of parameters or the first solution does not work, you can delete Microsoft Teams from PowerShell.

microsoft, teams, delete, files
  • Open PowerShell with administrator rights.
  • Follow the following command to change the script policy policy. Click a when it will be offered.
  • After installing the execution policy, copy the next script at the PowerShell window to remove Microsoft Teams. This script was written by Reddit Wdomon user.

Delete Microsoft 365.

If you use a corporate account with Microsoft 365, you may have to delete it and reinstall it with your personal account. This will allow you to disable the Microsoft Teams application from your system.

What happens when you delete a file in Microsoft Teams

  • Open the settings application.
  • Go to the application of the application and function.
  • Look and select Microsoft 365.
  • Click Remove.
  • After removal, download it again using a personal account and a license to return our Office applications, but still exclude Microsoft Teams.

The use of equipment and software issued by the company is associated with certain problems, for example, with a lack of control. If the above solutions are not suitable for you, you can ask the system administrator to remove the application from your system. You should also know that if the application serves the main means of communication in your organization, its deletion may mean that you will miss important messages.

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How to delete all messages in a conversation?

Go to Teams to the channel with the list you want to delete. Tap “more” at the top of the screen. On the right on behalf of the list, and then click the “Delete” button.

How to delete chat in Teams?

The chat cannot be removed as a whole, but you can hide it in the list of chats if it is no longer required. Select a chat that needs to be hidden, and click the additional parameters hide. Delete.

  • To assign the name to the new group chat, click Create the chat in the upper part of the application window
  • To appropriate the name of the existing group chat, click the name of the chat group next to the list of names of all chat participants (at the top of the screen).
  • You can change your name of the group at any time by clicking

How to remove profile in TIMS?

Press the Start button and select the options for accounting recordings E.mail and accounts. In the section, accounts used by other applications, select the desired account and click Delete. To confirm, press the button.

To do this, go into the organization of Teams Free, which you want to remove, click your avatar at the top of Teams and then select the organization’s management. Click X next to each person to remove it.

Carefully when entering and sending

We live in a world of exchange of instant messages. There are so many instant applications that it is very easy to get confused and send an incorrect message to the wrong person in the wrong application. That’s why you need to not rush when working with business applications such as Microsoft Teams. The functions of editing and removing messages are available, but someone can see what you sent before you manage to remove it.

microsoft, teams, delete, files

Keep the Microsoft Teams application as far away from other applications as possible. And be careful when entering messages in this application for messaging. Typos can be very annoying.

Microsoft Teams Delete

Unfortunately, it is impossible to delete the whole conversation in Microsoft Teams. Что вы можете сделать, так это скрыть рассматриваемый чат, но это не принесет много пользы с точки зрения безопасности, это просто избавит вас от беспорядка. You can also delete or edit sent messages, which is great for accidents and typos. But it is best to use Microsoft Teams Caution.

You someday sent the wrong message to that person? I managed to remove in time? What is your common experience with Microsoft Teams? Feel free to share your experience, tips or questions in the comment section below.