Mouse freezes on computer what to do

The mouse cursor is not moving, but the mouse is working

Suddenly there is a problem with the mouse in Windows? The left button sometimes doesn’t work and you need to click 3-4 times to run a program or a shortcut on the desktop? Why this problem occurs and what to do to fix it.

One of the most annoying problems with the mouse is the problem with its left button. There is a situation when all of a sudden and for no apparent reason the left mouse button does not work, or it begins to respond to user clicks repeatedly.

Every fourth or fifth click is not perceived by the system, this behavior is very annoying because it makes it difficult to work on the computer. instead of double-clicking on the program shortcut sometimes you need to click 3 or 4 times. This also applies to performing any actions. we want to quickly select, for example, a group of shortcuts on the desktop, to drag them with the mouse cursor, but it turns out that the left button does not work. Why the left button does not always respond to user clicks?

Of course, the problem may be in the mouse itself and the damage is purely technical. The left button is worn out and does not always respond to clicks. In that case, it should be repaired or buy a new mouse.

But before you do that, you should check if it works on another computer or. if there is such a possibility. connect another faulty mouse to your computer. That way, you can rule out or confirm its technical malfunction. But if you connect the problem mouse to your friend’s computer and it works correctly, it means that there is a problem with your PC. Then there is no point in buying a new mouse. you should look for a solution in your Windows 10 settings.

Simple causes of the mouse pointer freezing on the screen

First, about some variants of the causes of mouse cursor freeze, which you should eliminate before proceeding to the methods of solving the problem from the next section. These causes are not very common, but you should be aware of them.

Freezing of the mouse pointer may be caused:

  • With wireless or Bluetooth mice it can be a case of almost dead battery.
  • For wireless mice with USB receiver the following happens: if the receiver is connected to the PC back panel and the PC is somewhere under the table, the reception can be unstable. Not every mouse (transmit-receive characteristics differ from model to model), but it is possible.
  • In the case of a conventional wired mouse, the cause of spontaneous stops of the pointer may be the wear of the cable, and visually it is not always possible to determine this. If another mouse does not freeze on the same connector, this may be the cause.
  • A dirty lens on the mouse, working on a glass or mirrored surface can also cause the problem in question.

If all the above options have been ruled out, let’s move on to the following reasons and the corresponding methods of solving the problem.

What to do if the mouse hangs

The mouse is an essential part of any computer system, and since 1981 it has become the main tool for interaction with the operating system.

mouse, freezes, computer

So it is not surprising when a mouse in a computer or laptop hangs and does not respond to anything, no matter how long it hangs for: a second, a few seconds, periodically or constantly, it is infuriating.

Unfortunately, this problem exists and is almost independent of the operating system, whether it is Windows xp, Windows 7 or Windows 10, especially if it is a wireless mouse.

It is most often the mouse cursor that lags and freezes. Why? Because consumers, as a rule, are guided by two criteria. price and whether it is wired or wireless.

This is wrong. Choosing a mouse is even more important than choosing a keyboard, and it’s not easy to choose, because a huge number of different types, shapes and models flood the market.

In this post I will partially touch on the choice, as you may need to buy a new one after reading this guide.

The main part will relate to the topic of the article. why a wireless mouse often or sometimes freezes in a computer or laptop.

Note: not everyone knows this, but there is now a way to use a keyboard without a mouse. here’s a description.

How computer mice differ

There are two main types. optical and laser. Both technologies are very similar. Both use a beam of light that bounces off the surface and informs the computer of the mouse‘s position.

Laser technology allows a much more precise interaction, so it is a favorite choice of gamers and other users who need precise cursor pointing.

Laser also allows you to get a higher DPI, which is especially important for gamers.

For the average user, dots per inch above 1,000 are more than enough, and there are almost only these models on the market.

The advantage of optical technology is that they are simply cheaper. Even in the case of gaming, the models are very similar to each other, differing only in the sensor and a lot in price.

If you want to work with a mouse on almost any surface, you should look at the laser sensor.

It won’t work on glass or other transparent surfaces alone, though there are exceptions, such as the Logitech Performance Mouse MX has Laser Tracking technology that allows it to work on glass (4 mm thicker) because the laser is so precise it can reflect the beam of microscopic glass imperfections.

An alternative to optical and laser sensors provides Microsoft with BlueTrack technology, using a wide beam of blue light.

It can work on any surface (except glass and mirrors) and still be accurate. Although it is not the best solution for hardcore gamers, office users will feel the difference in technology.

How I fixed the problem with the wireless mouse constantly freezing

I was irritated to the point of fury that my mouse is constantly hung up for a few seconds. in the center of the monitor, in the upper left corner, in a word it was everywhere. frozen and did not move.

I repeat, the mouse began to freeze, it worked fine before, only I used it in a laptop.

Analyzed the situation, the only thing I noticed the difference was that when it was connected to the laptop was next to it, and in the computer the distance increased to at least 1 meter and there were two obstacles in the way of the wall of the nightstand and the computer desk.

Then I bought a USB extension cord like in the picture below, plugged the dongle into it and placed it near the mouse.

The miracle happened, hovering stopped, nerves are calmed, work is normal, in a word the mouse is frozen through a bad pairing.

The first reason why the computer mouse hangs is a weak sensor

If you have a problem with the computer mouse hanging. does not always respond to key presses, or change position, the first thing you should check the sensor.

The optical sensor reacts to objects that sends a beam of light. that is why the cursor moves and is responsive, which changes the position on the screen.

Note that it must not rest directly on glass or a slippery surface.

In addition, it is worth cleaning the sensor, the wheel and the keys (you will need to disassemble). for this, a can of compressed air and a toothpick are ideal.

The second reason why the computer mouse hangs is the drivers

The problems associated with the operation of the computer mouse can also cause the driver installed on your computer or laptop.

To uninstall and reinstall the pointing device driver, open “Device Manager” and look for the mouse and other and other pointing devices section.

Then select the HID-compatible mouse, and PCM to select the “Uninstall” option. After this procedure, restart your computer. the system will automatically install the default driver.

The third reason why the computer mouse hangs. USB ports

USB ports connected to the motherboard can also cause a problem. If you have not yet managed to solve the problem of computer mouse freezes should check whether the device is damaged.

The easiest thing to do would be to connect the mouse to another computer. So you can be sure that the problem is not with the device, but the cause should be sought in the computer.

Causes of the problem

So, what are the reasons why the mouse is disconnected for a couple of seconds? I would highlight the following:

  • The mouse itself is defective (physical failure of the mouse board);
  • A broken manipulator cord (the user moves the mouse and the cord itself, periodically shorting-unclosing the broken pins);
  • The action of virus programs that can block the work of the mouse;
  • Malfunctioning USB drivers serving the mouse;
  • Problems with the power supply of the USB plug on a PC;
  • Computer overheating (especially common in laptops). Overheating of some components of the computer’s motherboard can affect the mouse performance in the way described above;
  • Debris inside a mouse (especially important for older mice with a ball inside);
  • Batteries of a mouse are running out (in case of wireless version);
  • Defective wireless signal transmission device connected to the USB-input (the case is relevant for wireless manipulator versions);
  • In some cases, mains power surges (due to electric devices connected in parallel with the PC) are the cause of the problem.

Once we have identified the causes of the dysfunction, let’s move on to the options for solving the problem

If you have your own solutions for what to do when your Bluetooth mouse hangs, be sure to tell us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I hope you enjoyed this blog article! If you need more support on this issue, please feel free to contact us at

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Although hardware bugs do occur, software is much more likely to be the culprit for slow computer mouse performance. There are a huge number of mice created today, and almost all of them are automatically detected by the Windows system. But not all modern gadgets are equipped with necessary driver and are ready to accept the conditions of plugged mouse. This also should not be forgotten.

It is worth noting that when purchasing expensive manipulators a special disc with the necessary drivers is provided. In addition, you can download them from the official website of the mouse manufacturer. These programs are usually distributed free of charge. After installing these utilities the mouse can start working properly.

If this does not help you, you will need to enter the menu “Device Manager”. Some of the icons may have a question mark or exclamation mark in front of them if they are faulty. Those drivers which have such signs, you will need to install again.

Now let’s talk about mouse setup. Many users have never done this before. Now I will tell you in detail and step by step how it is done.

A mouse is an essential part of almost any modern computer system. Without it, it is impossible to perform many actions. And the more unpleasant it happens if the mouse pointer does not move, but the mouse works. That is, the power indicator is lit, the device is connected to the computer, but, no response to the user’s actions is not observed.

And the reasons for this, as well as methods of solution, can be several. All of them can be divided into:

Software problems

First of all, answering the question of what to do if the mouse does not work, you can advise to wait a little. It is quite possible that the computer just “hangs” and stops responding to commands not only from the mouse, but also from other devices.

If this is not the problem, you can try the following solutions:

  • Just reboot the computer. It may be surprising how many problems can be solved by simply rebooting your PC;
  • It is possible that the mouse drivers are “broken”. The natural solution is to reinstall them;
  • You should also check if the mouse is detected by the system itself. To do this, calling the context menu of the icon “My Computer”, select the item “Properties”. Then go to the tab “Device Manager” and in the window that will open find “Mice and other pointing devices. Here you should see the user’s mouse. If it is not, you can try to reconnect it, and if necessary, reinstall the driver;
  • If the problem is observed in any particular program, it makes sense to see if the mouse is set in the settings of the program.

Hardware problems

If all these problems have been tried by method of elimination, but have not yielded results, the question: if the mouse hangs on the computer what to do. remains open.

And in this case we need to move on to the so-called “iron” or hardware problems:

  • The connection cable is damaged. You can try to find and fix the gap;
  • no contact in the computer port. It is possible that the corresponding connector socket has become loose. You can try plugging the mouse into something else;
  • if the mouse is wireless, it might also be due to accompanying electromagnetic interference. For example, if there is another wireless mouse nearby, or if there is a powerful source of electromagnetic radiation nearby. It is also a good idea to check if the batteries are dead;
  • the reason why both ball and optical mice can be out of order is that the working surface of the mouse itself or the mouse pad (or other work surface) can be dirty. Accordingly, it is necessary to clean a mouse, a pad etc.д.

Tip: if nothing helps, the cause of failure is much more serious, you should take the device to a service center.

But it can be much easier to buy a new mouse than to repair the old one.

Almost everyone has a computer or laptop these days. Agree, it’s pretty hard to imagine your life without this device. And if at home it is first of all a tool for entertainment, then at work it is an extremely important tool. A keyboard and mouse were invented to make your desktop PC and laptop easier to use. The latter, for some reason sometimes fails to work or, simply put, hangs. Let’s try to figure out what’s causing it and how to fix it.

The first and most obvious thing that comes to mind is breakage. Well, it is quite possible. The mouse itself might be broken, or the cable (the wireless adaptor) might be damaged and we need to find out if this is really the case. Carefully examine the mouse and the cable for continuity. If you have another mouse at home, try plugging it in.

It is very likely that the problem is not in the mouse, but in the connector where you plug it in. If it is a standard (PS/2) port, i.e. the only one of its kind on the back of your PC, the only solution is to buy a USB or wireless mouse, the signal source for which, again, is plugged into the USB port. If your mouse is already plugged into this slot, remove it from one port and plug it into the other. It might be the problem.

If your mouse has a ball (wheel), turn it upside down, take that ball out, and give it a good cleaning. A lot of dirt, dust, hair, and other debris accumulates there over time as you use the mouse. All this, of course, has a negative impact on the mouse, up to no reaction to user actions.

If you have an optical mouse it can and should be cleaned from time to time as well. But the only thing you can do in this case is to clean the small spot where the optics is located. If this does not seem to be enough try and take the mouse apart, but only if you are sure that you can put it back together again. Otherwise, put aside money to buy a new mouse in advance.

The mouse on the computer freezes, what to do?

Hi all! The mouse hangs on the computer what to do? I will address this issue below. A mouse is one of the main components in a computer. Without this device it is quite problematic to work on it. It often happens that a computer mouse stops functioning properly. The most common “glitch” of the mouse is its freezing. If it happens, there is no need to be nervous and psychotic. First, you need to find out the cause of the malfunction of the manipulator. This is not a simple enough operation, but in this article I will tell you everything you need to consider when repairing your favorite computer mouse.

Mouse freezes on the computer what to do?. Causes of freezes

Before you start repairing your mouse, you need to figure out the reason why it’s malfunctioning. There are two main types of hangs in total:

mouse, freezes, computer

So, if the cause is software bugs, then you need to look for problems in the drivers or inside the operating system itself. Besides you should not forget about the hardware, installed on your computer. Some devices can simply conflict with each other.

As for hardware errors, there are many more. Accordingly, it will be a bit harder to fix them than software “lags.

Now let’s look at what hardware errors can cause your computer to be slow and freeze:

  • First of all, it is a damaged or non-working USB-cable;
  • If the connection port is not connected;
  • Faulty computer mouse;
  • Next, you need to remember about the full operation of the USB input. Just some pins can be loose, and, accordingly, the mouse will work intermittently. Until you move the cable or USB-jack;

These are the main hardware causes of a frozen mouse. If after a step-by-step check the mouse still does not work correctly, then most likely it is a software error. There can be several of them:

  • Initially it is necessary to check the availability of the necessary drivers. It often happens that the wrong version is installed, or even an old one;
  • Next, check the settings of the mouse. It just might not be set up correctly;
  • Due to the presence of some connected devices, the functionality of the manipulator may be disturbed.

Hardware defects

These problems are related to the integrity of the mouse, wires, mechanical damage.

They can include the following problems:

  • Very often hardware failures are associated with a break in the cable wire that connects the device and a special USB connector. There is no point in giving it for reconstruction, as the cost of the service will cost the same as a new cord, so it is better to buy it.
  • A simpler variant. the malfunctioning state of the socket, in which the manipulator is connected. it is simply loose. Solves this issue by using a different port.
  • Freezing can occur if there is physical damage to the case itself or internal parts of the device. Then you can talk about the lack of contact on the board. this happens if the box has been dropped or accidentally bumped. In this case it is necessary to be familiar with the device and have soldering tools at hand. As it requires some skill and time, it is easier to replace the mouse for a new one, as it does not cost that much.
  • The manipulator can also become unusable if the USB root hub power is turned off. To restore its operation you need to go to Device Manager, where the equipment is located under the name of the Universal Bus Controller. You will need to check the status by entering the power management. Perhaps the system has switched to a power-saving mode, and then you need to uncheck this option.

It’s frustrating when the mouse on your computer freezes. what to do in such cases depends on the problem, but there is always a solution. If it’s not software bugs, your best bet is to buy a new handheld, the important thing is that it fits the system and is properly installed.