My iPad turned off and won’t turn on. Turning off content updates

What to do if my iPad hangs up? iPad not turning on: what to do? No image on the screen.

If your iPad does not turn on you can go straight to the service center to the experts or try to cope with the problem yourself first. Many of the minor problems that lead to the fact that the tablet does not turn on, you can fix by your own forces, even without the special skills of repairing equipment Apple.

The easiest and most obvious reason that led to the fact that the iPad Mini or other model of Apple tablet did not turn on. The battery is completely discharged. Connect the charging cable to the device and wait about half an hour. If charging your iPad has started, you will soon be able to turn the device on, and it will work without errors. Remember that after a complete discharge the tablet takes quite a long time to boot.

The jack for the charger is blocked or broken

If your iPad won’t charge (and therefore won’t turn on), it could be because the charging slot is clogged or broken. Perform the following steps:

Most likely, after that your tablet will start charging again when the cable is connected, will start up easily and work correctly. If the connector is damaged, take the tablet to a technician.

You might not be able to charge your iPad because the charger cord is damaged or the charger model doesn’t fit your device. Technique Apple is quite sensitive to the use of third-party wires. Connecting them, you will see an error message on the iPad screen. If that’s the case all you need to do is replace the charger.

The iPhone hung on the apple. Why

The main thing in these situations is not to lose your head and start doing the right thing

If your iPad or iPhone hangs on the apple logo, the most effective solution is to use the Tenorshare ReiBoot utility. Practice shows that its effectiveness in restoring the performance of the device is at the highest level. Unless the cause of freezing. not in the problems of the hardware of the device.

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This is where you’ll need to take your iPhone to a service center for repair. However, in most cases, if the iPhone does not turn on and the apple lights up, ReiBoot copes 100%:

  • Damage to the firmware component;
  • Not enough memory for an iOS update;
  • Not enough memory to boot the system;
  • Incorrect iOS update;
  • Rolling back from a newer to an older version of the OS.
ipad, turned, turn, turning

What to do if your iPad won’t turn on or charge

It happens that an unpleasant thing happens. your favorite “apple” device one day simply does not turn on. Even whether or not there was a reason for it. In this article we will tell what to do if the iPad does not turn on and does not charge: what could happen and with what repairs you can cope with their own efforts.

There are several ways that your tablet or other Apple device can fail to work. Now we will look at options when the gadget “hangs”, in other words, does not respond to normal actions, such as pressing buttons and touching. The same methods also work if iPadmini does not turn on or charge.All procedures are identical.

ipad, turned, turn, turning

“Hiccups” happen even with a functioning device, the screen may not darken, and can become black. Of course, the second case is much scarier. at first glance.

First of all forcibly reboot your gadget. This procedure will not erase the data from memory, and all your photos, music, settings, etc, will remain in their original form.

To perform this action, you should press and hold the “Power” and “Home” buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds until you see an apple icon. If everything was successful, the tablet or other device will boot as usual and everything will return to its place.

If rebooting does not work

If after holding down these two buttons nothing happened, you should check the most trivial omission. the battery charge. Try recharging your tablet. If you don’t see anything immediately, wait, better leave the gadget on charge overnight.

Your gadget is turned on but not working

If you see any signs of life from your phone’s screen, but it freezes, or you see a red or blue screen, you may need to restore the firmware. You need to do the following

  • You will need a Windows or OSX computer. Download and install the software iTunes. Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable provided.
  • Do the procedure of forced rebooting again. But this time don’t let go of the buttons even after the logo appears and hold it until the recovery mode comes on. You will see a picture on the screen of the device and a message in the program on your computer.
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It is also possible for this procedure to fail, then you need to save and repeat steps 2 and 3.

What to do if iPad does not turn on?

In most cases the problem can be solved in a few minutes. Consider a few effective ways to solve the problem.

  • Sometimes the reason that the tablet did not turn on, can be a banal low battery. Simply plugging the tablet into a power source can help solve a seemingly intractable problem. If this method does not lead to the desired results, you can proceed to the application of the following methods.
  • The method described below is suitable not only for resuming the life of iPad, but also for smartphones iPhone. It consists of simultaneous pressing and holding Home button and Power button for at least 10 seconds. If the apple logo appears on your device’s screen, it indicates that your gadget will soon start functioning normally.
  • If all of the above methods have not helped to solve the problem with the iPad, you should apply a more drastic way: restore the operating system of the device using iTunes. To do this you need to follow these steps:
  • Connect the tablet to your computer via USB-cable, which is supplied with the Apple iPad;
  • installation of the program iTunes;
  • launching the iTunes program. The next step is to go to the tab called “Browse” and simultaneously press the two keys. Home and the on/off button and hold them down for 10 seconds.
  • restoring iOS.

If all of the above methods have failed, then the only way out will be to appeal to experienced craftsmen of the professional service center. Competent masters iFix SC will gladly help you get iPad working again. With our help, your tablet will turn on quickly and work like clockwork again.

iPhone/iPad does not turn on?

If your iPhone/iPad does not turn on, there could be several reasons. Firstly, the gadget may not respond to the power button due to moisture inside the device, or because of a strong shock. In such cases, it is better to immediately contact the service center, because you can not fix the breakage yourself. The iPhone/iPad hardware is damaged.

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Second choice. Your iPhone/iPad has shut down and is not responding due to a minor software glitch. In that case you need to hold down the power and home buttons simultaneously for about 12 seconds. Next, the screen will display an apple boot. Such glitches are not a serious problem and most often occur due to an overload of the device’s RAM. To avoid such, albeit small, but unpleasant moments, masters recommend from time to time to release the RAM of the gadget. You can do this by double tapping the home button and uninstalling from the app bar that pops up at the bottom of the screen. Most often, users do not even know how many programs are “hanging” in the open mode. And all of these programs are handled simultaneously on your iPhone/iPad.

The third reason why iPhone/iPad won’t turn on. There is a problem with the battery. In this case you also need to contact a service center, where you will replace the worn-out part with a new one. To prolong battery life, avoid extreme temperature fluctuations. they are destructive to LI-on batteries. The second important factor. use a quality charger.

Reliable tool. If your iPhone doesn’t turn on after updating iOS 15

If your iPhone won’t turn on after updating iOS 15, then Tenorshare ReiBoot will be the ultimate solution for you. This tool offers 1-click solution to solve such problems( iPhone not turning on. iPhone hung on apple, iPhone doesn’t work, black screen on iPhone but it works etc.д.) that occur in iPhones, iPads, and all Apple devices. Here are the steps to follow if your iPhone has shut down and won’t turn on.

  • 1. Download, install and run the software on your computer, connect your iPhone with the original cable.
  • 2.Click “Resolve all iOS Hangups” button in the main window to enter the system restore.
  • 4.Download the latest firmware package by clicking “Next”. After downloading the firmware, click “Start Restore” and restore the system. This process takes less than 10 minutes, you cannot disconnect your device in this process.