No sound on iPad what to do

What to do if I lost sound on iPad

The sound on iPad in apps and games is one of the most common problems with tablets from the U.S. company Appple. In 70% of cases it is the result of physical damage to the speaker of the device, and only in every third case it’s the fault of the motherboard, and even more rarely the software.

As for the factors that may provoke the lack of sound on iPad, then among them is worth highlighting:

  • Physical damage to the tablet or water entering under its housing;
  • firmware failure or different software problems with it;
  • problems of the motherboard;
  • Clogged ear canal (if you lost sound when playing games on your iPad with headphones).

The solution to each of these problems requires an individual and professional approach. So, if we are talking about the failure of the speaker of the device, then to solve this problem can only be by replacing it, which will require an appeal to the service center. Damage of the sound control chip, eg due to dropping iPad or water entering under its housing, can also be repaired only by an experienced technician in the appropriate conditions.

In some cases, there is a situation where the sound in games is lost on iPad, but it is not observed in the applications. In this case, as a rule, we are talking about the problem with the tablet firmware, and the problem is solved by its proper adjustment or update.

sound, ipad

The most unpleasant for any iPad owner is a situation where the sound is lost due to the fault of the circuit board. This requires in-depth device diagnostics, which can be done only in the service center. If the tablet is not completely silent, and makes quiet noises or croaks through the headphones, it is likely to be corrected by cleaning the ear canal.

In any case the appeal to a specialist will not be out of place, especially since he will not only be able to eliminate the problem in the short term, but also to assemble and disassemble the device without damaging its circuitry and parts. In this case to avoid more serious problems the specialists at the Apple service centers give the following recommendations:

  • In case of a spill of liquid on your iPad, you should immediately turn it off and not put it on the charger under any circumstances. This can cause damage to all electronic parts of the gadget.
  • If the sound is lost immediately after falling tablet (in headphones it can continue to sound), then we are clearly talking about mechanical damage responsible for its reproduction parts. The device should be taken to the service.

The sound does not work on iPad? What to do?

Statistically it is one of the most common dilemmas of mobile devices. Approximately 70% of the sound loss is due to a faulty speaker, the other 30%. as a result of damage to the motherboard or software. For our readers we have collected a list of answers, what to do if the sound does not work on iPad, also we advise you to read articles All about iPad on our site.

  • Problems with the speaker;
  • Mechanical damage or liquid inside the device;
  • The firmware is broken (recommendations about updating the firmware on your iPad);
  • Problems with the motherboard;
  • Clogged ear canal.

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How to change the sound on your iPad from headphones to speaker?

Go to “Settings” “Universal Access” “Audio Visual Element” “Headphone Adaptation. Select the option “Custom sound setting”.

Try logging out and logging back into your account, do a forced sync before logging out so your data is saved. Also, check if you have the silent mode (side switch) and volume setting turned off.

What to do if there is no sound on your iPad:

Setting up the microphone and speakers

So, why there is no sound in Skype, we have already figured out. Now you need to check everything by doing the following operations:

  • Launch Skype.
  • How to restore sound? Click on “Tools” at the top of the screen. You’ll find it easily.

To make sure our devices are working properly, we need to check the microphone and speaker settings:

    Calling a connectivity service to check everything. During the call it becomes clear whether there is no sound or not. Find the desired contact on the left and double-click on it with the left mouse button.

Hardware Problems

Software problems can also cause no sound on your tablet. As a rule, they are simpler than mechanical malfunctions. Most system related problems can be fixed at home.

Crooked firmware

Improperly installed operating system or custom firmware can affect playback of any audio signal.

Most often the reason is a custom operating system, or if you have installed an OS that is not officially supported on your mobile device.

On how to fix this problem, affects the cause of the problem. Simply put, you need to reinstall the operating system.

Be sure to put the official firmware that is supported on the tablet model.

The sound on your tablet is lost because of the system glitch

A system error can occur because the device was turned off or rebooted forcibly, or when a glitch was created by an application. First just reboot your device.

If this didn’t help and there is still no sound, you should open the settings of your gadget and check if the permissions of the playing application or player to the speaker are active.

If all the permissions are set correctly, but it did not help. you need to perform a factory reset.

Sound codecs are broken

Слетевшие звуковые кодеки — это специфическая проблема, которая относится к конкретному плееру для воспроизведения видео или аудио. Also this malfunction is expressed in the player error “File format is not supported”.

There are several popular codecs: avi, mkv, wav, mp3, aac, wma, flac, alac and others. Free players do not have some of these codecs, so the audio in some formats is not included.

Here it is important to understand that some audio processors simply do not support certain codecs, even if you install a paid player with a wide range of codecs.

Also codecs can be dropped after operating system update. If problem occurs after installing new firmware, you need to reinstall appropriate player.

I can recommend VLC player, available for free. It is available for all popular platforms. You can download the player through the official app store: App Store for iOS, Play Market for Android, Windows Store for Windows.

Application bug

In addition to broken or unavailable audio codecs in the player applications, the problem can lie in the programs themselves. For example, an application that speeds up the whole system has been installed on the mobile device.

This can have a negative impact on the entire device, due to which the audio will not work not only in a particular program, but also on the gadget as a whole. That is, the sound will disappear in notifications of messengers and social networks, during calls, when activating the alarm clock, etc.д.

Reinstall the player

Another reason why audio content doesn’t play is because of the player only. So it is important to use only popular players that have earned the respect and love of users.

It is equally important to update the software regularly, so that it complies with modern standards of audio file formats and works properly.

Or you can reinstall the application by deleting it from the application menu and downloading it again through the official app store (App Store for iOS, Play Market for Android, Windows Store for Windows).


Some users install various software on their tablet computer through unverified sources. In the case of Android devices, it is often access to ROOT rights is activated.

sound, ipad

Both can lead to the installation of malicious software, which negatively affects the entire mobile device.

So the reason why the sound is lost on your tablet, can be a virus. You can get rid of the malicious program through the antivirus application.

If it does not help, it remains only to perform a factory reset. A reset will definitely help, as it will delete all user data and downloaded files.

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