Not installing the APK file on Android

APK does not install, what to do??

This situation is familiar to any Android-user: a desired program or game can not be downloaded from Google Play because of some obscure error, the search for third-party resources was successful, but to successfully install and use the application is still hampered by something, and now it is not clear what. Today we will try to find out what exactly is hiding under this very “unclear what” and, most importantly, how to get rid of it.

When it comes to Google Play, it is simple, you will not be able to download something that can not be installed on your smartphone or tablet at all, but you will only see a message that your device is not supported.But if you download.APK from third-party resources, it’s much more complicated. Of course, you can check compatibility on Google Play, but even a formally unsupported application may work unexpectedly on your device, so this method does not give a hundred percent guarantee.To understand if the application you are interested in is supported by your device, you should pay attention to the minimum required system version and the architecture of the processor. These are the two points that you can not get around. If your version of Android is too old you will see a syntax error message, so if you have an update for your device, we advise you not to ignore it. As for the architecture, you can find it out by yourself using a benchmark (such as AIDA64 or CPU-Z) or by consulting our catalog.If the application you are interested in is not supported by your device this is certainly sad, but not a reason to lose heart. First of all, as it develops new software supports an increasing number of smartphones and tablets, and secondly, the choice of games and programs on Android is large enough that you can find suitable analogues.The “root” symbol in the description or the name of the desired program is also important, because it means that the application needs root access rights, and if you don’t know anything about it then you are unlikely to find one on your device. How to get ROOT rights and what you need them for is a topic for another discussion, let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you find it interesting. For the sake of this text, let us only mention that rooted devices give the user more freedom, but if used incorrectly, they can be fraught with more problems, and it is possible to obtain root rights with the help of certain programs.Do not forget to check the free space on your smartphone. In Google Play you will see a corresponding message, in other cases you will have to check the amount of space you need and actually available on your own.


How to install applications (APK) on Android ?

It’s not a secret that installation of applications downloaded from Internet in APK format puts average users in a deadlock. In order for you to easily install applications on your smartphone running Android and this article is written.

  • To make it work in the following ways. 3, 4, and 5 in Android version 4.You need to go to “Settings”. Security. Unknown Sources” and select the checkbox.
  • To be able to work the ways. 3, 4 and 5 in Android versions below 4.x you need to go to Settings. Application Settings. Unknown Sources” and check.
  • Install the application via Google Play on your device. The app requires internet access. If Google Play is not pre-installed on your device, there are other ways to install apps. To be able to use the Google Play app, you need to register a google account and sign in from your phone. If you have gmail, you have a google account. To be able to buy applications in the market (to install paid applications), you must link your card to a wallet google (google wallet, google checkout).You can install the application from your computer via Click on install, and the next time your device connects to the Internet the application will be installed. you must have Google Play installed on your device, and you must be logged in to your google account.
  • If you have any file manager (X-Plore, ES Explorer, File Expert, etc.) installed on your device, you will need to install it to your Google Play account.д.), put the Android app installer file (.APK) on your memory card. using a file manager, find the necessary installation file on your memory card, open it and you will be prompted to install the application.If your device does not have a file manager installed, install it via Google Play. You can use office as a file manager (qiuck office, Polaris office and other applications).
  • For owners of HTC devices: install the program InstallAPK on your computer and install the application using this program.
  • Place the installation file of the Android application on your memory card (.APK) and remember its name. As an example the file will be named program.APK. Open the “Browser” application, enter in the address bar content://com.Android.htmlfileprovider/sdcard/program.APK, press Enter. After this the system will ask you to install the application.Note: if the above command does not work, you will need to enter the following in the address bar file:///sdcard/program.APK.
  • The application can be installed without a Google account via an Internet browser from the Internet. To do this, use your inernet browser to download the. For example, you can go to x-mobiles.Press to download the APK file, the browser will download it and after the download is finished, you will be automatically prompted to install it.
  • The program can be installed through the command line on your PC using the adb utility

The archive is unpacked to the root of drive C: t.е. C:fastboot-tools. In this folder drop the file that you want to install. FILE must be in the following format.APK!In the menu: Settings Settings Apps Development Debugging via USB. Check the box.On the PC run the command line, in it enter:

How to install an APK file on Android.

In this tutorial I will try to clearly describe the process of installation APK (apk) files for smartphones and tablets running on Android of all versions. Т.е. The android version has no effect on the order and method of APK file installation. In order to be very clear, provided the instruction a bunch of screenshots, so that it was clearly visible that I describe. Here we go.

Step 1. Launch the installation file from the site x-mobiles.development and debugging in the following menus: Settings, Apps, Development, USB Debugging. This is recommended, since there are sites on the web which distribute infected APK files). I guarantee the purity of the files on our site.

Step 2. Save this file to your computer to any available location.

Step 3. Connect your smartphone to your PC and copy the downloaded file to any folder on your phone, just do not forget where you copied it. If there is no cable, you can use a card reader to copy the file to the memory card of the smartphone and then plug it back into the Smart. It is worth noting that some devices when you connect the cable you need to press the screen to confirm the connection of your smartphone in the storage mode.

Step 4. Next, you need to go to Android Settings and look for Security. Enter it.

Here you should find list of Unknown Sources and put a tick in front of it, this will allow you to install apps from APK files. Next, exit the android settings, you’re all set here.

Step 5. Then you need to open any file manager, I recommend ES Explorer, you can use any other one. In the file manager find the file copied to the device. I used the gopowermaster3 file for instructions.20rusbyms.APK. Now put your finger on it and look at the installation window that appears.

In that window we press the Install button.

In the next window we see the installation process and after that a second window appears that informs you that the program has been successfully installed.

All. This completes the process of installing the file from the APK. Feel free to use.

Direct Download

Any Android TV has a web browser. Open it and enter malavida into the address bar in order to access our website. Once you’re in it, you can browse all the apps as usual and download the ones you’re interested in by clicking on the green button Download, Which you will find in any of our apps. This will take them to your download folder, where you just have to click on the APK file to start the installation. Again, make sure that your browser has permission to install in the security settings!

Do you have a USB port on your TV or Android Box? One of the most practical ways to do this. copy the APK files to a USB drive on your computer, for example, for later download to your Android TV.

In this case two possibilities open up. Your Android TV may have a file manager that you can use to watch the contents of your USB drive, you just need to go to that directory and click on the APK file to start installing. You have provided the appropriate permissions?

The second way. if your Android TV does not have a built-in browser, but you need it. You will have to choose any other method as an alternative to at least be able to install a file manager that allows you to read the contents of the external drive.

How to install any APK file downloaded to your Android, even if it’s not from the Google Play Store

On your Android device, open the Settings app and access the Security section. In it, you should find the section Install unknown apps- the text with which the option appears in recent versions of Android. Once we go in here, we’ll find a list of apps, everything that we’ve installed on our smartphone. And they can all be configured to have permission to install APK apps on the device. However, it does not make sense to do it with all of them.And that would be a security threat., so we’ll only do it with a few.

For example, a web browser makes sense that it has permission, because we can download APK files from it and do the installation. So, like in the example, we’ll just have to click on Google Chrome.for example-and when deploying, toggle the switch to activate installing apps from this source. If we installed an alternative to the Google Play Store, for example, then we do the same thing as with Chrome.

Similarly, we will do the same with all those applications that may be the source of installation or download and installation of applications, such as Google Chrome web browser.

Why you may need to install an APK file?

APK files are often distributed as a new “build” of the Android operating system, which has not yet been made available for a particular smartphone model. It also happens that some applications are only released in certain regions but not in yours, so you cannot download them from the Google Play Store. Even for money. The only option is to download and install the APK in a roundabout way.

It is often easier to download the latest version of a desired application in a single APK-file, which is already integrated all the updates, than to wait until they become available through the app store, and then long and tedious to download them from there. It also happens that you do not like the new version of a certain program, and after updating to the latest version you decide that it was better before. In this case you can download the version of the program you need, packed in an APK file.

Some Chinese Android devices do not have access to Google Play Store. In this case you can only get and install a new application using an APK file downloaded from a third-party source. It happens that the user unintentionally deletes the Google Play Store application. To download it back, you will also need an APK file with this program.

It is worth noting that when downloading APK files, you need to take precautions. Some APK files may contain malicious software, Malware and other unpleasant and non-obvious “bonuses. You should also avoid downloading and installing pirated versions of software. this is illegal.

Before downloading, you should carefully examine the site where the desired APK file is located. If in doubt, it is better to search a little longer for the desired file or consult a knowledgeable person who will advise you a trusted resource from which you can download the application.

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