Not working mobile Internet on the iPhone

Reasons for the absence of Internet on the iPhone

Technical connection operator works. You have to understand, no matter how big the company was, no one is immune to power outages, faulty towers or scheduled maintenance work. Scheduled outages are usually announced in advance (they include the date and time of the outage).

In order to ensure network performance and stability, service providers perform regular maintenance to thoroughly examine every aspect of their network equipment: lines, towers and network facilities.

Blocked SIM card or unpaid tariff. To solve this problem, contact your nearest network service center or call technical support. Also, make sure that your account is set to the correct plan for your cellular service.

Incorrect network settings. Low or no signal, may be caused by incorrect settings on your device. If you just bought a new iPhone and can’t connect to the network, make sure cellular data is enabled in your device settings.

Also, make sure your iPhone is set up for data roaming services if you have trouble connecting to a cellular network while traveling internationally.

Faulty SIM card. Network signal problems, could be caused by faulty SIM card. The fault is usually very easy to find. Your smartphone will regularly display errors and warning messages.

The cause could be an unregistered sim card, external damage, or improper placement in the tray.

Software failures. Some cases of network problems were due to software bugs. Network signal errors, usually occur after installing an update. Minor glitches that affect software functionality, resolved by releasing a new patch or rolling back the device.

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Hardware damage. This is the worst possible cause. Be it physical damage (fall from some height, severe shock, heat treatment, etc.п.) or liquid damage, it can affect the network functions on the iPhone. Unfortunately, only a service center can help here, or buying a new device.

Why the Internet on your iPhone may not work

This problem can occur with different operators, but often the main reason is the incorrect settings. Other than that, more serious problems can occur.

We have prepared simple instructions, based on which you can understand why the phone does not open the Internet and how to fix this problem with your own hands.

System Failures

It is important that the correct operator is selected in the settings, otherwise the iPhone will not receive the signal. For your convenience it is recommended to enable automatic detection of the provider. If the phone connects to the wrong operator, configure this parameter manually.

Affects the stability of connection and system errors. For example, if you set the wrong date in the settings, your phone may stop working. System failures can often be eliminated by simply rebooting the device. In extreme cases, you have to resort to a hard reset and reset.

iOS operating system malfunction; mechanical damage. drop, hard bump, crushing; getting liquid inside the case; problems with the modem and modem part.

go to your iPhone settings select the “Cellular Network” tab Make it simple:

  • go to the settings menu
  • Select “Modem Mode” or “Cellular Data”. “Modem Mode”
  • Move the slider to the on position
  • Check the settings and the password that your cell phone generates

How to fix cellular data not working on your iPhone

Cellular data can help you connect to the Internet or other applications if you don’t have Wi-Fi. It can really be a big problem when your cellular data doesn’t work on your iPhone. If you face this issue, do not worry.

This article presents some common iPhone Cellular data; you can learn a more detailed solution to solve the problem. Just keep reading and try the ways we recommend for you.

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Causes of the problems

Before we start troubleshooting, you need to determine why the mobile Internet on your iPhone is not working. It can be difficult to understand the exact cause at once, so we have to go by the method of elimination. Possible causes include:

  • Incorrect communication parameters;
  • iOS software failure;
  • Lack of network coverage;
  • Problems on the side of the mobile operator;
  • malfunctions in the communication module;
  • SIM card damage.

Another reason why the mobile internet on your iPhone doesn’t work is because you’re running out of traffic and don’t have enough money on your balance to connect an additional package. Before you complain about other factors, you need to make sure that you do not have any problems with traffic and money.

How to enable geolocation on iPhone again

In the settings

To allow access to geolocation, go to Settings. Privacy. Geolocation Services and drag the toggle switch.

By tapping on the app, you can change its own geolocation settings:

working, mobile, internet, iphone
  • Never. no geodata will be sent to the app;
  • When using the application. the location data will be transmitted only when the application is active;
  • Always. the utility will use geolocation even when the smartphone is asleep.


Remote access to geolocation is only possible on jailbroken smartphones (i.e.е. jailbroken, no developer warranty).

To remotely launch the geo-positioning services (Location Services), you will need to download and install the Activator app from the Cydia store.

  • After launching the application, select Anywhere. Edit. Received message. New Event.
  • Enter “turnonlocation” in the Message field.
  • Leave the sender field empty. The application can be activated by sending a message from any number.
  • Press Save. Done to create the event. In the list of events find the message that appears.
  • Select the item on the list that contains the phrase “turnonlocation” and the desired action: connect Location Services.
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Now, after sending a “turnonlocation” text message from any phone, the user will be able to remotely turn on the geolocation and track the iPhone.

What to do if Wi-Fi connection is enabled but internet does not work on your iPhone?

If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch does not connect to the Wi-Fi network

Cellular Data Not Working On iPhone? Here’s The Fix!

  • Make sure the router is turned on and in range
  • Make sure your Wi-Fi is turned on and the network is showing up
  • If prompted, enter the Wi-Fi network password.
  • Check if there are any problems with the Wi-Fi network.
  • Check Cables and Connections

What to do if the mobile Internet on iPhone X and other models running iOS 11 sometimes stops working

Sometimes cellular data on the iPhone can suddenly stop working. Most often this happens unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Usually in such cases you can still make and receive calls, but the Internet is not working and you cannot use applications that require connection to the network.

Obviously, a smartphone without cellular data becomes useless, so their sudden disconnection is not the most pleasant thing in the world.

working, mobile, internet, iphone

Fortunately, most cellular data problems on the iPhone are very easy to fix. This is often done by changing one or two options. Below we will tell you what to do if the mobile Internet does not work on your iPhone.