OBS Studio how to record a video from the screen

Desktop recording in OBS Studio

OBS Studio. Free software designed to record the screen and broadcast broadcasts. The application, first of all, is sharpened for broadcasting gameplay (passing computer games) on the Internet, but it also allows you to record video table video without problems (for example, for creating video tutorials and others.). This article will talk about the second opportunity.

A huge advantage of the application is that it is cross.Platform, t.E. It can be installed on different operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux.

Using OBS to record video from your desktop and games

After launching Open BroadCaster Software, you will see just an empty screen with a proposal to start a broadcast, start recording or starting a pre.Detention. At the same time, if you do something from the above, then only an empty screen will be broadcast or record (however, by default, with sound-both from a microphone and sound from a computer).

In order to record a video from any source, including from the Windows desktop, you need to add this source by clicking with the right mouse button in the corresponding list at the bottom of the program window.

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After adding the “desktop” as source, you can configure the capture of the mouse, select one of the monitors if there are several of them. If you choose a “game”, then it will be possible to choose a specific running program (not necessarily a game), the window of which will be recorded.

After that, just click “Start recording”. In this case, the video from the desktop will be recorded with sound in the “Video” folder on the computer in format.FLV. You can also start pre.Viewing to make sure that the video capture works fine.

studio, record, video, screen

If you need to configure the parameters in more detail, go to the settings. Here you can change the following main options (some of them may not be available, which depends, including on the equipment used on the computer, in particular, video cards):

  • Coding. Tuning of codecs for video and sound.
  • Broadcast-setting a direct broadcast of video and sound to various online services. If you only need to write a video on a computer, you can set the “Local Record” mode. Also, after that, you can change the video preservation folder and change the format from FLV to MP4, which is also supported.
  • Video and audio. Setting up the corresponding parameters. In particular, the default video resolution, the video card used, FPS when recording, sources for recording sound.
  • Hot keys. Setting hot keys for starting and stopping recording and broadcasts, turning on and disconnecting sound recording, etc.

Writing video from the screen in OBS Studio

Obs Studio records scenes (one by default, but you can create more and switch between them in the process), each of which contains selected sources, and there may be several of them. For example:

  • In the “Sources” section, click “Plus” and add “Screenshot”, give the name to the source, use the settings. Our screen is displayed in the window (let you not be embarrassed by the effect of an endless mirror, when we start recording and turn OBS Studio, the program will cease to record the very way there will be no such effect yourself and). Sometimes there is a problem with a black screen in the pre.Viewing window and on the record, about the correction: how to fix the black screen when recording in OBS Studio.
  • If desired, we can add new sources: for example, a text for a logo, a picture, a video from a webcam, recording a window of a particular program, a video from a separate file. The source is higher in the “Sources” list in the recording will be “higher” by the previous source, that is, block it. We can choose each source right in the pre.Viewing window and move it or change the size.
  • Various settings are available for various sources. For example, for the “capture of the game” there are more of them, and for a simple “screenshot” (to record the desktop). Less, you can only turn on or disable the mouse pointer recording.
  • As the sources are added, separate sound tracks will appear in the “Audio Miksher” section, for which the volume is possible, a complete turning off the source, as well as some audio effects (you can open it in the sound source context menu).
  • If you use more than one scene when recording, you can turn on the “Studio mode” to see what happens as in the recorded (translated) scene at the moment and the one that you can switch to.

In other functions, I hope, as the program is used and the occurrence of this necessity, any user will be able to figure out. I recommend it and I personally use it only OBS Studio. In conclusion, I recalled another nuance regarding this program: she successfully writes a video from the screen in cases where other programs record only a black window (for example, when transmitting an image from Android to a computer, video reproduction).

Possible problems

You learned how to use OBS Studio to record a video from the screen. It’s time to talk about the possible difficulties that users may have. Sometimes the quality clearly does not reach the desired level, friezes and lags appear. You can fix these problems! There are several ways to pay attention to.

The first thing we advise is to do is play a little with the parameters of Studio:

  • Click on the settings button, go to the “Video” section and choose a higher FPS value;
  • Now open the “Conclusion” tab and increase the value in the “Bitrate” line (you can up to 6000).

At the same time, you can slightly reduce the screen resolution. Often this helps to cope with the problem that has arisen.

studio, record, video, screen

The second answer to the question of how to record a video in OBS-Studio Studio in excellent quality is to change the application priority. Do not be alarmed, it only sounds difficult, in practice everything is much easier:

  • At the same time, clamp the CtrLaltDelete keys;
  • In the task dispatcher, look for the “Details” tab;
  • Find the name of the program in the list and click with the right mouse button;
  • From the drop.Down menu, select the “Set Priority” item;
  • Select the meaning of “Real Time”;

I figured out why, when recording via OBS Studio, the video lags. Most often difficulties can be eliminated independently in a few seconds. Another way to get rid of unpleasant freezes on the screen is to record in window mode, sometimes problems arise only with a full.Screen record. Keep in mind that the window can be moved and increased, so you can capture the desired contents of the screen.

Let’s say a few words about the black screen-some users instead of recording video via OBS-Studio Studio have a square Malevich square! You can fix difficulties like this:

  • Click with the right button on the label of the application (first it must be closed);
  • Select from the context menu item “Launch on behalf of the administrator”.
  • Click PKM by OBS-Studio label. Choose the section “Properties”;
  • Go to the compatibility tab;
  • Look for the window “Launch in compatibility mode with”;
  • Choose another version of the operating system (different from yours).

The answer to the question of how to use OBS-Studio Studio to record a video from the screen is simple-you will definitely learn to work in the application, like a real master! A little patience and practice. Our tips and instructions will certainly help to understand all the intricacies of the settings and will lead to the desired result.

How to record by OBS

OBS screen recording program. This is a multifunctional and completely cross.Platform tool. You can download and install it on Windows 8.8.One.10, Xnumx, Mac or Linux.

The recording process on these devices is similar. Therefore, I will give an example of how to use OBS to record in Windows. So, let’s start quickly and immediately write down the screen.

Fast installation OBS Studio

At the first launch of OBS, the scene has already been added by default. You can see this in the lower left corner of the intense.

Before starting the recording, you need to add source inside this scene. Click the “” icon in the bottom of the panel with the inscription “Sources” and you will see a list of parameters. Select the capture of the display for recording in full.Screen or griping windows for recording a certain window. Confirm your choice by pressing the OK button.

Tip: many newcomers will find that OBS shows several windows in OBS if they choose Display Capture. This is due to the fact that OBS Studio is displayed in preliminary viewing, and this is normal. To get rid of it, you can move OBS to another, not captured monitor. Or you can choose the window or grab mode instead.

Now open the settings menu in the lower right corner. On the “Conclusion” tab, you can choose the recording path, record quality and format. Many users are wondering which record formats for OBS are best. Well, FLV and MKV are strongly recommended by the OBS command. Both formats may contain different types of video or audio.

Start recording

As soon as the parameter is installed, you can click “Start recording” in the lower right corner of the tab.

To stop the recording, click the button to stop the recording, and the video will be written in the specific folder that you indicated in the settings.

Many users do not understand where OBS saves notes.

You can find it in two ways. Firstly, when the video is recorded, a hint about the recording path will appear at the bottom of the OBS integration. The second method. Open the “Settings” menu on the “Control Elements” tab, located in the lower right corner. A master will appear. Then go to the “Conclusion” tab and you will see the recording path. Follow this path and you can find your screon.

Therefore, we look away from such a desired button and move on to the OBS-Studio setting up for recording games:

  • And move on to the section “Conclusion” in the menu on the left;
  • Looking for the “Record” tab and click on the “Review” button. Here you can choose a directory in which finished files will be stored;
  • In the menu “Recording Format” you can choose one of two values ​​- the usual “MP4” or “FLV”. The second format allows you not to worry about the safety of the material. The video will be saved, even if the program accidentally flies;

Stop early. We continue to figure out how to configure OBS for recording games. We proceed to the next section on the panel on the left:

  • We open the “Video” tab and look for the line “Basic resolution” and “output resolution”;
  • We put the numbers corresponding to the technical characteristics of your monitor (can be viewed in the parameters of the operating system);
  • We are looking for the “General Values ​​of FPS” 9I block the suitable number. The number should be in the range from 30 to 60 (the greater the value, the better the quality of the transitions and the smoothness of the movements, but more and the load on the RAM).

Setting OBS Studio for recording games in the Audio section is not required. With one exception. In the section “Microphone/ additional audio” it is advisable to choose the source of sound recording. However, you can do otherwise.

Return to the Paul “Source”. Click on a plusk and add “capture of the input audio butt”. In this case, indicate the main microphone used.

  • Click on “” and alternately add filters in the order below. To configure OBS-Studio to recording games, set the parameters on the right side of the screen.
  • The ratio will be 3.50: 1;
  • “Threshold of operation” is equal.60.00 DB;
  • The value of the parameter “Attack”. 10 ms;
  • “Restoration” is 50 ms;
  • “Output amplification” is 0.00 DB;
  • In the “Detection” menu, select the “RMS” value.
  • The degree of compression is 10.00: 1;
  • Threshold of operation18.00 DB;
  • Attack. 6 ms;
  • The decline is 60 ms;
  • The output amplification is 30.00 DB;
  • In the section “Source of mutilation/ sidechin-compression”, choose the “no” parameter.

Just in case, we remind. If OBS does not record the sound of the game, then the microphone is not connected! All sounds from the desktop are captured automatically, it is not necessary to adjust the option additionally.

Plugins for Open BroadCaster Software

OBS could not be himself and gain such popularity, without the support of the installation of third-party VST-extensions. By clicking on the sound device settings icon, we select a item with the name “Pligin VST 2.X “.

Naturally, before choosing a plugin, it must be placed in the corresponding folder in the catalog with the application. Such additions are downloaded separately.

Now just select our expansion from the drop.Down list, which will become active immediately after adding the plugin.

Here the user opens a limitless horizon of capabilities to configure his own voice. For example, in the screenshot below you in front of you is a magnificent addition called Nectar 3. Looking at the extension integration, the most impudent users will understand that there is a powerful parametric equalizer, De-Esser, Pitch and any other filters that can improve your voice on Stream.

In principle, the instructions for using OBS Studio are completed on this. The only thing you should pay attention to is a list of possible difficulties that periodically arise during work with OBS.

Source setting and scenes

This software is arranged in such a way that thanks to the available profiles, we can maintain separate settings for a particular situation. Having created several profiles, the user can switch to one of them by one click. The above example will be considered on the basis of the game Farming Simulator 2019. In a similar way you can work with any other game.

  • The first thing we need to do is add the scene. The list of the latter will be displayed in the lower left side of the application. You can delete the records with a minus sign, and move them up or down using the arrows. Click on the plus and prescribe the name of the scene. When this is done, we save it by clicking on OK.
  • Each scene consists of source or several sources. Then you will understand why they are needed. By default, the following types of outputs are supported:

How to USE OBS Studio to Record Screen | How to Record Gameplay on PC | Record PC Screen OBS. 2022

  • Capture of the browser window.
  • Capture of the input or output audio flow.
  • Capture of a certain window.
  • Capture of the game.
  • Capture of the screen.
  • Conclusion on a display of a certain image.
  • Medisource display.
  • Slide show show.
  • Show or background.
  • Output to the signal screen from the webcam.
  • Since we use OBS to record the game, we need to choose the corresponding item in the menu that appears. As soon as this is done, we will see another small window in which we will prescribe its name. In the future, the given phrase will be displayed as the name of the source.

How to Record your Computer Screen & Webcam

studio, record, video, screen
  • It is also necessary to choose the name of the window that will serve as source of video signal. Naturally, if we want to record the game, at the moment it should be launched and curled up.

Attention: in some cases, the preview in OBS does not work right away. If after adding the source you saw a black screen, try to switch to the game, make several movements in it, and then go to the program again. Most often it helps, and the picture begins to display.

  • When the image appears in our program, you will see that it is framed by a red frame. Using points at its ends, you can scale the image, as well as move it along the program window. This allows you to configure the picture in the picture in any convenient way.
  • Let’s add another source and as it select an incoming signal from the webcam. For example, when we record the game, we want to explain anything, and we also want the user at that moment to see the author. Using all the same markers on the boundaries of the frame, you can set the desired image size.

In the lower part of the program, you see several additional blocks with buttons. This is, for example, a mixer of audio. The upper slider here regulates the level of recording from the microphone, and the bottom changes the volume of system sounds. A little to the right we can configure attenuation or any other effect during the transition between prices.

There are several additional buttons on the right side of the window, including the launch of the broadcast (for example, on YouTube), the start of the game recording, the studio mode, the application settings or the exit from it. We will figure it out a little lower with all this.

No one prevents the user from adding other sources also. It can be some kind of textual accompaniment, a link to a donat, other auxiliary information and so on.

Comparison OBS and alternatives

Features of OBS Anymp4 Screen Recorder
Sources of recording System sound, webcam, microphone, desktop System sound, webcam, microphone, desktop
Output format FLV, MP4 Mov, M4V, GIF, WMV and MP4
Video editing Not Yes
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Mac

OBS Studio is safe to use if you download it from the official site. However, antivirus software can consider it as malicious. Therefore, you need to turn off the antivirus when installing OBS.

OBS Studio. Open source solution. It is completely free and does not require money at all. However, you may encounter payment requirements if you go to fake sites. Free screen recording devices as OBS here.

If you use extended output settings, try installing the Audio bitrate back on 160. In addition, make sure that the sampling frequency in OBS is the same as for your audio devices in Windows sound settings.

If you just create a new channel online, you will need an application for broadcasting. OBS may be one of your candidates. He can satisfy your main needs for the screen and gameplay. The only problem. Complex setup process. That’s why we shared Anymp4 Screen Recorder. This is easier than OBS Screen Recorder, but more powerful. If you have additional questions related to the recording of the screen, leave the message below, and we will answer it as soon as possible.

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