On the iPhone, the interlocutor is poorly heard what to do

What to do if the speaker works quietly on the iPhone?

We increasingly hear that the sound on the iPhone is quiet, weak, very changeable in terms of volume, etc. P. No matter what they call it, we have a serious problem that prevents us from talking on the phone or watching a video. We know that the failure is manifested both on the iPhone 6, 7, 8, and in new versions. 11, 12. Based on the statistics we have collected, we can conclude that the problem is often in software failures iOS. However, physical damage to the dynamics may occur. Within the framework of this article, we will fix the problem with a quiet speaker on the iPhone or, at least, determine the source of the malfunction if it is a matter of mechanical faults.

If the speaker works quietly on any generation iPhone, most likely there is one of the following problems.

  • Improper volume settings in the system or application;
  • Damage to the application itself;
  • Incorrectly selected cover;
  • A problem update has been established;
  • Problems with connecting the headset;
  • Dynamics breakdown.

Let’s go in order, initially we will consider the situation in which the sound is poorly reproduced during the conversation, that is, we will check the spoken speaker. In the next section, we will test and correct the problem with the multimedia emitter audio.

What to do if the microphone is poorly working on iPhone?

What to do if the microphone does not work on the iPhone

  • Clean the microphone.
  • Disconnect the Bluetooth Axuals.
  • Make sure that nothing closes the microphone.
  • Disconnect the noise reduction.
  • Provide access to the microphone to applications.
  • Forcibly reboot the iPhone
  • Reset all the iPhone settings
  • Update the iPhone firmware.

Purification of the receiver (slot dynamics)

The iPhone receiver will not properly function if it is contaminated or blocked. The following steps must be performed, after each of the action, checking the performance:

  • We check that the receiver in the iPhone is not blocked by anything (for example, with a protective film of the screen, cover). If you purchased a new iPhone, then remove the plastic film from the back and front panel of the device.
  • Check that the receiver’s hole is not closed or locked. If necessary, this hole is cleaned with a brush with soft bristles. The brush itself should be dry and clean.
  • When making a call, turn on the speaker. If this problem is preserved, then this may be due to the signal or the network. Try to call later or in a different place.

Complete the iPhone renewal reboot

Quite often, the problem with the poor iPhone receiver is associated with a software error. Make a forced reboot of the smartphone by holding the power buttons and home (the volume reduction button on the iPhone 7/7 Plus) in order to lose errors.

Replacement of a train and dynamics


In order to disassemble the phone, you need a special tool, a little dexterity and, in fact, the spare parts themselves are a train and a speaker. We decided to order them in the popular Mobiround online store.Ru. Delivery worked quickly, and a small and pleasant surprise awaited us in the package:

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All the pleasure cost 339 (delivery).

The analysis of the phone

Our pictures are of poor quality and not very informative. Two excellent analysis instructions with detailed pictures can be viewed here and here

To begin with, we unscrew the two Pentalobe screws with a diameter of 3.9 mm (“stars”) near the charging connector:

Next, disconnect the body from the display. To do this, it is better to use a sucker. Please note that you need to disconnect the screen in the lower part of the case: in the upper there is a train for the speaker and camera and it is very easy to tear. In turn, act extremely neatly and in the lower part. So as not to cut off the Touch ID train (you must remove the lock of this train and gently disconnect:

Open the phone. We see our speaker and a train. They are on the display module. Do not bend the display module by more than 90 degrees:

Robin Schulz feat. Alida – In Your Eyes (Official Music Video)

Before the release of the train and the speaker, it is necessary to turn off the battery from the system board. In principle, it must be disconnected with any type of repair work. It is worth remembering. To do this, we will unscrew the protective plate (two 1.6 mm Phillips screw) and disconnect the train:

iphone, interlocutor, poorly, heard

Next, we disconnect the plate that holds the upper train, and disconnect the trail of the front camera with the approximation sensor, the LCD screen and the tach-screech loop from the body. Only 4 screws:

Be sure to remember which one was screwed where. If you confuse the seats during reverse assembly, you can damage the fee

Then you need to remove the protective plate from the upper auditory speaker (two Phillips 4 screws.1mm and 2.2mm):

At the end we carefully dismantle the speaker. It does not have any connectors, and works from simple pressing to the panel using the plate:

And all the other components that are on the same train:

On this, the dismantling of the dynamics and the train is finished:

iphone, interlocutor, poorly, heard

Symptoms and reasons why the interlocutor is not heard in the iPhone

For a malfunction, when the interlocutor on the iPhone is poorly audible, the speakers are responsible first of all. There are usually 2 of such mobile phones. One from below is responsible for the speakerphone, the supply of music and sounds during the call, the second on top is needed to hear the voice of the caller.

If the iPhone is used and the interlocutor is not heard during the conversation, this is manifested by the following symptoms:

  • Fair Mini-Jack 3.5 mm. In this case, the one who is on the other end of the occasion will not be heard. The reason for this may be a failure in plug 3.5 mm, for example, when contacts simply closed. In this case, you should try to connect and disable the plug several times to clean the nest from the oxide and possible garbage in this way.
  • Volume swing or “Mute” button. The new owners of such a smartphone at first may not know that the side of the panel is a magic button that converts the phone into a silent mode with one click. You also need to make sure that the sound was not turned off before the volume swing was not turned off.
  • Damage to the upper speaker. This situation often happens due to water, dirt, dust. In the first case, oxidation and closing of contacts occurs, which is why the conductivity of the signal to the motherboard from the dynamics is violated. It is protected by a net, and if it is clogged with dust and garbage, again the conductivity of the sound is disturbed. In this case, you need to figure out how to clean the speakers I
  • The fall of the gadget. Cases when, after falling the phone, the work of the microphone and dynamics was disrupted, not uncommon. During the conversation, the microphone acts as a noise.Acting agent, and the fall from a height leads to the failure of an audio codes or a train. Against this background of this, the sounds from the incoming call are perceived as noise, and the microphone will try to extend it in every possible way. You can check the microphone if you write your voice on the recorder.
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In addition to the fact that the reason for the impassability of sound during a telephone conversation may be that the iPhone speaker does not work, program failures can be attributed to common reasons.

Can’t hear phone calls unless on speaker iPhone 12? – Here’s The Solution

iphone, interlocutor, poorly, heard

For example:

  • Bluetooth. Perhaps before the call, the phone was connected to the headphones, the columns via Bluetooth, and the incorrect separation of iOS will lead to the fact that the phone will not be rebuilt on the mode when it should work without a headset;
  • IOS work failure. In this case, there is a periodic sound filing failure, as a result of the fact that the operating system needs reinstalling;
  • Third.Party applications. Against the background of work with third.Party software, the gadget’s functioning malfunctions can occur, so the latest downloads should be removed or reinstalled, and click the Power and Home button.

Only under the condition of competent diagnosis, determination of symptoms and reasons, there is a high probability that the malfunction will be eliminated without contacting the service center.

Weak sound in dynamics or why the iPhone has become quiet?

Good! Just the other day, some incomprehensible nonsense began to occur with my iPhone. It was that the sound of speakers. Ordinary and spoken, suddenly became quiet. And if with the main one it is unimportant to work as a working speaker (no one canceled the vibro), then the fact that the interlocutor is very poorly audible during the call is completely a problem. And I really was going to the service, but before that I decided to tinker myself As a result, the author tried a lot of ways and one of them still helped. Victory!:)

For joy, it was decided to help everyone who encounters a quiet sound of the speakers on the iPhone and collect all the tips to eliminate this trouble in this article.

As they say. We will always have time in the service, first try to fix it on our own. Go!

At first I wanted to share the tips for each of the speakers specifically, and then I realized that they were practically identical. Therefore, do not blame me. All possible decisions will be presented in the form of a common list.

  • Let’s start with the simplest, but you never know check if the volume level is at the maximum? Buttons on the side of the apparatus will help you change the volume.
  • Reload the phone.
  • There is another very strange, but at the same time often an encountered situation. Iphone immediately after buying, people sometimes complain of a quiet sound during a conversation. The whole problem in the transport film, which is glued to the phone straight at the factory. Since the iPhone is an expensive device, some do not remove the film. Thus trying to maintain its appearance longer. Naturally, because of this, the speaker is overlapped and the sound does not completely reach your ear.
  • We continue about accessories and the following in line. Covers. If worn. It is recommended to remove and check without them. Some part of the case or bumper can easily overlap the lower speaker and thereby jerk the sound.
  • It is possible that the net that closes the dynamics membrane is clogged. In this case, you can try to clean it (alcohol, toothbrush, cotton wool and any non-resistant item will help you) or blow it, just do not forget about accuracy and caution during all this process. True, another problem can hide here, you can clean it outside, but the dirt accumulates from the inside. You may have to disassemble the phone.
  • Try to insert and pull out the headphones. Judging by the reports on the forums, this is precisely such an uncomplicated action to some users.
  • When moisture and corrosion formation gets, the sound can also be muffled or even absent at all. How to be? We read about water and iPhone here, about complete silence. Here.
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It must be remembered that the lower speaker is only one. It is on the right.

However, let’s return to what helped the author of this blog. And in the end, my situation decided very simply.

Everything was to blame for some kind of software failure, which I personally connect using BETA flashing.

It was enough to make a restoration and that’s it. The sound again became loud. Yes, it took a little time, but it is better than walking with a quiet iPhone 🙂

I hope one of the following methods will still help you and you will not have to go to the service center.

However, it may happen that this cannot be avoided.

Fortunately, there is good news (of course, if in this case they can be good at all). Such a repair will cost relatively inexpensively. And they will make it quickly. Replacement of speakers. The operation is simple.

P.S. Stays or questions appeared? I would like to share personal experience and talk about what helped you? Feel free and decisively write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I will listen with pleasure and, if possible, I will try to help!

P.S.S. There is a desire to get 30% for the maximum volume of your iPhone? There is nothing easier. Put “likes” and click on the buttons of social networks!:)

The hardware malfunction of the phone

Unfortunately, iPhones also break, which means the speaker can fail. How can this be checked? Simple enough. Here are two ways.

First. Use the headphones. In this case, through them there will be excellent audibility, and the IPhone speaker will still be deaf.

The second is to write a voice note and lose it through a spoken speaker. Thus, you also exclude problems with the operator’s network. Yes, they are rare, they also happen.

If it turns out that the iPhone has become quieter because the speaker has broken, then the only way to solve is to carry it to the service.