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Anthony Scaramucci shares his thoughts about cryptocurrency and says that “the future is bright

Anthony Scaramucci, founder of the Skybridge Capital investment company, believes that a bright future awaits cryptocurrency, despite the current market prospects.

While Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto assets continue to writhe in the bear market, the entrepreneur believes that now it is best to focus on growth. He admits that most people are currently tuned like a bearish, but the market will not remain stagnant.

On Friday, the former public relations director of the White House expressed the opinion:

Focus on growth. Even in the bear market. View current market actions and moods. The future is incredibly bright. Patience and faith.

Comment appeared the day after Scarmucci. He said that he was optimistic about cryptocurrency and that the class of assets will be “positive” over the next two years or so.

He noted that at present most people are too emotional, which is happening whenever the market is at any end of the cycle at least the maximum. In his opinion, a wider market will be restored, and factors such as global pandemia, war and other market factors of stress will disappear.

Which contributes to the decline of the moon

Unlike USDT Tether or USDC Circle, which are provided with fiat money or equivalent assets, Terra is designed to maintain binding using mathematical algorithms and active trade. Ust recently “canceled the binding” from its cost of 1 due to high pressure from sellers due to the mass outflow of Anchor.

Since they are connected by intra.Network minting and burning mechanics, this large.Scale short transaction has led to a sharp drop in both UST and a kindred Luna token. Then there was a “de-advantage”. When the traders realized that Luna worth 1 no longer cost 1 in UST, they became insolvent. As a result, Luna fell by 98% of its price and lost most of its value. Market corporal

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Bitcoin believes with.AT. And other crypto “Good luck

When he was asked how cryptocurrencies can shed part of the stigma surrounding them, it believes that influential figures and enterprises in space “should build an economy based on the actual use of cryptocurrencies as a payment, and not just a bunch of speculators”. Ver says that it was bitcoin goals from the first day, as well as the goal of Bitcoin Cash and the recent rival Bitcoin with.AT.

While the “war” between the two factions Bitcoin Cash led for several months, which many indicate the uncertainty, which led to a breakdown of Bitcoin 6,000, sending it to new minimums. He wished that his opposing camp of “good luck”.

“I wish all the cryptocurrencies good luck if they try to bring greater economic freedom to the world, making them useful as currencies for the whole world,” added.

Last month, Bitcoin Cache was very bifurcated to divide and create two “camps”, as Verder called them: Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin with.AT. Bitcoin ABC was approved by Ver and his supporters, while bitcoin with.AT the vision of Satoshi. Headed by Craig Wright, who claims that Satoshi Nakamoto.

IMAC 24 (2021)

Unexpectedly and very pleasant. IMAC brown in 2021.

Processor: 8-core Apple M1 | Graphics: Integrated 7- / 8-core | RAM: 8. 16 GB of universal memory | Screen: 24-inch Retina 4.5k | Drive: up to 2 TB.

If you think that the performance of the new IMAC does not stole it for its attractiveness, you are mistaken. The novelty is not limited to an external facelift, as well as a variety of bright colors. Excellent characteristics are hidden inside, among which the new Apple M1, which makes the Apple Monoblock faster than the previous IMAC based on Intel processors. We could go even further and confidently say that the new IMAC 24 (2021) is the best monoblock that we have to test and he certainly takes its place in the ranking of the best MAC’s rightfully. It will also be useful for you to know that Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse are delivered in the kit. Which correspond to the colors of the monoblock.

Everyone remembers that hype at the end of 2013 around the new Mac Pro. Potential buyers worried several moments: a small computer (compared to the classic Mac Pro), not expanded (few slots inside), the question with heating also bothered. Potential buyers were stopped by the absence of peripheral devices with Thunderbolt Intections, but third-party manufacturers quickly corrected the situation. In this case, imaginary shortcomings do not play any role, professionals quickly appreciated the power and convenience of the “most” Apple computer and began to buy, boldly laying out thousands of dollars for maximum configurations.

What I REALLY Think of the iPhone!

Almost two years have passed since then. According to statistics, Mac Pro 2013 is one of the most unlick products in the secondary market. When the price falls by 20-30 percent (such offers prevail on eBay), it is difficult to sell a computer now. The reason is simple-the output of the IMAC Retina line, the owners of the Mac Pro with great enthusiasm change the “systematic” wires shrouded in a bunch to a convenient and productive desktop with an excellent 27-inch screen, thereby getting rid of the pile of wires and devices on their table, in fact, not very losing in performance and gaining experience multiplied by pleasure for working for an excellent monitor.

Apple error is the sale of an unprecedented desktop computer without the same unprecedented monitor in a couple. The Apple Thunderbolt Display’s mold can not be taken into account. The monitor is very old and weak, especially, compared to competitors in a similar price range. And just the absence of such a couple, judging by the relevant forums and reviews, became for many owners of Mac Pro the decisive reason for the refusal and the transition to IMAC RETINA. It is interesting that many agree to leave Mac Pro and continue to use, but only if the new Apple production monitor with Retina display appears.

If you look at the situation on the part of the company, it is impossible to assume that the fall of buyers loyalty remains unnoticed. The appearance of IMAC Retina nevertheless gives a certain hope for the rapid appearance and the long.Awaited upgrade of the only, seemingly disadvantaged and hopelessly obsolete monitor Thunderbolt Display. At the same time, the loyalty of customers will also increase in the segment of the premium system blocks of Mac Pro (no modernization is needed here. The computer will have sufficient performance for a long time) and the attention of professionals will be concentrated again on the acquisition of the Mac Pro pair and the Apple monitor equipped with a high.Quality modern matrix with Retina.

Judging by various tests and benchmarks, the first MAC with the M1 processor is very fast, so many users already plan to refuse their advantage of their computers based on Intel. Despite this, there are several reasons because of which the new items may not be suitable for you.

One. Lack of 100 percent compatibility

For more than ten years, MacOS software has been created for Intel chips. Now developers need to cross their applications for the M1 processor. This could be a huge problem, but Apple created the Rosetta 2 technology that allows the new Mac to launch it according to Intel computers on the basis.

The first owners of the new Apple computers report that Rosetta 2 works quite well, and the developers actively took up their programs for a new chip. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that if you use highly specialized professional software for work, for example, various plugins for editing video and writing music, then you need to wait for an official statement from their creators about supporting M1 before the transition.

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The 13-inch MacBook Pro with the Intel processor has a version with 32 GB of RAM. However, only 16 GB in the maximum configuration can boast a similar option with a chip M1. The same applies to the new Mac Mini and MacBook Air.

This moment again affects the segment of professional users who need a large amount of RAM for work. For ordinary tasks, 8 or 16 GB will be quite proposed.

The first MAC based on M1 can only work with two screens. In the specifications of the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, it is reported that they support only one external display with a resolution of up to 6K at 60 Hz in addition to the built.In screen. Mac Mini with M1 can work with two 6k and 4K displays.

For comparison, the MacBook Pro on Intel can work with two external 4K or one 6K displays in addition to the built.In.

The new 13-inch MacBook Pro on the basis of M1 received two ports of Thunderbolt / USB 4. A similar model with the Intel processor is equipped with four Thunderbolt 3 ports (USB.C).

Despite the difference in generations, in fact, they are the same, but on computers with Intel chips twice as many. This problem can be solved with the help of an additional hub, but such a way out goes on an incision with portable.

TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K)

Intel computers on the basis give you the opportunity to use the Boot Camp utility to launch the Windows operating system. On new computers with the M1 processor, it will not work to use the Microsoft operating room, in any case, until the Redmondians will do this possible.

However, this does not mean that there are no other options. Codeweavers Crossover utility allows the new MAC to run the X86 software, which was created for the Microsoft platform. Also, the Parallels version with M1 support is under development. It will launch virtual machines with Windows 10 simultaneously with MacOS Big Sur on Apple processors of its own development.

Nevertheless, users who depend on Windows are better to wait for the full opportunity to install the Microsoft operating system.

Lack of support for external video cards

External graphics cards (EGPU) provide additional graphics performance for computers performing high-quality rendering videos or 3D animations. New MAC computers with M1 processors have not yet supported this possibility. This was reported on the Apple support website.

To make clarity, in this article we did not try to dissuade anyone from the purchase of new Apple computers with M1. This is just a list of restrictions that were found in new models possible, they will be eliminated with M2. Note that the new processors of their own development are undoubtedly the future Mac, largely due to performance and energy efficiency, and this, in turn, makes it clear that a return to Intel is impossible.

Before buying a new Mac, weigh all the pros and cons, so as not to be hosted by the listed restrictions.

I don’t play games on a computer

It just so happened that the “WASD” buttons on your keyboard have not shine for a long time. Perhaps you do not have time for this, either the desire was gone, or for this, the game console sheltered under the TV. In a word, when looking at the computer, you do not pretend the first thing to how many FPS he will give out at maximum settings in some “tanks” or “Dota”.

Yes, Mac is not for games at all. And most of their developers do not even think to release versions of their masterpieces under MacOS. Not that iron and mainly not the contingent of users. Of course, this does not mean that there are no games at all. But we compare their choice rather with the Applications store for Windows Phone, the kingdom of heaven is.

Is MacBook Air M1 so good after 1 year?! 5 problems that you definitely need to know before buying!

Hi, friend. I am Arthur. My field of activity marketing and advertising. I use macbook every day to work, and sometimes to install videos and even less often for games (figure out). There is a video evidence that you can play a poppy today and is quite comfortable.

You get used to good quickly, so I already forgot how it lives on intel to macbooks. But today we will touch up the minuses rather. Let me remind you that in November 2020, sales of macbooks with a new processor that Apple itself produces. These laptops immediately gained popularity and dipped competitors to develop this area.

Today the conversation will be about the minimum configuration of Air. These are 7 graphic giant and 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB SSD. I switched to him from 2 nuclear macbook air 2019 to i5. You can see the review and their comparison at this link.

At first, my joy knew no bounds, but there were negative points. By the way, I had a video with Mac problems on M1 after 30 days of use. Today most of which have been fixed.

It was the most furious bug. When you play or mount SSD just turned off. Often without preserving the process. I have not met this problem for a long time, but it is confident to say that I could not.

Yes, friends, no matter how beautiful it was M1 to take 8 GB, I do not advise, and that’s why.

After the start of sales, the MAC on M1 came out that there is an increased SSD wear, just because the RAM is now outdated and when the RAM is not enough, the system uses the SSD resource (swap). Apple solved this problem, but how?! Apparently the lesser use of swap on SSD. T.E. First of all, using RAM to the maximum. Thereby increased the halter on the RAM. And now, in the monitoring of the system, the schedule is always orange, while before it was constantly green. Working in programs that are demanding of RAM, this becomes noticeable.

I have 125 reloading cycles, and the battery has already sank to 91%!I just can’t comment on this situation, I will only say that I would not want to have 80% next year. By logic of 300 cycles, this.20%. Owners of Mac on M1, write a number of cycles and the maximum capacity of your battery.

This feature was already known at the beginning of sales. And this is the lack of native support of Windows.

It was originally known that Apple’s management did not prevent the support of Windows on its poppies. According to Craig Federigi, the launch of Windows on ARM Maki depends only on the shirts. Then, in November 2020, I had the hope that Microsoft would still go to meet the macquips and give us what we want, but now, at the end of 2021, my hopes were almost exhausted.

Yes, there is a parallels, a crossover, but all these are crutches with poor stability and a bunch of bugs.

The mechanical problem inherited from previous poppies.

Traces of buttons on the display macbook. It seems to be nothing, but over time, these traces cease to rub out.They appear mainly for those who carry their poppies in backpacks, or on the cover of which the pressure affects. We press on the lid. She bends. In contact with Klava. Spots remain. Can only be solved with the help of a film.

opinion, future, ever

Despite all these disadvantages, I still would never return to Intel poppies, because the pluses are covered with everything.

Like and write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you want to hear about all the advantages of Mac on M1!

If you took a laptop for installing the video, then you had to look at the minimum requirements of the same Adobe Premiere is not a minus of poppy, you didn’t think;)

We press on the lid. She bends. In contact with Klava. Spots remain

I don’t look at the requirements. Because Fainle Kat works excellent even on AIR calculators with an intel processor. Premier about this is more likely to bakers. You didn’t think that. “Do not crush”. No one deliberately crushes. There are methods of transportation that involve pressure. “This is a restriction of Windows, not a poppy” I did not say that Apple limits Windows. “The launch of Windows on ARM poppies depends only on the shirts” = analytics in your comment so.So

So.So recommendation, a person wrote in what scenario this happens and wearing in a backpack is a completely normal scenario, this is a portable device.

Nevertheless, this does not cancel the fact that in scenarios where Windows will need nuances, unlike versions on Intel, and who is to blame for this is the tenth question

opinion, future, ever

The answer of a typical tolerance. The answer to the user “do not give it so logical, given that the laptop is implied as a mobile PC, which you can take with you. Probably logical when there are special “heels” on the frame.

And yes, with my scenarios of operation, I do not feel the lack of operations. It says about swap, the system addresses it more often and in a larger volume, which can increase SSD wear.

What’s the difference whose restriction is it? This is a negative factor that you need to consider when you think about buying a macbook

Xs what kind of grief. I returned to about 2019 versions of 16 inches. Operational maximum and hybrid hard. Bang. No, thanks. 13 or 14 inches with castrated TTX at a normal price about 2018-2019? And many questions for discrete vidaha. When they run in this new technology that everything is baked only in the processor and not Vidaha and under M1 absolutely everything will be adapted. It will be possible to follow.

While everything works on the old 2019. It is better not to touch anything, it will come out more expensive.

Well, I bought myself 16 “at the maximum clip. 1TB SSD, M1 Max, 64 RAM. Before that, there was 16 “512 SSD, 32 RAM, i7. Appacode compilation is 3-10 times faster. Compilation in Xcode. 2-5 times. Assembly in the AppStore. Instead of 12 minutes it became 4. We have a small project, it would be more. The difference would be more tangible. Photoshop starts 2.5C instead of 11-13. The laptop does not launch coolers when assembling the assembly project in the AppStore when connecting two external monitors at the same time (4K FHD). 16 “Kulets launched the inteluity almost immediately when connecting external monitors. Appacode compilation with external monitors led to the fact that the processor frequency dropped to 1 GHz. According to the battery: with active work, I had enough old for 3-4 hours without periphery (82% capacity from the original). On the new. 9 hours.

By the way, the author, I have 16 “poppy per 1 year, the capacity fell to 80-82%. But, however, the last few months did not fall. Ah, and I have 1 cycle per day on average