Panasonic printer does not print with color. Software discharge to the native

Printer owners often face a problem when the equipment stops printing after refueling. Some users are in a hurry to check the cartridge, others contact the service center. In fact, if the printer stopped printing after refueling, it is recommended to simply understand the reasons for the problem. In most cases, the problem can be eliminated on your own and you do not need to carry the technique anywhere.

It happens that the parameters of printing devices into the OS are reset to the basic. Most often this happens when installing a new printer or fax. In this case, it is worth checking the correct settings through the control panel.

  • Call the search line (Win S) and introduce the “control panel”.
  • We go to the “Devices and Printers” section.
  • From the equipment presented, select the desired model and click on it with the right mouse key.
  • In the context menu, click on the line “use by default”.

Another concomitant problem is the overloaded print line. This moment is especially relevant for models connected via a local network.

  • In the “Devices and Printers” section, click on the desired model twice with the left mouse key.
  • Next, open the item “View the Printing Establishment”.
  • We remove unnecessary tasks from the list or completely clean it (“document”. “Cross everything”).

Advice! A more radical way to reset the files sent for printing. the reboot of the computer. But this option will not work if the printer has an independent memory block.

Check the SNPH

Sometimes the system of continuously submitting ink becomes the reason for the lack of printing in black or color color. Such problems are possible:

  • not transferred to the working position from the transport;
  • in containers are low ink;
  • transmitted a loop of feed;
  • The ink ended;
  • air cork in inkwing;
  • Ink has dried up due to prolonged downtime of the printing device.
  • SNPCh is transferred to the working position;
  • Tanks with ink are placed in the correct position;
  • The air is pumped in the train, the transfer/excess of the hoses is eliminated;
  • The head is cleared by the program;
  • The page is printed and print quality is checked.

Check Printer LED indicators

If your printing device has stopped working, then first of all pay attention to the LED indicators. They are located on the printer control panel. Usually, there are various buttons next to them. They can also be signed (but not always). If some bulbs flash, constantly burn or vice versa do not glow, then most likely, the printer has some kind of mistake. It is for this reason that the device refuses to print. You can find out the reason in several ways:

  • find information by errors in the guide to the printing device;
  • determine the problem of the error code (relevant in the presence of a display or connection to PC);
  • Identify the cause programmatic (for example, using Printhelp).

It is worth noting right away that in this case, it is possible to force the printer to print only according to the instructions corresponding to the identified error.

Check the presence of paper

It often happens that when sending a document to print, you forget to load paper. At the same time, the printer does not always give any error. Just does not print and that’s it. Typically, a similar problem arises in office equipment with closed paper feeding trays. Therefore, check the presence of paper in the printer. If it is not, put and continue printing. However, if there is paper in the printer, then the problem should be sought in the sensor of the presence, motherboard or the mechanism of the broach. It is also possible in the printer is an extraneous item that does not allow to capture/stretch the paper sheet. In any case, you will have to disassemble and look for the cause. In the absence of experience in the repair of office equipment, we recommend contacting the appropriate service center.

Is it allowed manufacturers of original equipment to block the use of compatible cartridges?

The ban on the use of compatible cartridges is the dark side of the legal activities of office equipment manufacturers. On the one hand, they do not have the right to prohibit anyone to use non-original products. But on the other hand, they deftly and quite legally bypass this with frequent updates to organize office equipment. After such a procedure, the cartridge chip will cease to be recognized by the printer.

For example, on modern HP printers with the update, a special anti-contract program is installed that protects the device from fakes. This is quite legal in. But not only fakes, but also legal restored or compatible cartridges can fall under its influence.

If you still plan to use such consumables, then it is better to first disconnect the automatic update program. You can do this using a personal computer. Go into the printer properties, find and remove the checkplace opposite the automatic update in (control pantle and printers = select the desired printer = click on it with the right mouse button = property = switch to the equipment tab = remove the update flag).

How to get around the installation error of a compatible cartridge: 8 ways to solve the problem

The main thing is not to panic. Regardless of whether you bought a cartridge from us or somewhere else, we will help you solve this little misunderstanding. First try to reset the printer memory. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Remove the new cartridge, and install the old consumable again in its place. Leave the printer for 10 minutes.
  • Now follow the reverse action. replace the old cartridge with a new. This is usually enough to recognize the new product with the printer.
  • If the first two points did not help, pull out the new printing accessory again. Gently put it so as not to pollute and not damage the contacts.
  • Turn off the printer using the power button.
  • Now pull the printer fork from the outlet, and let the technique rest 10-15 minutes.

Attention: it is important to observe the sequence of 4 and 5 points. The fact is, if you just click on the button, then the printer may not turn off, but go into sleep mode. In turn, if you directly cut it off from the mains, a software failure can occur, fraught with negative consequences.

  • Turn on the printer in the outlet, but do not press the power button.
  • Insert a new cartridge.
  • Click the power button and wait for the printer launch procedure.

Now everything should earn. The printer must recognize the cartridge, regardless of its type. If the printer still gives an error, then go to the next solution to the problem.

What to do if the printer does not see the cartridge after refueling HP?

If the cartridge is new, recently bought, do not exclude the possibility of marriage of the component. If you bought the consumable not with your own hands, you have everything you need to exchange or return this product.

On chips with a cassette lock after reaching a certain level of coloring. Manufacturers are interested in such blocking to keep customers under control so that the money does not fall into the accounts of companies that offer compatible cartridges or refueling. The methods of unlocking have long been known to the masters of service centers, both software and hardware. But since the elimination of this subtlety is not devoid of nuances, we recommend unlocking the cartridge only in qualified engineers.

The printer “did not understand” that refueling was made

When the ink end, the cartridge is automatically blocked to prevent the stop of the print head. Very often after refueling, the system of electronic tank for ink does not recognize the presence of ink, remaining in a blocked state. In this case, the printer can “calculate” that the cartridge is empty or not at all. To get around this, try to drop the inkwell counter.

The counter can be dropped using buttons on the front panel. Each specific printer model has its own combination of buttons. For example, for models MP 140/150/160/180/210/220/460/470/510/520 and MX 300/310 This is done as follows:

  • When the printer is turned on, press and hold the “resume” button (inverted triangle in a circle).
  • Without releasing the “resume” button, press and hold the “Nutrition” button on the printer.
  • Continuing to hold the power button, release “resume”, and then press it twice.
  • Release the Power button, after which one of the indicators on the front panel will start flashing, which will indicate that the printer goes into service mode.
  • Press the resumption button 4 times, and then once a power button.
  • Thus, you can start a subfunction. If you immediately press the Power button, the main counter will be dropped. If you click “resume” once before pressing “Power”, the absorber counter (“diaper”) will also be reset, 2 clicks will drop both counters. If you need to drop only the counter, you do not need to start subfunction.
  • After pressing the power button, the printer turns off, indicating that the meter discharge procedure was successful.

For All-In-One Printer Canon Pixma, the discharge procedure is as follows:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Find 4 buttons on the front panel: turn on the “Power”, resume, press “Resume”, start copying “Black” in a b / b mode (the indicator shows an inverted white cube with a vertical line inside) and “OK”.
  • You must press all these buttons at the same time as the printer turned off, and then hold them for at least 10 seconds.
  • Then you need to release the power button, but hold the other three buttons pressed.
  • After a few seconds, the printer will turn on automatically, the remaining buttons can be released. the reset is made.

Please note that this procedure drops only the Black Cartridge counter. To reset tanks with colored ink, instead of the B / B button, you need to press the color mode button, also called a cube with a strip inside, but turquoise color (other colors are possible).

Manual zeroing of Brother meter

This involves manual intervention in the printer design.

It is best to use the manual reset procedure if this software turned out to be ineffective, or this is the only option to eliminate the error.

The flag is installed to restore pages on the Brother printers. Instructions depend on the All-In-One Printer model or a separate printer. But in general, there are two main modifications of devices. the cartridge is removed from the front or from above.

The essence of all methods is to imitate the rotation of the gear, which when moving hooks the flag.

Models with TN-1075 cartridges

The original starting cartridge, which at the time of the purchase is included in the set of the following black and white laser printers and All-in-One Printer: HL-1110R, HL-1112R, HL-1210WR, HL-1212WR, DCP-1510R, DCP-1512R, DCP-1610WR, DCP-1612WR, MFC-1810R, MFC-1815R, MFC-1912WR.

Instructions for the restoration of Brother models listed above, the same:

  • Turn off the print block by pressing the button.
  • Open the front or top cover. At MFP, you first need to raise a scanning block.
  • Remove the cartridge from the product by pulling the handle.
  • Separate the print cartridge from the toner-cartridge. Insert the first into the device.
  • Black flag will be visible on the left.
  • Pass your hand over the tray and hold the flag with your finger.
  • Close the top cover without removing your hand and finger from the flag.
  • Run the printer using the button.
  • Wait until the mechanisms begin to rotate.
  • Remove the checkmark right away and press after a second again, without holding.
  • Let go and press again, but don’t let go. Will have to hold it until the end of the rotation of the trees.
  • If everything went successfully, the indicator with an exclamation mark will stop flashing.
  • Remove the drum, connect it to the other side and return it to the printer.
  • Lower the lid, insert a sheet of paper, print a test sheet to guarantee a successful reset.

If you still cannot drop the toner counter, try to press the flag instead twice, do it only once. That is, after the start of rotation, release the flag and after a second keep it pressed until the mechanisms stop.

TN-2280 cartridges, TN-2290

Suitable for Brother HL-2130R, HL-2132R, DCP-7057R, DCP-7057WR, DCP-7055R, DCP-7060DR, DCP-7065DNR, DCP-7070DWR.

  • Open the front cover.
  • Pull the cartridge entirely on yourself.
  • Disconnect the toner cartridge from the drum cartridge.
  • Insert the part with a photosensitive rod into the printer.
  • The left side cover is attached to the inside of the printer using a plastic lever that must be disconnected from the lid and inserted into the device.
  • On the right side of the case there is a small neckline, behind which is located a cover closing sensor. It is necessary to “deceive” the printer system, inserting a match, a thin screwdriver or a ballpoint pen.
  • The device should start buzzing. At first only a fan can work and only then the trees will spin, you will find out because of increased noise.
  • you need to wait for the rotation of the shafts and press 2 times on the checkmark.

Seas out at moderate speed, not as fast as possible. For the full movement of the flag, it is necessary to withstand the rhythm of about 2 seconds. The latest pressure must be kept without releasing, until the shaft stops completely.

The described instructions require skills. Try repeating step 8 until the reset is successful.

Other working methods

If the algorithm described above does not work in any way, try using other methods to restore performance.

Try to hold the flag first and then activate the cover sensor. And after the mechanisms work, remove the flag and press it twice, and so on. The second pressure must be kept until the final stop.

It is possible to reset some users only if the initial state of the checkbox is observed, in which the latter is located with the cartridge inside.

The starting position is a position in which the flag is slightly rejected from the farthest edge and is almost vertically.

Next, you need to turn off and turn off the device with a button, observing the starting position.

If the cartridge’s error writes, then the place is chosen incorrectly.

As soon as you see that the poles are turning, slowly press the flag to the longest edge, then to the nearest and return to the starting position.

In total, the entire movement should take about 3 seconds.

It is quite difficult for a beginner to withstand the range necessary for zeroing, so you need to try many times.

To get the maximum return on the essence, watch the video below.

How to drop printers of different models

Below are detailed instructions on how to reset messages about replacing the drum or toner.

How to Use Epson’s GARMENT CREATOR Software – Basic Overview : Webinar

If your model is not on the list, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, in the near future I will try to add material.

All-In-On Printer Brother MFC-7860DWR

The device must be rebooted if one of the words is displayed on the display: “Replace the drum”, “Replace the drum”. There are two ways to get rid of the message.

  • Turn on the printing device.
  • Open the front cover behind which the cartridge is located (located in front).
  • On the panel, click “Cancel / back).
  • Confirm the reset by pressing the “1” button.
  • The message “Accepted” will appear, and the MFP will ask you to close the lid.

In the second method, instead of pressing one, you can try to enter “00” or “00”.

Printers Brother HL- L5100DN, L5200DW, L6200DW, L6250DN, L6250DW

Instructions for resetting information about the tuser:

To restart the camera, first open the door. Press the OK button until the “drum” is displayed.

Enter inside, pressing “OK” again. Then click the arrow up and wait until the message starts to blink “Ready”.

You can close the door and print a report to make sure that the discharge is completed.

Color Brother HL-3140CW, HL-3150CDN, HL-3170CDW

The reset is similar to models in the previous section, with the only difference being that in addition to the black cartridge, it will also be necessary to drop colored. Next, instead of the front, it is necessary to raise the upper part of the device.

Brother HL-2035R

Resetting to block the battery (required when the “drum” flashes on the left):

  • In a state of readiness, when the green indicator is “ready”, open the lid. The indicator “Error) lights up).
  • Turn off the power to the tolerate on the right side.
  • Click and hold the GO button. Transfer the toggle switch to the “inclusive.
  • The printer does not turn on, all the bulbs light up at the same time.
  • Wait for the indicator to go out the “ready” indicator, release “go” and without long pauses, press and hold again.
  • When the error diode lights up, press the “go” again and immediately press again. Click and hold until all indicators light up together.
  • Finally, stop holding GO and close the printer.
  • The readiness indicator will blink, and the noise of the mechanisms will begin in parallel. After that, “Ready” will burn constantly.

How to manually reset the counter for the HL-2035R model:

  • You will need access to two parts: the toner counter and the door sensor, so open the last one.
  • An error will burn on the case.
  • Take two long items, such as a screwdriver.
  • In ON mode, at the same time press the white counter at the top and the sensor below.
  • Noise will be heard, and when the engine twists (becomes noticeably louder), quickly release the counter.
  • All indicators on the display panel should blink at the same time.
  • Close the door, the printer will begin to prepare for printing, after which only the readiness indicator remains to burn “.

Place the paper in the tray, press the “go” three times and a sheet with the technical condition of the printer will come out. There you can see the number of discharges.

Brother HL-2240, 2130, 2220, 2230, 2240, 2250DN, 2270DW, 2275DW

  • With the lid open, turn off the device from the network using a toothbler on the right side of the case.
  • Hold the “start” (GO) and use the toggle switch to activate the technique.
  • All light bulbs should work except “Hi”.
  • Let the button, press again twice. Paise for 10 seconds until the diodes light up before the words “toner”, “drum”, “error”.
  • Click “GO” 5 times in a row, after which the glow of “Toner” should go out.
  • “Error” will start flashing because the printer is not closed, correct the situation.
  • Restore completely, print a report or any text document from your computer.

Brother MFC-L2720DWR, L2740DWR

The presented Brother models are equipped with a touch screen for control, so to reset the settings go to certain points. This method can be used for Brother DCP-L5500DN.

  • Open the “settings” through the screen “.
  • Then “all settings”.
  • Use the shots on the side of the screen to find and open the subsection “About the mouth”.
  • Again, using the shooter, we move to the item “Resource of the Part”.
  • To the right of the “home” buttons (home icon) and “back” (hand to the left) you need to call a digital panel. Run with your finger until the numbers appear.
  • Remember the position of the lattice (#), preferably for future actions, slightly place the button with a pencil.
  • Click on a lattice for at least 5 seconds until the “reset menu” is displayed. Press your finger on the “drum”, then accept the replacement.

To reset the counter, first, as usual, open the front cover. A warning will appear on the display and a red cross will light up.

Use the grid again until the discharge menu appears. Select your cartridge, go to it by clicking on the screen and agree to clean the resource.

Incorrect connection of the device

No matter how trite it sounds, the most common reason is because of which it is not possible to print is the wrong connection of the device. Most often, users simply forget to turn on the power supply, but technical problems with the connection are also possible.

Before looking for a reason because of which the printer stopped printing:

Disconnect the USB cable and check it for impulses or replace it with others

Advice. When the power supply is supplied, LED indicators light up. They allow you to determine the printing device function normally or is in a state of error.

Hardware breakdowns

Many people believe that due to hardware breakdown, the printer completely ceases to function. But this is only a common misconception. The following problems may indicate hardware breakdown:

  • The device prints only one color. At the same time, the cartridge is completely working, the paint is also available;
  • A document or image is printed by fragments;
  • The toner is not attached on the sheets;
  • The device, instead of one sheet, prints several;
  • The printer does not take sheets of paper from the slot.

Fix hardware breakdown at home without specialized knowledge and tools, unfortunately, it is impossible. All you can clean the printer from visible pollution and check the correct installation of the cartridge. Therefore, it is most likely to go to the service center or buy a new device.

Disconnecting control over the level of ink and chip around

Some models of printing equipment are equipped with the function of controlling the level of ink. Therefore, when the latter ends, the printer does not print black, it freezes. To solve this problem, it is necessary to disable the function of level control. This is done in several ways.

  • When a message appears that the ink is running out, click the button responsible for the paper supply, and hold it for at least 10 seconds.
  • In the printer menu, you can go to the computer, select the “Properties” tab there, remove the checkmark from the point allowing the bidirectional data exchange, and confirm actions.
  • Some models have special programs that discard the ink consumption meter, for example IP and MP.
  • Throw a chip on the cartridge.

It is recommended to discharge after independent charging. To do this, use the programmer (reset). You can also purchase compatible disposable chips or microcircuits with self.return that work on some models.

Please note that disconnecting the function of checking the ink level independently cancel the guarantee.

There is a less costly method of zeroing the cartridge meter. for this, appropriate contacts are glued. The problem of practical implementation is to find them. Different contacts are used in different models of cartridges. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • enable equipment;
  • Remove the cartridge with black ink;
  • They put on the table, directing the nozzles on themselves, and with contacts. from above;
  • Glue the upper left contact with tape;
  • Insert the cartridge, click “OK”;
  • print a verification document;
  • pull the cartridge back;
  • Below on the right we glue any contacts;
  • the cartridge is installed in the slot;
  • Check the work capacity of the equipment;
  • Remove the cartridge and disconnect the first contact;
  • Put back, expect recognition;
  • Then pull out the cartridge and remove the second tape;
  • Wipe all the contacts with a cotton swab moistened in alcohol;
  • put in place.

After the manipulations performed, the ink identifier should show 100% of their level. If this does not happen, you can try to insert a second time instead of contact right at the bottom at the same time 3 at the top. All further actions are performed similarly.

How to print a Сb on a color printer Epson?

Open the dialog box (print). In the opening menu, select the settings. For the “Type” parameter, select the same type of paper that is loaded into the printer. For the “Color” parameter, select “Improved Black and White photos).

Users of these devices often face the fact that the printer does not print black. Problems of this type can be caused by various reasons. They are typical for HP, Epson, Canon and others. The most serious in terms of repair are mechanical damage to parts, for example, a printing head. In such cases, you will need to seek help from the specialists of the service center. But most reasons are simple enough to eliminate them on their own, without outside help.

Problems associated with the installation of the printer and the operation of the printing system in Windows

Fortunately, the bulk of the problems in the press system associated with the work is eliminated very simply. These include:

  • The absence of a printer driver in the operating system or a driver’s failure.
  • Turning off the press service.
  • Incorrect selection of the printing device by default.
  • STUSTING PREASHING by the user.
  • The printer switch to autonomous mode.
  • Problems with the document standing in the print line (too large, is not recognized, etc. P.). The printer still prints, but extremely slowly. Or instead of the text, it takes something like hieroglyphs.
  • Prohibition of access to the seal printing system.

complex cases are damage to the components of the OS, the conflict of the drivers and the viral infection. With them, unlike the previous ones, it is not always possible to cope with a pair of mouse clicks.

The reasons why the network printer does not print:

  • A printer port is blocked on a remote computer.
  • The network path to the printer is indicated incorrectly.
  • The parameters of general access are incorrectly set.

To separate the problems of the printer itself from the problems that arose on the computer, try to print the document from another PC or mobile device. If it (printer) is connected via USB, if possible, connect it by wireless communication and vice versa. Your task is to find out if the print function works at least somewhere.

After making sure that the failure source is not in the printed device, but is connected with the computer, look into the device manager (the printer must be connected to the computer and included in the mains). The absence in the list of devices of the Printers group and the presence of unknown equipment marked by an exclamation or interrogative sign that there is no necessary driver in the system. To solve the problem, just download it from the site of the manufacturer of the device (for example, HP, Epson, Samsung, Canon, Brother) and install.

If the PC sees the printer, but it still does not print, look into the “Service” application (it is most convenient to open through the task tab of the same problem).

Find in the list of Services “Print Manager” and make sure that it is launched. If not, open its properties with the right click. In the drop.down list “Type of Launch”, set “automatically”, then click the “Launch” button below.

The problem is not eliminated? Move on. Launch the System application “Parameters”, go to the “Devices” section. “Printers and scanners” (this and further instructions are considered by the example of Windows 10). A list of all installed printers is displayed in the right half of the window, among which there should be the one with which problems arose. If it is not there, check the physical connection of the device to PC. If there is, click “Open line”.

Next, make sure that there are no dependents in the print line (if any, delete and send another document to print). Open the Printer tab. The following points are important for us:

  • Whether the default printer is used (if not, perhaps, a virtual printer is assigned by the default device, which instead of printing, for example, converts the file into another format).
  • Is it not worth the label near the points “Passing Press” and “Work Autonomously”. Spontaneous switching of the printer to autonomous mode indicates a bad connection with the computer, power problems or malfunction.
  • If there are documents in the print line, click “Clean the queue” and try to print a test page.

If the printer does not print only over the network, click “General Access” and check if it is allowed to this device.

Next, look at the Safety tab and make sure that your account is not prohibited from using the print function.

The reason that the printer does not put files in the queue can be something of the following:

  • The paper ended or hesitated.
  • Toner or ink ended.
  • A non.original cartridge is installed in the device.
  • The counter of the number of printouts reached the limit. the seal is blocked.
  • The user account has no rights to print files.
  • The device is faulty.
  • There was a failure in the operating system.

Devices of different manufacturers block printing in various situations. So, when the paint ends in the cartridge, one apparatus stops processing documents and resumes the print queue, and the other simply spits out empty sheets. The same in other situations. About exactly what problems lead to blocking is usually written in the instructions for the printer.

Many problems of printers are well recognized by their self.diagnosis system. If the device is equipped with a display, the cause of the failure is most often displayed on it. Diagnostics of simpler devices are carried out using their corporate application. It, as a rule, is present on the disk that came with the device, as well as on the manufacturer’s website.

The following shows an example of the function diagnostics in the company’s corporate application of the printer HP Deskjet 1050.

Problems with cartridges, dye, SNPC

Any dye. toner or ink, sooner or later ends. But this does not happen suddenly. Thinking that the colors are not enough, a decrease in the quality of the impressive. pale colors, whitish stripes, partial non.printing. It happens that the printer ceases to print and with a normal level of dye. This is due to:

  • Dried up drops of paint in a print head or blockage by its air traffic jam.
  • Improper installation of the cartridge (for example, when the protective films are not shot, the lid is not completely closed).
  • Pollution of cartridge ducts.
  • Pulling or blockage of the inkwood of the SNPC.
  • Blocking non.original cartridge.
  • Reaching the limit of the number of prints.
  • Cartridge malfunctions.

Clogging of the head with dried ink. a common thing with a long non.use of a jet printer. If the cork is relatively small, it is helped to solve the problem of cleaning the dozen (output holes). This is also done using the printer’s proprietary utility, and for each manufacturer this function is called in its own way:

During the cleaning, a special pump installed inside the printer drives a little ink through the duies under high pressure. From this, a clot of paint or airy cork comes out.

The most budgetary models of the printers are not equipped with pomp, and the function of cleaning the DUZ does not work on them (despite her support for it). In the case of blockage, the printed heads of such devices have to be soaked and washed in cleaning liquid.

On modern jet printers Epson, the print head is not built into cartridges, but in the device itself, and it costs quite expensive. Its failure is equivalent to the failure of the entire printer, which in such cases can only be thrown away. In order to prevent the ink to dry out, it is important for the owners of the Epson printers to clean the dozing at least once every 2 weeks if the device is idle idle.

If you removed cartridges from the printer, make sure that they are correctly installed and their ducts are not closed by anything.

Change printer settings to color

When using SNPCh, you should first check whether we go through the inkwing and whether the air openings are free of the tanks.

Spots and stripes (sometimes almost black sheets) when printing on a laser or LED printer-a consequence of the leakage of the cartridge (toner spilled out), overflowing the bunker-waste, getting into the device of foreign small objects, damage, improper installation or wear of the cartridge details.

  • The printer prints with only one shade, for example, red;
  • The print looks too pale with a full cartridge;
  • Instead of the image. multi.colored spots and t. P.,

As a rule, due to contamination, incorrect installation of the cartridge in place or violation of refueling technology.

The complete absence of an image (white sheets) or print defects after replacing an original cartridge or dye with conditionally suitable. just the result of incompatibility of the latter with your printer model. In some cases, it is decided by reflashing cartridges or apparatus, in others. only by the purchase of original components and consumables.

USB scanner connection error

The problem arises when trying to scan the document. Manifests itself as an error on the monitor screen and interrupt the current process.

The first thing to do is to restart both the computer and the printer. Then you need to inspect the USB cable connection. If it is broken, fix or replace.

If previous steps have not brought success, then HP has an excellent software solution for such problems. the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. Having downloaded by installing and starting the program, you need to indicate your printer. The application will conduct a number of tests, as a result of which it will offer possible solutions to the problems found.

Reasons why it does not print with color or black cartridge in the presence of paint

From this article you can find out why the printer does not print in black or colored ink, although it has a paint in it. This knowledge will help to determine what to do in the first place in your situation, so as not to harm the device even more. As practice shows, very often problems are observed in colored jet devices with black cartridge, inkwrosphingns with pink, blue, yellow less whimsical. Although there can also be enough surprises to their owners.

This instruction discusses the solutions of the physical and software direction. It can be applied to different models of printer HP (5525, 3525, 2130, 6525), Epson (XP 342, L366, L800), Canon (G3400) and others). The models are indicated in the brackets, on which it has already been successfully tested.