Parameters for setting up digital channels on Samsung

Setting up TV channels

Manual or automatic search and setup of digital channels on Samsung TV sets. In the first case you only need the antenna switched on and activation of the autodetect.

In the second. the process is different, based on the source of TV broadcasting. So, for satellite and cable TV, Smart TV and IPTV you will need a special algorithm for setting.

Difficulties in the configuration may arise to connect additional features or equipment. The basic and free channels are activated via an ordinary antenna.

To connect pay channels you need to buy special CI or CI card. They are placed in a special jack Common Interface and allow you to view the pay channels indicated on the plastic on a permanent basis.


Auto search. this is the easiest and fastest way to tune TV channels. This search mode is for broadcasting through the antenna. The receiver itself will scan all available TV channels and frequencies and automatically add them to the internal memory of the device.

M, Q and LS Series

Before setting up the M, Q and LS series, you need to connect a room antenna, street antenna or common house antenna and follow a few steps:

parameters, setting, digital, channels, samsung
  • enter the main menu and select the item “TV” in the “Source” section;
  • return to the main menu and go to the settings tab;
  • select the broadcast, go to Autoset and click on “Start”;
  • Then you need to confirm the deletion of the old list of channels and select again the signal source to search for new channels. antenna, cable or satellite;
  • to determine the type of channels you want to search for;
  • To specify the operator of TV services or select “Others” if cable TV is connected;
  • select full search;
  • Start the search process with the “Scan” button.

As a result of the search the screen will display a list of all detected TV channels, which can be scrolled through and viewed immediately. To return to the main menu, click to close the window and press “Return”.

H, F, E and J series

Inteace of TV sets of H, F, E and J series have significant differences from all other models. For automatic channel search on these models you need

  • Press “Source” button on the remote control and select “TV” item in the opened window;
  • then click on “Broadcast” and go to the tab of Autosetup;
  • confirm the changes made and press “Start”;
  • select the signal source. for DVB-2 format you need the “Antenna” indicator, for cable TV, respectively, “Cable”;
  • set the right type of channels to search;
  • select the type of scanning by pressing “Full” and the scanning button.

After completing the search you need to close the settings window and exit the main menu. All found channels will be automatically added to the list of available.

Manual search

In some Samsung TV models there is no possibility of automatic channel search. In such cases you can resort to manual tuning, the more so that in manual mode you can configure additional parameters yourself.

To do this you need to do the following:

  • open the main TV menu and go to the “Antenna” section;
  • Select Manual Tuning and go to the Digital Channel Tuning menu;
  • Go to the “New” tab and set the search parameters. frequency 170000 kHz, 128 QAM module and 6900 KS/S bit rate;
  • in the search window set the value “Network”.

Next you need to wait until the device completes the channel search and click to save the results.

After saving the found channels the window with the settings for a new search may appear again. Here you can increase the transmission frequency to 178000 kHz and start searching again.

You can repeat this procedure several times increasing the frequency by 8000 kHz, up to the upper limit. 22600 kHz and find new channels with a better quality. Each new channel will be saved automatically.

Setting up an older model TV

On older Samsung models, not equipped with built-in tuner, you can connect digital channels only via decimeter antenna. To receive the TV signal, any set-top box will do.

The principle of operation is to automatically convert digital waves to analog. Set up in this way, are free, have good image quality and work without interference and hiccups.

Before buying a DVB-T2 set-top box you need to check the connectors on the back of the TV. “Tulip”, SCART or HDMI. If these connectors are missing, then the model does not support the connection of the tuner.

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How to get digital channels on Samsung tv | samsung tv channel scan antenna

To connect the set-top box you need to do several steps:

  • Make sure all the standard connectors are connected correctly and turn the TV on;
  • Connect the antenna to the DVB-T2 set-top box and make sure the cord fits tightly into the jack;
  • Connect the set-top box to the TV via plugs and connectors;
  • Check the functionality of the set-top box using the separate remote control supplied with the set.

If using a “Tulip”, the plugs should be connected to the plugs of the corresponding color.

Then you need to configure the channels manually by going to the main menu and selecting the “Antenna” item. In the opened window specify your country and activate the manual tuning.

Then click on “Setting digital channels” and, by pressing the “New” button, open the parameter tab for searching. Then you need to specify the index of the start frequency. 298 kHz and start searching. All found channels will be added automatically, you only need to save them before leaving to the main menu.

Smart TV

Tuning can be performed automatically on TVs with Smart TV. Thanks to the option of recognizing broadcast standards, you can select any format of channels, including digital.

To do this, before selecting the signal source, you need to go to the tab “For digital and analog channels” and perform several actions:

  • Connect the TV to Wi-Fi via a wireless connection or a special cable;
  • Go to the official Smart TV application store;
  • Download and install Peers TV. an application for watching TV channels;
  • register in the program and run it;
  • In the main menu of the application find the directory with available digital channels;
  • Select the desired channel and start watching.

No additional settings are required. With a poor signal or slow Internet connection channels can be broadcast with failures and freezes.

Cable TV

After checking all the connectors, you can proceed directly to the setup, for which you need:

  • enter the main menu of the TV and select the “Broadcast” tab;
  • in the window that opens, check the cable as a power source;
  • Go to the tab “Autoset”, select “Search options” and press “Full”;
  • Then enter “Start” menu and start searching for channels.

The device will automatically scan for available frequencies and save the found channels in the list. After completing the search you need to confirm the changes made by pressing the save button.

Satellite TV

You can configure channels for satellite TV in the same way as for other broadcast formats. The only difference is that in manual and automatic search modes you need to specify several parameters:

Then the list of available broadcasters will be opened. To speed up the search, you need to select your operator, and if it is absent, click on “Other”. If the list shows channels that do not work even with a high signal level, it means that they are blocked or temporarily unavailable.

Setting up IPTV

To view TV channels via IPTV you need to provide a stable Internet connection. If the model includes Wi-Fi support, you can establish a wireless connection. But a cable connection will ensure signal stability and high data rates.

After setting up the Internet, you need to go to SmartHub and sign up for the service. Then you can install any player to receive TV broadcasts from the official Samsung store. All available IP channels will automatically connect.

If your TV supports the installation of third-party applications to watch IPTV, you can also install the TENET-TV widget player for paid and free digital channels.

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Before connecting the TV receiver, you have to study the instructions.

After studying the user manual, it will become clear that this process is not complicated.

If you have cable Internet, you must plug your ISP’s cable into a special socket. In case you’re using a wireless network, you’ll just need to connect it in the settings.

Once connected, you need to turn on your TV with the remote control and accept the user agreement from Samsung.

How to set up digital TV on your Samsung

Let us mention that this manual will be for the 4 and 5 Series models. Follow the step-by-step prompts in this article, and your Smart TV will be set up!

So, in order to set up digital TV channels or use the SAM module, you should first enter the TV menu. From the list that appears, you need to select the submenu “Channel”, and in it. the item “Antenna”, which should be changed to “Cable”.

Level below you need to select the submenu “Country”, where by default you enter the password. 0000.

In the submenu for digital channels, you need to set the “Other” parameter. The same parameter for analog TV channels “Eastern Europe” is also set manually.

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The next step requires returning to the main setup menu. This time it is necessary to find such its sub-item as “Cable search parameters”. If there is no such password in the main section, it is worth looking for it in the submenu of automatic settings (some modifications of Samsung put it in this part of the menu).

In the parameters found, you need to set the following options:

  • signal source. set “Cable”;
  • type of channels for digital television “Digital”, for digital and analog. the corresponding item in the menu is also provided.

To continue the configuration, after setting all these parameters press the “Next” button, in the search mode set the item “Network”, and then the TV selects and configures the TV channels of digital broadcasting.

The end of the setup must be confirmed with the “OK” button. Enjoy your time in front of the blue screen!

How to Set Your Samsung TV to Cable TV

In order to be able to watch cable TV on your TV, the following conditions must be met:

How to Scan for Channels on Samsung TV (Auto Program Air, Antenna & Cable)

  • The provider must ensure that the signal reaches not only the house where the customer lives, but also his apartment.
  • Although there are free channels, most use pay-per-view. It is important for the user to choose a suitable tariff and pay for it. After that, the channels will be switched to the one the user is most interested in, if he/she wishes.
  • Cable TV is shown according to DVB-T2. If the TV works with it, and this applies to all new Samsung models starting in 2013, it is possible to show. If there is no such support, you will need to buy a TV set-top box that meets the necessary requirements.

If the user meets these rules, the user can use digital television according to the available tariff.

Setting digital channels on Samsung TV

Depending on model the interface and menu structure can be different, but general sense and sequence of actions remains the same.

Enter main menu by pressing [Menu] button on the remote control. Select the item “Country” in the “Channel” section

TV may ask for PIN code. If you didn’t set your own, try one of the standard ones: 0000, 1111, 1234

The following country settings must be set:

Next, in the “Channel” section, select the item “Cable search parameters

Warning! On models launched later than 2010 this item can be set as “Auto tune” instead of the main menu

Return to the “Channel” section of the main menu and select the “Autoset” item

Set the search mode to “Full” and press “Search” button

If everything is done correctly, the TV should find about 58 channels

After searching for channels you should set the internal clock of your TV, to do this go back to the main menu and in the “System” section select the “Time” item

Setting up digital channels on a Samsung TV

When I saw a crawl line advertisement on TV saying that 57 digital channels in excellent quality are now available to us, I, of course, immediately tried to configure these channels. However, it was a long shot: my Samsung automatically found the same 47 analog channels that the former cable operator TKT, now “eaten” by Rostelecom, delivered to us.

For a while I forgot about it, but the intrusive advertising did not let me rest, so I decided to look into the situation. As usual, Yandex helped me and everything became clear. It turned out that for Samsung TVs you have to manually enter the cable search parameters when setting up, and these parameters are also published.

I will describe the whole process of setting up, maybe someone else will find it useful.

Press “Menu” button on the remote control. Choose “Broadcast” and see the following picture on the screen:

Go to “Autotuning” and select there “Cable search parameters“:

And now you need to enter these parameters manually. For the TKT-Rostelecom cable network these parameters are as follows:

start frequency 314000 MHz,

end frequency 850000 MHz,

Transmit rate 6956 KS/s,

256 QAM modulation.

It is not necessary to specify the start and end frequencies so precisely. it is important that the start frequency is not higher, and the end frequency not lower than the given values.

The result will be found 144 digital TV channels and 3 radio stations.

Having seen the “Science 2″ channel in the list.0”, I was very pleased and immediately decided to turn it on. However, my joy was premature. the only message I saw on the screen was that the channel was encoded or the signal was too weak. Of the 144 channels found, you can actually watch only 57, as promised by the advertising.

Of course, it is not convenient to search for working channels every time by method of search. That’s why I had to spend some time putting channels in the preferable order. I did not block or delete unavailable channels, I just used the channel number changing function and put all available channels to the top of the list in the order I want.

Choose “Change channel” item. Mark the desired channel and select “change” in the list.numbers”, you must now enter the number under which you want to see the channel in the list.

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Old analog channels are preserved by TV under their old numbers, and the new digital ones are numbered again from 1, so, after the 47th analogue channel in the list follows the 1st digital. It doesn’t bother the TV, and it doesn’t bother me either.

For now we are watching cable digital, but if Rostelecom’s appetite grows too much, we can always disconnect and switch to free over-the-air digital television.

I bought a decimeter indoor antenna for this case:

I chose a compact antenna with a nice design:

The TV found the promised 20 TV channels and 3 radio stations in automatic mode without any problems or any additional settings. I had to put the antenna on the windowsill and look for the best direction. The quality of the picture was quite decent. However, the next day reception from this direction completely stopped, and the antenna had to be turned almost 180 degrees. So, I can’t say about the confident reception with the indoor antenna. I think the indoor antenna on the roof would have provided more reliable reception.

In general for the time being we are watching “digital” via cable, and we have options, if anything#x1f609;.

How to tune your Samsung TV set to receive digital TV channels

Successful reception depends on the sequence of the user. If this rule is violated, the signal is not received or is of low quality.

Tuning occurs in one of two ways.

How To Rescan Channels On A Samsung TV

  • Manually. Choice of channels is made in an automatically generated list. This is done in order to obtain additional channels without deleting the ones already made.
  • Automatically. Assumes the choice of the frequency range in which the channels are determined without human intervention.

Before determining the method you need to configure the TV. Open general settings, select language, region and code to save data from loss. As a rule, the digital code is in the documentation provided with the device.

Automatically search for channels

No additional devices are needed to activate the automatic search. The process itself usually takes no more than 15 minutes. To activate the work:

  • Use the remote control to open the menu and activate “Broadcasts”;
  • Open “Autotune” in the new window;
  • Specify the source of supply. room antenna, satellite, cable;
  • In the “Type” item, select digital broadcasting;
  • Go to “Mode”/”Full”/”Scan”.

The system automatically searches for available channels. You do not need to do anything at this point. You need to wait for a few minutes until the process is completed. The search stops after pressing the “Stop” button.

After completing the search it is recommended to test the signal quality. If there are channels, which show picture in bad quality, you can reset all settings and start search anew.

If you do not want to repeat the process and you do not need these channels, delete them separately. Execute “Broadcast”/”Manager” transition. Tick the checkboxes next to what you want to delete. Confirm your decision with “Tools” button on the remote control.

Follow the steps carefully, because in case of connecting automatic search it is possible to delete channels from the already installed list.

Manual channel search

Manual search requires more action from the user than automatic search. It assumes the following steps:

  • Open the antenna settings;
  • Select the manual type of settings;
  • specify the broadcast frequency and type of module;
  • activate the search process;
  • wait for a specified time;
  • To save the changes made.

The method does not require complex actions. You only need to follow the established algorithm.

Setting up old devices

First, install the cables in the appropriate jacks. Next, use the remote control to display the menu, activate the manual search.

Smart TV

Connection of channels in Smart TVs is similar to the standard rules. Only automatic search in Smart is much easier, because this device offers self-determination of the type of received signal. If the user decides to delete old channels, they are automatically replaced by new ones.

Cable TV

The operation of cable TV is similar to the other options. You can find channels after previously entering the frequency parameters.

Satellite television

Installing the settings begin with specifying the broadcasting frequency. First select the signal source, then go to search. Automatically activates channel search, available worldwide. You can select any option you prefer.

Cam module

There are always encoded channels with an access code on digital broadcasting. To open them, you connect a Cam-module with an access card, which is provided by the service provider for an additional fee. Not all Samsung TV models have a Common interface, located on the side of the TV. Therefore, the model can be additionally equipped with a CI adapter, which is attached to the back of the TV.

Tip! Before buying a specific model, you should find out in advance if the TV is equipped with a satellite receiver. Otherwise, you will not be able to watch your favorite programs.