Phone as a Bluetooth adapter for the computer

Phone as a Bluetooth adapter for PC

Everybody knows very well that you can use Bluetooth to transfer a file from a device to a device, or connect a wireless headset. But this is not the only thing it can do. Having the right tool at hand you can work wonders. So why not try your hand at being a magician?

Built-in Bluetooth (or more formally, IEEE 802.15.3) Has long since ceased to be a gimmick. The cost of the module is so low that only a lazy manufacturer does not embed it in a cell phone, laptop or PDA. And even then, for marketing reasons. In short, Bluetooth is used by almost everyone. But only a few people know that by using the technology, they risk giving away their confidential data. But let’s start with the good stuff!

How to use your phone as a Bluetooth speaker?

Set your phone to Bluetooth. You can do this in the settings, or by pulling the bar at the top of the screen and clicking on the Bluetooth icon. Wait until the speaker name appears in the list of devices and click on it to connect.

Bluetooth adapters are modern, useful gadgets for creating an accessible wireless connection between various devices: tablets, cell phones, smartphones, laptops, PCs, speakers, and TVs.

How to choose a Bluetooth adapter for your PC

Such an adapter can be easily found at the nearest for you large electronics store. But it is necessary to buy the product, when you do not doubt in its necessity, when you understand what we need these devices for.

The question is that as the capabilities of electronic devices grow, so does the need to exchange data between them. We are talking about smart phones, computers, printers and other appliances. Currently, the most convenient way to solve this problem is using Bluetooth wireless technology. That’s what a Bluetooth adapter is for.

What is Bluetooth and how does the technology work?

It is hard to believe that there are those among us who know nothing at all about Bluetooth technology. It’s been on the market for a long time. Every modern phone and tablet has such a module. However, the question of what is Bluetooth, have not lost their relevance. It’s not uncommon.

It is a wireless communication technology. This means that the data is transmitted via radio channels. Bluetooth provides the ability to connect wirelessly between devices.

The word Bluetooth in English means “blue tooth”. There is an explanation for such an unusual name.

According to the developers, there is a historical aspect to this case. In the 900s, Denmark was ruled by King Harald the Blue-toothed (Bluetooth), who united Denmark and Norway. In his Honor and named the technology. After all, its purpose is to bring devices together so that they can then exchange information and transfer files.

There is no unequivocal answer to the question of what Bluetooth is for. After all, as we already know, this technology is adapted to perform a variety of functions. Of course, the idea is the same: to link devices together so that data can then be exchanged.

What kind of data it would be? What it is transmitted for? It’s up to you. For example, motorists often use a headset without wires. In these headphones Bluetooth adapter built-in. This is also the module in the phone. It connects the headset to the cell phone, and you get a connection.

So we told you what Bluetooth is. Next we need to discuss what is the Bluetooth USB adapter.

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How a Bluetooth adapter works

Many devices have a special communication chip. It is included as standard in the factory. For example, it is almost impossible to find a modern laptop without Bluetooth. But in stationary computers, manufacturers do not often add this function.

In cases where the manufacturer has not taken care of this method of wireless connection, an additional device will help you. We’re talking about an external Bluetooth wireless adapter.

The Bluetooth adapter is a very small module. And it can supplement your computer with wireless connectivity. There are also versions for use with modern televisions. But the purpose of this article is to tell you about the Bluetooth adapter for your PC in the first place.

The appearance of the external devices is such that they look very much like a small USB flash drive. It happens that they also have a small antenna on them. It can add several meters to the range. Embedded modules resemble boards. They connect inside the computer system unit (usually to a PCI connector).

What features does the adapter give

Here are the basic features that the adapter offers the user.

It transmits files from the personal computer to the smartphone or tablet and back. Almost all cell phones have a BT transmitter. It is able to connect a pair of computers without wires if they are not far from each other.

The adapter connects wireless keyboards, mice, and other equipment that support this communication protocol to your computer. Especially convenient to use wireless headphones. For example, when you need to talk on Skype and do not sit at the monitor.

Let’s note the advantages of using an adapter:

phone, bluetooth, adapter, computer

How to connect the adapter to the computer

In order to connect a pair of devices today do not need wires. It is enough that this pair of devices has a built-in wireless module.

On the computer, plug the adapter into the USB port. The operating system itself will determine the type of equipment. No software needs to be installed. Everything will work at once. If not, you will need to install the appropriate driver. It can be on the disc that came with the device. Can also be on the official website of the manufacturer.

Many adapters are installed and configured automatically upon connection. Only some require manual configuration. To activate them, go to the menu of the device manager. There to find the appropriate element, find out its ID, download the necessary driver from the network.

The last step is to turn on the device. To put the module in pairing mode, in some cases you need to press the power button. However, this usually happens automatically when you connect to the USB input.

How to Choose a PC Adapter

It is up to you to decide which Bluetooth adapter for your computer is best. However, there are characteristics that are important above all. It is the standard of communication, data transfer rate and stability.

Adapters are classified according to their range of action:

Who will be interested in this method

Our solution is more for enthusiasts than for ordinary users. If you have a wireless Bluetooh speaker, you don’t need to read further. such speakers have no problem connecting to your computer without any configuration, which is very convenient.

We will use Wi-Fi because you can’t stream video on Android via sinezub. Here’s the reverse order. you can stream from your phone to PC, but from PC to phone you can’t. But for Wi-Fi there are no such limitations.

The preparatory step

The described steps were performed on version 6.0.1 Marshmallow, so don’t be alarmed if something may be different for you. The logic should be the same on Lollipop and KitKat.

  • Go to the wireless network manager.
  • Find the name of your newly created network.
  • Connect to it by entering the password you set.

That’s it. both devices will be on the same network.

Here are the instructions for the setup

When we have defined why we need it and what it requires, let’s move on to the configuration process.

Step by step instruction

A smartphone as a Bluetooth adapter can bail you out in some difficult or urgent situation where you can’t buy a wireless adapter. Sometimes it is an opportunity to save money or find a use for an old smartphone.

  • You need a computer, a Bluetooth device which we will connect and a phone as a Bluetooth adapter for the PC. You also need a Wi-Fi network: both your computer (you can wire it to the router) and your smartphone must be connected to it.
  • If you don’t have a router, you can create a network directly on your phone. To do this in the settings find the “Modem mode” (sometimes hidden in the “”) and turn on the Wi-Fi access point. In the access point settings you can enter a network name and password. Connect your computer to this network. To do this, you’ll need to have a Wi-Fi adapter on your PC.
  • Now you need to determine the gadget that you need to connect. Depending on its type, this can be done by a different program. For all cases, one application is installed on the computer, the other, from Play Market, is installed on the smartphone:
  • for Bluetooth speakers, headsets, headphones: soundwire-server (computer) and SoundWire free (phone);
  • for gamepads: kinoconsole (PC), KinoConsole (phone);
  • PC Keyboard (computer) and PC Keyboard WI-FI Bluetooth (phone).
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The last option is still in Beta stage and only works on English layout. The best-functioning option for speakers and headphones. That’s why I will describe further how to work with it. For the gamepad and keyboard the work with the applications will be similar.

  • Launch both apps on your devices.
  • On the PC, select the audio device from which the sound will be transmitted to the Bluetooth gadget. You also need the IP address listed here.
  • In the item “Audio buffer size” it is necessary to set the value to “128” it is the best value tested by other users. Also check Wake Lock so that the program does not turn off when the screen dims.
  • Go back to the home screen and enter the IP address listed in the program on the PC. This is the main step to connect any device, which will also be needed in the other programs listed above.
  • Now connect any audio device to your smartphone: speaker, headset or headphones. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and activate the pairing button on your gadget. Select it from the list of available connections. When the pairing is complete, you will hear the sound from the PC on the speaker (headphones).

How do I transfer sound from my phone to my PC via Bluetooth??

The difference is that instead of headphones the sound will be sent to our PC. The first step is to connect your computer to your smartphone via Bluetooth. To do this, right click on the Bluetooth icon in the Windows tray and select “Add New Device”. The system will start searching for nearby Bluetooth devices.

The standard way Open the system settings, go to “” and click on “Modem settings”. Turn the “Bluetooth modem” toggle switch to the active position. Now the device is in internet sharing mode and other gadgets can connect to it and consume its traffic.May 10, 2017.

How to make bluetooth on your computer if you don’t have it?

A popular and slightly odd question that is often asked by search engines and me in x to other articles on this topic. How to make bluetooth on your computer? It seems to me that many people think as if Bluetooth support can be added by changing some settings, or by installing some program. It’s partly true, but not always. In this article, I will try to explain what is needed to make Bluetooth work. How to add bluetooth connectivity to your computer and how it works.

Now there are many different devices that have the ability to connect wirelessly to your computer via Bluetooth. Among the most popular: mice, keyboards, headphones, speakers, headsets, gamepads t. д. Even your phone, or tablet, can be connected to your computer over the air. But what to do if your computer doesn’t have Bluetooth? There are no icons in tray, no buttons and partitions in system settings, no adapter in device manager, etc. д. How do I add Bluetooth support to Windows?To be able to connect Bluetooth devices on a desktop computer, or laptop, we need:

  • Your notebook/PC must have the Bluetooth module (transmitter) itself. In laptops it is built-in, and in desktop computers it is usually not.
  • The software (drivers). The driver “tells” the operating system how to work with the device (a Bluetooth adapter in our case).
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Since I do not know what kind of computer you have (I mean a desktop (system unit), or a laptop), then split the article into two parts. This makes it easier for me to explain and for you to understand what needs to be done to make Bluetooth support appear.

Bluetooth on your laptop

As we have found out that Bluetooth is integrated in laptops. Usually it is a single module (small board) which is connected to the motherboard of the laptop. It adds support for Wi-Fi and BT. It looks like this:

Every laptop has one of these. To get bluetooth to work, you just have to install the right driver. Or just turn on this adapter.

I will not explain how to do this:

You can easily download the right driver from your laptop manufacturer’s website.

Bluetooth on your desktop PC

It’s a bit more complicated here. For the reason that PCs (system boxes) usually don’t have a built-in Bluetooth module (like Wi-Fi). But this is not always the case. Now I looked, there are already a lot of motherboards with built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi receiver. As a rule these are not cheap, gaming motherboards. In most cases, if you have Wi-Fi support, you should also have Bluetooth support. For example I found 65 motherboards with built-in Wi-Fi in an online store and only 4 of them did not have Bluetooth support.

If you have a new, and especially a gaming motherboard, be sure to check its specifications. On the board itself should be connectors for antennas (or the antennas themselves, which are simply screwed on).

In this case it is sufficient to download the required driver from the motherboard manufacturer’s website and install it.

If you have a motherboard without a built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi module, you must buy a USB Bluetooth adapter. There are also PCI (which are installed inside the system unit), but they are very few and go straight to support Wi-Fi (for example, Asus PCE-AC55BT, PCE-AC55BT).

But there are a lot of Bluetooth adapters that are plugged into the USB port, which can be used both on PCs and laptops (if necessary). I have one of these:

Connect it to the PC, install the driver (if the system does not install it itself) and get support for Bluetooth.

I’m not going into more detail on how to choose a Bluetooth adapter, how to connect it and how to configure it, only because I’ve done that in separate articles:

Once set up, you can connect Bluetooth headphones, speakers, a mouse, and even Airpods can be connected to your Windows computer. And the equipment from Apple is not very friendly with devices from other manufacturers.

Conclusion: making Bluetooth is not difficult, but the programs and settings alone are not enough. You need the module (device) itself. In this many people are mistaken, thinking that this is some program, after installing which all will magically work.

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How to use your phone as a speaker?

How to use your smartphone as a smart speaker?

  • To turn your Android smartphone into a smart speaker, you must install the Google Assistant
  • In the “Google Assistant” tab, select the “Settings” option again.
  • In the next dialog box, give the assistant access to the content of your smartphone so that the assistant will function fully.