Phone does not see the sim card what to do. Check the firmware

Phone does not see the SIM card, what to do?

What to do if your phone does not see the SIM card? This is a very important function of the SIM, as it is linked to e-mail, access to various services. Therefore, when the sim card stops working, it attracts a lot of difficulties, not only related to calls.

To understand the likely reasons why the phone does not see the SIM card, first of all, let’s determine what makes it. SIM stands for Subscriber identification module, which stands for Subscriber Identification Module. It represents one of the varieties of Smart Cards that are used in bank and satellite cards, etc. The SIM has an operating system with firmware that is stored in a separate section of the card. Most of the applications are written in Java and are used to implement additional services provided by the operators.

  • Processor, powered by the phone and operating at a frequency of 5 to 10 MHz. It occupies about 10% of the area of the whole card;
  • RAM and permanent memory, which is made up of the user and operator data, the OS of the SIM card and soft;
  • A hardware random number generator module;
  • hardware encryption module.

In PIN1 and PIN2, there is information about what mobile network operator issued the card and give information to the network about how to work with a specific subscriber, what services should be provided to him, and with what phone number to register him. They identify it and the owner.

In size SIMs have gone through a whole evolution of reduction: from full-size (with dimensions 86x54x0,84 mm) to nano-SIM (with dimensions 12,3×8,8×0,67 mm).

There are 6 or 8 contacts in the SIM, through which the modules are connected to the mobile terminal, but they can not all be used. So if you need a SIM card of a different size than you have, do not cut it yourself, so as not to harm the stable operation of the card. The best way out will be. to appeal to the operator, so that no difficulties in its future use, and you do not have to face the situation when the phone does not see the SIM card.

Now gaining popularity is a new generation of SIM cards. digital eSim. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that they are already soldered into the motherboard of your smartphone or tablet. To connect eSim you need to buy a special starting package with a unique voucher (for lifecell it costs 150 UAH). Then scan the QR-code, which is on the voucher, and after that eSim on the gadget will be activated, and the subscriber will be assigned a number. With TriMoba, the voucher is sent by email, after the purchase of the service in the online store. For now, the function of using eSim is only available in the operators lifecell and TriMob.

  • The latest models of the iPhone XS, XR and 11 series. They support two cards: nano-SIM and eSim card;
  • iPad. Pro, Air 10.5″, mini 5 models;
  • smartphones google pixel 3 and newer.

But so far the option of using eSim in Ukraine is quite rare, so let’s return to the more well-known varieties of SIM cards and consider the possible causes of failure in their work when the phone does not see the SIM card. They, as a rule, are divided into two types: one is in the SIM card, the other. in the phone.

The tablet does not see the SIM card: the main reasons and the solution

Many tablets have a compartment for one or two SIM cards at once. Everyone knows that the SIM-card is a very important element, without which it is impossible to perform a huge number of functions. In this article we will consider in detail what to do if the tablet does not see the SIM-card.

Initially, make sure that your device supports the SIM card at all. You can learn this by reading the information on the Internet, or by studying the parameters in the store itself.

  • Defective socket. If your tablet is still under warranty, you need to give it for free repair. Otherwise you will have to pay for the services of a service center.

Usually the setting of the device and “simki” is done in automatic mode, but if this does not happen, then follow these instructions.

If you have done all of the above steps, but the “SIM carddoes not work, then you need to contact your operator. Exactly, it can tell you what you need to do to work properly.

It is worth understanding that many small manufacturers from China either do not provide technical support, or do, but only in Chinese. This option is suitable for those people who own a device from at least a little known brand.

Reset to factory settings should be done only if all the above options did not help to solve the problem. It should be understood that this action will completely clear the device of all data. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, it is worth contacting the professionals.

Now you need to use the following combination: simultaneous pressing the power and volume up/down buttons. This should be done until the device begins to vibrate.

You will see an unusual menu. The sensor does not work here, so the management is done using the volume and power buttons. Go to “Wipe data/factory reset

No contact in the SIM card slot

If you see the inscription “no SIM card” or “SIM card is not inserted” on the screen of your smartphone, the first thing you should try to remove and insert the SIM card back. Perhaps the reason is simply the loss of contact in the SIM card slot. This phenomenon is more often seen when using micro SIM or nano SIM through the adapter.

When removing it should look at the cleanliness of the contacts as a SIM card and a slot. In the slot could get any debris that prevents the proper positioning of the card or prevent contact. That is why you should blow into it. You can use a vacuum cleaner for a closed slot, but your mouth is fine.

If there is dirt on the contacts of the card itself, it is usually sufficient to rub it on a cloth, preferably a rough one, such as a pair of jeans. Also, a high school eraser for erasing pens will do the job just fine. Although if you have poorly erasable traces on the contacts, you probably got water in the slot.

It also happens that the contact of the SIM card in the slot is lost due to insufficient pressing. In this case it will help to lay a rolled up in several times piece of paper, which should be placed in such a way that when closing the lid of the phone, it will press the SIM card through the paper.

Answers to the questions

No signal on the Samsung Galaxy S6, what to do?

  • On your phone go to settings. Lock & Protect screen. find your phone and turn off “Activation lock”
  • Install and run Odin from administrator account
  • Insert the downloaded modem in the CP field
  • Connect your smartphone in firmware mode to PC (Volume DownDomain and confirm with Volume Up) and press Start
  • Firm up your modem, no problems now.

Modems for Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G920F here.

Samsung Galaxy S3 does not see the SIM card

Wipe SIM card contacts, if not exchange the SIM card for a new one in your operator’s store.

If all else fails, reflash your Samsung Galaxy S3.

New phone does not see the SIM card

Check all available SIM-cards, if none of them wanted to work it is a factory defect. There are several possible solutions to the problem:

Phone doesn’t see SIM card after flashing

In this case, the solution depends on the installed firmware and installation method. To make the phone see the SIM card after flashing is possible

  • Restore the backup of radio module (if available, you can ask for the backup from the other users of the same device) (if when dialing #06# instead of IMEI there are empty fields)
  • Do a reset
  • Install the stock firmware that was originally installed on the smartphone, make a backup of the radio module and install the desired firmware. If necessary, restore the radio module from the old software.

Lenovo A5000 doesn’t see SIM card after update

Most likely the update has wiped the IMEI codes, which is why the smartphone does not want to see the SIM card or communication. To restore IMEI use these instructions.

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Other reasons why the phone does not see the SIM card

The matter may still be in the contacts of the slot, for example, from water penetration. Water can get in even when it’s raining while your smartphone is in your (learned the hard way).

Mobile service providers sometimes run promotions. make phones cheaper, but bind the SIM card (their network).

Then the SIM card of other operators will not see the phone (this blocking is removed by specialists).

You can’t omit the contacts on the SIM card and in the slot. These parts might be corroded. use an eraser to clean them.

Contacts may also fail to contact due to poor adhesion. Usually enough to simply remove the card and insert it back. If it does not help, then you will need to adjust.

Slot in this case can be in an inaccessible place, not under the battery, then you will have to disassemble the device, although at first just dry it, especially if there is visibility of condensation.

Of course, it is impossible to foresee all the reasons, and it is not always possible to avoid the intervention of a specialist.

These are only typical reasons, actually there are much more. So, if you have not solved your problem, describe it in Комментарии и мнения владельцев. we will solve it together. Good luck!

How to activate SIM card

After purchasing a new SIM card, when you replace or restore your SIM card, you must activate your number in order to use all cellular services. It happens that some subscribers are faced with a problem when the new number does not receive calls, or cannot use the Internet.

Get acquainted how to activate the SIM card independently, how to pass the procedure for the modem without telephone via Internet, and what restrictions on the term of SIM activation at the operators.

How to activate SIM card in the phone

Activating the SIM card in the phone allows you to use all cellular services of the selected operator without any restrictions. The mobile operators MTS, Beeline, MegaFon, Tele2, Rostelecom and Yota do not require any complicated operations to activate a new SIM card in the phone.

How to activate the SIM card in the phoneThere is usually enough to install a SIM card in your phone, enter the pin-code, if required, which can be found on the plastic base of the card, and wait for the connection to the operator’s network. Once the SIM number is registered in the network it can be used.

However, there are situations when the SIM card receives a network, but does not receive incoming calls. This can happen with any operator’s SIM card. In this case, to activate the SIM card you need to make any outgoing call, including free call to Support (MTS. 0890, Megafon. 0500, Beeline. 0611, Tele2. 611), also you can check the balance with a short command.

Another problem that arises with subscribers. SIM card is activated, but there is no network. In this case it is necessary to check whether the sim card is correctly installed in the phone, and if the problem persists, then check it in another phone, or another sim card in this device.

phone, does, card, check, firmware

If you cannot activate the SIM card, the problem is most likely with it. In this case it is necessary to apply with passport to mobile operator’s office and carry out SIM card replacement.

If you purchased a SIM card not from an official dealer, you must look at the permissible date of its activation. It is specified on the package of the start kit. If you have not activated your SIM card for a long time after you bought it, you may not be able to use it, and your number may be rejected and re-issued by the operator. This takes from three months to a year, depending on the operator. You will not be able to activate such an old SIM. This also applies to SIM cards that were previously used.

To activate a corporate SIM card you may also need to call the operator’s contact center.

How to Activate the SIM Card in a Modem, Router, or Tablet

With tablets also there should be no difficulties as activation of simcard is carried out by analogy with a smartphone. It is enough to install it correctly in the device, wait for network registration, and, if necessary, check your balance, and go online to any third-party site (excluding the operator’s resources).

If the SIM card is used in iPad, it is required to enter the settings, and in the menu “My operator” select the “SIM card activation” in the “Other services” section.

phone, does, card, check, firmware

To activate a number in a modem or a router you also do not need complicated actions. It is sufficient to install SIM in the device, and run the appropriate software on your computer, which will be activated after connecting the device to PC. If you have doubts and do not know how to get access to the personal cabinet, you can initially carry out the number activation procedure on your phone, get all the accesses and passwords to the personal cabinet of the operator and then move the SIM into the modem or router.

In some cases you may need to activate the starting balance by the number of the SIM card. A request for this is also performed automatically when the device is connected for the first time. If you skipped this point and did not activate the balance, you can do this through the settings of the Internet connection program by going to the account management section.

Activating a new SIM card allows you to start using your new number, regardless of the device you are using. In most cases it is enough to perform any activity with the new SIM card after its registration in the network: to make a call, to check the balance, to use the Internet. If you have difficulties with the activation of the purchased number, it is necessary to contact the operator’s consultant or go to the office.

If it was not possible to activate the SIM-card on its own, you need to check it in another device. If the problem persists, it is worth contacting the operator from any other telephone number. If you need to change the sim card, you will need to contact the operator’s office with the passport of the subscriber, in whose name the number was registered at purchase.

Beeline 0611 call or 88007000611 call (corporate rate 0628 call or 88007000628 call)

Megafon 0500 call or 88005500500 call

How to reset the network settings on your phone

The last thing to do if you find a problem is to check all the settings in the phone. It’s very likely the firmware or system update on your smartphone is to blame.

First, try resetting the network settings. This will help you return to the original Wi-Fi, mobile Internet and Bluetooth settings. So keep in mind that all paired devices will be forgotten, VPN and Access Point will be disabled, Wi-Fi connection data will be lost.

  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Go to Settings, System.
  • Next, find Reset Settings and click on it.
  • Then click on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile internet and Bluetooth settings.
  • Agree with the procedure.

It will be very frustrating if you lose all the data for nothing. So before you Reset your smartphone, go back to the beginning of the article once again and rule out all possible hardware problems.

Have you faced with similar problems? How we got out of the situation? Be sure to share your opinion in our Telegram chat. It will be interesting to read.