Photo editing programs for iPhone


Enlight is a professional photo editor with a twist. It has a whole set of great features to make your photos incredible. Here you can create photos with blurred backgrounds, graphic elements, make text out of images and essentially turn your photos and selfies into art.

Using Enlight isn’t easy, and there’s a lot to learn. However, after you learn all the tricks, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd with stunning photos. If you want to make your Instagram profile, you won’t regret buying Enlight.

The 7 best photo editors for iPhone with editing features

Enclosure Photo Editor

Enlight photo editor for iPhone has all the basic photo editing features to tweak photos in HD. Featuring a surreal and creative editor, media editor, color burst photo editor and unique photo editor Pro.

Built-in retouching technology lets you decorate your selfies with a click.

Add text similar to cat photos in large block letters.

Lots of tools to improve and fix imperfect photos.

Large touch controls in the corner and preset image formats.


Snapseed. Another versatile photo editor for iPhone with basic editing features like cropping, rotating, resizing, and more. It also has swipe gestures that allow you to automatically adjust contrast, brightness, and color.

Adjust color, exposure, and other settings to correct photos.

The built-in photo sharpening tool can improve photos automatically.

29 tools and filters with healing, brush, texture, HDR, and perspective.

Save the custom look and apply it to new photos later.


PhotoDirector. Another feature-rich photo editor for iPhone to edit photos, resize images and add photo filters. It’s a creative collage tool with lots of live filters and effects to enhance your photos.

Apply Photo Effects both globally and to specific regions of your images.

Resize images, edit backgrounds and make images brighterA lot more.

Image effects and blender tool to add an additional image or effect layer.

A range of creative photo effects from bokeh to shift and tilt.


Pixlr. is a photo editor for iPhone with free effects, overlays and filters. In addition to basic editing features like cropping and resizing images, you can also remove blemishes, red eye, smooth out skin, or whiten teeth.

Create collages with presets, styles, customizable proportions, and backgrounds.

Pick up color with Color Splash or add effects with Focal Blur.

Auto-Fix can automatically refine and correct your photos.

Keep track of your favorite effects and apply them using the Favorites button.

PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt Photo Studio is more than an iPhone photo editing app. You can also find some awesome effects, a collage maker, a camera, a free picture library, millions of user-generated stickers, and great drawing tools.

Create cuts, crop, stretch, clone, add curved text settings, and more.

Create custom photo stickers, remix someone else’s image and share it with others.

Customizable brushes, layers and other professional painting tools.

Share photos to the PicsArt community and other social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Express

If you need to edit photos from a cloud service, internal storage, or social media websites, Adobe Photoshop Express. is a versatile photo editor for iPhone that lets you crop, rotate, and resize images without losing quality.

Slide the controls for clarity, contrast, exposure, light, shadows, etc. Д.

One-touch adjustments for Contrast, Exposure, and White Balance.

photo, editing, programs, iphone

Crop, straighten, rotate, flip photos and remove red-eye and pat-eye effects.

Red-eye and pat eye features can fix selfies and more.

No.7 Filterstorm Neue Pro

If you need to edit multiple photos in batch mode, you can choose Filterstorm Neue Pro. It’s a new photo editor for iPhone that lets you tag, edit, and transfer groups of photos. You can also use the project management features.

Provide basic image editing functions as well as canvas, masking, etc. Д.

Access to the controls and allows you to apply it all from the quick view.

Label images individually, save IPTC, presets and use code swapping.

Batch import and export photos from iPhone, cloud and FTP server.

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Create beautiful photos in no time with my list of the best photo editors for iPhone.

The App Store is just teeming with a variety of photo editing and publishing apps. In this article, we will look at the best free photo editors for iPhone. With their help, you will not only be able to take photos, but also to process the resulting photos in a stylish way afterwards.

Here are the best free photo editing apps for iPhone and iPad:

VSCO, a versatile photo editing tool. With it you can shoot, process and publish photos on social networks. I will not describe all the functions of this photo application, as it would take much time. I will write only about its social component.

The number of VSCO users all over the world is simply huge, but the number of photos posted in the service is uncountable. It must be noted that the company’s employees select portions of the best photos and publish them on their page right in the application on a daily basis. Actually only here you can find great pictures of different genres from all corners of our earth. You can not confine yourself only to subscribe to the best photos, but also to fanfollow all your favorite users.

Top free photo editing apps for iPhone

Most of the fans of beautiful and high quality mobile photos usually find the built-in editor in Photoplay to be not enough. Of course, it can perform basic functions like cropping, adjusting exposure and white balance, but only individual applications can make a picture truly original and different from the great many other works.

Photo editing software developers strive to incorporate all the best features on the phone that will replace retouching on a computer for the user. The good news is that almost all applications provide free access to most basic features and filters, but for an additional fee you can make a built-in purchase of unique and subtle settings that won’t be available to others. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best apps, many of which are recommended by Epp Store itself.


A versatile app that can do many things and specializes in fine-tuning color and exposure. A trendy app that combines an intuitive user interface with a variety of tools and features to help you achieve great results in mobile photography. It’s for beginners and professionals alike.

Of the best features, users highlight the following:

  • An abundance of tools for correcting and editing photos, including those that allow you to process the local area of the photograph;
  • adjustment of sharpness, color, exposure;
  • cropping, perspective straightening, alignment;
  • many brushes, including the Heal tool, which allows you to remove unnecessary objects from the frame;
  • filters: black and white, vintage, texture, and many others;
  • work with portraits: vignetting, blurring, skin correction;
  • adding text, frames, double exposure to the photo;
  • Snapseed allows you to share photos even with the help of QR codes.
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The program can easily claim to be the first one to be downloaded by a novice user, because it has all the tools necessary for editing.


The program is primarily aimed at adding beautiful filters in the style of film photography. It is considered one of the best among those that offer filters for a reason: the frames are obtained vintage, but the quality remains at a good level. The advantage of VSCO is that, unlike many applications, the effect here will be very soft, delicate and not evocative. so you achieve the maximum effect of real film. You will also be able to fine-tune the color, exposure, light and other parameters. The program is free, but only with ten filters; the rest (and there are more than 100) can be purchased for a small fee.

What advantages are worth mentioning? There are several of them:

  • Interesting natural presets that create old film effects;
  • you can adjust the saturation of each filter;
  • paid subscription is designed for a long period of use. a whole year;
  • The ability to crop photos, add vignettes, sharpness, exposure and light adjustments;
  • a camera already built into the app, which allows you to use manual shooting settings.

The application is not just a platform for taking and processing photos, but also a whole social network in which everyone can share their masterpieces.


Another universal application, but with unusual and original tools. It is simple, but at the same time allows you to perform a variety of actions with the photo and perhaps forget about other photo editors. Here you can edit color and exposure, crop and adjust sharpness. But users like Afterlight for its ability to work with curves and selective colors-just like professional computer photo editors. The app also has filters with a whole collection of free options for a certain mood of the photo, and the ability to complement the frame with pictures and text, and double exposure for combining images.

The basic set of the best features looks like this:

  • exposure correction, sharpening, and color correction;
  • unusual for mobile photo editors tools: curves, selective colors, blending modes;
  • complementing the photo with dust and light;
  • Free collections of fashion filters from the best professionals in mobile photography;
  • the ability to combine images using the double exposure effect;
  • Layers that allow you to add text and graphics to your photos.

There is paid content here too, which will definitely be useful for those who like new trends in processing. But you’ll also encounter new features every month that are free for all users.


The program allows you to approach editing creatively, using not only traditional tools, but also creative: masks. Double Exposure, Picture Effect, and more. Here you can try your hand at being a designer, working with fake miniature tilt shifts. You have full control over editing and use the best tools:

  • selective editing of color, exposure and other details;
  • blending effects with smooth transitions;
  • perspective correction, cropping, straightening;
  • many filters and effects: vignettes, light leaks, gradients, monochrome;
  • the ability to remove unwanted effects with the clone tool;
  • Drawing, adding text, frames and borders.

The app has paid features, but the basic ones are free for anyone.


First of all Instagram is the most popular social network focused on visual content, which is why in its interface you can find a large set of settings and filters for photos, which, incidentally, can be taken directly to the built-in camera of the application. Even if you’re not ready to publish your picture on the Internet, you can use the editor and save the result to your phone.

In addition to several interesting filters whose saturation can be varied, you’ll find cropping, rotating, perspective correction, and tilt tools here. White balance, exposure, and vignettes can also be adjusted. The most popular features for working with photos on Instagram are:

  • an extensive list of filters, including black and white;
  • working with sharpness, color, exposure;
  • cropping, perspective correction and picture rotation;
  • ability to shift tilt and add vignetting;
  • Convenience: you can process, share and discuss your images all on the same platform.

If you do not need the fine and painstaking processing, Instagram is quite enough to prepare the image for publication.

Adobe Lightroom

This program is a very powerful and professional photo editor. and you can make powerful adjustments to color, exposure and detail. You can set various filters, you can use curves. all of which will help make the image the way you see it.

In the program you will find an impressive set of options:

  • quick editing with a single click;
  • subtle tools: “Curves”, color mixing”;
  • perspective correction, local settings;
  • Synchronizing the program on your computer, phone, and tablet using the Adobe Creative Cloud.

The application is not difficult to master, especially if you are familiar with the appropriate computer program and Photoshop.

Lens Distortions

One of the best apps aimed at adding light glare and weather effects to your photos. The highest quality effects can be of all kinds: glare, rays of light, rain, fog, snow, shimmer and glass elements for glitter and blur. You can customize each effect individually: adjust opacity, brightness, contrast and color.

  • make your photos more creative with sunlight and glare, rain and fog effects;
  • Blur the edges, add a glass texture effect;
  • superimpose multiple layers;
  • edit each overlay separately.

The app is free, but if necessary, you can buy even more features to implement any ideas.

A Color Story

Color Story has plenty of tools, including filters and photo manipulation options. Many of these are also available for free, but the photo editing app also includes a number of paid filters.

Color Story gives you the ability to create captions and schedule a reminder to post an image to Instagram, just like other schedulers: Buffer and Crowdfire. You can link the Instagram app directly to A Color Story with your Instagram username.

Such a sophisticated integration means that the Color Story app really fits the concept of a photo editor for Instagram. And when you publish images, the program copies the caption to the clipboard while opening the Instagram app.

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Download : A Color Story for Android | iOS

Quickly remove unnecessary things from your photo. dishevelled hair strands, skin blemishes, inappropriate product labels, and more. with Adobe Photoshop Fix.

Adobe Photoshop Fix. mobile image retouching software. Adobe Photoshop Fix gives you the power to instantly repaint your hair in a photo in a radical new color, remove tattoos from your body, and even change your facial features to make your smile wider and your eyes bigger.

mobile application from Adobe includes tools to correct the color of the picture, change the shape of objects, defocus, blur details, increase image contrast and much more.

Taylor Shows You Her 4 Must Have Photo Editing Apps

In the end, images can be sent directly to Photoshop CC on your computer for further work and enhancement. Fix converts all the edits into layers and saves the image in a PSD file.

The Aviary app lets you quickly and easily improve a photo or any image. You’ll have perfect-looking selfies in seconds by removing unnecessary stuff like red-eye.

The program Aviary offers a lot of different tools for editing images, with which you can remove defects, crop photos, change the brightness, contrast, adjust the color saturation and much more. You’ll also get over a hundred filters, stunning stickers, frames and stencils.

Enlight. photo editor for iOS with simple, understandable interface and a wide range of tools for editing photos. The Enlight app features precise color correction, tone correction, creation of your own effect presets and seamless effect blending by using a mask.

Enlight users will get sets of filters, fonts, frames and borders at their disposal. Using the Enlight mixer will make it possible to achieve a double exposure by superimposing images on top of each other.

Pixelmator is the mobile version of the graphics editor for the realization of bold creative ideas. The program offers users sets of tools for color correction, retouching, creating collages, adding lettering, frames, text, and so on. A range of effects can also add magic to your photos. For example, “Bokeh” will fill the frame with glowing lights, and “Light Leak” will style the image to look like a retro photo.

If you’re ready to create from scratch, Pixelmator will be an essential canvas with a set of brushes in a variety of shapes and colors.

You can work with Pixelmator without switching to Mac and iPad, and if necessary, you can upload your files directly to Adobe Photoshop. The program supports PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF and other formats.

When finished, the image can be saved in the Photo, sent by mail or shared with friends on social networks.

The application Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will quickly and easily edit the image from a mobile device and share the result with friends.

5 special styles Adobe Photoshop Lightroom can be used immediately in the creation of a photo. The possibility of local correction. adjust the brightness, exposure, sharpness, and so on. allow you to edit a certain area of the photo. And if you’re not satisfied with the result, it’s only a matter of seconds to go back to the original file.

In Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has the ability to mass-processing photos in a single style by applying frequently used edits to all images.

Avatan. a simple yet feature-rich online photo editing service. You can use the Avatan service directly from any computer by visiting the, as well as by installing the mobile application for iOS or Android.

Avatan offers a huge selection of all kinds of image enhancement tools, including filters, effects, stickers, adding text, retouching, frames, and more. Some tools are available offline when editing your photos in the application, but you will need Internet access for full functionality.

Various photo effects Avatan offers settings for their imposition. adjusting the transition, imposing texture or adding a vignette. Once finished, you can save the result to your computer, mobile device, or share the work you’ve done on social networks.

Review of the best photo editors for iPhone

Mobile photo editor which is by right famous for the best photo filters. VSCO cleverly combines the functions of not only a photo editor but also those of a social network. And the latter, if you want, you can not use, and use the application only for image editing.

Here is the standard set of tools that are present in any such solution: color correction, alignment, cropping, tilting on different axes, adjusting brightness, temperature, grain, and much more.

The cherry on the cake are the filters that turned out really well. over, it is here, in VSCO, that they found a way to monetize themselves. some filter packs are distributed on a paid basis. However, periodically visiting the built-in store, you can buy the package of interest at a discount or even for free. sales are not uncommon here.

photo, editing, programs, iphone


While VSCO is ahead of the curve with its filters, Snapseed boasts photo editing tools.

For example, this tiny but functional photo editor from Google has managed to combine the work with curves, point correction, HDR effect, perspective settings, correction of certain areas of the image and other useful tools. It has everything you need to work on an image in detail and then polish it with built-in filters, which unfortunately lack the ability to adjust saturation.


Apparently, wishing to repeat the success of Instagram, PicsArt transformed the iPhone application and if recently it was just an unremarkable photo editor, now there’s a fully-featured social network with image processing and publishing capabilities.

It is nice that for a simple picture editing here do not have to pass any registration. Among the most notable features are the ability to create stickers, semi-automatic tools for cutting out objects, mask support, texture mapping, background swapping, and collage creation. But this is not the end of the list of useful features.

Facetune 2

One of the most popular types of photography on the iPhone is, of course, selfies. Apple device users turn to the front camera most often, which is why there was a need for tools to edit portraits.

Facetune 2 is an updated version of the acclaimed portrait retouching application. The main features include real-time retouching, defect removal, teeth whitening, glow effects, facial shaping, background swapping, and more. Sad to say, that most of the tools are available only on a paid basis.


Many users are familiar with the functional online photo editor Avatan, which allows you to carefully work on the image. Its mobile version for iPhone tries to keep up with its big brother, incorporating all the most useful features.

Naturally, all the basic image adjustment tools are present here. In addition to them, it is worth allocating the effect of double tone, tools for retouching and imposing makeup, stickers, filters, effects, work with textures and much more. To stay free, the app often shows ads, which can be disabled through in-app purchases.

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Stylish photo editor, equipped with a large set of tools for high-quality processing of photos. MOLDIV is remarkable because it allows you to process images in real time. Example: you haven’t taken a photo yet, but it has already enlarged your eyes. In addition, you can fully edit photos already saved on the iPhone.

Among the most interesting tools are the ability to blur the background, double exposure, elaboration of light, tone and shadows, use of filters, text and stickers, tools for retouching, such as working out the oval of the face, removing imperfections, making the skin smooth and much more.

The photo editor has a paid version, but it is worth noting that the free version can be fully used, editing images to your liking.

Studio Design

The photo editor for creating stylish works. The main accent in Studio Design is made on creative image editing with a large set of stickers, frames, text options and other elements, the list of which can be greatly expanded through the possibility of downloading additional packages.

Here there is almost no basic tools that we are accustomed to see in the usual photo editor, but it is its unconventionality Studio Design has become interesting. It also has social networking capabilities so you can quickly and easily share your work with the world. And it is worth noting that all the features of this photo editor are available absolutely free.

Of course, the list of photo editors for iPhone could go on and on, but here we have tried to give you probably the most convenient, functional and interesting solutions for your smartphone.

In addition to this article, there are 12708 instructions. Add the Lumpics site.bookmark the app (CTRLD) and we will definitely be of use to you!

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Top of the best photo processing apps on the iPhone by Luchkov

Who knows best about the coolest photo processing apps on the iPhone? Of course a mobile photographer. I’ll take full responsibility and share my picks of “must have” apps. No Snapseed, no VSCO, only hardcore. By the way Snapseed and VSCO are good too, but you already know about them. Most of the apps listed below are exclusive for iOS, you will not find analogues in quality and smoothness of work on Android, take my word for it. I searched and still searching. I use these programs to create all of my Instagram photos.

Touch Retouch

There are a lot of photo retouching applications out there, and some “powerful” applications even have a separate function for retouching. I have tried dozens of removal apps to remove unwanted objects in photos and came to the conclusion that Touch Retouch has the coolest photo algorithm. Everything is clear, soft and smooth. Maximum pixel-by-pixel scaling, multiple options for selecting an object from smart to manual.

Taken with iPhone 6s. Edited by Enlight Touch Retouch. Photo by @luchkov

This program has not been updated for a long time, and even with iOS 9 was still running with the old design a la Xevomoism, even this did not prevent it to do everything perfectly. Now the fresh version of the app looks “just right”. Recommended for purchase.

Darkroom “Anti VSCO”

An app for blending “filters” with the ability to adjust the RGB color scheme by so-called “curves”, the possibility of toning photos and most importantly, the creation, saving and shaping filters of their own production.

Taken with iPhone 6s, processed in Darkroom. Photo by @luchkov

After the terrible update of VSCO with its incomprehensible and “hipster interface” Darkroom is like a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend.


If you need a mobile “Photoshop” then you should not install Photoshop Mobile, and Pixelmator is an exclusive application for iOS and macOS, which is perfectly adapted for the “touch”. It is very easy to work with layers, create collages, and most importantly is the synchronization of all the good on iCloud. Created a project on a smartphone. saved and continued to process in a serious way on the Mac.

Enlight is the king of photo editors

I wrote a lot of texts and shot a lot of videos about this application. Here I do not even want to repeat myself. Unique application unparalleled on iOS and Android. All the functions you could imagine in a photo editor, combined into one app with the most convenient controls and optimized interface.

Taken on iPhone 6s, processed by Enlight with Miniature for double exposure. Photo by @luchkov

In fact it’s hard to compare Enlight with anything else, it’s like with Photoshop: people created application and tools inside it, but nobody fully knows what can be achieved with this tool, everything depends on user’s fantasy.

PHOTO app for iOS

Yes, imagine, the native photo gallery on the iPhone gets cooler and cooler every time. Show me any smartphone with a native photo app that has the same handy feature of easy photo processing? But there’s no such smartphone.


A program that’s very dashing with perspective in photos. You took the picture in an awkward place, the perspective and tilt are lame? No problem, it can be fixed in seconds. By the way, almost all of these features are also in Enlight, but SKWRT, as a standalone app, sometimes looks more advantageous. There’s an iOS version as well as an Android version.

The apps I listed are so to speak alibis, because of which the user fond of mobile photography and photo processing on a smartphone can still stay on iOS.

Another mobile product from Adobe that made it to our rating. Lightroom is in all the top photo editors on the iPhone and is one of the best programs that offers a great set of free features for your selfies. It contains tools for automation, such as built-in styles and profiles, and fine-tuning by hand. There are special settings for the lens to apply changes right when you’re shooting. If you want, for an additional fee, the user can expand the features of the software.

Free iPhone photo editor PicsArt offers many interesting effects especially for social networks. The outline and double line effect, object removal, a large collection of styles, add captions and stickers all help to create creative photos that attract attention. If you do business on Instagram, you will appreciate the collection of templates for promotional posts. Video editing can be connected for an additional fee.