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Download the best photo editor. 2022 on Android and iOS

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We take a look at the best photo editors for iOS and Android. And both on iPhone and Android applications work the same, the set of functions for editing is identical.

The best “photoshop” for Android and iOS (top 13):

Modern photo editing apps on your phone can do almost as much as professional software. Photo editors allow you to add styles, effects, change backgrounds, adjust contrast, quickly crop photos and upload them to social networks accounts. The programs are regularly updated and new options are added. Most applications are extremely easy to use, do not present any difficulties in processing photos and achieve excellent quality of the final pictures.

Note. Free versions of the editors are basic and have a limited set of options, so if you want to get the most tools, subscribe for a fee.


VSCO, or formerly VSCO Cam. is a mobile photo app from the company with the same name, released in 2011 for Android and iOS. The application allows you to create photos directly in the program and process them using the built-in preset of filters and tools. In addition, the company offers to expand the set of filters with a paid subscription VSCO Membership, which costs 19.99 a year.

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While Visual Supply Company’s VSCO has become a very popular solution for Instagram bloggers, the app itself can be used as a separate social network for photo sharing. The user can post his works in the VSCO Feed, where it is also possible to “foul” other users and share their works with others. And for more convenient communication between users, there is a Messaging option, which reminds of Direct in Instagram.

As a phone photo editor, out-of-the-box VSCO gives access to 10 presets and basic tools like contrast, saturation and grain adjustments. A paid subscription gives you access to over 170 ready-to-use filters like SE3 or C6. In addition, you can create photos in a retro style, recreating the film effect of Kodak, Fuji and Agfa cameras. If all of this is close to you, it’s easy enough to be on the visual blogging trend. Simply download VSCO on Play Market or App Store and create your masterpieces.



Retrica has 55 free and 25 paid filters. There’s a randomization mode, timer, interval shooting and blur effect. This is when the camera focuses on you and blurs the background.

There are plenty of options for processing photos, videos and even collages. In addition to a huge number of live effects, the app has stamps, stickers, drawings, and the ability to add your own text.

On the other hand, I didn’t like that you have to pay separately for the ability to upload an image from the gallery in both the free and paid versions. By the way, there is even paid content in the Pro version.

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Adobe Lightroom

Powerful photo editor with user-friendly interface, which boasts a wide range of tools.

Most of the attention is given to light, so the program can add natural light to the photo, or vice versa remove backlit images without sacrificing realism.

In addition, there are the following free features:

I love the fact that in Adobe Lightroom you can not only work on photos, but also watch the work of other users. It’s useful because when you see someone else’s good work from the sidelines, you can immediately see where your photo is better or worse.


Liven up your photos. Now it’s fashionable to add moving sky, water, dust and other such stuff. This app is about that. Many of its effects are paid, but you can work for free.

The Over app is perfect for creating creative Stories where you can add text, your photos, and stickers. The app has paid and free templates.


PicsArt is a photo processing app that is available in free and paid trial versions. There is a camera, a whole set of special effects, clipart library, stickers, drawing tools. Other features:

  • image creation;
  • free-to-edit remixes;
  • memes, collages;
  • templates for every taste;
  • all the basic photo editor features.

PicsArt Gold. maximum paid subscription. Money from the attached card is deducted automatically, so if you do not want to make or renew it, cancel the payment at least one day before the end of the billing period. PicsArt, unfortunately, a lot of ads.


Pixelmator is a favorite photo editor app for iPhone x, which resembles Photoshop in a simple way. There are many features in this app. It has everything you need to create and enhance your images. Pixelmator has the best professional tools for retouching, as well as the ability to draw on canvas.

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Android photo editing programs

One of the best photo editors for Android. Although it’s Express, it’s still Photoshop. It will let you use professional filters and cool photo editing tools. Also, support for quick post to social networks, Adobe Creative Cloud, and the choice of editorial from Google Play says a lot.

Platform: 4.1 or later | Format: APK | Program version: 3.7.397