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Getting Started in Amateur Radio: Toll-Free 1-800-326-3942 (860-594-0355) email: [email protected] Exams: 860-594-0300 email: [email protected] US Amateur Radio Bands US AMATEUR POWER LIMITS FCC 97.313 An amateur station must use the minimum transmitter power necessary to carry out the desired communications. Information about the US Amateur Bands is available on the Frequency Allocations page as well as the frequency bands chart. Printing the band charts. Download and print PDF documents using Adobe Reader. Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; grayscale) Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; black/white) Frequency Bands Chart [PDF] (8.5 X 11; color).

May 16, 2017 · ARRL has revised and updated its “US Amateur Radio Bands” charts, and these now are available for download. These are PDF documents, available in color or grayscale presentations. The revised charts reflect the new 630- and 2,200-meter bands, but also emphasize that these bands are not yet available for Amateur Radio use. UNITED STATES THE RADIO SPECTRUM NON-GOVERNMENT EXCLUSIVE Amateur MOBILE FixedRADIOLOCATION AMATEUR RADIO ASTRON. SPACE RESEARCH EARTH EXPL SAT FIXED SAT. (S-E) FIXED MOBILE FIXED SATELLITE (S-E) FIXED This chart is a graphic single-point-in-time portrayal of the Table of Frequency Allocations used by the.

FCC ONLINE TABLE OF FREQUENCY ALLOCATIONS. 47 C.F.R. § 2.106. Revised on May 7, 2019. Disclaimer: The Table of Frequency Allocations as published by the Federal Register and codified International Table United States Table FCC Rule Part(s) Amateur Radio (97) Page 2. As a Technician licensee, you have free access to all amateur frequencies above 50 MHz, but what about on the shortwave high-frequency (HF) bands? This chart helps you follow the rules. A band-by-band plan showing where to find different types of activity is available from the .