RAM cleaning Android TV. Will turn into “brick”. The expert explained…

Android has always been different from iOS with its capabilities in terms of multitasking. IPhone users still cannot open more than one application on the screen of their smartphone at the same time. In the yard 2022, and the iPhone still does not know how to full multitasking. Watching a video in the “picture-in-picture” mode does not count. Plus everything, the amount of RAM even in Android devices is more than in the top iPhones. Nevertheless, periodically and on devices with a large volume of RAM, small glitches and laying can be observed, caused by its lack.

I am glad that there is more than one way to clean the rally and you can choose the one that is most convenient.

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This is due to the fact that Android works with background processes not as aggressive as iOS, striving to unload everything that does not use for more than ten seconds. In order not to encounter a lack of RAM on devices running Android, it is necessary to periodically clean it. Let’s figure out how you can clean the RAM, on the example of Xiaomi smartphones.

Xiaomi. how much RAM

Some modern Android smartphones have already 12 GB of RAM already on board. But cleaning is required even by them.

There are several ways to quickly free up the RAM on Xiaomi smartphones. All these options are also relevant for Redmi and Poco devices. On smartphones of other producers of action, there will be a plus or minus the same, only you will have to use applications developed specifically for them.

The first thing to do is display on the screen the free RAM at the moment. This is necessary:

The amount of free RAM is very neatly displayed in the corner of the screen.

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the “Table” section.
  • Sweep into the very bottom and activate the switch “show the state of memory”.

After these actions in the multitasking panel, it will be displayed how much RAM is free at the moment. We will need this to understand when it is necessary to clean it. 8 GB of RAM are installed in my smartphone. I have never managed to reduce the volume of free less than 1.5 GB. Even with this level of glitches and lumping was not observed, but the battery consumption increased significantly. Mostly because of this I am engaged in regular cleaning of the operation. The easiest but most effective way to unload all applications from it is to use the multitasking panel. This will need:

As you can see, the closure of programs frees memory, but not in the desired volume.

  • If you use navigation using gestures, then draw a finger from the bottom of the screen to its middle to start the multitasking panel.
  • If you use stacked buttons, then click on the square.
  • Click on a circle.

After these actions, you can immediately observe how the volume of free RAM has changed. Unfortunately, this action often simply cleanses recently neglected applications, but does not unload them from memory. That is why it is not worth hoping for him only.

Appendix “Security”. Xiaomi

“Acceleration” frees more memory than multitasking.

But we must try to free the RAM as much as possible. The Safety application will help us for this. To take advantage of this method, do the following:

  • Open the Safety application.
  • Go to the “Acceleration” section.
  • Wait for the program to calculate the occupied place.
  • After the calculation is completed, click the “Accelerate” button.

If for some reason or simply by belief you do not want to use “safety”, that is, another way to quite qualitatively clean the rally.

How to close applications on Xiaomi

In addition to improving the speed of speed, it allows you to save the battery charge.

The built.in battery utility will help us with this.

  • Open the settings.
  • Go to the “Battery” section.
  • Wait for the application to correct the problems of energy consumption.
  • Click on this notification.
  • Leave the mark on the item “Close the applications covering the battery”. The rest can be removed at will.
  • Press the “Add N minutes to Autonomy” button.

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All actively consuming programs of the program will be closed, and RAM will immediately be released.

How to clean the smartphone’s RAM on Android

Having freed the smartphone’s RAM, you will complete unnecessary processes and accelerate the operation of the device. We tell how it works.

To clean the smartphone’s RAM, it is necessary to unload the data of active applications from it. in other words, to complete the work of all programs and background processes.

The fastest way to remove processes from the RAM of the gadget on Android. Taping the “latter” button to open a list of recently running applications, and clean it.

You can also close the processes separately using the setting of the device. Screenshots are made on the Samsung smartphone on Android 11. The name of the menu items may vary slightly depending on the model of the smartphone and the OS version.

  • Open the “Settings” menu on your Android Smartphone.
  • Find the section “Applications”.
  • Select a program you want to close or you do not use.
  • In the window that opens, click “Stop” (“output”) to close all the running processes and application services. The more unnecessary applications you close, the more RAM will be freed.

By the way, recently we also told how to clean the RAM on the computer.

Features of built.in memory of smart TVs

If the Smart TV TV will not have built.in memory, then in this case, loading of different types of information becomes impossible. Some manufacturers did not provide for various kinds of situations, as well as the frequency of use of devices, so they did not guess the quantitative characteristics a little.

Built.in memory in smart TVs can self.clean. It is worth noting that if content is loaded much slower than the cleansing of the memory occurs, then in this case the error will not occur.

Also, the features of the built.in memory include the fact that its number cannot be increased by using an additional hard drive, flash drives, as in the case of a personal computer. If the user brows exclusively ordinary channels and programs, then the error will not jump out. This happens exclusively if various kinds of Internet resources are used. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the error due to lack of internal memory is not tied to any specific sites or applications.

We also recommend an article on setting up SMART TV different manufacturers: SmartTV connection and configure to TV.

How can you solve the problem

First of all, you should try to update the software used. Perhaps in the new version the distribution of built.in memory will occur more rationally and correctly than in the old.

You can also use special additional applications and view the video exclusively with their help. Today, there are also applications that help accelerate the process of cleansing on TVs with Smart TV technology or reduce slightly loading speed so that the memory manages to update independently.

Setting up the settings can also help. In order to reset all the settings to the factory, you can use several ways that may vary slightly depending on which manufacturer’s TV user uses.

GC, ARC, RAM. Оперативная память / Мобильный разработчик, [RU, IT]


To reset the settings, the “Home” button is first pressed. Next, you need to go to “Settings” and open the “Expanded settings” section. They have a separate category “General settings”. It is there that the item “Reset of settings to factory” is located.

It remains only to confirm the implementation of this action and all the settings installed on the TV will be reset.

Samsung TVs

If there is a smart TV of this manufacturer in stock, then the reset of the settings will be more difficult. First you need to completely turn off the device. Then the Info, Menu, Mute, Power buttons are pressed. They must be pressed simultaneously and exclusively in such a sequence to achieve the desired result. After that, you should press other buttons. Mute, 1, 8, 2, Power. They are also pressed at the same time and the sequence cannot be changed in any case.

By pressing combinations of these buttons, the TV in service mode will occur. After that, you can go into the “settings” of the device and press the “reset” button.

It is worth noting that the Smart Hub settings can be reset along with the rest or if necessary, they can be discharged separately. Then it is enough to confirm the performance of the action and all the settings will be reset completely.

Another solution to the problem will be the use of a flash drive for a smart TV. In this case, the entire cache from the browser used will be recorded directly on the flash drive. It is worth noting that such an option to solve the problem will not be effective in all cases, but still it should try. If this does not help, then another way to solve the problem is selected.

If you are poorly versed in the settings of your Smart TV, then you can additionally use the help of support service. In such a situation, the specialist, due to remote access, will be able to change the firmware of the device to a more new one and at the same time drop the settings to the state of factory or try to find the reason for the problem. To solve it, another method can be used that the support specialist will select. The user only needs to confirm remote access.

How to clean the cache

Cache there are two types. The first is systemic. This is the one that accumulates in the OS of the TV as a result of applications. For example, updates, your passwords, search history and so on. The more applications you use, the more the cache will occupy memory.

The second is browser. It is not difficult to guess, this is the one that accumulates in the program to view the Internet pages. Here the situation is similar to a computer. History of visits, bookmarks, expansion. all this will be stored in RAM. And although the browser is also a system application, it still has its own temporary files.

Reset to factory settings

This function exists in all modern TVs. Depending on the model, the procedure may differ. But usually everything comes down to the transition to the extended settings section, and the choice of the appropriate option.

This is the easiest and fastest method. But it also has a significant minus. you cannot selectively get rid of temporary files. They will be completely deleted completely. And some of them can be useful. For example, the aforementioned passwords. The option is also not ruled out that some applications will have to be renewed again, because they will roll back to the version that was when buying a device.

We clean the browser

The process is no different from cleaning a computer browser. We go to the settings and go to the section Removal section. Select the necessary points and start the process. It is recommended to first delete Cookies, a journal of forms and search, as well as a journal of visits. The plus of this method is that the built.in applications will maintain all the necessary data. “Only browser will” suffer “.

Application deallation

Surely you once went into each application to understand what functionality your TV has. And after that they forgot about most utilities and used only the most necessary. It would seem a harmless action. Only many services immediately at the first launch require updates, registration, settings and so on. All this useless information remains in the system and occupies RAM.

Therefore, we recommend deleting applications that you do not need. And the most necessary can look for a replacement in a built.in store. Most analogues for many manufacturers are free and at the same time they will consume less RAM. This method is best used in pairs with the previous way. Thus, you will save the most necessary data and get rid of the extra system and browser cache.

Application menu

Open the system settings of the device.

In the application section, select the display of all applications if other departments are established. The choice of display is usually available in the menu of hidden actions in the upper right corner.

Find and open the application with automatic refinement of RAM.

In the application menu, select the “Delete” action.

Confirm the removal and leave the settings.

Google Play

Launch Google Play Applications store.

Click on the avatar button in the search bar.

In a pop.up window, select “Applications and device management”.

Select the application with automatic cleaning of RAM, for this, mark the program with a flag in the field on the right.

After choosing a program in the upper right corner, a basket icon will appear. Click on the icon to delete the application.

Confirm the action and wait for the removal.

Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup cleans unnecessary files, unloads working applications to increase the free volume of RAM. Identifies volumetric files with the possibility of deleting/copying/moving data to disk. Supports cleaning on schedule, but only in a paid subscription.

To free up additional space, Avast Cleanup has a photo compression function. Available an analyzer of unused applications, as well as programs with high background activity. In a paid subscription, there is a function of energy saving.

The basic version of the program is free, but with a large m. Banners are present on all pages, and also often block useful information. Another utility sends anonymous statistics that “turns off” in the settings. For work requires a resolution to memory. Additional access to change system settings.

Avast Cleanup phone cleaning parameters

  • Brief possibilities: cleaning “garbage” and RAM, memory analyzer and resource consumption, searching for volumetric files, cleaning by schedule.
  • Minimum requirements: Android 4.one.
  • The presence of ROOT Rights: not required.
  • Cost/availability of advertising: basic version for free with aggressive advertising; Extended version. by subscription 3 USD per month.
  • Using RAM: 270 MB, maximally used. 313 MB.

Final assessment Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is visually and partially functional, resembles the CCleaner program. At the same time, advertising, by personal sensations, 2 or 3 times more. For manual file deleting, you do not need to buy a subscription, additionally copying/moving files to the cloud is additionally available. For cleaning on schedule, energy conservation and blocking advertising, developers request 3 USD per month.

Clean Master

The application cleanses the cache, advertising garbage and other unnecessary files. It also unloads active applications to free up the RAM. Memory analyzer, to identify volumetric files, there is no. The schedule is also not.

Additionally, the program has a gibbernation. turning off background applications. There is an antivirus that allows you to install a password on selected applications.

The utility is greatly overloaded with advertising recommendations. Banners with advertising are regularly surfaced. Some functions are useless or do not work, which misleads the user. For example, the program indicates a processor overheating of 65 degrees, while the device is cold, and in the CPU-Z sensors does not exceed 40 degrees.

There are no useful settings. Only the “garbage” search parameters are available, setting up exceptions during verification.

Clean Master’s phone cleaning program is characterized

  • Opportunities: Cleaning “garbage” and active applications, applications, antivirus gibbernation, password installation on applications.
  • Minimum requirements: Android 4.one.
  • The presence of ROOT Rights: not required.
  • Cost/availability of advertising: free, but with aggressive advertising. Includes purchases in the application.
  • Using RAM: 431 MB, maximally used. 499 MB.

Clean Master’s final score

Clean Master’s utility “performs a deep analysis” and search for unnecessary files. At the same time, the program consumes from 431 MB of RAM, includes aggressive advertising, and some functions do not work properly.

What else do you need to know

When using applications, it is important to understand that

  • The TV can be overloaded with RAM RAM. It is small and is needed for the work of processes, in t.h. and systemic. If this memory is not enough, this can lead to freezing or restart of the widget. The problem will solve the disconnection of some other programs.
  • Similar problems are caused by the full physical memory of TV. The cache space is provided from it. And due to a small volume instead of the required 3 MB for temporary files, the system can allocate only 512 kb. The issue is solved by removing multimedia files.

And another moment. if you clean the memory in the cache TV, after the application in the beginning will be a little “slow”. The fact is that without some temporary data, his work is impossible, and you will have to wait for their loading.

How much memory of the RAM is the modern smartphone needs?

If you often use different applications, and Taskkiller will constantly close them, this is inconvenient. At the entrance to the application with which you seem to have been working with, it will be loaded again. If you do not want to face this behavior of your gadget, take a model with a sufficient margin of RAM. Here are our recommendations on this subject.

  • 1 GB. suitable only for the work of lightweight versions of the Android OS, the volume is frankly small.
  • 2 GB. suitable for full.fledged OS, but with the situation described above, you will have to face constantly.
  • 3 GB-can arrange users who use 3-4 applications at the same time.
  • 4 GB. most likely, you can comfortably use the gadget with this amount of memory.
  • 6 GB. the deficit of the RAM does not threaten you if you do not play resource.intensive games.
  • than 6 GB. Taskkiller is unlikely to intervene in the processes.

Than third.party Taskillers are bad?

In the application store you can find many analogues to the built.in “killer”. But we do not recommend using them. Why?

“Kill” everyone in a row. For example, if you turn. Because you make a transplant on the subway, Taskkiller can unload the application from good considerations, and next time you have to wait until it starts again, “from scratch”. At the same time, if we talk about the applications using the Internet, each new download leads to an increase in traffic.

Increase energy consumption. energy goes to download the applications “from scratch” than to withdraw an already loaded application from the background. In addition, Taskkiller himself works constantly, and also spends the battery.

Enrace with obsessive advertising. Free cheese, as usual, is only in the mousetrap. you will be constantly imposing a transition to a paid version or show advertising.


Kesha cleaning and removal of applications may not help. If the characteristics of the TV are low, Smart TV will work unstable: the load time will be long, the applications will begin to lag, hang and fly out. Smart TV stability problems arise due to a lack of RAM.

The principle is the same as on smartphones: here you need to download applications, and they score a storage. Due to the overloaded memory of the operating system and applications, it becomes more difficult to distribute data, hence the slow operation of the intense, long loading and errors in the system.

Built.in memory is also important for the operation of the device. It depends on its volume how many films and music can be saved, how many applications are downloaded, how quickly the files are distributed in the storage.

The minimum volume of operational TV setup should be 2 GB, the drive-4 GB. The optimal (and most popular) volume of built.in memory is 8 GB.

A television prefix is ​​an alternative to Smart TV. Functionally, it does not differ from a preinstalled. The device operates on the Android or TVS operating system from Apple. It allows you to install various applications, and include films in them, play music. In general, a box for multimedia, which will save you from the lags if the TV has low parameters.


Smart TV lags with a weak router signal

The TV will bend it if you wipe the screen incorrectly. 4 advice on the care of the device

Smart TV must necessarily be connected to the Internet directly via a Wi-Fi wireless network. When connecting, problems may arise: too many devices can be connected to the router, from this the speed of the network will decrease. Or it is located too far from the TV.

The solution to the problem is a new router. Either just the second for use as an additional access point, or more advanced for connecting a larger number of devices.

Check the speed of the Internet at the TV and other devices on SpeedTest.Net. If TV has it much lower, the device has problems with the connection. For reference: The minimum speed for using the simplest capabilities of Smart TV is not lower than 1 Mbps, for watching videos, for example, in YouTube quality 720r. at least 2 Mbps, for 1080r. 4 Mbps and above.

Outdated software lags. It needs to be updated

Updates regularly go on Smart TV, as well as on smartphones, computers, tablets. As a rule, the devices independently check the availability of new versions of the system and offers the user to update them, but at the same time on some models this option may be disconnected.

Just in case, you should regularly check the availability of updates on your own and install them. Old versions of operating systems are worse supported by manufacturers and therefore can work less stable.

The TV may not have sound due to the lack of support for Dolby Digital

The TV can work with restrictions depending on the characteristics and software. Channels like Discovery HD, Amedia A1HD and Amedia HIT HD require support for Dolby Digital technology to transmit sound. If it is not, the device will show the picture without sound.

Asano 22LF1020T 21 users faced such a problem.5 “(2019). Sony confirms that this is possible. In some cases, the TV can display a sound, performing an internal conversion to PCM STEREO. Will be able to like this by a budget TV or not. lottery. If not, the problem is no longer solved. When buying, you need to ensure that all the necessary technologies are supported.