Realme Link How to Register in the Appendix. How to synchronize Realme headphones?

In anticipation of the presentation of Realme, I managed to personally get acquainted with the upcoming innovations and make the first impression about them. It is worth immediately indicating some points. First of all, the material does not imply a detailed review, only acquaintance, some devices will be released a little later. Also, at the time of writing this text, information about the cost of devices is not subject to publication, and data on the start of sales will be announced on Tuesday during the online release of devices.

So, Realme enters the market with its ecosystem and the first devices. For a relatively young brand, this step is a reflection of the company’s ambitions regarding the market and is generally perceived by the logical stage of development. Recent Canalys reports confirm the multiple of the share of the presence of the company’s smartphones in our market, but the leaders are still far away. Apparently, this moment is designed to compensate for the newly.minted ecosystem.

Its concept is not distinguished by something revolutionary and hitherto unheated: in the center of the ecosystem there is a smartphone with the Realme Link installed application, which has recently become available on iOS. After registering and activating the account, four main groups of smart devices (televisions, watches, speakers and headsets) and separate smart accessories are connected with the application. That is, the user is offered something more than just a smartphone, the importance of which as a link between IoT devices only increases. A similar organizational scheme was proposed by Huawei, except that the company’s main groups are twice as much, and the devices in our market are not represented. Of the products officially present in ecosystems, a clear leader is Xiaomi, in the catalog of which dozens of different devices. Apparently, it is this manufacturer that will be the main competition of the Realme ecosystem.

Six new devices enter our market: two models of toothbrushes, a camera, scales, watches and TWS nashens. Let’s get acquainted with each of them in order.

Realme M1 and N1 toothbrushes

Let’s start with devices that are not directly connected to the ecosystem, but, nevertheless, enter it. Ultrasonic toothbrushes M1 and N1 have capacious batteries, both models use Dupont bristles, which has antibacterial properties due to silver ions. A kind of indication of the end of the shelf life of interchangeable nozzles will be fading the bristles. As it should be according to the class of devices, they are protected according to the IPX7 standard, you can safely wash under water. Both models are delivered in blue and white colors, replaceable heads for each of them will also go on sale. It would be nice to see a link to the order to order such components or by analogy with other markets. a selected application for buying, although the first option is more convenient.

Realme M1 brush is visually larger and heavier, it has a more powerful motor and 4 modes of operation: soft cleaning, standard cleaning, whitening and polishing and polishing. The modes are switched by one press, as on N1.

Realme Link App Available Now | How to Use Realme Link App | Atul Tech Bazaar

The model is charged with an induction method through a complete charger. Work was declared from one charge up to 90 days, 5 minutes on the basis is enough for two days of work, while the full charge will take 4.5 hours. In addition to the standard nozzle, the kit provides a nozzle for sensitive teeth, a useful option.

The Realme N1 model, judging by the packaging, is more budgetary and is positioned as a more universal brush, which is suitable for children. With a less powerful motor and a more compact form factor, it is fully charged through the USB Type-C and works to 130 days from one charge. For N1, three cleaning modes are provided, apparently, without polishing, the kit includes a charging cable and one nozzle.

The impression is quite pleasant, not to say that some kind of wow, but in everyday life, such brushes will show themselves well, primarily thanks to confident autonomy, in this aspect N1 looks even more profitable. An important factor will also be the availability of nozzles, according to the assembly of the manufacturer, everything will be available.

How to Connect Realme Buds Air Neo with Realme Link App?

Yesterday, The Latest Realme Buds Air Neo and Realme Buds Q Were Finally Availble for Sale. IF YOU’RET TIME To Uze Realme Tws Earbuds, You may have no idea how to start realme buds air neo realme buds q tws earbuds. In Fact, You Shoup Download The Realme Link App to Help You Get a Better User Experience with it Its. In this post, We’ll Tell You to download The Realme Link App and How to Connect Realme Buds Air Neo Thhis Realme Link App.

The REALME Link App IS Now Availble for Download On Google Play Store. The Realme Link is an Application that Serves as an Environment for Realme Aiot Products. REALME LINK App Willia Help You to View, Operate, and Control All Current and Upcomping Realme Iot Products. SUCH AS REALME WATCH, Realme Buds Air, Realme Buds Air Neo, Realme Buds Q, and So On.

However, The Realme Link App IS Not Available for Download On Apple App Store. SO, IF You’Re Using iPhone, You have no way to download the realme link to cube cube buds air nao orth realme Iot Products Control Command.

How to Connect Realme Buds Air Neo with Realme Link App?

You can perform the stps below to connect your realme buds air with realme Link App:

STEP 1: Download The Realme Link App with Your Android Phones.

STEP 2: When You Open The App, You Just have to Log in with your realme/heytap Account and You’ll Come Across this Interface.

STEP 3: Tap on the “” Icon to Add You Realme Buds Air Neo Device.

STEP 4: NEXT, YOU CAN Add Your Realme Buds Air Neo Manully.

STEP 5: Keep the Realme Buds Air Neo Changing Case Open and Tap on “Nearby Devices”, It’ll ask for Permission to Turn on Bluetooth, You Just Have to Grant the Same.

Now, the Realme Link App Will Search for the Realme Buds Air Via Bluetooth. Just Open The Case of the Realme Buds Air and Put it in Pairing Mode by Long Pressing the Button on the Case. Once the App Finds The Realme Buds Air Neo, Tap On and You’ll See It Has Connected. At this Point, You Can See All the Battle Stats of Both The Realme Buds Air Neo Buds and Touch Controls Which You Customize. Seamless and Very User-Friendly, Right?

PC Connect is the Oppo and Realme application for connecting smartphones and PC.

Using PC Connect means a mirror display of the smartphone screen on the PC screen, which allows you to interact with it with a mouse and keyboard. This greatly facilitates file management, having the ability to move them faster between two devices, but not only. It allows you to open a file on your smartphone and edit it directly on your PC, which is very convenient, especially if you are dealing with a text document. Synchronization also affects the exchange buffer, so copying / insert can be performed from one device to another.

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Then, during the connection, you will be notified on the screen about the receipt of calls and SMS on your smartphone, and you will have the opportunity to choose whether to interact with them or not. Finally, a photograph or screen of the screen will provide direct access to the image and PC to share it or edit it from a large screen.

As for the necessary requirements, Oppo PC Connect works with all PC from at least windows 10. When it becomes available, you can download it directly from the official site, but so far it is impossible. It is not yet clear when it will be, but it can be released in the next update to Coloros 12.

Also Realme | Update 09/08

According to the General Director of Madhaw Shet, this will not be the only OPPO using this functionality. Connection to PC on your smartphones. Realme is also going to present this novelty, and this is not surprising, given that Coloros E Realme user integration, they are mainly the same. Recall that Realme is an OPPO subbrand, therefore it is physiological that the RealMe user integration inherits new functions presented in Coloros.

Therefore, let’s imagine that everything will happen almost the same even on Realme smartphones. And even in this case, it is not specified when the PC Connect application is presented on Realme smartphones. Perhaps we will discuss this with the future Realme UI 3.0, although there is no information about it yet.

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Despite the fact that Realme 8 is a self.sufficient and functional device, it cannot be considered in isolation from the computer. Agree, watch movies or, for example, editing photos is much more convenient on the PC screen.

Connecting wireless headphones to Windows 10 computer

After you first connected the headphones to the Windows 10 computer, you can find them in the device list in the Bluetooth section and other devices “.

How to connect wireless headphones to a computer? Bluetooth fraud of the headset with PC step by step-FAQ from Earchones-Review

realme, link, register, headphones

How to connect wireless headphones to a computer? The article describes in detail and connection of wireless Bluetooth headphones to PC. Tips and reviews, FAQ from EARPHones-Review Descriptions Ratings Compathing with a computer

How to delete Google account for realc?

Delete the Google Realme C3 account account

  • Spend your finger up to open the main menu and enter the “Settings” application.
  • Go to the “Users and Accounts” section and select Google profile.
  • Click on the icon with two points and select the option Delete the account.
  • Click Delete account → OK.
  • Performed!

Adding new devices (Realme Band)

How to connect Realme Wireless earbuds to 2 devices, pairing mode setup using Realme Link App

Main functions

The functionality is quite extensive. You can easily configure the interaction of the gadget with the phone and monitoring physical indicators. Consider the main options on the example of the connected fitness brand of real Band.

The REALME Link App IS Now Availble for Download On Google Play Store. The Realme Link is an Application that Serves as an Environment for Realme Aiot Products. REALME LINK App Willia Help You to View, Operate, and Control All Current and Upcomping Realme Iot Products. SUCH AS REALME WATCH, Realme Buds Air, Realme Buds Air Neo, Realme Buds Q, and So On.

However, The Realme Link App IS Not Available for Download On Apple App Store. SO, IF You’Re Using iPhone, You have no way to download the realme link to cube cube buds air nao orth realme Iot Products Control Command.

Tracking activity

Helps with a hard diet or if you try to lose weight. Also helps to strengthen your motivation.

With the route tracker you can add your route on the map. This is useful if you plan to repeat it again, or want to share it with others.

It can determine when you stopped engaged and suspend the current tracking of training until you start moving again.

He tracks how many steps you take during the day, which allows you to see how actively you were.

Emphasized, you can introduce the training details into the device: running cowardice, swimming, cycling. The device, in turn, will provide more accurate information, for example, about the number of burned calories.

Activity reports

Your activity data is analyzed to give you reports available for viewing through the application or on the site. This allows you to see how active you were and to help you make improvements.

Your dream data is analyzed to give you a report available for viewing through the application or on the site. This allows you to see the quality of your sleep and, to help you make improvements.

Your observation data is unloaded from a smartphone or computer to the manufacturer’s web portal and are available for review in the form of reports and graphs.

Realme GT smartphone review (RMX2202)

The flagship of Realme. Snapdragon 888, fast memory, leather back and very fast charging.

NB: The Realme GT smartphone based on Realme UI 2 was used in the review.0 (Android 11), global version. Due to the hardware features of the model, some described components of software may be absent in other Realme devices. Some options that are absent in RST versions of smartphones are not described in the text (for example, Heytap service).

Kia Cerato GT Line test. Number three in the end of 2019, the Kia Cerato sedan ranked third in the segment C cars in the price range up to 1.5 million.

A solid option for every day, reliable materials and accessories, ease of wearing and invigorating cost.

Desktop, launcher

Before you get on the main screen, the user takes the standard steps to set up Wi-Fi, authorization in the Google account (you can do it later), gives the necessary consent to the use of the system and chooses whether to restore applications from another Android device. Also, at this stage, it is proposed to configure the wallpaper, the appearance of the icons in the intese, set the password on the input and register fingerprints.

The organization of desktops in the integration remained unchanged. By default on the main screen of the global version of Realme UI 2.0 The following elements are located: dates, folders with pre.installed Realme tools, google basic applications, between two folders. Duo, assistant and Play Market applications. The first two are asking for their colleagues in a separate folder.

The docks are fixed, frequently used, according to the vendor, applications: a number, messages, a browser (all from Google), a regular gallery and a camera. The user is still free to change the procedure for placing the icons of applications in the dock, change them to others. On the spot and the Google tab, where news selected for the user will come, selected on the basis of search queries through the search engine of the same name.

It is worth noting that in the RST versions of the device there will be a standard application for SMS and already familiar at the past reviews of smartphones “Ringeen” with a recording of calls. In the application from Google there is no such setting in accordance with regional requirements of the legislation. Forums to help, but this is all at individual fear and risk. A more adequate option is to change the firmware to albeit not all Realme devices at this stage received an update. Again, you can read the topic of the device on the forum.

The second desktop contains the main applications, both from Realme and preinstalled software. In the global version of the firmware, this is Soloop (video editor), Realme Link, WPS Office, LinkedIn, Agoda (Service for Selection of hotels, air tickets, transfers, etc.D.), Booking, and Netflix. It is strange that there is no Tiktok, probably, and for the better. If you use Agoda, I recommend turning off the notifications, they are bored.

We can observe the first visual changes in the desktop settings menu, which is available in pressing the screen for 1 second. The menu has become more concise, now it is made in the form of a flipped horizontal list, its width is small, just overlaps the application of the applications. Here you can choose the wallpaper (both static and beautiful dynamic), configure the desktop grid, without moving to the settings menu, add widgets, choose the appropriate effect of the animation of desktops (by the way, the animation speed is adjusted and works with lightning speed, it is probably a matter of overall performance smartphone) and go to settings.

Of course, they have not forgotten here about the settings of the icons. As before, you can configure the size of the icons and names of applications, the latter can be completely turned off, the minimalists will appreciate. long.part has access to such settings.

The most significant renewal for me was the support of icons in the same menu, before that the launcher “did not know” with them to communicate with them. Now you can calmly put your favorite set, the transition to a new device will be more organic. Added an option for simple movement of the icons vertically on the desktop. Long slippers. and you can move all the icons with a simple swipe. Trifle, but nice.

In the settings of the launcher Realme UI 2.0 can configure a mass of parameters. Three screen modes are offered: standard with all applications on the main screen, sectional with an application panel pulled from below and simplified with a minimum of icons and a larger size of icons. The launcher can automatically place the icons, filling out empty places (disconnected option), as well as by default display the labels of downloaded applications to the desktop and show the proposed applications.

I like the options for turning on and blocking the screen with double pressing in any place, complement each other well. If you do not want to press every time, that is, setting up activation to raise a smartphone. In the same menu there is a transition to the functionality of “always turned on the display”, which leads us, perhaps, to one of the most visually significant innovations hiding in the settings.

Menu “Settings”

In the second realme UI iteration, the integration personalization system was significantly redesigned. A separate tab “Personalization” is located immediately after wireless connections and settings for the operation of SIM cards, it is difficult to miss.

Here, the user can choose the design topic of both the standard and from the store, static or dynamic wallpaper for the desktop and the lock screen (the latter is not tuned through the menu mentioned above), choose the style of applications and notifications panels, choose the effect of fingerprint animation and incoming Notifications. Wallpaper and fonts are also new.

One of the main options here is the setting of the system color scheme. Five mixed shades are given to choose from, painting different elements with different colors, and ten homogeneous colors applicable to all elements indicated in the picture. We could observe something similar in Oxygen OS, where it was possible to subtly set up many aspects of visual experience.

In addition, the already mentioned AOD display is set up in the “personalization” menu: a number of system templates are offered (text, text and image, analog or digital watch), you can choose a drawing from user templates, determine the color of the text, the clock format and displayed information. Unfortunately, you can’t create a drawing yourself.

realme, link, register, headphones

The Realme Link application will allow you to control all Realme Iot devices from your smartphone

On the eve of the launch of the popular fitness group, Realme announced the new IoT application, which, according to the company, will allow users to freely connect to all their Realme Iot products. Called Realme Linkne application is described by the company as “entrance to the world of intellectual ecological experience” this will allow people to use their phone as a “control center” to view, operate and manage all Realme Iot products.

In an official message on the forum on Tuesday, the company said that the application will be previously installed on all Realme devices in the future. Further, the company said that she hopes to offer users an “ecosystem with excellent IoT experience” through the application.

It is interesting that the company invites fans to choose an icon for a new application of four projects included in a short list. As can be seen from the composition of the image below, all four design contain the same main logo that consists of the letter “o” in the middle and two interconnected letters “l” on each side. “O” means “operator”, and also represents the ecosystem of the company of the company, “l” means “Link”, said Realme.

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The image is provided by Realme

Explaining the meaning of the design, the company says: “The expansion of the circle means that the region is aimed at constant enrichment of AIOT products and improve the experience of the region’s ecosystem. You can also see the icon how two people hug. Realme Link wants to provide a platform for our fans in order to have more connections with each other “,

Fans can vote for their favorite design through this official form of Google, but keep in mind that the vote will be open only until 16:30 (IST) on Friday, February 21.

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Download Android emulator for PC and Mac

Good. Primarily. If you want to use the application on your computer, first visit the Mac or Windows AppStore store and find either the BlueStacks app or the application NOX application. Most textbooks on the Internet recommend BlueStacks application, and I may have a temptation to recommend it because you can more likely be able to easily find solutions on the Internet if you have problems using the BlueStacks application on your computer. You can download the software BlueStacks PC or Mac Here.

Now that you have downloaded the emulator from your choice, go to the download folder on your computer to find the emulator application or BlueStacks. Once you found it, click it to install an application or exe on a computer or computer Mac. Now click “Next” to accept the license agreement. To correctly install the application, follow the instructions on the screen. If you do this correctly, the Emulator application will be successfully installed.

Realme Link for PC. Windows 7/8/ 10/11

Now open the Emulator application that you installed and find its search panel. Having found it, enter Realme Link in the search bar and click “Search”. Click on the Realme Link Banner of the application. Realme Link window in a Play Market or Application store, and it will display Store in your emulator application. Now click the “Install” button and, for example, on the iPhone or Android device, your application will start loading. Now we all finished. You will see a badge called “All applications”. Click on it, and she will transfer you to a page containing all the applications you set. You should see. Click on it and start using the application.

Hi. User Mac! REALME LINK steps for Mac are exactly the same as for Windows above. All you need to do is install Nox Application Emulator or BlueStack on your Macintosh. You can get this here.