Restore the password from mail by phone number

Step.By.Step instructions for restoring access to Gmail mail

Each active user of the Internet accumulates dozens, and sometimes hundreds of accounts. It is advisable to come up with a unique password on each of them. Developers do not recommend installing the same passwords on all profiles. In the case of draining or abduction of the base of passwords from one of the sites, all user accounts will become discredited. There is nothing surprising that you have to come up with a lot of passwords, and then users often forget one of them.

Users constantly forget passwords and/or logins from their mail Gmail. The question immediately becomes how to restore the login with a password and is it possible? Yes, there are ways to restore access to mail, but you need to have some knowledge or access to the phone, another attached account.

How to restore mail by phone number

The first in a rather simple way to restore mail mail by phone number. To use it, it is necessary that the phone indicated when registering a mailbox is available to you.

When choosing this option, the service will offer to indicate in the small field two hidden numbers of the phone number to which the password restoration code will be sent; And enter the captcha (code from the picture). Fill in the necessary information and click the “Get Code for SMS”. Message with the code will come instantly. Enter the received numbers in the opening field. Ready. The system will offer to enter a new password and confirm it. Do this and enter the mail.

At the entrance to the e-mail, the system will request confirmation of the data entered to increase the safety of the mailbox and restore password. Check the information and confirm it. The problem is solved. Access to your mail is obtained.

Special form

You can restore the Gmail password using a special form. Its use is relevant when a non.Existent phone number was entered during registration or access to it is already lost. This is what you need to do in this case:

We go to the mailbox Gmeil and enter our username. Having clicks “Next” select “Forgot the password”. The system will offer to enter one of the previously used passwords and ask a number of clarifying questions to make sure that you are really the owner of the account, access to which you are trying to restore.

Important! It is better to restore profile from those devices, locations and browsers that you usually use every day. Otherwise, additional difficulties may arise.

Links to restore access on popular postal services

If you do not remember the password, but you need to go to the old mail, use the standard recovers of mail systems:

Gmail https: // Accounts.Google.Com/
Yandex Mail https: // passport.Yandex.Ru/
https: // Account./recovery
Rambler https: // id.Rambler.Ru/

Important! To avoid problems with the account of the account, after the registration performed, write down all the passwords in a safe place.

What to do when losing access to a mailbox

I remember the login, I do not remember the password: the standard method

If the main thing is preserved in the memory. The address of the box, your affairs are not so bad. Open this page of Google in any browser.

Enter an email or phone number associated with the account there.

Next, drive the last password you remember.

In case of incorrect input, the service will ask you to confirm that the AKK really is your. He will send a request to a mobile device on which you also used this mail (Google remembers user devices).

Click in the request button “Yes”.

Come up with a new password, enter confirmation and click “Change”.

restore, password, mail, phone

Alternative methods

Unfortunately, memory often leads us at the most inopportune moment. What to do if you completely forgot the previous passwords or there have never been? But what:

  • Click in the form of recovery “Another method”.
  • Confirm the account through the mobile device, touching the yes button, as described above.
  • If this possibility is not there either, press the “other method” again. Google will send confirmation to the phone number attached to the mail.
  • They also forgotten? Yeah now all hope for the support service. Click the saving button “another method”, enter the contact email and stock up on.
  • Do not want to wait? Alas, that’s all. A click on the “other method” in this window only states that it was not possible to enter the account, since you have not proved that it is your. Start first.

Morality: Restoring access to mail Gmail will not take much time, if you have provided it in advance. You tied a phone number to it, have access to a backup email and remember the answer to a secret question.

restore, password, mail, phone

I do not remember any login or password

The procedure for restoring access to the mail, when the user does not remember either the password or the address of the box, a few steps longer. The first stage. The “recalling” of the login is quite simple, but it also requires confirmation of the account of the account.

  • Enter the name and surname indicated in the passport of your account. In the case of improper input, the service will kindly notify you that there is no such user (despite the correctly specified phone or email).

If the code is specified correctly, the address of your mail Gmail will be displayed on the next page. Next, proceed to restore password.

Is it possible to find out the address of your mail Gmail somehow otherwise? If you have actively used it lately, then you can, and quite easy. Just remember which of the people you sent letters from this box, and ask the address from them.

Other options are not always effective, but they sometimes help out:

  • “Pass” a postal program or service in the browser through which you received or sent correspondence from the address @gmail.Com. They did not find on the computer? Search on mobile devices.
  • Check how your accounts on various sites are doing. I know for sure that in most of them you go automatically by login and password that the browser stores. It is possible that one or more counts are registered by mail. Not found in one browser? Look for others.

Recovery with a forgotten password

What to do if I forgot the password from Mile ru? It can and should be restored. To do it is very simple: 1. We switch to the official website of the postal client https: ////

The authorization window opens, in which it is necessary to specify the name of the mailbox and password. Under the form is the button “Forgot the password?”Which needs to be pressed.

At the next stage, a page will be loaded in which you need to specify the mailbox, access to which you want to return. We do it and click the “Restore” button.

Then the form will open with the secret question that you chose at the stage of registration on the site. We give the answer to it and enter the captcha (numbers and letters from the picture). Click “Restore the password”.

Important! Near the “Restore password” button is the button “I don’t remember the answer”. It must be clicked if you forgot the answer to your control question. In this case, the questionnaire will be loaded, which will subsequently be sent to the technical support service. If most answers are close to the truth, access to mail can be restored.

In the questionnaire, you need to fill out the fields “Name and the surname”, indicate the date of birth, choose from the drop.Down list when the mail was approximately registered and what was the password when registering. You also need to answer the control question again, enter an additional mailing address for communication and fill out the cell with captcha. At the end, click the “Send” button.

If the questionnaire is filled correctly, the ability to restore mail will become affordable instantly. The user will need to come up with a new password and enter it twice. Repeated input is necessary to confirm and check the access code.

On this procedure for restoring access to mail, if you forgot the password, can be considered completed. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. The main thing is that the mail really belongs to you.

How to Recover GMAIL ACCOUNT without email password or without any verification | 2022

Additional mail or mobile number

If the option with the old password is not suitable, try to use the following methods:

  • Click on the link “Other method”. First Google will offer you recovery using additional mail.
  • If the reserve address was tied to the account, enter it in the corresponding column and click the “Send” button.
  • Wait for a letter with a control code to reserve mail. Enter the received numbers in the “Enter confirmation code” field and click on the “Next” button.
  • After entering the verification code, a page for installing a password will appear. Enter a new combination of numbers or letters and confirm it.

Recover Your Google and Gmail Password

Exactly the same principle is restored using a mobile phone. Only instead of mail should you enter the number to which the verification code will be sent.

restore, password, mail, phone

How to restore the mailbox through the technical support service

If none of the above methods helped restore access to the mailbox, then you should seek help from technical support operators. This method will unlock access only in case of complete data verification. Steps to restore password through technical support:

  • On the Yandex website, find the “Feedback” button (it is located at the bottom of the screen).
  • After that, follow the instructions of the operator who will oversee the procedure.
  • To resume access, it will be necessary to provide scans of documents, the questionnaires that were indicated during registration.

How to restore a remote mail

The hardest all of all to restore the remote mailbox. In this case, you will have to contact Support and fill out a questionnaire for access recovery. The same method is used if not one of the previously described methods is restored. Before using this method, think three times.

The administration immediately blocks all other methods of unlock. Until she receives an answer to all messages, the account will not be restored. For user identification, they can ask completely different questions. The most tricky of them:

So, for example, a questionnaire looks like questions on the mail site. RU.

Most users cannot answer even half of these questions. This complicates the process of restoring the account.

Applications are accepted around the clock. On the access recovery page is the “Help” button. By pressing it, a window will open with the instructions for restoration of mail. Scroll the page down and go to the link “Profile of access recovery”. The user needs to fill out the maximum information about the account: part of the login, password, date of the last visits, attached phone number, etc.D. Additionally, you need to attach a photo with a passport in the hands. All this information will be developed in detail by the support service for user identification. For all emerging issues, you can contact the hotline of the Support Hot Line.

The procedure for restoring mail through the support service seems to be long, but it is precisely the protection of data and personal information that looks like. The more fields are filled, the greater the likelihood that the support specialists will be able to identify the user and restore access to the mail.

After filling out the questionnaire, he will wait for a specialist’s response from the support service. Response time is different and depends on the workload of the department. Usually this process takes 21-45 business days. If the administration approved an application, then a letter will come to the specified mailbox with the link. A password input window will appear on it. This is the only way to restore a remote mail.