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List of phones that support Qi wireless charging

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How Samsung wireless charging works

Owners of smartphones do not want to mess with the wires when charging the gadget. In today’s homes, there are so many appliances, wires entangle the walls, clog the drawers of cabinets, get in the way a lot. Samsung creates a device that can make life easier for the consumer. a charger that does not need a wire. Let’s find out: how Samsung wireless charger works, where to buy it and how to use it.

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What is wireless charging??

Contactless battery recovery technology does away with long wires forever. Every user has encountered broken cables at least once. They are easily damaged and stop working. In addition, the more often you carry with you, the faster the wire gets tangled and wears out. For the smartphone itself are also negative sides. With the constant recharging, the port of the device deteriorates. You have to go to the service center more often for troubleshooting. Thus, a portable charger saves you the trouble. However, on the other hand has some disadvantages.

  • The first disadvantage. the expensive cost. Smartphones, with a built-in option cost much higher. This is due to the fact that the set includes the receiver itself.
  • The second disadvantage. the radius of 3-5 cm. Carrying a gadget around the apartment and charging at the same time will not work. The device must lie on the platform.
  • Another disadvantage. calling, texting and social networking while you increase the battery is not possible.
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Otherwise, the QI-standard device is a bargain for users of the brand of the same name.

Which phones support wireless charging

Many top smartphones support wireless charging, including the flagships of previous years. Xiaomi’s first gadget with the Qi module was the Mi Mix 2S, after which the Mi Mix 3 and Mi 9 have already come out, which also know how to charge quickly without wires.

Huawei pioneered the Mate 20 Pro. by the way, it can also use reverse charging to share power with similar smartphones. But Honor’s subsidiary still doesn’t have any models with Qi. it’s possible they’ll come out in 2019.iPhones have supported wireless charging since 2017, when the iPhone 8 arrived. The eighth, tenth and most recent iPhones, although they work with Qi, but charge faster through a cable.

Samsung’s Qi support appeared in 2016 with the Galaxy S7 model. All future Galaxy S series devices can also be charged from the compact wireless station.

Samsung was the first to implement this technology in their products in Android devices. Initially, only owners of flagships had this option. But gradually other manufacturers have picked up the trend and began to equip more and more of their devices with it.

The principle of this technology in a special module qi. It connects to the network must be within range of your smartphone. The phone must have a receiver installed. When the devices get into range of each other, a magnetic field is created between them, which increases the battery charge of the smartphone.

The standard charger for iPhone provides charging with a current of 1 amp, while the adapter from iPad supports 2.1 amperes. That’s why you can charge your iPhone up to 100% with a powerful charger in less than an hour.

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Starting in 2017, all new iPhones support fast charging. However, only the 2019 smartphones, the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, got an 18-watt charger bundled in, allowing you to try out this great feature.

Samsung phones that support wireless charging

These are, of course, the latest flagship Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, as well as last year’s Note Galaxy series member.

Samsung Galaxy A30 FAQs- Sensors, Gorilla Glass, IP68, LED Notification, Fast Charging and more

Fortunately, inductive charging was also in slightly older devices. The Galaxy S8, S8 Plus, and S7 and S7 Edge are supported.

If someone uses older devices, there’s nothing stopping the Galaxy S6 from charging this way. Unfortunately, this technology cannot be found in devices from Samsung‘s mid- and lower-price shelf.

As a result in phones like a8 2018, a7 2018, a5 2017, a6, a9, j7, a3, j6, j5, j4 or j6, wireless charging is not supported, but on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5, no problem.

Does Samsung a50 support wireless charging

I recently talked about 6 useful but hidden features of 2020 phones. Now let’s look at another equally useful and very popular feature.

Fans of exotics are wondering whether Samsung a50 has wireless charging. What to answer them, to give comfort?

Does the Samsung a50 support wireless charging no it does not, but I have two pieces of good news.

Galaxy a50 2019 supports fast (can be activated, which is also good), and without cables, if you want, you can connect yourself, configure.

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Now I will tell you what you need for this and how to set it up, just keep in mind that the fast one your smartphone already has will be way ahead of the wireless one in terms of speed.

How to Turn any Phone into Wireless Charging Phone

List of phones with wireless charging function

Wireless charging is a trend for modern gadgets. Its advantages: the charging block can be integrated into a variety of holders (eg, for the car), there is no need to use the port MicroUSB, Type-C, Lightning (reduces the risk of damaging them).

And if you have a PowerBank with wireless charging support, you don’t need a cable to restore your smartphone’s battery. For someone it is another option to save space in your bag/backpack.

How To Wireless Charge Your Galaxy A20

And what smartphone with wireless charging, according to users themselves, is considered the best? And do you need to consider any other characteristics when buying such a phone? Why are inexpensive devices with QI not very popular?