Samsung a 50 how to distinguish a fake

How to determine the authenticity of SamsungGalaxy?

Ever since Samsung released its leading series of smartphones and tablets. Galaxy S and Note, the vigilant counterfeiters (mostly Chinese) began to counterfeit the most popular trademark goods en masse. According to law enforcement, the growth in sales of fake Samsung Galaxy phones in recent years has surpassed even fake iPhones.

Among the fakes there are primitive copies and replicas of Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, S6 phone models, and tablets of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Note 4, which are as close to the originals as possible.

It’s easy to fall for a fake gadget when buying from hand or online stores. Before you buy it is worth to get acquainted with the differences of the original from the fake.

How to distinguish a fake Samsung Galaxy s4 from the original smartphone

Like any leader in smartphone production, Samsung couldn’t avoid the following problem. The fact is that a huge flow of counterfeit devices arrives on the market, which pretend to be Samsung devices and copy the most popular smartphone models from the manufacturer. It’s no surprise that most fakes come from China, and the most frequently cloned models are the Galaxy S3 and Galaxy S4. If you think you can tell the difference between the devices, if not in appearance, then in the contents. you’re wrong. Many of the fake phones today are even capable of surpassing the capabilities of the original.

That’s why many buyers are afraid, as if in their hands did not get a clone or just a fake Android smartphone? What can you do not to fall into the ranks of the victims of this scam involving advanced smartphones, such as the Galaxy S4, or rather its cheap copy? How to distinguish a fake s4? In recent years, complaints about the purchase of not an original Samsung smartphone, but its exact fake, have increased.

The most susceptible to unsuccessful purchase of a smartphone are fans of Internet shopping, where the leading site for the sale of fakes has become eBay. The buyer sees in the photo an easily recognizable original smartphone, but as soon as he gets it in his hands and looks closer, he discovers a clone. By and large no one is saying that Chinese-made phones are so bad, but a scam is a scam, and the user wants to get what he paid for.

But do not despair, this article will familiarize you with some details, checking them before buying, you will be able to buy an original smartphone and not a fake. Specifically this article will consider the Galaxy S4, but the following signs can be used for many smartphones of other brand. Let’s start with the most obvious.

How to tell a fake Samsung s4

It is likely that a Galaxy S4 clone will look like a real Galaxy S4, but there will still be some similarities. Therefore, if there is an opportunity to physically, or at least a photo to consider it, then study the physical parameters.

The fake Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch touch screen without a large frame around it. But clones very often have a significant space between the display and the actual edge of the device. This is a clear sign that the screen is either smaller than the intended size, or does not match the compactness of the original, created by Samsung engineers.

Another significant point. is the location of hardware buttons. This is especially true for the buttons directly below the screen. In the original Galaxy S4 the “Home” button looks like a chrome piece of plastic and is located right in the center of the space below the display. In clones this button can first have a different look, and secondly it can be located just a little bit below the screen.

how to tell a fake Galaxy s4? In fakes often you can not see the capacitive touch buttons, which are on the sides of the “Home” button. They are sometimes replaced by on-screen buttons, and sometimes by regular physical keys that require pressing. In addition, pay attention to how the logo looks, the LED flash (color and size), how smooth the surface of the smartphone is, its weight.

Копия смартфона SAMSUNG GALAXY A50, Обзор реплики самсунг

After the above physical parameters are examined, you can also pay attention to the software of the device.

If after checking the device hardware you are still unsure of your choice and can not say for sure that you are holding a fake, it is worth resorting to checking the compliance of the pre-installed software. The Galaxy S4 smartphone is characterized by the preloaded Android 4 version of the firmware.2.2 with TouchWiz interface. All other options or additions to the components mentioned above on a Samsung smartphone should not be. How to determine the version of installed software, you may ask? This can be done in the Settings menu.

But this method is not 100% reliable. looking at the screenshot of a smartphone running on Android 4.2.2, you can see that in fact the software does not look like Jelly Bean. In reality it has Android 2.3 Gingerbread, which is confirmed by the build number on the same settings screen.

Of course, the user may wonder, because the smartphone can not run on one version of the operating system, and present it as a version of the newer. On the Internet you can easily download screenshots of the original Android 4 firmware.2.2, checking it against the firmware on the smartphone you buy.

When it comes to pre-installed default software, the Galaxy S4 can’t be missing exclusive software features. They are exclusive to the full. in no other smartphone you will not find such a thing. It’s just not realistic to get a package of options identical to the Galaxy S4, no matter what the clone is. Therefore, if you are holding a fake, there can be no exclusive Samsung features.

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How I wish that buying an Android smartphone (Samsung Galaxy S4 or other) was easy and honest. You just choose a smartphone to your liking, go to the store, pay money for the mobile device and get what you want. But the huge number of fakes that have filled the market everywhere, blocking the way to easy and safe purchases.

Will the day ever come when the market will be completely cleared of clones and fakes?? An unanswered question. So far we can only observe that the original devices and fakes become more and more similar and difficult to distinguish with each new generation. But the possibility of avoiding the acquisition of a fake is not lost, if the buyer is determined to buy the original smartphone.

At the end we would like to remind you that you should not peck at smartphones with an apparently low price (several times lower than the stated market value). But the expensive device is not a guarantee of authenticity, because even fakes are sold at a price of the original. Needless to say, the impudence of such sellers.If you find any other differences between the original and fake, then share your findings in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев to this post. We wish you only successful and safe shopping!

How to distinguish a fake Samsung Galaxy s5 from the original

Surprising and unpleasant surprise was the fact that almost immediately after the official debut of the flagship Galaxy S5 in China (and other countries) started mass production of clones of the new Android-smartphone. So the second day after the announcement in Barcelona, there was news that the Chinese quickly created Goophone S5. Samsung Galaxy s5 knockoffs. That is why all those who have decided to make a great purchase in the near future in the form of Samsung Galaxy S5 not from a mobile operator, this article and the tips mentioned in it are dedicated. By following these, the buyer will be able to determine if the phone in the store matches the original Galaxy S5 features, avoiding the purchase of a fake.

How to distinguish a fake s5?

In reality, Goophone S5 seems identical to the original Galaxy S5 only from a distance, because when you look closely, you immediately notice the poor quality of materials. For those who don’t care, the features of the fake will be enough to show off a couple of times in front of their friends. But in such fakes, the user will never find those branded features that were introduced by Samsung this year (including IP67 protection and fingerprint scanner).It did not take long for the second clone of the Galaxy S5. this is No.1 S7 from the same Chinese manufacturers GizChina. Turned out to be of higher quality, the fake even received protection against moisture, which is present in the original Galaxy S5. That’s about it. And the degree of protection, for that matter, in Samsung’s flagship is still higher. Clone No.1 S7 is equipped with a 13-megapixel camera with autofocus, 1GB of RAM and an octa-core MT6592 processor with 1.7GHz and. USB support is available here and there is a slot for MicroSD. Display in 5.1-inch has Full HD resolution. That’s just not a real Galaxy S5 running Android 4.2.

If you do not have the opportunity to read the technical parameters of the phone that is in your hands, do not be lazy to read as carefully as possible the following points that will help you distinguish the fake s5, and then later perform them. If so, you’re likely to avoid getting a fake Galaxy S5: Take a couple of pictures with your camera and see the results. Pay attention to the presence of new features, such as HDR in real time or selective Focus. Most likely, these features will not be in the fake. You won’t find the fingerprint scanner characteristic of the Galaxy S5 in the fake, nor will you find a heart rate monitor under the camera flash. Clones are not able to perform specific “smart” functions such as Smart Stay and respond to other gestures for control. All of these can be found in the settings. It is likely that the fake will not even have access to the Google Play Market. It is a good idea to check for the presence of branded applications. S Health, Samsung Wallet, ChatOn, SideSync 3.0, as well as Samsung Content Viewer. Instead of the standard USB 3 port for the model.0, there will probably be a USB 2.0. It’s very easy to distinguish visually. it’s 2x narrower than the USB 3.0. There should not be any Chinese characters in the names of applications and settings! Well, of course, any model of smartphone simply can not appear on sale before the official start of sales, as well as can not be below the manufacturer’s stated price.

Now you can tell a fake Samsung Galaxy s5 from the original. Remember, all these rules and methods of verification are also applicable to other smartphones. It is always better to buy a smartphone from an official supplier, avoiding contacts with dubious resellers.

Where fakes are sold

To run into a copy can be almost everywhere, so potential owners of Samsung should be extremely cautious and careful.

  • Quick sale. In large cities, fakes are sold at train stations, and in metropolitan areas and subways, scammers seeking to sell the product by hand, telling tearful stories about being robbed and needing to get home. And the smartphone, supposedly personal or bought as a gift for a loved one, sells cheaper to buy a train ticket. The owner demonstrates the presence of all the accessories and even the warranty card, hurries up and does not give the opportunity to carefully examine the device. As a result the greed or complaint takes over and the buyer becomes the owner of a counterfeit model.
  • Ads. Dangerous and private ads, which put the new Samsung at a suspiciously low price. often the sellers already indicate in the announcement that the phone was given to them, or it was won in the lottery, which logically explains the low cost compared to the official. Scammers sense your doubts and stimulate your desire to buy a questionable smartphone by mentioning that they already have a thinking before the evening buyer. The threat that the goldfish will slip away clouds your mind and spurs you on an irrational purchase. Seller schedules an appointment in a crowded place, and the transaction is rushed, not allowing a good evaluation of the smartphone and check its performance. Swindlers will never call your real home address and do not schedule an appointment at their place, and after they receive your money, they will most likely add you to the State Security Department.
  • Online stores. Sites from contextual advertising or top search engine results on demand and beckon with low prices. The cheapness is either completely unexplained by the sellers, or justified by the liquidation of a warehouse or work directly with the manufacturer. Online purchases may not reach you at all, and the fly-by-night site will close as soon as the fraudsters have collected enough money from gullible citizens.
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Dangerous and offline stores: they are usually small pavilions in crowded places, where they sell cheap copies of Samsung and iPhone under the floor. The target audience of such sellers are young people who do not have enough money to buy the original, but wishing to impress others with a decent smartphone.

How to turn a fake into an “original

Before, when the trees were taller and the grass was greener, that is, in the days of the Samsung Galaxy S4 flagship, everything was simple. It was very easy to deceive a customer who was fooled by the low price. They did the following.

samsung, distinguish, fake

Enterprising citizens didn’t bother and in the box from the device they were selling either put nothing, limiting themselves to a simple “It was a gift, so no receipt”, or, if some piece of paper was found, they would say something like “I bought it on Gorkushka a couple of weeks ago. Didn’t like it, got used to iPhones.”. And that same piece of paper was a printer printout of anything, like a receipt, like a “warranty check” and so on down the list. I once saw a seller’s seal printed on a color printer called Glavsnabyttorgprovvet LLC (something similar) and even had a fictitious OGRN number around the perimeter of the stamp. The scammers were very clever, I must say. How was it?? A bit of a stretch.

Below is a picture of one ad on Avito. I am one hundred percent sure that they are fake, because I held the very same phone in my hands.

Now everything is much more serious and a lot of people know about the fakes, at least they heard that they occur. However, many people who saw an ad online for the Galaxy S7 for half price have never held a smartphone in their hands. “Self-entrepreneurs”, of course, understand this, so now they focus on documenting the originality, by all possible means distracting the victim from the handset itself. You should always keep this in mind!

A couple of weeks ago I met with one of these “entrepreneurs” who tried to sell me a fake S7. In fact it was this meeting that inspired me to write this material. Next I will tell you what I encountered personally, but let us start with the documents.

I did not even expect that it is possible. In the package under the fake you will find not just the original warranty card of a store, but also a cashier’s check with all the details, and even a receipt of payment by bank card with the transaction number and other details. In this respect, the receipt is impossible to find fault. Frankly, I do not know how these machinations actually happen, but, apparently, these are the original sales documents of some real device with a real IMEI and serial number. Not for nothing in the ad itself seller said that no problem to throw off the serial number that beats all databases, as the original S7.

Nevertheless, sold is a fake, which will in all menus will issue exactly the same IMEI and serial number as those listed in the receipt. What technology has come to, as they say.

How to find out if your phone is the original Samsung or a copy, codes and commands to check. How to distinguish the original Samsung from the fake.

In this article we will try to answer the question how to know if the original Samsung or not. Since Samsung is a brand with an excellent reputation and there will be a large number of fakes. At the moment in addition to the original Samsung phones there are a huge number of copies, which can be very similar to the originals in almost everything. There are such quality fakes, that the average user can not identify a copy or the original, the body can be good quality and excellent build as well copies may be installed the same version of the operating system with a branded shell Samsung with the same menu and the same applications. As they say the best way to buy the original Samsung, but not a copy is to buy it in brand stores Samsung, but what to do if they are not around? Then at least try to buy the phone in major retail chains. Mostly a copy of the phone can run into those who are looking for an expensive phone for a cheap price, as good and cheap do not happen. There is a price for the phone below which it can not be and if you hang up for half the price you have to think whether it is a copy. The phone is locked, the SIM code is asking for a puk code, I do not know it, my sister gave it to megaphone and they are saying, “I have the wrong owner.” For an experienced user who has used the original phone is not difficult to distinguish the original from the fake, and inexperienced and can not identify it even after he starts using it.

Today, many Chinese firms counterfeit the most branded phones including Samsung But how do you know the original Samsung or not when buying? Please know that even with the IMEI you will not be able to determine the originality of the phone. Let’s have a few simple tips that will help us not to run into a copy and distinguish the copy from the original.

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1) Buy in major cell phone chains. Preferably in brand-name stores.

2) Take with you an experienced user, someone who knows a lot about phones.

3) Carefully examine the body of the phone and compare it to the one displayed on the official Samsung website. The body must be assembled on excellent, nothing should be loose, just maybe you will find some rough differences, which will indicate that this copy. For example, the camera can be on the side, the buttons can be placed not there, or the display is slightly larger or smaller than on the original. There may also be a difference in the number of SIM cards or the format of SIM cards than stated on the Samsung off-site.

Samsung Galaxy A50 : Fake / Clone!!

4) Turn the phone on and look at the display, the picture on the screen, the originals are clear, an experienced user can easily identify the quality of the display unless you install a good display in the copy. Find out what version of the operating system is on the original and compare it. The menu must be accurate and literate and if you see hieroglyphs and inconsistencies in the text then you have a copy.

5) Another way to check the originality of the Android Samsung is to dial on the phone command #7353# after which the screen should appear menu. Look at the screenshot below. This service code is originally not available on Android, but on the Samsung it is.

6) If you bought a Samsung phone and you want to know the original or a copy, you can install one of the applications, such as “AnTuTu”, through it you can fully know all the characteristics of the phone, such as screen resolution, processor capacity, the amount of RAM and internal memory, camera resolution, etc., and then compare it to the characteristics of the original.

7) Do not take phones off the hands on the street or in other places despite the fact that they promise to sell the original at a reduced price, in most cases it is a copy and even poor quality. Such people (scammers) know how to choose the manner of communication for each person and can talk you into buying a phone praising its quality and powerful characteristics and do not even let you properly understand. As a result they buy even those who have never thought about buying, this psychological effect really works on people and even I myself once bought a phone from them. And the most dangerous thing in this case, that if you bought a non-original phone, and then there is no one to complain, and if it suddenly fails, and there is no guarantee. In short, buying a phone from hand you buy a pig in a poke.

8) Here is another code to check the Samsung for originality left in the reviews #1234#. checked, it works. Shows the build number, production date, device model and other information depending on the smartphone model.

If you know of any other ways that can help identify the original Samsung from the fake, the big request that below in the reviews you added a comment, that you and the users have useful information.

  • I hope you were helped by this article and you know how to distinguish the original Samsung from the copy and do not buy a fake.
  • We will be glad if you leave a review, comment, helpful tip or addition to the article.
  • If you have any useful tips, you can put them on our site on a separate page, where the author of the article will be indicated.
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It’s better to call 8-800-555-55-55 to be sure, and just punch in the number at the official service center. The next way is to enter the service code #7353#, on the stock Android this command is absent, but on Samsung phones it is. If you see a menu like this, you’re fine.

What now or signs of a fake Galaxy S9

  • In the earliest copies, the fingerprint sensor was not located under the camera, but next to it (as in the Galaxy S8).
  • Samsung lettering on the back of the case is often unevenly applied or misspelled.
  • Sometimes the same inscription is present on the front of the smartphone(. ).
samsung, distinguish, fake
  • Smartphone
  • Headphones
  • Charger (fast charging)
  • USB Type cable
  • Clip for SIM tray
  • Instructions

The current limit is 2A. Charger for Samsung Galaxy A50 connects to the electric mains and consists of a plug, cable and power adapter. It is made of high quality plastic and has a USB port. When you buy a cell phone the accessory to replenish the battery is included.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy A50 distinctive features and how to determine the authenticity

And now let’s talk about what are the ways to check the device for authenticity.

  • You can always check the serial number of the device through the manufacturer’s official website. You can find the number both on the device itself and in the technical specifications inside the device. The numbers must necessarily match.
  • If you are poorly versed in smartphones, you can ask for advice from specialists at the service center. These specially trained guys in a couple of minutes will be able to determine with a high probability, whether the fake or genuine in front of you.
  • The originality of Samsung smartphones can be determined by a special combination of numbers. You just need to dial #7353# on your gadget and see what the device gives out. The original will open the test menu. In fake devices, this combination simply will not work.
  • The authenticity of the smartphone can guarantee the seller. If he is an official representative of the company and has all the necessary documents for the device.
samsung, distinguish, fake

Secret Code to Check if Samsung Phone is Original or Fake

Therefore, it is much safer to buy a device from the official website of the company or from official representatives.