Samsung does not see the computer, but it is charging

If a person connects the smartphone to the PC through a USB cable, but the computer does not respond in any way, it means that the user has encountered one of the following problems:

  • cable failure;
  • Breakage of the USB socket on one of the devices;
  • On the computer are installed incorrect drivers for the smartphone, or there are no drivers at all;
  • the “Charge only” option is selected during connection;
  • Malfunction of the operating system of one of the devices.

Thus, all the above problems can be divided into physical and software. To determine the exact cause of the Samsung Galaxy A50 phone does not see the PC, you need to check the hardware and settings of both devices.

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Alternative methods of connection

If connecting your Samsung Galaxy J1 (2016) SM-J120F/DS phone to your PC via USB failed, you can try alternative methods of transferring information from one device to another:

The first option does not need a detailed description, as in this case you just need to insert the memory card into the adapter and connect to the PC through the appropriate slot. But this kind of pairing will only allow you to transfer files to or from the flash drive.

To access smartphone memory, you must use a Wi-Fi connection. To do this you need an additional program. For example, MyPhoneExplorer. It should be downloaded both on PC (from the official website) and on the phone (via Google Play).

Further connection is performed as follows:

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open MyPhoneExplorer on the phone.
  • Create a password for connection.
  • Open the program on your PC.
  • Press the “File” button and select the “Connect” item.
  • Confirm pairing by entering the previously created code.

So the smartphone can connect to PC without USB-cable. MyPhoneExplorer will display a list of all available files on your computer. You can transfer information from and to your phone.

How to solve the problem

First you have to make sure that you use a functioning cable for the connection. The easiest way is to put the phone on a charger with the same cord. If the device is charging, then the problem is definitely not with the cable.

The second point, which users often overlook, is the wrong type of connection. When a person connects the smartphone to the PC, a notification appears on the screen of the mobile device offering to choose one of several pairing types:

“Charge Only” type is indicated by default. When you do this, the Android smartphone simply draws its power from the computer. Check the pairing settings and select “Connect as Media Device” or “USB Mass Storage Device. Only in this case PC will see the Samsung Galaxy M21 phone as a full-fledged mass storage device.

If when you connect the mobile device to the PC nothing at all happens (the gadget does not even charge), you need to check the availability of the USB interface on your computer. For example, it is possible to insert a flash drive or plug in a mouse.

Physical problems (broken cable or connector) are solved only by replacing components. And in a situation where you select the correct type of connection (media device) and you use functioning accessories, the cause of the error is faulty drivers.

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They are usually installed automatically the first time you pair your smartphone and PC. Software can only be loaded if you are connected to the internet. If not connected to the network, the drivers will not be loaded. Therefore it is recommended to check if you are connected to the internet.

You can check if the drivers are working as follows:

  • Open the device manager (WinR and then type devmgmt.msc).
  • Find the MTP device or phone name in the list.
  • Double click the left mouse button.
  • Click on “Update driver”.
  • Select “USB MTP device”.
  • Press “Next”.
  • Wait for the drivers to reinstall.

If the smartphone does not appear in the Device Manager in any way, it makes sense to turn on the Android gadget in developer mode:

  • Open phone settings.
  • Go to “For developers”.
  • Activate the function.
  • Click “Default USB Configuration.
  • Select “transfer files” option.

If none of the offered tips helps, the only solution is to reset the smartphone. This operation is performed if the owner of the device suspects that the pairing is missing due to the presence of viruses.

After the operation all files will be deleted from the mobile device. To avoid losing important information, it is recommended that you back up your device in advance.

Samsung Galaxy can’t see PC via USB. how to fix it

Taking pictures, recording videos, installing new applications or downloading music from the Internet all these actions effectively deplete the memory in our Samsung Galaxy.

To increase the capabilities of your smartphone, it’s worth periodically transferring your most important data to your computer’s hard drive.

Archiving files, of course, will improve file security (like a backup) and allow almost unlimited use of our smartphone’s memory.

But, many users of Samsung Galaxy devices face certain problems when connecting a smartphone to a computer or laptop, so in our today’s post we will break down the most common of them and give answers to popular user questions.

Why Android phone is not visible on the computer via USB and only charging occurs. simple causes and solutions

Before proceeding to additional methods of solving the problem when the phone is not visible through the USB connection, I recommend to pay attention to the following simple points: very often the cause turns out to be something of the following:

  • If you took a USB connection cable from a not original cheap charger or coming with another device (for example. to charge wireless headphones or another device not designed for receiving and transmitting data), the reason can be exactly that: not all cables can transmit data, there are no appropriate contacts, and you can not notice it externally. The solution. a functioning cable with a guaranteed data transfer capability.
  • If you are faced with the fact that the smartphone is not visible when connected to the computer, and if you have recently had a phone repair and have repaired something related to the board or connector, it is likely that the repair caused the problem: very often the connectors are soldered so that after that only the charging works properly. The solution is only to redo.
  • If you have a Mac OS, just install the Android File Transfer app to be able to transfer data, official website:
  • If you still have Windows XP, install the MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) driver.

Additionally keep in mind that connection even with intact cable through USB-hub (USB ports splitter), to defective USB socket of PC or laptop, and sometimes to the front panel of PC can cause the problem in question. Try a direct USB connection, a different connector, the back of the PC if plugged into the USB 3 connector.0 (usually blue). check to see if the problem persists when you connect to USB 2.0.

samsung, does, computer, charging

And one last simple point: once your phone is connected to your computer, it requires:

  • Unlock the phone when connected, if it’s locked. you can’t access data on locked modern Android phones.
  • In the notification area, click on the USB connection notification (by default, most phones are connected only for charging). If the notification does not appear, or rather it does not say that it is a USB connection, but only text about charging, then from the “point of view” of the phone connection does not serve to transfer data (wrong cable, damaged cable, connector on the phone or computer). Below are screenshots of what the notification looks like on pure Android 9 and 8, on Samsung Galaxy and on Android 6-7.
  • Select MTP file transfer mode for USB connection. On older versions of Android, there may also be an option to connect as USB Mass Storage, it will also work, and it may work even better.
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If the above methods did not help, let us move on to more complicated ways of correction.

First, in order to recognize a smartphone like the Galaxy S, the computer needs all the necessary drivers. Usually when a device is plugged into your computer it will immediately detect it, but if the correct drivers are not installed, this may not happen.

Drivers are special programs that help you to communicate between your phone and your computer. You can usually download them from the manufacturer’s website. If your computer doesn’t recognize your Galaxy S7, go immediately to the Samsung website and download the drivers. Here’s a link to the Galaxy S7 / Edge support page. Mac owners will need to install Android File Transfer so your Mac can communicate with the phone.

There is an alternative: you can simply download Smart Switch and install the program on your computer, thus facilitating file sharing. It comes with all the necessary drivers, so once installed, you can rest easy. the computer will recognize your device and file sharing will no longer be an issue.

Try reinstalling the Samsung Galaxy driver on your computer

Those Windows users who have only installed drivers for Samsung may find that they need to uninstall the device before it is detected. You’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Hold down the Windows key and press R to invoke the “Run” command.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” and press “Enter”.
  • Select “Other Devices” or “Portable Devices.
  • If “Samsung_Android” or “Unknown device” is listed with a yellow icon (!), right click and choose “Uninstall “.
  • Right-click on the “Device Manager” window and select “Scan for hardware changes”.

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samsung, does, computer, charging

In principle, after installing the necessary drivers or programs, everything should work. But if the problem is not that the device is not recognized by your computer, you need to look for another way.

So, what to do if you have installed the drivers, but the computer still does not see your Samsung Galaxy?

First of all. “does not see” is not the same as “does not recognize”. So we always ask readers to describe the problem as precisely as possible to provide the most suitable solution. Here, for example, is one of the “confusing” posts on the subject.

“I can no longer transfer photos to my computer because it does not recognize the device. I don’t know what I did or didn’t do, but before that the computer immediately recognized the phone and I immediately dumped files and photos. Now it just can’t see it. I connect my phone and it doesn’t see it. You can help me?”

You see, first our reader uses the term “recognize” and then writes that “the computer doesn’t see it,” meaning the computer “doesn’t detect” the connected device. In this case you should try to fix the fact that the computer does not see the Samsung phone. What I can recommend is to change the USB connection. And here’s how.

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Reasons for not connecting the phone via USB

I would divide the whole problem of PC not seeing your smartphone via USB cable into hardware and software, and below I will list each of them, in parallel providing instructions on how to fix it. But before you use the techniques I’ve mentioned, try rebooting your computer and smartphone. it doesn’t help as rarely as it seems. This problem mostly occurs with devices from Samsung, Lenovo, HTC, LG and Fly.

samsung, does, computer, charging

The computer does not see the phone via USB, but it charges it

Why won’t your Samsung phone connect to your computer??

There are a number of reasons why a PC may not see a phone connected to it via USB cable.

  • Cable damage any, even the highest quality USB cable has a relatively short shelf life and wears out after a few months of active use. Wear or mechanical damage will not allow the phone to transfer the charge and data from the computer;
  • Damage to the phone jack or the USB port also prevents the device from connecting to the PC;
  • Problems with the phone battery also affect the connection display. We judge the success of connection to the computer by the appearance of the charging indicator, if the phone battery does not respond to the connection, it may seem that the connection has not occurred;
  • incorrect cable connection settings on your computer or smartphone, a locked phone these conditions will not allow you to connect;
  • outdated drivers may not correctly indicate the status of the device connected to the computer;
  • Unofficial version of the operating system or phone firmware;
  • installed antivirus helps to avoid infection of the computer with malware, but interferes with the functioning of conditionally safe software. Some antiviruses block connections to the USB port or affect the correct display when connected.

How I solved the last problem when the PC did not see the Samsung phone via USB

I must say I have used this phone a5 via USB many times and everything went fine, but recently the PC did not see it, but it charged as it should.

The first thing I did was to get another a3 phone. His PC saw it. This immediately ruled out 2 problems: bad cable and bad PC (no drivers).

So it’s either the phone itself, such as the port or the Android system. I cleaned the port. nothing has changed.

Then took up the Android system. Looked through all the settings and even reset them without resetting the data. Checked the USB debugging, to see if the protocol is correctly wired.

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Nothing helped, no matter what, I did. As PC did not see it, and did not see. We are left with one last option. a full reset.

I didn’t want to do it because of data deletion, but now I’m even happy that I did it (the phone started working much better).

Of course, before that I synced all the data. After resetting and restoring data, which took about half an hour, I plugged the cable into the laptop and the smartphone and it immediately saw it via USB/

My only regret is that I was in a hurry and never got to the bottom of the cause, which I would now share with you. So there you go.