Samsung Galaxy which one is better to choose

At present, Samsung phones are very popular in our country. According to surveys, they are the most in demand. First of all, thanks to affordable price, high functionality and a huge choice. each user can easily select the model that will be a successful purchase. But just because of the abundance of new products on the market, many people are lost and can not decide which smartphone to give preference. So let’s make a review of the best smartphones Samsung, introducing in the top several most successful and popular models that meet different requirements and financial possibilities.

  • The best inexpensive smartphones Samsung 2022
  • 1. Samsung Galaxy A51
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy A41
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy A30s
  • 4. Samsung Galaxy A20s
  • 5. Samsung Galaxy M01
  • The best frameless Samsung smartphones. flagships
  • 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 10
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy S20
  • The best Samsung smartphones with a good camera
  • 1. Samsung Galaxy S10
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy S10e
  • The best Samsung smartphones with a good battery
  • 1. Samsung Galaxy A71
  • 2. Samsung Galaxy A31
  • 3. Samsung Galaxy M21
  • 4. Samsung Galaxy A21s
  • Which Samsung smartphone to buy

Samsung Galaxy A10

The A series of smartphones is a mid-budget lineup, but as the price tag of the younger device shows, it’s not all that clear-cut. The A10 is the company’s most affordable fresh smartphone in 2019, and there are cheaper ones, but they were released in 2018 and earlier. For those who want a quality device from a name brand, A10 will be it, as the best in the market, though apparently even with its not the biggest price the Chinese have something more interesting to offer. The model has a large 6.2-inch screen with HD resolution, teardrop-shaped notch and the sides 19:9. The display is covered with Gorilla Glass 3, which will protect the screen from scratches and bumps. Performance is provided by the proprietary Exynos 7884 processor with two efficient 1.6GHz cores and six energy efficient 1.35GHz cores. The chipset is helped by 2GB of RAM, and there’s 32GB of internal capacity. In the output the whole combination gives an excellent result. for everyday tasks is enough performance and multitasking, and the drive will allow you to store data. By today’s standards, 32GB is the minimum for comfortable use. It is pleased that the phone supports two SIM cards and memory cards. The manufacturer has not forgotten about the NFC. For the asking price. it’s very cool. All of this is seasoned with a 3,400mAh battery and face protection. The cameras are single. 13 and 8 megapixels. The front one artificially creates a bokeh effect. In general, the result is decent. A10 is available in several colors, including red, which will please fans of bright devices. It’s worth noting that the A10 has become one of the best-selling smartphones among budget smartphones in 2019. and that’s saying a lot.

M20. this is the company’s latest innovation, which came out recently and has already earned the title of the people’s smartphone. A plastic case that doesn’t look cheap and has a large 6.3-inch diagonal. As a 2019 device, the screen has a 19.5:9 ratio with a teardrop-shaped cutout for the camera. IPS matrix. it provides natural color reproduction and wide angles. In addition, the model is energy efficient. 5000 mAh battery in combination with the eight-core Exynos 7904 chipset give excellent performance energy efficiency. Regarding the processor, it is worth noting that he has contrary to tradition is not 4 and 4 cores, and two efficient and six thrifty. Memory choice. 3/32 GB or 4/64 GB. At the same time in the older version there is an NFC module. The manufacturer has not skimped on details and the phone supports two SIM cards and a separate slot for MicroSD. The good points don’t end there. the dual camera at the back is 135MP, the auxiliary module is wide-angle. capturing 120 degrees. Front sensor. 8 megapixel. There is fast charging and Dolby Atmos support. the ability to listen to audio in the best quality possible in 2019. The model is one of the most affordable from Samsung, but in terms of parameters it is a very interesting and balanced device.

( From China. From China ).

Which phone is better: Samsung or Xiaomi? Comparison of similar devices

Samsung smartphones and Xiaomi phones are the most in demand among Android devices. Among the models of these companies there are similar smartphones, but to decide which phone is better Xiaomi or Samsung can only be decided after comparing their parameters and features. In this article we will look at popular mid-priced and budget smartphones Samsung and Xiaomi.

Both smartphones were introduced in 2019, occupying a place in the niche of mid-price devices. The phones are an extension of the famous Galaxy A and Redmi Note lines, inheriting the achievements of the previous models.

Galaxy A51 advantages:

  • A more compact body;
  • Super AMOLED matrix is installed;
  • Higher resolution front and additional cameras;
  • Energy efficient processor;
  • Fingerprint scanner is built into the screen.
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The main differences between Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and Samsung A 51

The most noticeable difference between the two models is the size of the body and the size of the screen. The Samsung Galaxy smartphone is more compact, while the Redmi Note 8 Pro has a slightly larger screen. Also, the devices have a different matrix and the display is covered by glass of different generations. The Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro phone has a 64 MP main camera, but the accuracy of the other lenses is inferior to the potential of the Galaxy A51 auxiliary modules.

The Exynos 9611 processor has better energy efficiency, and the MediaTek Helio G90T in the Xiaomi device is equipped with an optimized architecture for the set of commands. The phones support the same wireless technology and have similar interfaces, but they have different battery capacities.

If you are looking for a smartphone for gaming and are deciding which phone is better than Samsung or Xiaomi, pay attention to the type of the matrix installed and the energy efficiency of Galaxy models, because these factors determine the comfort of prolonged interaction with the device.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4

The gadget is wrapped in a metal body, painted silver or gold. It is no more than 7 mm thick, which makes it comfortable to use and allows you to fit it even in a small briefcase. The technical specifications are based on a combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor, 3/32GB memory. If necessary, the volume can be easily expanded by installing MicroSD up to 512GB in the corresponding tray. The sound is reproduced in stereo. The audio system includes 4 speakers and a microphone.

The main thing in the tablet. its screen and it is impressive. IPS-matrix does not limit viewing angles, and the picture is displayed at a resolution of 2000×1200 pixels at a diagonal of 10.4-inch. Samsung has two cameras. 5 megapixels in the front and 8 megapixels in the back. The 7040 mAh battery with Samsung Charge support contributes to a good battery life.

  • It uses a Snapdragon, which is faster than last year’s A-series on the Samsung Exynos 7904;
  • 3 GB of RAM is enough for now;
  • Performance;
  • Holds a charge for a long time;
  • The optimal aspect ratio for video playback;
  • High resolution;
  • Four speakers that give great sound, but no bass in it;
  • The quality of oleophobic coating.

What to consider when choosing a Samsung smartphone

Of course, to please everyone with one selection is extremely difficult. If you do not know how to choose a smartphone from Samsung, we recommend considering the following aspects:

  • Autonomous operation. in this respect, winning smartphones from the company, built on proprietary energy efficient Exynos processors with powerful batteries. M-class models with batteries ranging from 6000 to 7000 mAh ideally meet these criteria. It is important to understand that autonomy depends not only on battery capacity, but also on the chip process, display parameters and other parameters;
  • Charging. Considering how much power today’s screens of the company, which is deservedly considered the leader in the production of mobile displays, you need to pay more attention to charging. Devices that support reverse and wireless charging are usually in the S-series. In the budget segment there are mostly models with fast charging power of 15W.
  • RAM. for the initial category is optimal 4 GB, for the middle class the norm 6 GB, and in the premium class the company has gaming solutions, including Note 20 Ultra with up to 12 GB of RAM, and this is not the limit.
  • The camera. here we should consider all the elements separately for different lenses: from the main camera module to the depth sensor. For a description of all the sensors we would take a lot of time, so we recommend comparing the models on the resource Dxomark;
  • The processor. most of the smartphones run on a proprietary Exynos or Qualcom processor. The first option is attractive in terms of energy efficiency, but the chips are not as powerful as “snaps.

Separately, we suggest talking about the company’s displays and processors used by the brand.

The budget segment of smartphones

As practice shows, the company’s proprietary Exynos chips, positioned against the 600-series Snapdragon, looks prettier. If you are looking for a performance device, and “torn” between the M20, A30s, A51 and M30, it is better to opt for owners of Exynos 9611 in the configuration with 6 gigabytes of RAM. This will allow you to cope with demanding games without acceleration and “fifth to tenth” without much trouble.

As for the choice of display, almost all low-cost models now support FullHD, and are based on an AMOLED matrix. The M31 with the prefix “Super”. A51 also has a good response speed, high contrast and brightness level, which is also backed by a powerful camera supporting 4K resolution.

If the budget does not allow, in our opinion, the best option is A30s.

Samsung‘s mid-range segment

Unlike Apple, the pricing policy of the South Korean brand is built in such a way that after some time once premium phones become affordable, but this is due to the fact that there is always a buyer.

That rare case when you do not need to compare a huge number of parameters to single out a particular favorite, in our opinion. In terms of value for money, the Galaxy S10 Lite is undeniably decent.

samsung, galaxy, which, better

If for some reason you do not like this lineup, you can pay attention to the representatives of the A-class. In particular, good performance and interesting performance and price / quality ratio is relatively pleased with A70, A90.

The flagship segment from Samsung

It’s more complicated here, because not everyone is willing to pay about 1,500 for a fresh S20 Ultra, realizing that with the release of the Note 20, the new flagship may get cheaper. At the same time against the background of the S20 looks quite advantageous Note 10 Plus, which is inferior in terms of refresh rate, but wins in terms of battery capacity and a number of other parameters.

affordable and weaker looks S10 Plus, which, of course, lacks the 108-megapixel sensor and “wild” refresh rate, but its screen, power, style. still relevant. Most likely, it’s a matter of taste and financial strength. If you do not plan to keep up with Samsung engineers, it is definitely advisable to focus on the S10 lineup.

What mobile screens does the company use??

  • AMOLED is a popular technology that outperforms IPS in terms of color reproduction and viewing angles;
  • SUPER AMOLED. the development of Samsung, the essence of which lies in the use of proprietary backlight, instead of the most successful product, because the picture was grainy.
  • SUPER AMOLED PLUS. the company decides to go back to using RGB, but the matrix has become much more efficient in terms of brightness and clarity;
  • DYNAMIC AMOLED. the flagship line, which has support for HDR10. These screens are equipped with the most expensive smartphones of the brand.
samsung, galaxy, which, better

Rating of the best Samsung 2020 smartphone models

As we can see, the ranking is formed taking into account users’ requests for new products, camera or other smartphone parameters. For convenience, the list of rankings is offered according to the price segment of each of the phones. Naturally, the position in the ranking does not affect the final decision when choosing a device. Below is a brief overview of the catalog of Samsung smartphone models in order to get acquainted with all the current Samsung phones on the market today.

Rating of the best models of smartphones Samsung 2020

As you can see, the ranking is formed taking into account users’ requests for novelties, camera or other parameters of smartphones. For convenience, the rating list is offered according to the price segment of each phone. Of course, the position in the ranking does not affect the final decision when choosing a device. Below is a brief overview of the catalog of Samsung smartphone models in order to get acquainted with all the current Samsung phones on the market today.

Top 3 best Samsung fitness bracelets of 2021

The most functional fitness bracelet from Samsung

The company’s latest and most functional model. This Samsung fitness bracelet launched in 2021 and offers high autonomy and several unique features. That is why it tops the rating. The new “Samsung” Smart bracelet is primarily aimed at everyday use. It can automatically detect physical activity, track stress levels, and even tell you how to wash your hands properly (which is especially important in 2021).

Design. Samsung Galaxy Fit2 bracelet has a compact size. Thanks to the weight of 41 grams (with the stock strap), it is almost not felt in the hand. The front panel is covered by a 1.1-inch AMOLED display under 2.5D glass. The device is only 11.1 mm thick, but it comes in a water-resistant case. 5ATM certification shows that the fitness tracker can dive to depths of 50m. which means it can swim and dive.

Available in two colors for the stock strap. black and red.

Key Features. Smart bracelet Samsung Galaxy Fit2 is designed primarily for everyday use, but will suit athletes as well. The device automatically detects and tracks four types of workouts. walking, running, power walk and elliptical trainer (elliptical trainer) activities. Tracking for other sports, including biking and swimming, is also available, but must be enabled manually.

The bracelet supports sleep phase tracking. The smart alarm clock in the standard feature set is absent, but the model is compatible with third-party applications. Optical heart rate monitor not only determines the heart rate, but can also monitor stress levels. And also the bracelet will tell you how to wash your hands, and monitor your hygiene.

The bracelet can also display notifications and calls from your smartphone, control music that is playing on it, and prompt the weather.

Synchronization with Samsung Health and third-party fitness applications;

Detailed recording of workouts, especially outdoor running;

Extensive companion device functionality (there are even quick responses to notifications).