Samsung is not updated by WhatsApp on the phone why. Installation of Watsap on Huawei…

Applications updates appear when developers close any critical vulnerabilities in the program code or replace old or new functions are added. WatsApp advises updating the application when new opportunities appear to avoid error in the work of the messenger. If the detected vulnerabilities cannot be removed in time, then the chance of publication of confidential data will increase by hackers will increase.

We will definitely tell you how to update WhatsApp on Samsung’s phone. But first a few words about the need to install a new version! We strongly recommend tracking the exit of updates. That’s why:

  • The compatibility of the messenger with the operating system improves;
  • Decrease in the number of errors and bugs;
  • Increase in the speed and stability of the program;
  • The level of security rises. possible “holes” and vulnerability are closed;
  • The user gets access to new options and chips.

The most intelligibly explained why you need to update WhatsApp to Samsung immediately. In the settings you will find the opportunity to enable the auto.renewal option. we advise you to refuse it. The reasons are as follows:

Whatsapp App Not installed Problem Solve | How To Fix Whatsapp Not installing

  • The load on the battery increases. the battery will be discharged faster;
  • The speed of mobile Internet is reduced;
  • Traffic is spent. causes problems if you do not unlimited.

We finish with theory and move on to practice. it’s time to figure out how to update WhatsApp on Samsung‘s phone.

What should be considered when updating WhatsApp

The update will use the advanced messenger system, new functions and design. After installing it, the application will work perfectly, without issuing errors.

  • Provided for free.
  • Installed automatically, after downloading.
  • Require an Internet connection and free space in memory.
  • The average volume of the download file is 20 MB.

Updating WhatsApp on the Samsung phone is allowed in the background. You can use any program, answer calls, while the system itself will take care of downloading and installing the file.

Auto updating

You have no opportunity to monitor the relevance of the Messenger version? Do not be discouraged. the smartphone will do everything for you! Just install auto updating. it’s easy.

  • Enter the Google Play Market and go to the section “My Appendices and Games”;
  • Look for WhatsApp in the list and click on the name to open;
  • Find three points in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • In the menu that appears, put a checkmark in the “Auto Refine” item.

Setting up auto.renewal

In order not to update WhatsApp manually, turn on the auto updating. By default, it is activated, but can turn off if the user himself turned off the function, or the phone does not connect to Wi-Fi (only mobile Internet is used).

  • Go to the market;
  • Go to the menu;
  • then settings;
  • in the section “Auto.Refining Appendices”;
  • Select 1 out of 3 points (preferably “only through Wi-Fi”: so mobile traffic is not spent on updates).


This instruction should be considered separately for the stationary version of the messenger on Windows and for a mobile application for devices with iOS and android. After all, the order of action is somewhat different everywhere.

How to update WhatsApp on Android step by step

Instructions below are suitable for any smartphones: from Samsung and Sony to the phones of Chinese brands. The main thing is that they work under the Android OS.

Update through Play Market is done as follows:

  • We go to the Play Market;
  • Click on the left at the top of 3 strips, and go to “My applications and games”;
  • We find ourselves in the “Updates” section and wait until the market will automatically make a list of programs that can be updated;
  • We are looking for WhatsApp list and click “Update”. Before this, you can scroll below and read what changes the developers made;
  • We are waiting for the application to be updated. Speed ​​depends on the update size and the Internet connection speed.

It is recommended to update the application, connecting to the home network Wi-Fi. The update can weigh 10-50 MB, therefore, through mobile Internet, it is updated both longer and more expensive.

How to update WhatsApp on iPhone

On the iPhone, a person learns about existing updates if he looks at the App Store icon. When it has a red circle with a certain number. this means that new versions are available for so many applications.

On the iPhone, the advanced WhatsApp is installed as follows:

  • The program on the smartphone is completely closed;
  • The store opens;
  • It is pressed “update” in the lower right corner;
  • A messenger is selected from the list that appears and the same button is activated opposite it.

Also update WhatsApp when a new version appears in automatic mode. The necessary settings are installed for this. After that, when the program opens, an offer appears to load additions to it.


APP Stor store offered by Apple as the only official tool for obtaining applications on the manufacturer’s devices is equipped not only by the installation function, but also by the means to update all programs. An increase in the VATSAPP version through the App Store is very simple.


The users of the Apple, familiar to many users, interacting with the manufacturer’s devices through the iTunes application, including updating the application installed in smartphones and tablets, is also relevant today. To increase the VATSAPP version using a computer and iTunes is not difficult.

Update for smartphones on other platforms

Phone owners with the Windows Phone operating system set the fresh version of “WhatsApp” in this order:

  • The first step is to remove the program from the device memory. Previously, you need to perform backup duplication of chats to prevent the loss of personal data. Download copies to a virtual storage.
  • In the store of free and paid platform applications, you should choose the required utility. Activate the installation function. At the same time, the latest software version will load on the smartphone.
  • The final stage is the restoration of saved information. Following the instructions of the program, personal data from the virtual drive are transferred to the user account chats.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the device model. In most cases, the difference lies in the names of the keys or sections of the menu.


Why is whatsApp on Android is not updated, we examined. Now we offer various solutions to the problem, depending on the reason.

Not enough memory

What to do if WhatsApp is not updated and the “Not enough free memory” sign is displayed ?

As soon as you free up the place, you can put the update file for loading. It will be installed automatically.

Incompatibility with the device

If you can’t update WhatsApp on Android due to incompatibility with the device, you should try download the APK file (you can do this for free on our site). At the same time, do not forget to allow access to installation of applications from unknown sources in the settings.

Inaccessible in the country

When WhatsApp asks for an update, but does not want to be updated and the error is “inaccessible in your country” is displayed. There is only one way out. turning on VPN. If your phone does not have the necessary program, you will have to download it in advance and install it.

The VPN application will artificially change your location. This will allow you to “deceive” the program, giving the opportunity to download the update and install it. At work, the functions of these actions are not reflected.

If the Android version is outdated on your phone and the update does not open on it, you will have to come to terms with. The output will be a rejection of innovations or buying a new model of the device.

Occasionally the phone writes the date is outdated. In this case, just try to restart the device. The error continues to be displayed? Then remove the application and load its new version with an already update.

Eliminating problems with codes

Separately, let’s talk about update errors codes. There are quite a lot of them. Everyone has its own value. We will combine them into groups, providing relevant instructions for solving the problem.

What to do if WhatsApp is not updated on the Android phone and error code 941, 927, 921, 910, 907, 505, 492, 491, 481, 413 or DF-DLA-15 is displayed


  • Restore the smartphone.
  • Add the data of your account again or create a new one (relevant if you forgot the password).
  • Go to the Play settings of the market and clean the cache.

After you do all the actions described above, try to download the WhatsApp update again again. If it fails, delete the program and download the new version.

You ask the question: I can’t update WhatsApp on Android, because error is highlighted 409? You will have to look for a solution by the method of “trial and error”. You can try:

  • Download the update via Wi-Fi if you used to use mobile Internet.
  • Turn on the background data transmission mode in the phone settings.
  • Clean the play of the markete.

Codes 919, 498 and 101 in WhatsApp indicate a lack of free space on the device. How to eliminate this problem, we discussed above.

Weak Internet or its absence

The application can work poorly due to the fact that the Internet is poorly downloaded. This is a common problem that users face. In order for WhatsApp to function correctly, it is not necessary that the connection be super.speed. If a problem arises, it is recommended to check whether cellular communications are paid, are there any difficulties with the connection. This is the first reason that needs to be excluded before looking for others.

Auto updating

To always use a fresh version, turn on the auto updating by Wi-Fi. Using this function, you will not spend a mobile Internet, download will only occur when connecting to Wi-Fi.[pp_imgslider srcs = “https: //, https: //, https: //, https: // “]

Sometimes, during the reinstalling of the messenger, failures occur and WhatsApp cannot be installed. If this happens, you need to take the following steps:

  • Reload the device and try to install again;
  • Check the amount of free memory, you need to at least 100 MB of free space, if necessary, remove the unnecessary, try to install again;
  • The presence of some programs that can prevent the application of the application, for example, Task Kill, turn off or delete such a program, try to install the messenger again;
  • If none of the ways helped, then you need to save the backup copies of these devices on an external drive and drop the smartphone to factory settings. After that, install WhatsApp again.

Through Play Market

Consider step by step how to download WhatsApp updates for android. The method is suitable for any modern device, including a tablet or car radio with Android.

Guide how to update WhatsApp on Android via Play Market:

  • Run the official store.
  • Put the cursor in the search window and write “WhatsApp or WotSAP”.
  • A page with a description of the service will open, here you can read reviews, see the number of downloads and an average rating.
  • Click on the Update key, it is located on top of the right.
  • Download files and their installation will be automatically carried out.

You can start working with a messenger immediately after the end of the operation. Re.enter an account or configure WhatsApp.

Option 2. Restoration from the archive

This is a pretty simple way. Nevertheless, he will require you PC, a flash drive with an OTG-adapter and a special archive that can be found on the Internet and which should be suitable for your model. Also from the minuses, that most often you will install only individual services and applications.

This is not always the option of installing a Play Market on Honor 9A, 9C, 9S and other “problematic” models. Therefore, at the very beginning of this method, find out whether he will install a Play market on your model. You can find out in the description of the archive with the restoration that you will find on the Internet.

  • Format the flash drive and then unpack the contents of the archive on it.
  • Connect the flash drive to the phone.
  • Go to the “System and Update” item in the settings, and then to “Restoration”.
  • Select “Reserve Data” and then agree with all permits.
  • Select an external drive, and then a flash drive.
  • When the archive is recognized, then select it. Then click Restore.

Now you can turn the application. After restoring the programs that were in the archive will be on the desktop.

Possible problems

Sometimes with updates there are annoying failures, errors jump out. If you tried to update the messenger several times, and this did not lead to anything good, the software will have to be reinstalled. To do this, we will go to Play Market again. The latest version of Watsap will be installed on the default smartphone. Move to the messenger page and wash your own version.

You do not need to look for how to update WhatsApp on Android “CAMSUN”. by pressing “OK”, you will get rid of all the extra. Now click on the “Install” button.

This is where your adventures are completed. In the near future, additional movements on the market will not be required. you have a fresh and ready.made version. Use, not forgetting to configure the auto updating vi-fui before.

There is nothing complicated in downloading and subsequent installation of software codes. the process takes a couple of minutes. If you have a high.quality network connection, the messenger is updated quickly and without unnecessary troubles. Faced with difficulties? And this is solved by removing and re.installation of software. We recommend that you automate the process in order to never think about outdated programs. Let the technique fulfill its tasks autonomously.

How to update WhatsApp on the Samsung smartphone, we will tell you as part of the current material. After reading the article, he will continue to have questions about the indicated process. The given algorithm will help to conduct an audit for several minutes.

Please note that when installing the previous version of the messenger, the possibility of voice communication is lost. This applies to both subscribers and to receive calls. A similar rule applies to handling SMS-kami.

Also, service fans receive impeccable functioning and modernized design. In a word, it is recommended to update the program to avoid such problems with communication.

If the mobile device is running android, upgrade occurs in automatic mode. However, follow two points:

Problems with installation and downloading update

How to update WhatsApp on Samsung, we told. The procedure is simple, which does not require knowledge and experience. However, occasionally problems arise. Often they are the following:

  • Lack of access to the Internet. The solution to the problems is very simple. If the download does not start, look at the availability of access to the Internet, if necessary, restart the router or check the account of the mobile.
  • Insufficient inner memory. If you update WhatsApp on the Samsung Galaxy phone due to lack of memory, remove unnecessary applications. As an option, you can transfer some files to the SD card (photo, video).
  • Unsupported update. Sometimes this happens that the version of the mobile phone is so obsolete that only the change of gadget will help.

Google Play cleaning and Android services

Another effective way to eliminate errors that appear in Play Market and Google Play when installing the WhatsApp application is to clean the store cache. And although we did this using the Clean Master application, it is Play Market that may not check for the presence of a cache and garbage.

  • Open your mobile device settings;
  • Select the “Applications” item and find the following: “All applications”;
  • Select the Google Play from this list and click on the application page “Stop”. Then, click “Clean the cache” below;
  • Return one step back and find the Google Play Services application and do the same as with the previous one.

Cleaning cache on a mobile phone

If the cleaning of the memory did not allow you to install Watsap updates on the Android smartphone, let’s try to remove the cache. You can do this for each application and game. And also for the WhatsApp application itself. But this is a rather long process. It is better to use applications from Play Market and iOS. Use Clean Master or other like from a mobile market.

The application is also able to stop unnecessary processes in the mobile device (cleaning of RAM), and also provides a scan function for viruses. For additional payment, it is proposed to use a full.fledged antivirus system. After conducting preventive work on your phone, try updating the WhatsApp application.

Auto updating WhatsApp

To perform the process in automatic mode, you need to connect auto updating. The option is available when connecting with Wi-Fi, which allows saving mobile Internet traffic.

Owners of smartphones with the Android operating system can use the function. Gadget users on other platforms will have to update WhatsApp manually.

Automation of the procedure includes the following actions:

  • Opening the settings menu “Play Market”;
  • the selection of the section “Auto Refine application”;
  • indication of the access point (through Wi-Fi) in the opening window.

If you select the second point of the tab with the inscription “always”, the risk of unreasonable traffic consumption is increased. In some cases, data transfer is carried out on a paid basis.

Automatic update.

Re.authorize in the Google account on the phone

Sometimes this happens that in the Google Play system there is a failure of accounting data. After that, the markete services (including WhatsApp) stop working properly. Maybe Google Play itself is not available for some time. But after repeated authorization, these problems usually leave our mobile device.

  • Open the smartphone settings again; Open the smartphone settings
  • Select “Google accounts”; Select your accounting records or Google account
  • Find the account you use and choose it now; Select the used account
  • Next, find the item “Data Management in the Google account”; Select “Account Management”
  • Find another item inside the “Removing of the account” and select it; Click on the “Delete Account” button
  • Press the last button “Delete” and enter the password from the account. Then confirm your actions.

Now you need to restart the device and again log in in the Google system. Enter email address. And password from account.

Try to update the WhatsApp application after these actions again.

What to do if your WhatsApp is outdated, but does not want to update

The inability to update WhatsApp on a smartphone can occur for a number of reasons, for example, when trying to install a fresh update, an error pops up, or there is simply no free space on the device to download the update.

Solving problems on error codes

To begin with, let’s look at the situation when it is not possible to update WhatsApp, while a notification appears on the screen with a combination of numbers indicating a certain error. Often, users face the following problems:

Charges from the Google account. In this case, there will be a warning with errors 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 910, 921, 927, 941 and DF-DLA-15. To fix such errors, you need to open the “settings” on your device and go to the “Users and Accounts” section.

Find your Google account and click the “Delete” button. Next, you need to restart the smartphone and go into the settings again, and then after clicking the “Add” button, enter your account data again again.

Unacceptable data package. If errors occur with codes of 403, 495, 504, 911, 920, 923, RPC, you need to make sure that your device has enough free space for loading.

Then go to the developer’s official website and open the “Download” tab, then open the ARC file and start installing, but be sure to check that the installation of programs from unknown sources is activated in the smartphone settings, which can be turned on in the “Blocking and Security” section.

Background data prohibition of data. The appearance of an error with code 490 on the screen can sometimes be solved by switching from a mobile network to a wireless access point.But if this did not help, then open the list of installed applications and find the Play Market, slip through the “Mobile Data” item and activate the background mode. Then return again to the Play Play Play and select “Clean the Cache”, then repeat the attempt to update WhatsApp.

If the OS is outdated

In addition to the above reasons for the problems with installing updates for WhatsApp, it is possible that the new version of the messenger is simply not supported by your device.

The application is adapted for all the most popular OS and types of devices, however, it is necessary for its work at least the Android 2 version.3.3.

If your smartphone or tablet does not meet the specified requirements, then that WhatsApp cannot be updated. The only thing that can be done in this case is to try to reflash the device or replace it with a new device on which there will be no problems with the support of the messenger and installing fresh updates.

Lack of memory

Lack of free space in the device’s memory is a common problem due to which updates cannot be established.

As a rule, the correct installation requires a gigabyte, and if you have less space left on your smartphone, then the following measures must be taken:

  • Go to the settings and in the “Memory” section Clean the application cache.
  • Get rid of unnecessary files and unused programs.
  • Launch a memory cleaning tool or use one of applications to clean the system and optimize the system.

Error “Waiting for downloading”

Many users complain that when downloading the application from the Play Market on the screen, the message “Waiting for downloading” appears, as a result of which the program does not work.

Often such a message indicates that this application is now in the queue for download, since another program is already being installed, so in this case it is necessary to just wait.

But sometimes such an error occurs even when loading one single program, and to correct the situation may be required:

Reconnect from a mobile network to a Wi-F access point.

Open the settings and in the section “My applications and games” turn off the auto.updating of applications.

Delete the play cache and clean the data.

How to manually update the outdated WhatsApp. step by step on Honor, Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphones on Android

The most popular mobile OS is precisely Android, and although various smartphone manufacturers install their firmware on top of the “pure” android, the application update process looks the same.

To set the program update manually, first close the messenger window, if it is launched, and also make sure that the device is connected to the network with a stable signal, after which you will need:

  • Run the Play Market and press three horizontal stripes in the upper left corner of the screen, thereby opening the application menu.
  • Choose the category “My applications and games”.

In the menu opened to go to the “Update” tab.

Find WhatsApp in the list of programs to be updated and click “Update”.

Again, we return to the fact that if, after pressing the “update” button, the system issued a notification of a lack of a place on the device, but you have already got rid of all unused applications and cleaned the cache, then try to remove unnecessary media files, photos, videos, music, etc. In the cloud storage.

We hope our material convinced you of the need to install the current versions of the messenger, and also helped to figure out why WhatsApp is not updated.

To successfully solve the problem, pay attention to error codes and eliminate the problems that correspond to them, and also make sure that your device meets the minimum set requirements and there is enough free space to load update in the internal memory.