Samsung is off and won’t turn on

What to Do If Samsung a51 or a21s Turns Off and Doesn’t Turn On

When all of a sudden your a51 or a21s, which came out of the blue in 2020, your screen goes out and won’t turn on again, there’s no reason to get excited.

Many people write to me that they want to cry and even live especially if you took it from your mother or brother / sister.

For some reason the father was never mentioned. Probably this half have nothing to lose or look at it with less tragedy.

samsung, turn

Nevertheless, you will have to do something. Take it quickly to the service? Yes it is an option, but it will not suit most people.

May be late, may be far away. Maybe there is no money? But this is not a problem, because at the time of writing Samsung a51 or a21s are definitely still under warranty.

Just wait. I have something to make you happy. In most cases the method I show below will help.

What to do if the Samsung Galaxy a50 turned off and does not turn on. solution one

A common feature of all smartphones is that sometimes they break. Besides, the failure occurs precisely when you need to use the device urgently.

I may be exaggerating a bit, but the fact remains that your Samsung a50 phone just shuts down and does not turn on again. What to do?

The easiest way is to press and hold down two buttons: “Power” and “Mute” until it starts. Once you see that the screen is lit (the Samsung inscription appears) the buttons can be released.

Pressing these buttons is adequate to remove the battery so don’t worry about your data, it will all stay where it was before.

This is the easiest and fastest way to reset your smartphone. You can use it for as long as you need. it’s harmless.

Solved the problem? If yes, great, if no, bad, but not tragic. I have another option for you to revive your phone.

What to do if your Samsung Galaxy phone does not turn on

All Samsung phones can be restored even if they don’t turn on. just not all are the same.

If there is a “Home” button, then press it with two others: “Power” and “Increase volume” (it is necessary to press three simultaneously).

If you have a Bixby button, you’ll need to hold that at the same time instead of the home button. If there is no “Home” or “Bixby,” then press and hold “Power” and “Volume up” together.

Release “Power” when “Samsung Galaxy” appears, and hold the steel ones for another 10 seconds, until the menu appears.

Then select “Wipe data/factory reset” with the sound buttons and press “Power”. Then, in the same way select and confirm “Yes” or “Yes. Delete all user data”.

Click on “Reboot system Now”. Samsung will reboot and work like new, but all personal data will be erased.

The Galaxy S7 screen is black, but the blue lights keep flashing as if there are messages

Problem : I hope you guys have already encountered this problem. My phone. Galaxy S7 that I bought about 4 months ago. This is the international version, but I activated it with a provider in the U.S. I was able to use the device without any problems the whole time, until the update came and the problem started. My phone screen has been black for a couple of days now, but that blue light keeps blinking like I have messages. When I call my number it does not ring and when I charge my phone it does not charge. Do I need to send it in for repair or is there anything I can do to fix it? Melo

Troubleshooting : Hi, Melo! Apparently, it’s just a system crash. This is what happens when the firmware itself fails. Fortunately, this problem is easy to fix.

  • Press and hold the volume down button.
  • While holding it, press and hold the power key and hold them for 10 seconds.

The device will reboot and the problem will be fixed, but if it happens again, back up your data and do a reset.

Check the charger and cable

Perhaps your Samsung smartphone has run out of power and won’t turn on. You have connected the charger but nothing happens. First of all try to take the charger from another gadget and if the phone responded to it and began to get a charge, then the problem is in it. Next, you should change the USB cable to determine what exactly has stopped working. If your charger started charging your smartphone battery after replacing the wire, then the cause is faulty.

Advice from Samsung technical support

On the advice of Samsung technical support, we suggest you try the following very effective way to restore the functionality of your cell phone:

  • Press and hold down the “Volume Down” and “Power” buttons
  • Hold them for 7-12 seconds
  • If after that your machine is working, then there was a very common failure in its work.

If the problem persists, then move on to the next solution.

Cleaning the cache

Let’s format the partition of the phone’s memory that keeps all the cache.

  • Enter the recovery by pressing the “Volume Up” and “Power” buttons on the switched off device until the name of your phone model is displayed on the screen
  • After starting the recovery, using the volume buttons, select “Wipe cache partition” and then press the power button to perform the process
samsung, turn

The attempt was not successful? The device does not work properly after rebooting? Let’s move on to more complicated ways.

Problems in electrical circuits

If you still have doubts, you can also diagnose a failure of this type yourself:

  • Turn off the TV and then remove the back panel.
  • Examine on your own what condition the board is in, for this you will need a magnifying glass, a magnifying glass.
  • If the part is cracked, it must be replaced; spare parts can be purchased at appropriate stores.

Repairing electrical circuits is an extremely serious problem, so it is better to trust a specialist to fix it.