Samsung phone connection to a computer via USB

Connection of the phone to the computer via USB

Often there is a need to save on a desktop computer or laptop data from a mobile phone or, conversely, load something on it. In this case, it is necessary to connect the smartphone. The easiest and most reliable way is to use for this connection via USB.

This method is convenient in a situation when it comes to a large amount of data. Compared to the use of a wireless connection in the case under consideration, the data transfer will be faster.

For the procedure, you will need the corresponding cable. It is recommended to use the one that is included in the standard supply of a smartphone. In this case, the risk of unforeseen problems will be reduced during operation.

The connection is carried out as follows:

  • You need to connect the cable to the mobile phone, and insert the second end into the corresponding computer connector. If this is done for the first time, it may be necessary to install a suitable driver.
  • After the drivers are installed, a window will be shown in which the user will be offered a choice for what to do next.
  • Now the connection is installed, and the phone can be seen on the computer as one of the mobile devices.
  • In order to perform the necessary actions, you need to go to the conductor and open a mobile device through it.

However, on some models of telephones for connecting, it is necessary to perform additional actions. This is due to the possibility of using several operating modes.

Phone connection modes

However, devices using the Android operating system require additional actions. They depend on the connection method used.

In charging mode

Connection can be performed in charging mode. In this case, when the cable is connected, the smartphone begins to charge its battery through it. At the same time, access to data on the phone does not open. Often this connection is set in a standard way.

To change this, you need to lower the curtain on the screen. Among the inscriptions you can see a message that charging is happening by USB. You need to tap on this inscription. As a result, a menu will appear to select a suitable connection mode. One of the proposed options will be “file transfer”. If you select it, access to the phone will appear.

In debugging mode

The connection between the smartphone and the computer can be performed in debugging mode.

In order to use this, the user needs to take the following actions:

  • You need to go to the settings and select the section “On the phone”.
  • It will need a line where the version is indicated. It needs to be slipped 7 times on it. This will lead to unlocking the developer regime.
  • Now you will need to go to the main settings menu. It needs to be scrolling down and find the item “Debugging by USB”. It must be activated.

The inclusion of this mode may make the smartphone immediately connect in the mode necessary to work with the data.

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How to connect, can be seen in the next video.

Connection using USB

A method used by a USB cable is the most common and easy option, since the cable is always included with the purchased smartphone. Even if the cable has stopped working, the new one can be purchased at the nearest store for a small price. Another of the pluses of the cable is that it can be used on any computers (PC, laptops, netbooks).

To take advantage of this way, you need only a USB cable itself, a phone and a free port on PC.

  • When connecting to a computer via a USB cable, drivers are first installed. When the installation passes, the flash drive icon will appear in the lower right corner of the PC.
  • After that, a window will appear on the screen of the mobile device in which the type of connection type will be offered. You need to click “File transfer”.
  • Next, you should go to my computer on PC, among the list of all drives to find and open the icon of your device.
  • At the same time, two drives will open. One of them is a microSD card, and the other is the memory of the device itself.
  • All contents of the drives are shown in the form of folders and files that can be transferred.

Failed USB port of the computer

The laptop may not see the mobile device due to a USB port malfunction. To check this, you need to connect the phone to another port, if there are several, or to another laptop. Also, the operation of the connector can be checked using a flash drive. If it is also not found, then most likely the port is faulty. It is impossible to fix this on your own, you will need repairs.

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If when connecting the phone to another connector or laptop, it is still not visible, then perhaps the case is in the wire. Cheap cables often do not have the necessary properties and quickly fail. Or they can be intended only to recharge the phone. Therefore, to connect a mobile device and a computer, it is best to use the wire that comes with the phone. If you are sure of the serviceability of a USB port, the driver is installed correctly, but the computer still does not detect a smartphone, try to replace the cord.

How not to face a problem in the future

So that the situation does not happen again, and the Samsung Galaxy A01 phone has always seen a computer, follow a few simple tips:

  • Use only complete accessories for connecting. Do not buy cheap cables.
  • On the phone, put the parameter “Media Instruction” or “USB-drive”.
  • At the first fraud, do not forget to install the drivers and, if necessary, update them.

Compliance with only three rules once and for all relieve problems when connecting a phone to a computer.

So, how to connect the Samsung smartphone to a computer via USB. Android connection to PC as MTP or PPT

Android connection to PC as mtp

MTP literally denotes “Multimedia transmission protocol”. This type of protocol is part of the Windows Media structure and is thus closely connected with Windows Media Player.

  • This allows you to transfer music files to digital data and multimedia files to portable media players, as well as personal information about personal digital files.

When the Android OS applies this type of protocol, it is displayed on the computer as a “multimedia device”. In practice, MTP operates very similarly to the USB drive.

For example, a phone or tablet based on Android is displayed in Windows conductor, so you can view and transfer files.

  • If you are a user of gadgets from the eminent Apple brand, you can use Google Android File Transfer (simple MTP client) to transfer files back and forth to Mac Book.

PTP is deciphered as a “image transmission protocol”. It was developed to be a standard protocol for working with digital cameras.

When Android users use this protocol, it appears on a computer in the form of a digital camera.

How to connect Samsung phone to a computer?

Today, a mobile phone is the most necessary tool for the life of a modern person. And the mobile phones and smartphones of the Samsung brand are located at the top of the rating of popularity. It is not surprising that many users ask the same question (including on my blog): “How to connect the Samsung phone to a computer”.

Frankly, I have a phone of the same brand (though already quite old by modern standards). In this article, we will consider how to connect the Samsung phone to PC and that it will give us.

What will be given to us the connection of the phone to PC

The possibility of backup maintaining all contacts (from SIM card from phone memory).

For a long time I have all the phones (including work). All in the same phone. Needless to say, what will happen if you drop the phone or it does not turn on just at the right time? Therefore. Backup is the first thing I recommend to do you when connecting the phone to PC.

Phone exchange with computer files: music, video, photos, etc.

Editing any contacts, files, etc.D.

To AK connect the Samsung phone to PC

To connect the Samsung phone to the computer, you will need: 1. USB cord (usually comes with the phone); 2. Samsung Kies program (you can download on the official website).

Installing the Samsung Kies program does not differ in anything special from installing any other program. The only thing you need to choose the correct codec (see. Screenshot below).

Codec selection when installing Samsung Kies.

After the installation is completed. You can immediately create a shortcut on the desktop to quickly start the program and start it.

After that, you can connect the phone to the USB port of the computer. The Samsung Kies program will automatically begin to connect to the phone (it takes about 10-30 seconds.).

To AK make backing up all contacts from the phone to the computer?

Samsung Kies launch field in Lite mode. Just go to the data backup section and recovery. Next, click on the “Select all points” button and then on “backup”.

Literally within a few seconds, all contacts will be copied. Cm. The screenshot below.

In general, the menu is quite convenient and intuitively understandable. It is enough just to choose, for example, the “Photo” section and you will immediately see all the photos that are on your phone. Cm. The screenshot below.

samsung, phone, connection, computer

In the program, you can rename the files, the part is deleted, partly copy to the computer.

By the way, the Samsung Kies program automatically checks your phone firmware and checks if there is a newer version. If there is, she will offer to update her.

To see if there is a new firmware. Just follow the link (on the menu on the left, upstairs) with the model of your phone. In my case, it is “GT-C6712”.

In general, if the phone works fine and it suits you. I do not recommend performing the firmware. It is possible that you will lose part of the data, the phone can become “differently” (I don’t know. For the better or for the worse). At least. Do backup before such updates (see. Higher in the article).

samsung, phone, connection, computer

On this today is all. I hope you can easily connect your Samsung phone to PC.

Setting the phone

There are several parameters in Android that affect Connect with a computer. Sometimes the user selects something or changes something, but it happens that the connected device by default works in the wrong connection mode.

USB-Divorce parameters

Almost all modern mobile phones can connect with a computer in different modes. The “charging” parameter is often default, that is, when you insert the cord into the port of the system unit and the phone’s nest, the second begins to charge, and does not open access to the storage. But this is easy to feature, for this you need:

The device is reoriented to transfer files, and you can copy them, move, create folders, etc.

Driving manipulations on USB

Sometimes the debugging helps. To find it, you need to unlock the menu “for developers”, for this go to “Settings”. “On the phone” and seven times in a row, click on the “assembly number”.

Attention! In miui, open “Settings”. “On the device”, click on the “version of miui” seven times.

Return to the main menu, open the menu that appears at the very bottom. Slue down a little down until you stumble upon “debugging by USB”. By default, it is turned off, turn it on, it can help if the Connect with the computer is not installed in any way.

You can also try to disable it if it is initially active. Sometimes it helps.

Connection problems and solution

When connecting, many users may have problems, some of which is quite difficult to solve on their own. If the user does not know how to solve the problem with the connection, then you should contact the service. This is especially true when a person does not understand the basic processes, which are given with the device of the phone or computer.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

The problem may consist in such aspects as: broken cable; Damage to one of the nests (either a computer or a phone); Incorrect settings. First you should check the cable for damage. It should not have breaks or bends that can damage its structure. Also, nests should not be broken. Their repair is an expensive procedure. It is worth seeing the settings. Devices must be involved, and also available for interfacing with others.

This can also happen. The problem is solved by settings. The phone does not establish permission to see it by other devices. In order to fix this, we just take it and click on the point “allow to see other devices” in the phone settings via Bluetooth. The problem should be solved.

It is worth trying to install another program that works and has the same functionality. Perhaps the problem in the viruses that are in it.