Samsung Smart TV turns off and turns on

The reasons why the Samsung TV arbitrarily turns on and turns off

There are plenty of discussions on this topic on various forums. Contrary to the widespread opinion that the TV itself is turned on due to otherworldly forces, experts have a completely rational justification for the emergence of such a problem. Conditionally, all reasons can be divided into two groups. Software failures and hardware breakdowns. The difference between them is colossal. Eliminate systemic errors by forces for everyone without exception to the user. With the restoration of hardware modules is much more complicated. Since this requires special equipment.

What to do to the user if the TV is arbitrarily turned on? Of course, uncontrollable inclusion in the middle of the night creates a certain discomfort. Therefore, the problem must be eliminated, but how to do it? It all depends on what exactly became the reason that TV began to turn on independently. We analyze the common breakdowns, as well as give specific recommendations for their elimination.

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  • 1 main reasons for independent inclusion TV
  • 2 features of Samsung technique
  • 3 software
  • 4 non.Working keys and remote control
  • 5 problems of the power supply
  • 6 how to fix equipment
  • 7 switching channels
  • 8 Recommendations of specialists

Today in almost every house there is television. Sometimes there are malfunctions in his work, and the TV itself turns on. What to do in this case is interested in many. This is a fairly common situation, and its reason is probably banal and will not require repairs.


Let’s figure out what to do if the Samsung, Philips TV or other model turns on spontaneously, depending on the source of the problem.

Sleep timer is included

First of all, it is worth checking the SMART TV settings, since the user himself can provoke the appearance of the problem without even suspecting this. For example, if you use a sleep timer to automatically turn off the device after a certain time, this can provoke that the Samsung TV (or other brand) itself turns on. The fact is that the function is capable of working in the opposite direction, so you need to go into the settings, how to study them and change the parameters of the sleep timer. Using the remote control, you need to go in the settings to the section “Timer of the shutdown”. Here we look at what time was given to turn off TV, and change the value or just deactivate the option. In the event that there is a need for a sleep timer, we set another time, since there is a chance that the previously indicated is incorrect, which provoked the inclusion. After changing the settings, the device will work correctly.


Users often note that the Samsung TV itself turns on after updating the installed firmware. Over, the problem may also appear in the case of Sony, Phillips, LG and other brands of smart TVs with the operating system.

Automatic update on the Samsung Smart TV platform is sometimes a provoking factor in the fact that the television receiver turns on by itself. If the option is deactivated, and the problem remains, you should return to the previous version of the firmware.

You can turn off the automatic update as follows:

  • Click the “Home” button on the remote control;
  • We go to the “Installations” section and select “Help”;
  • Now we find the option “Update the system” and turn it off using the remote control.
samsung, smart, turns

Since the auto updating is disabled, the fresh version of the software must be installed manually. To do this, you will need to download updates on the official website of the manufacturer, send them to a USB flash drive or other external drive, then connect the device to the TV and start a downloaded installer. When the updates are installed, the device will be rebooted.

Non.Working buttons

Often the problem is the west of the power button on the front panel of the television receiver, this is usually due to mechanical damage. Over, the key can be pressed, but not to work, which is provoked by a slope of the train. If the button is inoperative, the issue is solved by its replacement, but for some TV models it is problematic, while you need to extract the old key and install a new one in its place, for which the tool and certain skills are needed.

Faulty remote control

Another common cause of spontaneous turning on TV is the fault of the Power button of the control panel. Cliping of keys or an irregular response can be caused by contamination, and to correct the situation, the device will need to be disassembled and cleaned with alcohol contact surfaces. It is possible to mechanical damage to the button, in this case, it may be necessary to roll contacts on the board, or failure due to natural wear. Sometimes the problem of spontaneous inclusion of the TV is associated with a malfunction of the infrared sensor.

If the user is quite capable of cope with cleaning independently, then the manipulations of repairing the components require special skills, in the absence of which it is easier to buy a new control device. A virtual remote control that is downloaded to the smartphone can be replaced by the device to replace the apparatus fully replaces the physical remote control (relevant for modern TVs with the Smart TV function).

Before disassembling the remote control and trying to eliminate the breakdown, you need to check the nutrition elements. The low level of battery charge is also able to provoke the sending of random signals on TV, including the inclusion command.

Problem in the electric circuit

The voltage drops observed in the mains, the old problematic wiring, and the operational disorders of the sockets can also cause unexpected inclusions of the TV at night. Electric voltage surges in the best way affect the capacitors and diodes that ensure the correct functioning of the display and regulate the inclusion/off. There is also a possibility that the TV is spontaneously turned on due to the interruption of energy supply to the inverter, since even the minimum damage to the chip or controller causes voltage drops in the power system.

A hardware malfunction should not be tried to be eliminated on your own if you are not a professional. In such cases, it is advisable to contact the service center.

Power Supply

The next reason for the spontaneous inclusion of the television receiver is a malfunction of the power supply, which will require serious measures for diagnosis and solving the problem. The main symptoms are manifested in the absence of a reaction to the remote control and the constant flickering of the red indicator. The failure of the Smart TV Smart TV Smart TV supply adapter is a frequent phenomenon that provokes voltage surges, as well as the use of a faulty outlet.

Diagnostic measures are to remove the rear panel of the TV and the inspection of the power supply unit. On a burned output, you will immediately notice the traces of Gary. Replacing the failed module can be made without the participation of the master, if the user has such an experience. Otherwise, it is better not to experience fate and seek help from professionals.

Simple failure

If the Samsung TV itself turns on and turns off, this does not mean its irrevocable breakdown. A similar problem is often found in modern devices models. Even some already outdated devices can behave in this way.

Sometimes the device is turned off when the user turned it on. Sometimes it is actively activated, and after that he goes out. But not always the reason is in technical breakdown. Sometimes to blame:

In the first version, the problem may be in the automatic option turned on, which is designed to turn off the device that does not capture signals. For example, you turned on your favorite television and did not pick up a remote control, did not switch and did not even regulate the volume. The shutdown usually occurs after 2-4 hours.

In the second option, an option of turning off the TV after a certain time may have been installed.

The problem is in the outlet

If TV stops working on its own, then be sure to inspect the cable, power adapter and the outlet to which the device is connected. The lack of power supply in non.Contact becomes the cause of the appearance of failures, as a result the TV will turn off, thus leaving in the protection mode.

  • Check the connectors and plugs for mechanical damage.
  • Are there no fractures, cable cable.
  • See if dark spots, charity appeared on the fork.
  • Fix the outlet tightly.

If possible, connect TV to another outlet.

Failed power supply

If the Samsung TV turns on and immediately turns off, the problem is worth looking for in the power supply. Experts recommend diagnosing the indicator. For example, if in the waiting menu the device light reacts to turning on, but flashes, there may be problems with the BP. Although sometimes the problem may be associated with the breakdown of other parts of the device. TV will have to be taken to the service center.

The indicator when turning on can constantly glow. Perhaps failures are observed in the power of the TV. BP refuses to answer the user’s commands, respectively, the indicator will not manifest itself in any way.

Common reasons and their solutions

Understand what to do if the Samsung, LG or other brand TV turns on and immediately or after some period of time turns off, you can only find out the cause of the phenomenon. Further actions that will need to be performed to eliminate the problem depend on it. First of all, you need to figure out why the TV is turning off on its own, so the most important point of events is the correct diagnosis.

Consider the common causes of the problem when Samsung or another television receiver turns on and turns off itself, and solutions that are effective in specific situations.

Broken buttons

One of the most common reasons why the TV is spontaneously turned on and off is a malfunction of the power button. And the shutdown can follow immediately to turn on the device. Jamming, setting buttons and other oddities when pressing signal that the detail requires replacement.

The sunk button “Power” on the remote control can also be source of the problem. Typically, sticking or irregular key response is the result of contamination of contact surfaces, but sometimes the malfunction is associated with mechanical damage. In the first case, it is enough to disassemble the control device and clean the contact elements with alcohol, in the second, the problem can be solved by the voltage of contacts on the board. Sometimes we can talk about the malfunction of the infrared sensor.

Repair requires special skills, therefore, in their absence, you will need the help of a specialist, as an option, you can buy a new device of the DU, which in some cases will cost cheaper than restoration of the old remote control.

The jump in the tension

Electric voltage drops are one of those factors that lead to the most diverse problems of technology, including the phenomenon when the television receiver itself turns on and turns off immediately or after a certain period of time.

Voltage jumps and outlets in the mains are often found in houses with the old electrical wiring and can contribute even to the speedy failure of the device. If possible, it is better to replace the wiring, which will be useful for all devices in the house. Another, less costly solution, may be the purchase of a voltage stabilizer or uninterrupted power supply, and it is not necessary to purchase a powerful device, it will be enough to compensate for the voltage by the budget model, since for the most part modern TVs do not consume up to 100 watts.

Sleep timer

A common reason why the Samsung TV itself is turned off is an activated sleep timer, and it is not necessary to deliberately and not always you. You can turn off the function in the Smart TV settings, for which, using the remote control, you need to proceed to the section “Timer of the shutdown”. If necessary, you can set another shutdown time or deactivate the option.


In the case of “smart” devices with a cut, the reason why the TV turns on and immediately turns off may be software errors may be. These can be the consequences of the update, incorrect firmware or incorrect factory settings. You can change the settings, roll back to the previous version of the firmware if the trouble appeared after the update, or perform the system update manually. The current version of the software should be downloaded from the official web resource of the manufacturer, then you need to load the distribution to the USB flash drive or other drive, connect to the television receiver and start the installation process. Upon completion of the installation of the system and drivers, the TV will be rebooted, and if the problem was incorrect firmware, it will be solved.

If the “Auto Detection” function in the device settings is activated, we deactivate it. Some programs can also control the shutdown time, so we look through the recently installed software and delete dubious.

Dust and moisture hit

You cannot underestimate such a serious enemy as dust. Although it itself is not considered conductive, but, forming the accumulation of pollution, and, even worse, in tandem with moisture can lead to a short circuit of contacts on the board and overheating, burning out semiconductor components. For this reason, the television receiver often turns off a few seconds after turning on, and regardless of what the model you have, the old kinescope or modern.

In the case of dust settlement, the problem is solved by cleaning, which is easy to carry out at home using a vacuum cleaner and a small brush. To remove accumulated dust, you need to remove the rear cover of the device.

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Moisture has a destructive effect on the internal elements, leading to consequences such as a short circuit, oxidation of contacts and burning out modules. To eliminate the problem, it will be necessary to arm yourself with a soldering iron in order to clean the contacts of oxides and break them again. The paths are restored by solder or with a jumper of thin wire. We do not recommend performing a similar procedure without appropriate skills.

Non.Terrain malfunctions

Another of the common reasons why the device turns off a few seconds after turning on or does not turn on at all is a cable malfunction or socket contacts. Check it is quite simple, moving the food wire and the fork in the outlet. When identifying the problem (the device will react with switching on and disabling), connect the device to another outlet, thereby determining which elements need to be replaced or repair. External inspection of the cord is necessary, although it is not always possible to visually determine the damage. When detecting creases or other defects, it should be replaced.

External factors

This includes malfunctions that do not demand to disassemble the TV.

Sleep timer

Users set sleep timer or inclusion according to the schedule, after which they forget about it. This is easy to determine by off. Television receiver after a certain time (30/60/90 minutes) or v. Models in the same gap.

Note! Sleep timer should automatically disconnect after the first operation.

Remote control

If the TV works stably. The reason is the button of the remote control

Check the remote control for the presence of a “squeezed” power button. With strong pressure on the key, it sticks on the contact, which leads to a sharp launch and disconnection of TV. Owners of remote controls with IR port can check this as follows:

  • Turn on the camera on the smartphone.
  • Put on the upper end of PDU.
  • If you notice blinking a light bulb (IR port) without pressing the buttons, then the problem is in the key.

Note! The reason for the problem may be dust contact or oxidation after moisture penetration into the body of the beam (spilled on it, water).

When it is impossible to replace the control device (the model is no longer released), buy a universal remote control or use an IR port built into some modern smartphones.

Installed applications

System rollback to factory settings

Models with Smart TV are open to download applications from unverified sources. If software is incompatible with the system, malfunctions appear in the device, including spontaneous launch or shutdown of the TV. What to do:

  • Remove the recently installed software;
  • Roll back the system to factory settings;
  • Check the remaining reserve of built.In memory and the load on the RAM.

The latest solution is applicable for malfunctions in the work of the OS. This is caused by a failed system update when the TV was de.Energized at the time of installation of the firmware.

Firmware update

Models without “Smart functions” are updated manually

The reason why the TV itself turns on is hidden in an outdated firmware:

Models without “Smart functions” are updated manually by loading the software to the flash card from the official site of the manufacturer and loading it through a free USB port.

Interesting! Do not rush to update the firmware after its appearance. Occasionally, developers make errors in the code, after which the situation only worsens. The action of the updated software is written on thematic forums in a series of a series or model of TV.

Elements of nutrition

Inspect the outlet, block or cable:

  • Insert the cable fork into the outlet until it stops.
  • If the socket melted, the entrance where the TV buried is inserted is the problem with the contacts. Replace the outlet or call the master.
  • A broken or damaged cable provokes a short circuit, which is why TV immediately turns off-inspect the cord for damage to the braid, previously stretching it out of the electric network.
  • The capacitors could be swollen from the voltage drops in the power supply, which will be the reason why the TV turns off by itself. This will be possible to determine by the smell of the burn or dismantling the block.

Note! Check the nutrition elements when they are not fed from the network, so as not to get an electric shock. Replacement of the outlet occurs after disconnecting from the power source of the room, apartment or house.

To maintain the work of TV, it is recommended to purchase a voltage stabilizer that will suppress changes in the network.

Disconnecting external devices

Among the models from Samsung there is arbitrary turning on and disconnecting the TV due to connecting to a Wi-Fi router

External devices connected via USB, HDMI or input for the antenna provoke errors in the operation of the TV. The problem is similar with the previous one-a violation of the nutrition, which is why the fuses are triggered and turn off or turn on the television receiver.

  • Disconnect all the devices connected to the ports.
  • Run the TV.
  • With stable operation, return to the ports of the device to determine that which causes problems.

Less commonly, the reason is hidden in the dust that has hung in the ports after prolonged inaction. Blow them out of a spray can with compressed air or a hairdryer at maximum power, but trying not to overheat the filling.

Among the models from Samsung there is arbitrary turning on and disconnecting the TV due to connecting to a Wi-Fi router. When the latter is in sleep mode or disconnected from the network, the television receiver tries to contact him to resume the Internet connection. Try to resume the wireless network or bring to the Ethernet Cabble device.

TV itself switches channels

If the channels are switched on the TV in random order, without the participation of the owner of the device, this signals about problems with the remote control or buttons on the case. Sometimes one of the buttons sticks on the control panel. In this case, he constantly gives one command to the device, for example, switches channels or changes the volume.

To make sure of this, you need to remove the remote control from the room or pull out the nutrition elements. If the work of a TV without a remote control has improved, it is necessary to inspect the PD. Perhaps the smell of one of the buttons, in this case, it should be corrected and the malfunction will be eliminated. In some cases, the cause of such a breakdown may be incorrectly repaired the control panel. This happens if the foil is glued to the rubber buttons from below. The latter could fall off and close several contacts. You need to disassemble the remote control and remove the extraneous element. Mechanical buttons on the case can also cause arbitrary channel switching. There can be several signs of such a breakdown.

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  • It is not one and the same channel, but different, or various functions are activated, for example, the volume changes or the program switches;
  • The remote control does not respond when the defect is manifested;
  • The malfunction is not detected constantly, but periodically and t.D.

To eliminate the problem, it is recommended to contact representatives of the service center.