Samsung TV diagonals what are. Transfer calculator cm into inches

South Korean brand Samsung holds a leading position among TV manufacturers. The TV Samsung lineup covers all the price segments-from inexpensive to premium receptions. In any case, they have a high quality of the picture and excellent sound characteristics.

Place Model
one. Samsung UE32T4500AU 32 ″ Prices Review
2. Samsung UE32T4510AU 32 ″ (2020) Prices Review
3. Samsung UE32T5300AU 32 ″ (2020) Prices Review
four. Samsung UE43TU8000U 43 ″ (2020) Prices Review
5. Samsung UE43TU7100U 43 ″ Prices Review
6. Samsung UE43TU8500U 43 ″ (2020) Prices Review
7. Qled Samsung QE43Q60TAU 43 ″ (2020) Prices Review
eight. Samsung UE555TU8000U 55 ″ (2020) Prices Review
9. Samsung UE55TU8500U 55 ″ (2020) Prices Review
ten. Samsung UE50TU8000U 50 ″ (2020) Prices Review
eleven. Qled Samsung QE55Q60TAU 55 ″ (2020) Prices Review
12. Samsung UE50TU7100U 50 ″ Prices Review
13. Samsung UE70TU7100U 70 ″ (2020) Prices Review
fourteen. Qled Samsung QE75Q87TAU 75 ″ (2020) Prices Review
fifteen. Samsung UE75TU7100U 75 ″ (2020) Prices Review

Features of Samsung TVs you need to know before buying

Experts mention several moments that are important to take into account. Tv Samsung, which are collected in is the uneven backlight, is a typical problem. Especially lateral. The manufacturer considers corner lights to be normal. The quality of the picture and performance must be checked immediately upon purchase.

In the new TV, dynamic scenes in some cases are reproduced with problems. This is due to the fact that by default there is automatic control, which is designed to create the perfect video in the commercial. It is only necessary to manually disconnect and calibrate the parameters of processing.

In the 2018 line of release, the manufacturer cut off the capabilities of the USB media player. Most files will not be read. Supporting the Audio Code DTS is impossible. We’ll have to turn conversion. The problem can be solved by connecting external sources by HDMI.


Most average consumers in the world do not really like to go into the nuances of choosing a particular technique. it is often easier for them to blindly trust the manufacturer who has high recognition and decent reputation. It should be noted that in many cases this approach is partially justified. at least you can count on the reliability of the purchase and the impressive life of its service. When it comes to TVs (and many other types of household appliances), the Samsung brand is exactly the pleasant music in the buyer’s ears, which will make a person pay the right amount for the unit they like.

Samsung is a giant South Korean corporation with an annual turnover of a trillion dollars, founded in the late 30s of the last century. Already the fact that during this time the company not only has not disappeared, but clearly increased its capital, suggests that its employees are performing their work responsibly and professionally. At the same time, it is worth noting that the brand’s activity actually concerns various spheres, including even automotive, construction, chemical industry and insurance, but all these industries develop mainly in Korea.

It is known throughout the world mainly thanks to smartphones and TVs. it means that this is what the company does best.

It is electronics that brings the corporations the maximum income, and in our country, branded equipment is so popular that in 2008 the company opened in its own factory. To date, the new Samsung TVs are a combination of high reliability with the most modern characteristics in terms of technology for displaying pictures. The lineup of the company is quite diverse to match the needs of each film amateur, and leading models necessarily fall into various ratings of the best TVs and often lead them.

Description of series and models

Samsung’s variety from Samsung is so great that we decided in our review to dwell only on the newest models of the manufacturer, which are all built on the basis of QLED technology. In fact, this is the same LCD TV, but working at the quantum points, which was reflected in the name, where Q is a quantum.

If you move away from the physical terms that are obscure for the layman, it turns out that this is a LED-TV that is better than its more ancient plasma colleagues due to increased resolution. The diagonal can remain similar, but even the points even on the modest 22-24 inches are noticeably larger, due to which the increased clarity of the image is achieved.

The technology has been present on the market for several years, but is still considered very new. Actually, thanks to her, it became possible to produce 4K and even 8K monitors of relatively small sizes, like 28 inches, which were not associated with outstanding parameters of the picture several years ago.

Today, even on such TV you can enjoy 3D. for this, such modest dimensions will have to be hooked almost close to the monitor, but even so the viewer will not notice individual points, and his impression of viewing will not spoil.

As for HD resolution, in the new Samsung TVs, such a matrix is ​​no longer used as outdated, because even a smartphone is now able to give out higher quality.

Given the stunning characteristics of the company’s fresh models, it should be understood that the TV, especially if it is larger than 40-42 inches, can cost impressive money-such plasma may have a six-digit price tag. At the same time, judging by the reviews of consumers, it is worth it, and the quality of the picture should not even be tried to compare with more budget solutions. We decided to make a comparison only between new series, highlighting the differences between them and giving examples of the best.

This series is rightly considered the most advanced and modern in the entire line-it is the most “smart” TVs with a mass of functions that could not be dreamed of some decade ago. For example, the Q90R model is not just TV with 4K, but a full.fledged modern gadget to display various video content, which allows you to do without a remote control, since it is equipped with voice control. You can receive a signal from external sources of any type-here are wireless Wi-Fi protocols with Bluetooth, and the connector for the network cable, and the HDMI port, and the decoder for obtaining a digital television signal.

The technique is already equipped with all the necessary codecs to understand all the common media formats. For the convenience of consumers, the diagonal of the model allows the choice. there are models of 55, 65 and even 75 inches.

The toy, of course, is not cheap-price tags of about 110-120 thousand should not surprise.

True, a real flagship should be considered another model. Q900R. Extra Noler is easy to lose sight of, but you will not confuse two TVs thanks to the price tags. this model costs a breathtaking 3.5 million! From the point of view of most technical characteristics of the difference with the previous model, there are no two fundamental differences: Q900R gives the most advanced resolution of 8k and has a space diagonal of 249 cm!

It is also worth mentioning an expanded set of wireless protocols, where little.known Miracast and Widi are added. This TV is largely a step into the future, because today you will not find television channels broadcasting in 8k, and cinema in this format is also a huge rarity.

In view of this, some stunning characteristics of an expensive TV are simply disclosed yet.

This series today is no longer the most new, but it cannot be said that buying TV from its model range is any omission. A striking example of its representative is the Q80R TV-in all respects, it is very similar to the Q90R described above, but its price tag is noticeably more modest-in the region of 85-90 thousand.

The picture will be the same quality 4K, and the fundamental difference is only one. the older model has a little weaker. This imposes some restrictions on you only if you plan to drive a “box” as a full.fledged universal gadget with the installation of programs, and when viewing television channels or videos from a flash drive, you simply will not notice.

The size of the TV depending on the diagonal

Modern supermarkets for the sale of electronics offer many TVs of various sizes. Independent determination of the dimensions of technology in the conditions of showroom is a difficult task. Therefore, the required dimensions of TV should be considered before visiting the store.

The main parameters, which are taken into account when determining the optimal size, serve:

Also, the choice of the diagonal of the TV depends on the distance for comfortable viewing;

Since it is difficult to find the size of the TV in centimeters, since all the dimensions are presented in English units of length, you should use special tables of diagonals of televisions in inches and centimeters.

For each type of room, the optimal solution will be its own diagonal

The following variations of sizes will be the best choice of the type of room:

In the bedroom, you can place TV with a diagonal from 22 to 26 inches;

To understand the scatter, we can say that a 32.inch TV is 81 cm. And how many cm in a TV, the diagonal of which is 43 inches? Answer ? 109. But such models are a rarity in the market. Manufacturers try to produce even diagonals.

Distance to the TV depending on the diagonal

The distance is also determined by the size of the diagonal. For viewing TV, which has altitude and width proportions ? 4: 3, the best place will be a sofa located at a distance of 3 to 5 diagonals. For the 16: 9 format, this indicator will be from 2.5 to 3.

What is the diagonal of the TV optimal for a distance of 3 meters? Based on the above principles, it will be 25 inches.

Another criterion for choosing by distance ? viewing angles. It is believed that peripheral vision can capture a picture located in the range from 36 to 40 degrees.

It must also be borne in mind that some models can have almost invisible frames around the perimeter of the screen, which will give the TV visually smaller sizes.

There is a rule for calculating the distance to the TV, which depends on the diagonal

Samsung 2021 TV line

What new will we see in the Samsung 2021 lineup: finally the company is going to produce Microled TVs, there will be new 8K High End models, great neo QLED with the new mini-led lighting, a number of TV LifeTyle TV and 4K QLED and Crystal UHD.

To improve the smart functions of the TV, the new Tizen 6 operating system is used.0.

Smart Samsung TVs are smarter than ever before, with new functions that bring the interactive and related aspects of the TV to a new level. Among them there are functions for home fitness, video chat and even joint use of a TV with other family members.

The first of these functions is Smart Health, which combines a TV with a third-party webcam to provide feedback during training right in your living room.

This function was first presented in 2020, but the latest version includes the function of a personal coach, which not only directs you during training, but can also check your form and calculate the number of repetitions, automatically providing feedback and tracking your progress.

It is also combined with other Samsung devices, such as a smartphone or smart clock, to track your progress and collect data on training from all over the Samsung application and devices. All this is then available for watching on TV through the Samsung Health application, which includes a panel to track your progress over time.

Another smart change is the addition of Google Duo video chat. With a third-party webcam you can use the Google video chat application to stay in touch.

To simplify the exchange of information with the family members with whom you live, Samsung also introduced QuadView and Multi View, which allow the use of large television screens as several displays side by side, with support for individual inputs or streaming applications.

And the best change in Samsung TVs may not even be in the processor or software. Samsung Neo QLED TVs will be delivered with a Samsung solar control panel remote control, conventional AAA batteries with a battery and a small solar panel are replaced in it, which can support the battery of the remote control panel using only light from lighting devices in your living room.

All this, in addition to excellent video processing and APSCCALLLISE SAMSUNG using Quantum 4K and Neo Quantum processors. And let’s not forget about its excellent sound capabilities, including the functions of Samsung Object Tracking Sound and Q-Symphony.

The first gives you a sound that is monitored along with screen objects and actors, and the second allows you to use the Samsung sound panel with your Samsung TV and use all the speakers together, providing a wider and high sound scene with better Dolby atmos support. and imitation of volumetric sound.

But the announcements go far beyond individual functions and new applications. The 2021 Samsung lineup is filled with 8K and 4K premium and 4K premium, from the excellent Neo QLED line to the innovative MicroLED TV line, with models that vary from available to premium and incredibly expensive.

Marking models of 2021

Designation of models of 2021: 2021 is a year A for Samsung, 2020. year T (like Q70T), 2019. year R (as Q70R).

QLED models will end in “A” (for example, Q70A), and models with LCD display will have one letter before the designation of their series (for example, “AU8000”).

You will also see the letter “N” in some QLED models. for example, “QN85A”. This means neoqled (that is, with Mini Led backlight). They differ from models that use standard LED backlight.

Samsung model range 2021

TVs Samsung Microled

Of all the impressive TVs presented this year from Samsung, Microled TV takes first place.

This is a 4K super.proprietary TV, it demonstrates the largest Samsung innovation in the displays. MicroLED technology, which is used as pixels of micron.scale LEDs to transmit an image of 4K with accurate brightness and unsurpassed color reproduction.

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This is the first real competitor of OLED technology, which offers many of the same advantages, such as real black and brightness at the pixel level, and not by zones, as in LCD C LED lighting. At the same time promising even better color and durability.

Samsung announced that four different Microled TVs will be available in 2021, starting with a 110-inch model. It will be followed by a 99-inch Microled TV, an 88-inch model and a recently announced 76-inch model.

Among the many intellectual capabilities already offered on Samsung Smart TV TVs, the gigantic dimensions of Microled display make it ideal for new functions, such as watching the separated screen of Samsung Quad View, and a unique design is combined with the best sound functions.

have not yet been declared, but you can assume the cost of the coming 110-inch model. Based on the price of a preliminary order in South Korea at 152,000 US dollars, the Samsung Microled TV will undoubtedly become one of the most premium TVs in the market.

Samsung Microled

Samsung Neo Qled 8k TVs

In addition to expensive Microled TVs, the best Samsung models are its premium TV 8K Neo QLED, which modernize last year’s 8K models with the addition of mini-led lights.

Neoqled improves samsung displays with quantum points using a quantum matrix technology, which is a universal Samsung term for mini-led lights and related functions. This includes not only mini-light illumination, but also proprietary lenses of the dispersion applied to each light source. And processing settings that allow the TV to use more accurate backlight control, so Mini-LOD provides better contrast and improved HDR performance.

Smart TV NEO QLED 8K are equipped with a new Neo Quantum processor from Samsung, it offers upcialing based on artificial intelligence and video processing to optimize various elements of the image, with a separate processing of brightness, focus, object and movement, as well as additional sound processing.

The best 8k by Samsung is the new QN900A 8K Smart TV, but Samsung also has two other 8K TV series: QN800A and QN700A. Both episodes of 8k Neo Qled, but offer several different sets of functions, which allows them to divide them into good, best and premium models.

Samsung also announced that the Samsung QN900A and QN800A are certified for working with Wi-Fi 6e, and there is an assumption that the same technology may appear later this year in the Samsung QN700A 8K models.

The main differences are reduced to the front panel and the presence of the Samsung One Connect block.

On the front panel of the QN900A there is an Infinity screen from Samsung, and KN800A and QN700A have a minimum (but more noticeable) frame.

One Connect is a separate block for internal components and a set of connectors, which simplifies the integration of the TV into various installations. The One Connect block is available for QN900A and QN800A, but may not be on QN700A.

Neo Qled 8k Samsung QN900A Neo QLED 8K 2021

Samsung did everything possible to achieve the best results in 8k. The Samsung QN900A 8K Smart TV TV has all the best technologies in the Arsenal of the Samsung television department. From the facial panels of Infinity Screen 0.8 millimeters to a super.toned metal case, Cook also serves as loudspeakers for many speakers installed on the frame.

In combination with Samsung Object Tracking Sound Pro, it allows you to track the sound on the TV, taking into account the position of actors and objects on the screen, providing more exciting experience.

Samsung also has the opportunity to configure the sound in accordance with the room in which it is located using Spacefit Sound. The AI ​​optimization tool regulates the sound depending on whether you have a TV on the stand or installed on the wall, and compensates for the reflective surface of the surface and the size of the room.

Samsung also equips QN900A with a Quantum HDR 64X function, tones display technology, which is used to increase HDR productivity such as HDR10, to obtain rich colors and deeper contrast.

One step down is the Samsung QN800A, it is still a premium 8K TV for every inch, but is deprived of several functions to have a more affordable price.

Big differences? Samsung uses a very thin (but more noticeable) frame around the 8K panel, goes to Object Tracking Sound instead of Pro and uses Quantum HDR 32X. He still uses a dynamic display of tones to improve HDR performance, but not at the same level that you would see at the more expensive QN900A NEO QLED models.

Although Samsung has not officially announced this third 8K line, but at the end of this year the QN700A model line will appear.

He may not have all premium functions for 8K, such as the Infinity Screen or even One Connect panel. Again, if the 2020 Samsung QLED series is any indicator, we can expect significant price differences from the more expensive QN900A and QN800A series, and the Samsung QN700A offers one of the most affordable 8K TVs of 2021.

Samsung Neo QLED 4K TVs

Samsung Neo Qled 4k

Samsung can promote 8k as a leading television technology, but 4K is still more popular for home entertainment.

To do this, Samsung has a NEOQLED 4K TV line, which combines 3840×2160 resolution and improvement from the new mini-led backlight and the latest processing technologies.

Among the criteria to make a decision on which Samsung TV to choose, price, quality and their ratio are important for most users. According to this parameter, we can conclude that the best options for buying in 2021–2022 can be the following models:

  • In the 4th series-UE24N4500AU, perfect for installation in the kitchen;
  • UE32T5300AU from series 5, budget TV with FullHD matrix for the bedroom;
  • QE50Q60TAUXRU is one of the most affordable 4K models suitable for the living room;
  • UE55TU8500U- interior TV from 8-series with impressive functionality.

If there are financial capabilities, you should pay attention to premium models. It can be a 64.5-inch QE65Q950TSU with a powerful hardware part and an 8K matrix. Or more modern QE75QN800AXRU from the NEO QLED of 2021 with a diagonal of 75 inches.

TOP-10 Samsung TVs

Samsung UE43TU7100UXRU

43-inch 4K Samsung TV, which immediately attracts attention with an ultramodern, non-fair design. In addition to a resolution of 3840 at 2160 points, the display boasts high brightness, decent viewing angles and uniform backlight. Support for HDR10 and Smart TV on the Tizen proprietary platform is provided. A pair of 10-watt speakers provides the apparatus with a juicy and voluminous sound, which is quite enough for the first time-but for a voluminous sound, of course, it is better to go broke on an external audio system.

Numerous advantages make this device one of the best 4k Samsung TVs and a great choice for a small living room.

Samsung UE32M5550AU

And the plus and disadvantage of this 32-inch TV Samsung UE32M5550AU is to control the voice. On the one hand, this is very convenient, and on the other, apparently, when optimizing this function to the Russian language, the developers did not know the subtleties of phonetics. Therefore, sometimes voice teams, he simply refuses to understand. But the sound of the Dolby Digital Plus on this model is simply perfect, and the viewing angle of 178 ° allows you to watch programs from almost any place. The minimum scan frequency of 50 Hz does not strain eyes, especially,

Samsung UE32T4510AU

Another Samsung TV, the main thing. but far from the only one is the advantage of which in an attractive appearance. A rare case of white with thin frames, rare today, immediately catches your eye, so in a small room or in the kitchen of light tones this device will look just to the place. The 32-inch screen gives a good picture with a resolution of 1366 at 768 points at its own frequency of 50 Herz (the dynamic scenes index is 900, that is, even the most speed action will definitely not be lubricated). A duel of speakers with a total capacity of 20 watts is responsible for the sound, and the Tizen company operating system is for SMART functions.

A pretty and inexpensive model, for which they ask for quite reasonable 17 500.

Samsung UE65RU7300U

Samsung TV with a curved screen, stuffed with modern technologies, like a tin can. in sprats. The diagonal of the display is 64.5 inches (164 cm), which, coupled with a resolution of 3840×2160, makes this device the center of attraction in any living room. Support for HDR formats HDR10 and HDR10, as well as its own frequency of screen updating in solid 100 Herz. Of course, there were not without smart functionality and even good stereo sound.

The main drawback here is the same as the main feature is a curved display form. Not everyone likes this, because the image is very distorted, if you look at the screen on the side, and not right in the center. In addition, such models are characterized by a fragile design and a fairly expensive repair. However, such trifles will not stop a fan of cool electronics, especially at a price of only 61,000.

Samsung UE43TU7090U

Ultraton and almost frameless Samsung TV with a diagonal of 43 inches (109 cm). The screen supports 4K UHD resolution at 3840 for 2160 pixels. HDR technology is represented by HDR10 format. The own frequency of the screen update is 100 Hz, and the dynamic scenes, thanks to software tricks, managed to bring to 1300, so that the device is ideal for video games and films, and not just for watching TV. Smart TV is built on the Tizen proprietary platform.

A nice, nimble and modern TV without any serious drawbacks will cost you only 26,500.

Samsung QE55Q60Tau

QLED-televisor Samsung with a diagonal of 55 inches (140 cm). All parameters of the 2020 model correspond to the most relevant trends in the production of TVs. Judge for yourself: here is 4K Ultra HD resolution (3840×2160), and support for an expanded dynamic range of HDR10 format, and its own display update of 100 Herz (with the dynamic scenes 3100), and Smart TV under the control of the TIZEN proprietary platform.

With all the many advantages, the TV costs not so expensive: only 59,000 are asked for a pretty and productive apparatus. and this is without taking into account discounts!

Samsung UE32T5300AU

Budget model of the Samsung TV with a diagonal of 32 inches (81 cm). The resolution of Full HD (1920×1080 points) has not been considered the last word of technology for a long time, but for such a relatively small display it is more than enough. at least if you do not watch the TV at all point blank range. The 50 Herz update its own update is supplemented using software “improved”, which provide the dynamic scenes index equal to 1000. Similar Smart TV complements the picture based on the Tizen operating system.

The only thing you can find fault with this TV is weakly speakers, which in total give out 10 watts of power. However, the modest device makes this device an excellent choice for a small room, kitchen. or cottage.

Comparative table of the best TVs Samsung

43-inch, frameless design, HDR10 and Smart TV support, sound power 20 W (2×10 W).

There is a voice control, the sound of the Dolby Digital Plus on this model is simply perfect, and the viewing angle of 178 ° allows you to watch programs from almost any place.

With a diagonal of 32 inch, 2 speakers of 10 watts, white building.

There is Smart TV, support HDR10, HDR10, resolution 3840×2160 pixels (Ultra HD), children protection, 64.5-inch.

A display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels (Ultra HD) with a 100-herte flaw gives out an excellent image.

With a 32.inch screen diagonal, resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, two speakers of 5 watts.

With a diagonal of 65 inches, Ultra HD, Smart TV, Dolby Digital.

55 inches, the display gives a rich bright picture in the resolution of Ultra HD with wide viewing angles and excellent black color.

With a diagonal of 55 inches, thanks to quantum points, HDR Elite, Supreme UHD Dimming and Ultra Black issues a bright picture, Smart TV, control from a smartphone.

Which is better TV, Samsung or LG?In many indicators, televisions are practically identical to these competitors. The main difference in QLED technology in Samsung and OLED in LG. Premium televisions are better sucked by LG, but in budget versions Samsung is preferable.

Which series of Samsung TVs is better?Unequivocally calling some of the series of Samsung TVs. But the most popular are models of the 5th and 6th series. Their technology is quite verified and debugged, so there are much less complaints about them than the rest of the series.

Which browser is better to download for Samsung TV?In the Samsung App TV application store, you can choose any of the browsers that you like more. The easiest, convenient and common. Smart Hub.

Samsung TV marking

From the marking of Samsung TVs, you can find out certain technical information about the model. All manufacturers do this, and Samsung has encrypted technical data in the designation.

  • screenshot diagonal in inches
  • The year of production of this model
  • screen technology (OLED, QLED, LED, 4K, Full HD)
  • A series of model
  • Region for appointment
  • The type of tuner

For example, take the UE43KU6400U model (2016 Samsung TV). As can be seen, the marking consists of a set of letters of the Latin alphabet and numbers, each of the letters and numbers carries some kind of information.

Samsung TV marking on the label

The first letter denotes the technology of manufacturing the screen:

Since 2016, the screens of all Samsung TVs have been built on liquid-critic matrices. In 2017, QLED screens were introduced. the best in the model range.

The second letter denotes the distribution continent:

The first two digits indicate the size of the screen diagonal in inches.

After size, there is a letter denoting the year of release:

  • AU/QA/QNA. 2021;
  • TU/T/Qt. 2020;
  • Ru/r/qr. 2019;
  • Nu/n/qn. 2018;
  • MU/M/Q. 2017;
  • Ks/ku. 2016;
  • JS/Ju. 2015;
  • Hu/H. 2014;
  • F. 2013;
  • E. 2012.

After a year of release, there may be another letter:

  • U. means ultra hd (4k),
  • S. means SUHD (it was only until 2017, from 2017 not), so Samsung means its best TVs, they go with a resolution of 4K.

If after the designation of the year there are no more letters, then the Full HD screen. This applies to LED screens.

All QLED models go with 4K resolution (Ultra HD).

Next are the numbers of the designation of the series and subserias. Information about the series is important for the buyer, the characteristics are very different in different series. Usually there are series from the 4th to the 9th. The subserries do not affect the parameters so strongly. The last two digits are designed, there are no accurate decryption for customers.

At the end, letters can go, indicating the type of tuner and the country of purpose.

The tuner is indicated by two or one letter:

  • AW (w). DVB-T/C can also be indicated by one letter W;
  • AK (K). DVB-T2/C, can be indicated K;
  • Ab (c). DVB-T2/s/S2, since 2014, AU (U) is used;
  • At (t). 2 x DVB-T2/C/S2

There are other letter designations for tuners, but they are used in other countries.

The appointment region is marked with two letters, and the letter X may face in front of them, which means that the model is produced massively.

  • Xru.
  • Xua. Ukraine;
  • XCS. Kazakhstan;
  • XBT. Baltic (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia);
  • XXH. Eastern Europe (Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and so on).

Now let’s look at our example, which we saw above: UE43KU6400U U. LCD screen with LED backlight; E. Europe; 43. screen diagonal 43 inches; K. 2016 year of release; U. means Ultra HD (4K); 6. series; four. subseries (minor differences in characteristics within the 6th series); 0, 0. different parameters within the subsection (design, audio, etc.); U. tuner DVB-T2/s/s2.

Direct decryption of TV samsung marking

For 5 years, from 2002 to 2007., Samsung marked its product according to the type: distinguished by kinescop televisors, TV with flat TFT screen, plasma.

Since 2008, a unified TV marking system has been used for these products, which is valid today. But it is worth noting that the numbers of classic models are somewhat different from marking samsung with QLED screens.

Marking of classic models

The decryption of TV Samsung without QLED is as follows:

  • The first symbol. the letter “U” (for models until 2012 “H” or “L”). means the type of device. Here the letter of marking indicates that this product is a TV. The letter “G” is the designation of TVs for Germany.
  • The second letter denotes the region for the implementation of this product. Here the manufacturer can indicate both a whole continent and a separate country:
  • “E”. Europe;
  • “N”. Korea, USA and Canada;
  • “A”. Oceania, Asia, Australia, Africa and Eastern countries;
  • “S”. Iran;
  • “Q”. Germany and others.
  • The next two digits are the designation of the screen size. It is indicated in inches.
  • The fifth symbol is the year of release or the year of receipt of TV on sale:
  • “A”. 2021;
  • “T”. 2020;
  • “R”. 2019;
  • “N”. 2018;
  • “M”. 2017;
  • “K”. 2016;
  • “J”. 2015;
  • “H”. 2014;
  • “F”. 2013;
  • “E”. 2012;
  • “D”. 2011;
  • “C”. 2010;
  • “B”. 2009;
  • “A”. 2008.

note! TV models 2008 are also indicated by the letter “A”. In order not to confuse them, you should pay attention to the marking form. It is somewhat different.

  • The next parameter is the resolution of the matrix:
  • “S”. Super Ultra HD;
  • “U”. Ultra HD;
  • Lack of designation. Full HD.
  • The subsequent symbol of the marking denotes a TV series. Each series is a generalization of different samsung models with the same parameters (for example, the same screen resolution).
  • Further, the model number indicates the presence of various connectors, the properties of TV, etc.
  • The next encoding parameter consisting of 2 digits is data on technology design. Indicates the color of the case TV, the shape of the stand.
  • The letter that follows after the design parameters is the type of tuner:
  • “T”-two tuners 2xDVB-T2/c/s2;
  • “U”-tuner DVB-T2/C/S2;
  • “K”-tuner DVB-T2/C;
  • “W”-tuner DVB-T/C and others.

Since 2013, this characteristic has been indicated by two letters, for example, AW (W)-DVB-T/C.

An example of decoding the number of the TV Samsung model

On a visual example, we decipher the number of the TV Samsung UE43TU7100UXUA model:

“U”. a TV, E. a region for sale (Europe), “43”. a diagonal of the monitor (43 inches), “T”. the year of release TV (2020), “U”. resolution of the matrix (UHD), “7”.Series (7th series.

Another example of decoding the Samsung UE series

Marking QLED TVs Samsung

note! Together with the technical innovations of samsung, the principle of marking TV is adjusted.

Decoding the model number 2017-2018. release

Samsung’s ultramodern televisions with the technology of quantum points in a separate series. Therefore, their encoding is slightly different. For devices of 2017 and 2018, the issues of models consist of the following characters and parameters:

  • The first symbol is the letter “Q”-designation of QLED-TV.
  • The second letter, as in the labeling of classic TV, is the region for which this product is created. However, Korea is now indicated by the letter “q”.
  • The following is the diagonal TV.
  • After that, the letter “Q” (designation of QLED-TV) is prescribed again and the number of the Samsung series is indicated.
  • The subsequent symbol characterizes the shape of the panel. this is the letter “F” or “C”, the screen is flat or curved respectively.
  • This is followed by the letter “n”, “m” or “q”. the year of release of TV. At the same time, the 2017 models now have an additional division into classes: “m”. ordinary class, “Q”. high.
  • The next symbol is a letter designation of the backlight:
  • “A”. lateral;
  • “B”. the rear backlight of the screen.
  • The type of tv tuner, and the region for sales are indicated next.

note! In the encoding of these models, an additional letter is also found: “S”. designation of the thin case, “h”. the middle building.

Deciphering models TV Samsung from 2019

In 2019, Samsung introduced the production of new TVs. with 8k screens. And the technological improvement of new TVs again entailed new changes in the marking.

So, unlike the encoding of models of 2017-2018, data on the form of the screen of TV are no longer indicated. That is, behind the series (for example, Q60, Q95, Q800, etc.) now follows the year of production of the product (“a”, “t” or “r”, respectively).

Another innovation is the designation of the TV generation:

The numbering of the modification is also indicated:

The last characters remain unchanged.

We will analyze the marking of the QLED-TV Samsung QE55Q60TAUXRU:

How to Convert Inches to Centimeters / Inches to Centimeter Conversion

“Q”-designation of QLED-TV, “E”-development for the European region, “55”-screen diagonal, “Q60”-series, “T”-year of release (2020), “A”-side lighting of the monitor, “ U “-type of TV tuner (DVB-T2/C/S2),” XRU “-a country for implementation (attention! Among samsung, you can also find models that do not completely or partially fall under the rules of brand marking. This applies to some models for hotel business or concept versions.

TV Samsung series, the difference in their marking

IV series of samsungs are the initial simplest and most budget models. The diagonal of the screen varies from 19 to 32 inches. Matrix resolution. 1366 x 768 HD Ready. The processor is dual.core. The functionality is standard. Has SMART TV option Prevented applications. It is possible to connect a gadget, and view the media content via USB.

V series TV. these are all options for the previous series Improved image quality. Monitor resolution is now 1920 x 1080 Full HD. Diagonal-22-50 inches. All TVs of this series now have an option of wireless connection to the network.

VI series Samsung now uses improved color rendering technology. Wide Color Enhancer 2. Also, in comparison with previous series, the number and variety of connectors for connecting various devices has increased. In this series, options with a curved screen also appear.

On the TVs of Samsung VII of the series, they have now introduced the improved color rendering technology. Wide Color Enhancer Plus, as well as 3D function and improved sound quality. A camera appears here, which can be used for Skype communication, or gesturing TV control. The processor is four.core. Screen diagonal. 40. 60 inches.

VIII series Samsung is the improvement of all options for predecessors. The frequency of the matrix is ​​increased by 200 Hz. Screen. up to 82 inches. Teach design is also improved. Now the stand is made in the form of an arch, which makes the appearance of TV more elegant.

IX series. these are new generation TVs. The design is also improved: the new stand is made of transparent materials, and has the effect of “freezing in the air”. Additional speakers are also built into it now.

Modern marking

All of the above episodes are marked according to the standards of classic Samsung encoding.

The comparative table of the QLED-TV series Samsung is below:

950t 900t 800t 700t 95t
Diagonal 65, 75, 85 65, 75 65, 75, 82 55, 65 55, 65, 75, 85
Permission 8k (7680×4320) 8k (7680×4320) 8k (7680×4320) 8k (7680×4320) 4K (3840×2160)
Contrast Full direct lighting 32x Full direct lighting 32x Complete direct backlight 24x Complete direct backlight 12x Complete direct backlight 16x
HDR Quantum HDR 32X Quantum HDR 32X Quantum HDR 16X Quantum HDR 8x Quantum HDR 16X
Color volume 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
CPU Quantum 8k Quantum 8k Quantum 8k Quantum 8k Quantum 4K
The angle of view Super.haired Super.haired Super.haired Wide Super.haired
Object Tracking Sound technology
One invisible connection
Smart TV
90t 87t 80T 77t 70t
Diagonal 55, 65, 75 49, 55, 65, 75, 85 49, 55, 65, 75 55, 65, 75 55, 65, 75, 85
Permission 4K (3840×2160) 4K (3840×2160) 4K (3840×2160) 4K (3840×2160) 4K (3840×2160)
Contrast Complete direct backlight 16x Complete direct backlight 8x Complete direct backlight 8x Double backlight technology Double backlight technology
HDR Quantum HDR 16X Quantum HDR 12X Quantum HDR 12X Quantum HDR Quantum HDR
Color volume 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
CPU Quantum 4K Quantum 4K Quantum 4K Quantum 4K Quantum 4K
The angle of view Super.haired Wide Wide Wide Wide
Object Tracking Sound technology
One invisible connection
Smart TV

Is it worth buying Samsung Frame?

Below are the best models of Frame TVs, which serve not only the venue for leisure for the whole family, but also a unique interior item. One screen can replace the picture gallery.

The line is fully consistent with the functionality standards of modern SMART TVs, which represent a multimedia technological unit with enlarged network functions.

The stylish design on both sides of the TV deserves attention. The integse module is issued and connected to the screen of such a wire. A specially built bracket provides a connection with a surface without large gaps.

The decorative frame of the TV is purchased separately. The frame is replaceable, so it will not be difficult to change the design. The most in demand is the triple simulating the easel.

  • Ambient interior modes and a picture gallery mode.
  • high clarity and saturated image, the presence of HDR mode.
  • Modified multimedia player.
  • Supports AMD Freesync and NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible, delay in the withdrawal of the minimum, accelerated work of the matrix, the modes are supported at a frequency of update 120 Hz.
  • Optimal selection of network capabilities.
  • The possibility of sounding and setting up images occur without human participation, due to intelligence.
  • Numerous wires will not be required to connect, it is enough to connect one thin cable.
  • the possibility of integration into a common network of a smart home.
  • the ability to record television programs and suspend viewing.
  • A unique control panel with the possibility of recharging from a solar battery.
  • Driving Voice Teams.
  • The set includes wall bracket.

Samsung Frame line for 2022

32 inches Qled the Frame TV 2021

By functional capabilities, the QE43LS03AAA model is similar to the above characteristics. Due to the smaller size, it is important to note that the reduction of the diameter did not affect the reduction of pixels on the screen, which is important for the quality of the image.

43 inch Qled the Frame TV 2021

The high-quality interior TV model QE43LS03AAAU, in addition to the standard set of SMART TV functions, has a number of advantages:

  • Unique design with a super.tank frame and perfectly smooth surfaces.
  • High-quality color transmission, creating a 100%color volume.
  • The TV is installed at a minimum distance from the wall. Mounting system. wall bracket Slim Fit, which is included in the kit.

It is worth noting that the frame is not included in the kit and is purchased separately, as it is an additional accessory. The model is 94 thousand. rubles.

Diagonal 50 Qled the Frame TV 2021

The TV can be ordered with free delivery throughout the territory includes a wall bracket Slim Fit. However, the kit does not include an interior frame that gives the TV a similar look similar to the picture.

A 50 inches diagonal TV is available only in black. The frame is bought separately. The official store offers frames stylized as Modern in white, brown and wood.

Diagonal 55 QLED THE FRAME TV 2021

Another model from the sensational line of The Frame TV with a diagonal of 55 inches. Since the frame is not included in the kit when buying, it is purchased separately.

The buyer washes to choose between the two proposed styles of the frame. “modern” and “volumetric”.

The first option includes three colors- white, wood and brown. The style of “voluminous” is available in white and red color. The design is minimalist and elegantly fits into any interior. The frame is attached thanks to magnetic clamps.

Samsung Frame line. for 2022

So, Samsung changes the consumer’s view of TVs, turning it from ordinary technology into a work of art. Being an obligatory element of any home, the TV is ideal for any interior due to the ability to change the frame and stand.