Samsung TV does not connect to the WI-FI

How to turn on Wi-Fi on your Samsung TV?

TV has been a natural part of every person’s life for a very long time. Originally it was a device that broadcast shows and movies. And today it’s a real mini-computer with lots of features and an Internet connection. The most common way to access online viewing is with a Wi-Fi system. The first company to equip its TVs with a Wi-Fi-router is Samsung.

The easiest way to find out if your TV supports wireless data transmission is from its specifications. To do this you must:

  • Log on to the Internet.
  • In the search box of your browser, type the exact name of your model to the last character.
  • Go to any website. It is desirable to use the first resource in the list.
  • Read the technical characteristics of the device. If the TV supports Wi-Fi, then in front of the “Wi-Fi Support” line will be written the word “Yes”.

Please notice! This information can be found in the manual that comes with the device, or through the settings menu.

What is Smart TV

In translation from English to Russian the word “Smart” means “smart”, this word means that a device with such a prefix has much greater capabilities than a simple LCD TV.

In the stuffing of it is a computer processor that allows you to connect directly to the Internet.

Older LCD TVs without Smart-TV feature could also connect to the Internet, but only through a PC, in which case the computer was busy and could not be used separately from the TV. Smart TV has its own browser, which allows you to connect to the Internet in isolation from other devices. How does the connection?

How to connect the phone to the Samsung TV via Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi network opens a wide range of boundaries for the users of modern media equipment. Nowadays you can synchronize a variety of devices with each other. There is often a need to connect your smartphone to the TV. Let’s find out how to do it correctly, using Samsung equipment as an example.

#x1f449; TV does not see the Wi-Fi network at all

This is the most common type of problem. Usually it means that when you want to connect to Wi-Fi network, TV just can’t find it and doesn’t show it in the list of available networks (or, less often, it is grayed out and you can’t connect to it). ).

Among the list of networks (which the TV sees). is not your.

Reset the TV and the router

This step is quite trivial, but very effective (because when you reload the devices, they are re-initialized and paired, which eliminates many software malfunctions).

By the way, if you do not know how to reset the Wi-Fi router, it is enough to unplug it for 20-30 seconds. (this is to ensure that the previous Internet session at the ISP is closed).

Clarify how far is the TV from the Wi-Fi router

Pay attention to the distance between the Wi-Fi router and the TV: the further they are from each other, the worse and weaker will be the signal (t.е. internet quality). By the way, it’s worth noting that the walls, furniture (especially mirrors), other radio devices can significantly weaken the radio signal.

Below in the screenshot I have presented a typical layout of a 2 room apartment: on the right. the router layout is successful; on the left. not so good.

How To Fix a Samsung TV that Won’t Connect to WiFi

Location of the router in the apartment: on the right. variant is much better

In order to diagnose and find the cause of the problem I would recommend the following:

  • to try to take the phone and, being near TV, connect it to Wi-Fi too (will it see the network?? What will be the signal strength?) ;
  • if possible, move the router closer to the TV (or vice versa). Will the signal not appear.

Check the range of the router (2.4 and 5 GHz) and the operating channel

Modern routers can operate in two bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz (the latter is preferred, because it is the preferred band).к. Data transfer rate is higher). However, not all TVs support 5 GHz, therefore, in the router settings it is recommended to switch on broadcasting in 2 ranges.

5 GHz or 2.4 GHz. TP-Link router settings

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

Another important point: TVs for Europe and the CIS can see the 5 GHz network only on 4 channels 36, 40, 44 and 48 (a channel is a special. setting in the router, indicating to it the exact frequency of the network, on which it operates). If we talk about the network 2.4 GHz. the operating range of channel 1 to channel 13 (for Russia and the CIS).

Channels are also set in the settings of the router (in the section “Wireless mode”).

Wireless mode. Channel settings (TP-LINK router)

By the way, it is worth to say that if your TV or router is not localized for Europe or the CIS countries, it is possible that it “does not see” some of the channels. Try to change channels one by one in the router’s web interface as an experiment.

#x1f449; To help!

Setting up the channel in the Wi-Fi router, how to choose a free: or why frequent drops in Wi-Fi, low speeds, poor quality coverage.

Can the TV even see one network??

Lastly, can your TV see even one Wi-Fi network at all?? If you live in the city (in a usual multi-family typical house). you should find at least 3-10 Wi-Fi networks of your neighbors #x1f60a;.

If it’s not happening, you may have a faulty Wi-Fi module. As an alternative, you can try to connect the TV to the router with a network cable, or use an external Wi-Fi adapter.

Connecting TV to the router with a network cable

Uncorrected setting

Incorrectly set router settings are sometimes the cause of the TV failure to connect to Wi-Fi. There is a certain procedure to correct the situation:

  • Open PU. To do this, enter the set digits into the address bar of the browser. This process is described more specifically in the user manual.
  • Enter “DHCP” to change the settings. Test the activation and check if the server works correctly. TV and other installations that are connected to your home network, you can’t automatically assign IP (with the previously disabled parameter), and without that you can’t get quality routing.

To avoid blocking the TV and other settings that are added to this list, it is recommended to “white-list” the MAC-address on the router. This will allow you to always have a correct communication. The address is in the “Settings” option. Let’s look at how this is done on the most popular TV brands:

  • Samsung. From the settings, go to “Support”, select “Appeal to Samsung”. Press pointer down, choose “Wireless MAC Address”.
  • LG. Just like in the previous case, the first thing to do is to go to “Support”. Open “Product Info”. the MAC address is in there.

After adjusting settings or adding an address to the “white list” must be a reboot of the router.

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

If you entered the password manually when connecting your TV to the wireless network, try setting up the connection another way. WPS. This technology facilitates fast setup, it also has to be activated in the router. This can be done via the system settings by pressing the appropriate button on the router.

  • To enter the interface, read the required information on the label by turning the router upside down.
  • Enter the IP-address in the address bar, then go to the control panel and specify the password and login.
  • Open the tab “WPS” to activate the mode. Connection to Wi-Fi will occur within a few minutes.

If there was no problem with WPS mode before and then the TV stops connecting to Wi-Fi, you will need to enter the information manually.

To connect to the hidden point you must enter the network name. SSID. along with the security password. Older TVs may not always support searching for hidden wireless networks. In this regard, it is recommended to remove the hidden network names in the router settings before updating the software.

The TV doesn’t connect to the Wi-Fi router, though it sees it

In situations when Samsung Smart TV can’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, there are additional ways to resolve the issue:

  • The whole system is rebooted;
  • The receiver returns to the factory, original settings;
  • Updating the software of the TV;
  • the status of the module and the device is checked;
  • DNS troubleshooting is performed;
  • all information for pairing is entered manually.

Important! Sometimes performance issues are associated with problems in the router. In this case you need to check the equipment for mechanical damages.

Check the physical state of the adapter

Samsung TV set can’t connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi

The problem with the inability to connect can be related:

If the Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi, the issue is solved by reinstalling the firmware. Specialists advise to use not the built-in service of the TV, and conduct the procedure via a flash drive, having previously downloaded the program from the official site of the manufacturer.

The second option. disconnecting the receiver from electricity. After 15 minutes the receiver will reboot and return to a stable operation.

samsung, does, connect, wi-fi

Important! If the simplest actions do not help, you need to look for a more serious source of failure.

Restarting equipment

If error 106 “Network not connected” pops up in your Internet browser or any application, the first thing to do is to reboot the equipment. TV and router. Turn off both devices and wait a minute. This time is enough for the current session will be interrupted on the ISP side. It is also a good idea to pull the plug out of the socket. When you turn on again the drivers are initialized and WI-FI network can appear.

Tip! If your TV has a built-in router, you can try pulling the Internet cable out of the internet while the TV reboots.

Similar actions also help with error 105: “Cannot find requested address”.