Samsung TV does not see Wi-Fi

Samsung Smart TV. WI-FI problems

Smart TV is a relatively new invention, but it has already managed to tightly enter our lives. One of its drawbacks is the dependence on Internet, with which in our country there are problems.

Samsung Smart TV users often come to service centers when they can not connect to the Internet. The reasons for this can be different, and each can be solved differently. We’ll take a look at the most common ones.

There are not many reasons why the Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet. Most of them are related to:

Software problems can be easily corrected by your own efforts, but with a faulty “iron” you have to go to the master.

Setting the network parameters for Samsung TVs

Correct settings in receiver’s network settings must be set in order to work with existing router. If it is a wired connection to the router, you should check if the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway and DNS server entered (or set automatically) are correct. If you have a wireless connection, in addition to the above parameters you must make sure that you are connected to a Wi-Fi network, which requires a password.

All configurations of all Samsung Smart TV models are about the same. The only difference is the way to enter the necessary settings through the menu. Here are a few examples.

Automatic connection configuration on Smart-TV

As an example, let’s take the Samsun K-Series TVs. This includes Smart-TV models H4500, H5500, etc.д. To set up a wireless connection on them automatically (no need to enter the IP address and other network parameters), just do the following:

samsung, does, wi-fi

  • If you choose to connect your TV to the network with a network cable, select “Cable” from the “Choose Network Type” dropdown menu, and the setup is complete. If you use wireless connection, select “Wireless” and go to the next step.
  • It will take some time for your TV to detect any available wireless networks. After the scan is finished, the screen will display the available Wi-Fi networks for connection. Select your network (called “SRSC” in the example picture).
  • Check the “Show” box. Password” so you can enter the passphrase for Wi-Fi network correctly.
  • If the password is correct and the TV and/or wireless router do not fail, the TV will display a message saying that it is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network.
  • Availability of Internet connection will be indicated by the icon at the top of the window. If there is a connecting line (orange dots) between the icons of router and planet, it means that your TV has internet access.
  • Here we finish the setup.

The automatic configuration is only possible if the wireless router has the DHCP server enabled (the function which allows you to connect to the network without having to manually enter the network settings). If the DHCP-server is not active, it can be activated, but you will have to reconfigure the router. You can also solve the problem by adjusting the network settings of your TV in manual mode.

Manual network connection settings

Here is an example of how to configure Wi-Fi connection on Samsung UE-series Smart-TV (UE55JU6400U, UE32J4500K, etc.).):

  • If your TV is connected to the network via cable, select “Cable” from the “Choose Network Connection Type” list. If the connection is via Wi-Fi, select “Wireless. (generic)”, then click on the “Next” button.
  • If the “IP Address”, “Subnet Mask”, “Gateway” and “DNS Server” fields have values similar to those in the example above, just click “Next” to complete the connection settings. Otherwise, click the “IP Settings” button to enter the appropriate network parameters manually.
  • In the next window, in the “IP Mode” menu, set the “Manual” option. Fields with network settings will appear on the screen.
  • All fields must be filled in according to the settings of your router. You can see them, for example, in the properties of the network connection on your computer or smartphone connected to the same Wi-Fi router. Enter the same settings in the TV, except for the IP-address (you should change the last digit in it).

Why TV doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi. fixing the problem

LG Smart TV settings show error “No Wi-Fi Internet connection”. Internet does not work in your browser or applications on your TV. Can’t watch videos on YouTube app. Error “connect to network (-105). Can’t find requested address. Check network connection”, or error 106: “Network not connected. Check network connection status.”. Also often there are problems with connection to wireless networks on a frequency of 5 GHz. Even when the TV has support for the 5 GHz band (802 standard).11ac). Many TV sets have no built-in Wi-Fi receiver. They can’t connect to wireless networks, or only after plugging in a proprietary USB receiver (Wi-Fi hardware dongle).

In this article we will talk about solving problems with Wi-Fi connection on LG Smart TVs with webOS system. Which has long been installed on all new TVs of this manufacturer Personally, I believe that this is the most convenient, beautiful, fast and functional platform of all that is currently on the market. I think that the solutions in this article can also be applied to LG TVs that run on the old Smart TV system.

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Amplifying the signal

Sometimes connection problem is caused by TV can’t see router or signal is too weak. In this case it is worth to put the devices close to each other, ideally in the same room. Also make sure that the problem is not caused by interference. They can be created by home appliances such as refrigerators, microwave ovens, etc.

Tip! If you can not change the position of the router, you can enhance its signal by installing a stronger antenna or a repeater.

If the recommendations listed above did not help, the radio module is likely broken.

What’s special about connecting Wi-Fi on TVs

Samsung and LG Smart TV have some differences in connection to wireless network.

Samsung TV doesn’t see Wi-Fi network in the 5 GHz range

In the newer models of Samsung TVs, the built-in wireless modules can be compatible with the new Wi-Fi standard 802.11ac. These televisions can be connected to a wireless network in the 5 GHz band. The speed on this frequency is higher, and for watching online video in good quality is important. There are two nuances here:

  • The TV must have support for the 802 wireless standard.11ac. You can look at the specs, or find out the model, call Samsung support and ask.
  • You must have a dual-band router and it must distribute the network at 5 GHz.

If both items are done, but the TV does not find a network that operates on the 5 GHz frequency, there is most likely a problem with the channel on which your network operates on this band. In your router settings, for a network in the 5 GHz band, you need to set one of four channels: 36, 40, 44, or 48.

Update: there is support for Wi-Fi 5 GHz, but does not find a network

Thanks to the information from the Комментарии и мнения владельцев we have been able to find out that there are situations when a particular model of Samsung TV supports Wi-Fi 5 GHz (Wi-Fi 5, 802.11ac). It is written about it in the characteristics on the official site, but the TV does not see Wi-Fi networks in the 5 GHz range and changing the channel in the settings of the router does not help.

As it turns out, the reason is that support for this band may be blocked in the TV itself. Due to the fact that this particular TV was shipped to countries where it is prohibited to use the 5 GHz band.

There is a solution. You can try to unlock support for this band in the service menu of the TV. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев Valeriy shared his experience and photos, for which he thanks a lot.

Use one of three options to enter the service menu of your TV:

  • Press the Mute button, then successively press “1”. “1”. “9”. “OK.”. “1”. “2”. “3”. “4”. “OK.”.
  • Press the “Info” buttons quickly and consecutively. “Menu”. “Mute.”. “Power.”.
  • Quickly and sequentially press the buttons “Menu”. “1”. “8”. “2”. “Power”.
  • Set CIS_RUSSIA in the Option section of the Local Set.
  • Go to MRT Option. And change the following parameters: Lenguage Set. CIS, Region. PANEURO, PnP Lenguge. ENG (can be RU).

After that, you need to turn off the TV, turn it on, go to the settings (General. Network) and see if our network is in the 5 GHz range in the list of available networks. If there is. select it and connect.

Samsung TV doesn’t see the Wi-Fi network

There are several ways to determine why your Samsung TV does not connect to a Wi-Fi router. Check connection to other wireless networks, Internet signal quality, correct TV and router settings. Only after that does one understand what to do first.

Samsung TV Not Connecting to Wifi | Samsung Smart TV Wifi Problems

In the most complicated cases it can be necessary to reset the user settings of the devices, update the firmware, wired connection.

The lack of wireless Internet distribution is due to the fact that the “TV” does not see only a particular network, or all of them in general, sees them, but can not connect. Often the problem in the unfortunate location of the router, interruptions with the Internet, technical work at the provider.

Yours isn’t on the list? You can specify, click Add your answer.

How to connect Wi-Fi to TV through a router

Before to talk about how to connect Wi-Fi to TV, so that the TV was catching the network, it must be said that first you need to organize a home Wi-Fi group, to which later, perhaps, will be to connect and TV device. It is possible to do it in different ways: via Wi-Fi router or using a laptop as an access point.

Either way, to access the Internet network, your laptop or external router must be connected to the local network.

The rest is quite simple. Despite the solid selection of different TV models, which are presented in the domestic market, they all function according to the same type of connection. So how to connect to the TV? You can connect the TV to the Internet network via Wi-Fi, with a router. Here everything is not complicated. To begin with, you must connect to a local network and configure the adapter. Once this is done, then you need to connect the TV and configure it by going to the settings.

Now, in more detail let’s look at how to configure Wi-Fi connection on the TV. You need to find the item “Network” and connect the wireless connection. Basically, the configuration is quite simple. Receiving data from the network is automatic, as the router has the DHCP function. This means that it automatically assigns IP addresses to all equipment connected to it. To find connections that are available, you need to go to the item “Network Setup”. Then you just have to follow the instructions on the TV screen.

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Then you need to select the appropriate items and at the end you will see a list of Wi-Fi networks, which can be connected to, for this :

It must be said that if both devices have WPS, then the network settings will be minimal, further simplifying the task of the consumer. In this case, you just need to press the appropriate button on the router. Further in settings of TV connection you have to choose necessary item. Due to these manipulations, the TV will automatically start searching for the appropriate connection and will establish the connection.

What to do if the TV is not connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi

The list of reasons why the Samsung TV does not connect to Wi-Fi and shows an error is presented:

  • with an incorrect or invalid password;
  • mistakenly entered data;
  • Incorrect debugging of security and encryption of the wireless channel. you can clarify the information through the router settings.

The router must use a modern “n” or mixed mode to work steadily. You must check the DHCP-server, which automatically turns on by default. Sometimes the function is disabled during a system failure, after which the TV receiver is not able to rejoin the broadcast.

Sometimes the devices are connected to the secondary protection. the assumption is better to check. When you install a Wi-Fi amplifier hardware may try to build into it instead of the basic equipment (Keenetic, TP-Link, Asus devices suffer from this).).

Important! If the receiver is able to connect to another network (while distributing from a smartphone), the problem is in the inoperability of the router.

Check the network status

#x1f449; TV sees Wi-Fi network, but does not connect: error

Double-check the network name and password to access it (I had an acquaintance who wanted to connect to his neighbor’s Wi-Fi network (the network name was almost the same as his #x1f60a;)). It is very convenient to use a cell phone with Wi-Fi support for this purpose.

Also pay attention to the error code (if it is displayed) and its description. In some cases, this code is the only way to get to the “truth” (especially when there are some errors in the software developers).

Next, check the router settings (tab “Wireless settings” / “Wireless settings”). Did you enter the correct Wi-Fi network name and password when you try to connect the TV??

By the way, as a diagnostic, I would recommend changing the network name and password. After that, immediately try to connect the TV (as the first device) using these changed data.

Also, take a look at the “Bandwidth Control” settings. If you have such an option in your router model. in some cases it can start to block certain devices from accessing the internet (including.ч. TV).

If you do not know how to disable it (or generally can not find it). try to reset the router to default settings.

Monitor the bandwidth (Tenda router as an example)

In some cases they “don’t let” the network connection set the old settings (if the TV was previously connected to another network). In order to eliminate the exact cause related to this, it is recommended to reset the TV for diagnostic purposes:

  • LG TVs have the following menu: “Settings. Additionally. General. Factory reset” ;
  • Samsung TV: “Support. Self-diagnosis. Reset” (refer to. screenshot below).

By the way, when you reset the TV settings, not only the network settings will be cleared, but also the lists of TV channels. You have to reset them.

Try to use WPS technology instead of the usual connection to Wi-Fi network (with the manual entry of the password). In brief: then by pressing spets. button on the Wi-Fi router and TV. the devices will automatically connect with each other.

Conveniently?! Certainly! In addition, in cases like ours. saves a lot of time!

    first you need to go to the TV settings and enable WPS;

WPS button on different router models (layout options)

If all above mentioned didn’t help, maybe as a temporary measure you can connect TV to the phone or computer (which have internet).

It allows to watch films and photos (which are saved on them), play computer games on a big screen, surf the Internet, looking at Internet-pages in their full size.

A couple of articles on connection and setup are given below.

In rare cases, the fault of incorrect work of the TV with the Internet can be caused by the firmware (i.e.е. the software that is installed in your device). To eliminate this defect you need to download the correct firmware from the manufacturer’s web-site and update it.

Please note that this procedure is often the reason for refusal of warranty service (in addition, it can cause damage to the TV).

For more information about the TV firmware:

TV does not see available networks

If the desired network is seamlessly displayed on other devices, but the TV ignores it, and furthermore does not see any of the neighboring networks, most likely the problem is in the TV itself. First of all you need to check the operability of the external Wi-Fi adapter and make sure that there are no mechanical damages of the TV body in case of the built-in W-Fi module.

If everything is OK, the TV is not damaged, and the Wi-Fi adapter is connected, or the device has a built-in module, it is recommended to turn the TV on and off. You should not do this with the remote control, but directly de-energize the TV by pulling the power cord out of the socket. Reconnect the TV after 10 minutes at the earliest. If even after that the TV does not see wifi, you should reset it to factory settings through the service menu.

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To enter the service menu on the TV sets Samsung , Successively press the buttons “Info”. “Menu”. “Mute”. “Power”.

In the service menu you need to open the “Options” tab (Options menu and find the “Factory Reset” button. After resetting the TV with the remote control you will need to turn it off and then turn it back on. Then we set up the network: see if the networks are displayed. If the problem was in the wrong settings, then the device should see the available Wi-Fi networks. If it does not happen, keep trying to get rid of the error.

It is worth recollecting the last time we reflashed the TV and the correctness of the device work after the installation of updates. Often the problem is hidden in the incorrect operation of the OS and requires a complete reinstallation of the software. There are two ways of reflashing: via autoloading updates from the net (this way is unavailable due to the lack of Internet connection) and from USB flash drive. Therefore you can download the firmware to a flash drive from the official Samsung website and completely update the system.

If reflashing the TV did not give any results and still no network is displayed, then the problem is technical and it can be solved only with the help of specialists. This can be:

Here you’ll need to interfere with the internal elements of the TV, assembling the board, check the connections for continuity and, if necessary, solder new elements. At home, this repair is difficult to perform, because you need to have the appropriate equipment and experience. Therefore it is worth to apply to the service center. If the TV is not equipped with a built-in module, instead of which the external adapter is used, it is worth trying to replace the adapter, or to check the performance of the old one.

Why does the TV say “Network without Internet access”??

Quite a few reasons why the message “Unidentified network without Internet access” appears: from the banal system crashes to software issues in the operating system. There is good news. if the failure is systemic, in most cases you can fix it yourself.

Why is the Wi-Fi network without access to the Internet:

  • the time is not set correctly;
  • There is a problem with the provider: the local network works, but you can’t access the Internet;
  • Unexpected accidental failure on your TV or router;
  • Incorrect connection settings on the TV or Wi-Fi router;
  • Outdated software is installed;
  • Poor quality of coverage, weak signal;
  • Operating system problems.

What to do if the Samsung TV set doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi?

Modern TV receivers with Smart-TV option allow not only watching TV broadcasts, but also surfing the Internet. As a consequence, TVs have become multifunctional devices. To make full use of Smart-TV receivers, you need a WAN connection. The easiest way to access the Internet is through a router. As a rule, there are no problems with this. But it may happen that the TV receiver does not connect to Wi-Fi. For the most part, you can solve this problem on your own. The main thing is to find the cause of the problem and fix it.

Wi-Fi adapter not working

To determine the likely cause of malfunction of the wireless module, inspect the TV for mechanical damage. Check the performance and operability of the device.

Not all Samsung TVs have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. So check the availability of the necessary module. See the user manual and specifications for all the information. You can always get an external adapter for further configuration of the connection to the Wi-Fi network. It is inserted into a USB interface.

If your TV is equipped with a built-in module, then check the functionality of the hardware component:

  • Try to connect to your home network with your smartphone or tablet. If it fails to connect from another device, it means that the built-in Wi-Fi module is not working. Contact a professional to have the problem resolved.
  • Open the main menu on your TV by clicking on the “Support” option. Now select “Contact Samsung”. Scroll down the web page. The MAC-address will have the corresponding numbers in the line. If the combination consists of zeros or dashes, the module is defective.

Sometimes the Samsung TV does not connect to the Internet due to incorrect settings that have been set by the user. You can reset them. How to do it? You’re about to find out.

Checking for Wi-Fi on your TV

Oddly enough, the first thing to check is whether your TV supports Wi-Fi connection. If you’re sure you have a wireless connection, you can move on to the next point.

To check the presence of Wi-Fi, you need to use the following tips:

Some models with Smart TV function (mostly outdated) do not have a built-in Wi-Fi module. So they can be connected to the Internet with a network cable, or via an external Wi-Fi adapter.