Samsung TV how to set the remote control to the TV

How to tie a remote control to the TV: quick conjugation

Not all owners of this technique know how to set up a universal remote control to the Samsung TV. By default to each device that can be controlled at a short distance, there is an appropriate bullets. 90% of these gadgets have a special infrared port through which the connection is established. And each TV goes for its own remote control, so we select it, referring to the company and model. But in recent years, universal management tools began to gain popularity. It is about their work that we will talk.

A distinctive feature of the sensory remote control is a touchpad that occupies almost half of the intense. It allows not only to manage settings and other standard TV operations, but also to act in a browser. The presence of a touch panel makes management more comfortable.

To check the signal source, you need to touch the touchpad. With a delay in the finger, a list of channels that are currently available at the moment will open. To open a window with the selected parameters in the Smarthub section, you need to clamp the panel.

The remote control also has the so.Called hydraulic submarine. With it, it becomes possible to manage the TV with only the movement of the remote control. For the appearance of the cursor, you only need to touch the panel, and subsequently control it with the movement of the fingers.

To switch the menu items, you can use the joystick. Separate modifications display a virtual remote control. A copy of the computer keyboard. It is convenient to set the TV settings with it, activation of various tasks and other operations.

Switching channels and other manipulations at a distance by pressing the buttons no longer surprise anyone. Another thing is when the same operations are performed through the voice team. Samsung Smart Touch intelligent sensory remote controls have voice control.To. They have a built.In microphone.

Using the remote control, you need to keep it from the television receiver no further than 6 meters, so that it normally receives signals.

Review of the Samsung Smart TV “Smart Touch” TV line. 2012-2018

Currently, remote controls for Samsung TVs are equipped with television receivers endowed with Smart TV functionality. The remarks are outwardly different depending on the TV of the TV to a particular series. The algorithms for their connection are different and the algorithms.

Programming Remote SAMSUNG TV

Using the SMART Touch Control panel, the TV connection is Samsung PS64F8500SL

Dedicated element tap the touch panel.

Touch the touch panel and hold

Finger at the contact point to display the list of channels.

To transmit commands of the function of voice recognition, you can use the microphone. Just press the button

The function recognition function can incorrectly perform recognition due to fuzzy pronunciation, quiet voice or surrounding noise.

Display on the screen of the virtual remote control. Cm. Head of electronic management, television management use of a virtual remote control of the remote control and hold the button pressed

Quick selection of the necessary function (for example,

View program programs for each digital channel, including exit time. You can also enable the schedule viewing function or record by automatic display of information about the program that will be broadcast later.

Turning on and off the receiver of satellite or cable television connected to the TV. In this case, it is necessary to configure the Smart Touch Control remote to use as a universal remote control.

Hold this button to get out of all

Smart Hub applications display. Cm. Head of Electronic Management of the Smart TV Smart Hub function.

To quickly get out of a running application, press the button

The purpose of color buttons depends on the function,

The TV at the moment.

Switching between the functions of the “magazine.”

To control the TV using the Smart Touch Control remote control, you first need to install the connection between the remote control and the TV using Bluetooth technology. However, it should be borne in mind that the operation of the Smart Touch Control remote control is possible only if the Samsung TV conjugated with it.

The Smart Touch Control remote control is recommended to be used at a distance of no more than 6 m from the TV. The operating range may vary depending on the environmental conditions affecting the distribution of a wireless signal.

When the TV is turned off, direct the Smart Touch Control remote control to the remote control signal on the TV and click the “tv” button to execute

First conjugation. The infrared signal is transmitted only after pressing this button. The position of the remote control receiver may vary depending on the model.

The Bluetooth icon will appear in the lower left corner of the screen (see. Figure below). After that, the TV will try to contact the Smart Touch remote control

Repeated connection of the TV and remote control Smart Touch Control

If the Smart Touch Control remarks does not function or work incorrectly, it is necessary to replace the batteries, since the cause of the malfunctions can be insufficient battery charge. If in this way the problem cannot be eliminated, click the button

On the Smart Touch Control remote to resume the console and TV. To access the button

It is necessary to remove the cover of the battery compartment of the Smart Touch Control remote control. Being at a distance of 0.3–4 m from the TV,

Direct the Smart Touch Control remote to the signal receiver on the TV and click the button

Lost your Samsung TV Remote? Try This

Interfacing in the lower left part of the TV screen displays the corresponding icon.

Connection of the Smart Touch Control company remote control

Smart Touch Control is a remote control equipped with a touch panel and a microphone. Thanks to the company accessory, the user can simplify navigation on the “smart” menu and the process of searching for information on the Internet.

Smart Touch Control synchronization with the TV looks as follows:

  • Installation of two AA batteries in the accessory building.
  • TV turning on through pressing the Power button located on the remote control control.
  • Pressing and holding for several seconds of the “back” and “reproduction” keys.
  • The television indicator will appear on the television processor indicator of the device. The user just needs to wait for the connection to the connection.

In some cases, for successful synchronization of devices, it may be necessary to restart the TV. It is important to note that the process of connecting the Smart Touch Control remote control may differ from the presented algorithm. The exact sequence of actions depends on the series of the television apparatus.

Below are the main differences between the sensory remote control and the classic:

  • STC can be synchronized with only one device;
  • The remote control is maintained only by those models of television devices, which includes a similar accessory;
  • A special setting of devices is required for the remote control.

Externally, ST Control differs from the usual Samsung remote control on the navigation touch key on the menu and the physical button for the launch of the voice search. You can find more detailed information about the company accessory on the official website of the manufacturer.

Ways to connect different remotes to the Samsung TV

Samsung Smart Control touch remote control for remote control of your TV, owners of such a remote control are Samsung TVs with Smart TV function. In addition to the TV itself, they can control additional devices that are connected to your TV.Using the remote control, you can switch channels adjust the sound.Also, these remote controls have a microphone for the voice control of the TV.

When connecting the remote control. It should be at a short distance from the TV, the connection is carried out through the Bluetooth function.

In order to configure and connect the remote control to the TV M, Q, LS Series

Install batteries in your remote control.

Next, click and release the Return buttons and Play/Stop Return for several seconds until the device is searching for devices and wait until your remote control is connected to the TV.

In order to configure and connect the remote control to the J-series TV

You need to press and not release the Return/Exit and Extra buttons for a few seconds. Until the Blutuz icon appears on the screen of your TV

In order to configure and connect the remote control to the TV to the series

In order to configure and connect the remote control to the TV and series

Press and do not let the buttons a few seconds

“Return” and “Guide” yet you will not see the Blutuz icon on your screen of TV

In order to configure and connect the remote control to the F-series TV

Next, on the back of your remote control, find the “Pairing” button.It needs to be pressed and not released until you see the Blutuz Blutuz icon on the screen of your TV, then the devices are connected to your TV.

If you cannot connect the Smart Touch Control remote control to the TV.Make sure you are using the remote control model from the kit. Try to repeat the actions again, turn off your TV out of the outlet and turn it on again, check if the batteries are working on your remote control. Remember that each model of the Samsung TV model has its own remote control

Differences in the universal remote control and original

Original remotes for a specific TV model

Smalls from certain TV models have certain features:

  • On the original remote control in the upper part there is an inscription in English “High-Speed ​​Remote Control”.
  • On the original remote controls, with which the VHF-CM broadcast receivers are controlled, there can only be a digital designation of the TV model (for example, Sony or Toshiba).
  • On the original remote controls there are special designations for identifying the remote control: the number of the IR receiver; channel number on which switching is made; Special inscription “Radio” (radio) in Russian.

The original Huayu remote control (original for a specific TV model) may contain the functions of several remote controls at once (usually one of two. Main and auxiliary). The buttons of the main remote control are duplicated by the buttons of the auxiliary remote control.

Auxiliary remote control, for example, in radio mode, has the same keys as the main remote control. If any of these remote controls does not work (for example, due to a defect), then you can simply replace the main remote control with an auxiliary, and then connect it to the main IR control intese.

A window will appear on the screen to enter the code of the auxiliary remote control, and it will work with the main remote control as usual.

Universal remote

Universal remote controls developed for various TV brands, first of all, are a “replicator”-a “receiver”, receiving signals from the original remote control (and, of course, sending it back).

The universal PHILIPS remote control allows you to control the TV of almost any brand. From Philips to Toshiba. It includes buttons programmed by the manufacturer of the TV (for example, volume buttons, channel switching, etc. P.), but at the same time, as a rule, fully corresponds to all the functionality of the original remote control.

As a rule, universal remotes have advantages such as ease of use, low cost, simplicity of settings and compatibility with most TV models.

However, the disadvantages of universal SUPRA remotes also have. For example, they are not able to control a TV of remote control. At the same time, such a remote control costs much cheaper than the original.

The setting process

You can configure the Internet at the point “Network Settings”. Before telling how everything happens, you should know that TV is cable and etheric. The first option is connected to the TV through a special cable, and to connect the air, you need to use the antenna. It is possible that a digital receiver will not be built in your telly, in this case, you need to buy it separately. Now about how to configure Smart TV on Samsung TV.

You will need only ten minutes to configure TV. Just take the following steps:

  • Click on the green button of your remote control, turn on the “menu”,
  • Select the “channel” submenu (it is indicated in the list with an icon),
  • Go to the point “Auto.Building”,
  • Select the source of the Antenna signal,
  • From the proposed options, click on the “digital”,
  • Change the OK button,
  • Click the “Start” button.

Here are, in principle, all the actions that need to be carried out to connect your Smart TV. By the way, anyone can view all programs and resources using IPTV. This function will help you choose any program or a movie for viewing, leave reviews on sites and many others. To configure this function, you need to download and install the application on TV from Samsung Apps. To control the programs, you can use a remote control or tablet, as you will be more convenient for you.

How to connect an intellectual Samsung remote control?

At the numerous requests of subscribers, I tell you in detail about how to connect an intellectual remote control (Smart Touch Control) to the Samsung TV. I will tell you about all the series of TVs Samsung (T, R, N, M, Q, LS, K, J, F, E).

Before we start. You need to find out, but where to watch a TV series? The answer is simple. Find a factory sticker on the rear wall of the TV. It will indicate the model. Let’s decipher the model code on this example. The first two letters UE. Mean type. In our case, this is LCD TV. 32 is a diagonal in inches. Well, after the letter F is coming, this is our series. 6800 is a model. Now let’s start the connection.

How to use the intellectual remote control samsung

Many users asked in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on how to use the intellectual Samsung remote control. Not all users can easily switch from a traditional button remote control to an intellectual remote control. In this video, I will tell you how to use such an intellectual remote control from Samsung.

You can manage this remote control both buttons and voice commands. First consider buttons control. Each button can work differently, depending on the mode in which the TV is located. And depending on how to press it, there are different options for pressing the same buttons. I will tell you in detail about each button, and what it does. And so, let’s start from below.

The volume adjustment is carried out by deviation of this button forward from itself and back to itself. Accordingly, deviations forward from ourselves, we increase the sound, and reduce the sound by pressing the back. With this, I think there are no questions. If we press the volume button once on top, like a conventional button, we trigger the mode of shutdown of the mute sound (mut), the volume shutdown icon will appear on the screen. To return the volume back, we also press this button once on top. We see, the volume turned on again. If you press and hold the sound button, we open the “accessibility links” menu. You often ask the question of how to disable the voice assistant who Комментарии и мнения владельцев all the actions, it is in this menu that it needs to be turned off if you have an active circle near the “Voice Instructions” item, it must be turned off, and the voice accompaniment will not be active. And if you have a regular button remote control, I will leave a link under the video, where it is described in detail how to turn it off using a button remote control.

Near the volume button is the channel switching button. Channels work in the same way. From ourselves we increase the channel number by one, reduce by one by one. If we press the channel button in the middle once, then a television gym opens (an interactive program of current and future programs on the TV channel). If you press the channel button in the center and hold, then the entire list of available channels will open. On this function of the “channels” button ended.

A button with a house is a Smart Hub call. Click on the button, we open Smart Hub. Smart Hub is a menu in which you can select different applications, install new applications, select TV settings and much more. When pressed a second time, Smart Hub closes. Other interesting functions, this button is no longer.

The next return button, this is how it looks, it also works differently. For example, if we went to Smart Hub and click it once, we have a return back (returning one action back), it turns out we went to Smart Hub, and a return of one action, this is a way out with Smart Hub. If we look at the channel, then the return button works as a transition to the previous channel. That is, switching between the two last channels. I look, for example 2 channel, and switch to 3 channels. Then when you press the return button, I will return to the previous channel, in my case it is 2 channel. This is convenient if you watched the 100th channel, and then turn on 5. Between them you can quickly switch, and not flip through the entire list. If we, for example, are in the settings menu, and went to some level on the menu, then by pressing the return button once, we return back step by step, as we came in. And if we just want to close all this menu, we need to press and hold the return button and the exit from the menu occurs, whatever level you are. On the old remote control was done by the Exit button. Also when clamping the return button, it completely closes any application. For example, we go to YouTube applications, click and hold the return button, we see, the YouTube application has completely closed without any warning warning. When pressing and holding, it works like an Exit button, on previous models. Once again, if you press the button once, there will be a return to one level, if you press and hold the exit from the application (analogue of the Exit button on previous models). And if we are not in any menu, but simply look through the channels, it works like switching between two channels. I hope this is clear.

Play | Pace button, when clicking while viewing, it pauses or plays a film or transmission. There are only two functions in this button. Everything is simple with her.

Button in the center, this is the input button. If we are in some menu, it works as a choice button, some point (that is, confirms the actions). We go, for example, in the settings and select the sound item, by pressing the input button, go to the section. Then we go down to the “Additional Settings” item and using the input button, go to the “Additional Settings” section. This is clear. If we are in the channel viewing mode by pressing the input button, we call information, first a brief information about the current transmission appears. And if we press and hold it, a full description of this film or transmission opens (unless of course, it is, in my case the full description is not available).

Button with numbers 123, we work as input of the channel number, the method. Press the button 123, using the arrow, select the number 5 (this means that we chose the 5th channel) and click the input (central button, we talked about it before), we see the channel switched to 5. If we want to introduce, for example 100 channel, press quickly 1 and two 00 using the input button on each digit. Apparently on the left is written the channel number, which we introduced (in my case 100). And go to the 100th channel. If we are in the channel viewing mode, click and hold this button, we will have a teletecst, if, of course, it is on this channel (I did not find such a channel). If you have a television tile to remove it, clamp and hold a button with numbers 123. It turns out button 123 in addition to the function of input of the channel, still has the function of calling the television. Also in the previous video, with the help of this button, we were included in the development mode and removed standard applications. I will leave the link under this video in the description.

Point button. When pressing it, it causes colored buttons in the right corner of the screen, when you press the input button in the center, we have an additional menu. In this menu, we can include a record on a flash drive or film, unless of course you have a flash drive. My flash drive is inserted, respectively, and the recording point appeared on the menu. If you want to record something, insert the USB flash drive into the TV, turn on the program and click. The second Timeshift button (Timeshift function, or time shift, as it is also called, allows you to pause any television programs available to you.). I would say this analogue of the Play | Pace button, I do not use, for example, Timeshift. Writing a movie or transmission. From my experience, I’ll say that once I used the record, and then for educational purposes. Nowadays, you can see everything on the Internet and there is no point in writing down. If you are interested in how to record a movie or transfer to a USB flash drive, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the video, take a separate video on this topic.