Samsung TV remote does not switch channels

Before proceeding to inspect the remote control, it is advisable to make sure that the cause of malfunction of the device is this device and is not associated with certain violations in the TV itself.

Also make sure that there is no additional interference within the operating range of the units, such as LED lights, microwave ovens and even turned on IR ports on mobile devices.

In case the user is sure that the problem lies in the remote control itself, the diagnosis begins first of all with the batteries of the device, since this is the most common problem of all electronic devices.

To check the batteries of the remote control it is necessary to open the cover of the battery connector and carefully examine all the contacts and their location. It is very important that the polarity is correct. In addition, the user must make sure that the contacts are firmly in contact with the batteries and that the minus leads are not loose.

Then the remote control is checked for possible mechanical damage. First it is necessary to inspect the whole body of the device as carefully as possible. However, it is worth noting that sometimes physical damage may not be visible on the body of the remote control. In this regard, it is recommended to inspect the internal parts of the remote control for dents, disconnected wires, scratches on microcircuits.

In addition, it is recommended to check the contacts for wear and tear. However, this will require not only to remove the housing, but also the buttons from the remote control.

At the last stage of diagnosis check the LED of the device, that is, a small light bulb located on top of the housing, which sends commands from the remote control to the TV. It should also not have any mechanical damage.

Why the device doesn’t react to the remote control and can not switch channels

If while browsing, a person suddenly discovers that pressing the buttons of the remote control has no effect on the technology, first of all it is recommended to find out exactly the reason. First you should consider the most likely options:

    Most often the user simply forgets to change the batteries. Therefore, first of all, it is better to put new ones and check the functionality of the device.

In the latter case, you can use the smartphone camera to detect the presence of a signal.

A smart remote can be checked for malfunction with a smartphone camera

The remote control is pointed at the lens and tries to detect a signal. To do this, sometimes you need to change the camera settings. A sign of presence is sometimes a slight flicker.

How to fix Samsung SMART TV Remote is Not Working, Not Responding || 10 Troubleshooting Tips

If no signal can be detected, then the remote control needs to be repaired.

If the problem is in the settings, it’s a good idea to reset them first. If this does not help, you can use a factory reset, and then set the desired values.

It is also worth paying attention to the following causes, more rare, but possible:

  • If the remote control is left in random places it is likely that dust has settled on it. When it clogs the contacts, it can lead to the device ceasing to work. In the presence of dust contamination it is necessary to wipe them gently. In some cases you may need to disassemble the device for cleaning.
  • There may be other appliances in the house that use infrared signals to function. If it works simultaneously with the remote control from the set-top box, it can cause interference. In this case it is necessary to remove it, or to disable it.
  • Your infrared receiver may sometimes be to blame for the problem. This occurs, for example, if it has a power-saving mechanism. In this case, the received signal can be blocked. To correct the situation in this case, you need to disable this mode.
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When the control panel and the television equipment interact, control signals are transmitted. In some cases this can lead to conflicts. It is quite possible that the remote control signals are transmitted to other devices.

The problem can be solved by unlinking and then re-linking the remote control to the device. In most cases, this will restore normal operation.

Sometimes the remote control and the set-top box need to be re-associated for correct operation

Buttons of the remote control can fall down if you use it often. In case of this problem it is better to be repaired by the professionals.

In cases when remote control operation can be duplicated with the buttons on the device, you should try to perform commands with their help. If it works, then the reason of malfunction should be looked for in the remote control, when it doesn’t. you should pay attention to the functionality of the device.

You should remember that sometimes remote control, while remaining in good working order, operates only from short distance. This indicates a weak signal strength. In most cases, this is the result of contaminated contacts. To restore the functionality you need to clean them. To do this you may need to disassemble the device.

Wiping will be more effective if pure alcohol is used. It is not recommended to take vodka because it may contain additional impurities.

Pay attention to the rubber cover underneath the keyboard. It can be cleaned with common kitchen cleaners. After cleaning is complete, you must thoroughly dry the unit before reassembling.

It is necessary to take into account that the source of contamination can be not only dust but also condensate that gets on the remote control from your fingers. It not only stains the contact, but also contributes to the oxidation of the device parts.

Pay attention to the battery contacts when performing this procedure. If there is dirt or rust on them you will need to clean them.

Another common cause of malfunctioning remote control is a mechanical damage. If it is often dropped, it can result in damage to the board, housing or signal diode. The presence of damage can be determined by visual inspection.

Sometimes if you shake the device, you can hear an extraneous noise. It usually means that the diode is damaged and must be replaced.

Damaged remote control card is a serious reason, why the remote from the device doesn’t change channels

When a user acquires a TV set, the remote control has to be bound to it. If this procedure is performed incorrectly, the normal operation of the remote control is impossible. In the case that this situation has occurred, you should first unbind the remote control and then bind it again.

Performing this procedure differs depending on the model you’re using. For example for Rostelecom devices it is done as follows:

  • First you need to find out the activation code of the model used. You can do this on Rostelecom website (go to “For yourself”, “Television” and “Hardware”).
  • Turn the TV on. Press OK and TV buttons simultaneously. They are held until the LED blinks twice. Then the buttons can be released.
  • Dial an initialization code, which you found out beforehand.
  • If there are several such codes they are tried one by one. After specifying the right one, the remote control should start working normally.

After entering the required combination the settings must be saved.

Batteries ran out of power

This defect in the TV remote control can be easily detected with a tester, multimeter or voltmeter. Check the power sources. The minimum reading should be 1.3 V. If lower values were obtained, then you need to buy new batteries.

samsung, remote, does, switch, channels

What to do if there is no special tester or multimeter? It’s very easy to find out that the batteries are the reason of remote control malfunction. We use the elimination method. All buttons are pressed, but the remote does not work. TV has not been dropped or exposed to liquid.

Be careful when replacing the batteries, you must not confuse the “” and “-“. The positive terminal visually reminds of a coil and the negative terminal has an elongated shape. If replacing the batteries doesn’t solve the problem, then you need to continue diagnosing.

Why the TV does not react to the remote control and control buttons

There are situations when the TV does not respond to the remote control and/or buttons on the TV. In this case you don’t need to call a service center, you can often fix it yourself.

Troubleshooting Remote Control Issues for your Samsung TV | Samsung US

Here are the reasons why the remote control does not work or why the TV set does not respond to the remote control and how to fix the problem.

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The TV turns on and off at random

If the TV turns on and off by itself, the reasons can be both internal, for which you will need to disassemble the receiver, and external, unrelated to the malfunction of the device components.

Sleep Timer

Incorrectly set sleep timer often is guilty of the TV turning off or turning on at random times. You must carefully read the manual and correctly set the timer or perform a factory reset.

Installed apps

Smart TV apps can also be responsible for the TV turning on by itself. You need to look through the installed content and if you find suspicious programs remove them or check their settings.

Faulty remote control

If TV turns on and off by itself and does not see the remote control and does not respond to commands, you need to make sure the remote control is faulty.

Need to install new batteries, inspect the buttons for damage. You may check with your smartphone if your remote control sends a signal via IR sensor.

To do this, point the camera of the mobile gadget at the remote control and press any buttons. If there is a glow, it means that the remote control is working properly.

Power cord and outlets

If the TV does not have enough power from the mains, it will immediately turn off and restart repeatedly after turning on. This is caused by voltage fluctuations in the mains or due to faults in the power supply or socket. You need to make sure that the unit is intact, the power cord is not kinked or damaged by pets, the connectors and plugs are not damaged, and the plug is not charred.

You will also need to check the condition of the outlet. You can try plugging the TV panel into a different outlet or extension cord to see if the problem persists. Voltage fluctuations can also cause the TV to turn on or off by itself. An A.V.R. will solve the problem.

Check external devices

The next step is to check your Samsung LCD TV, (and Philips or another brand, t.к. This problem is also relevant for them) with disabled external devices, such as antenna or Wi-Fi router. So, the router can be set to sleep mode, so the receiver will turn on and off on its own in an attempt to resume an Internet connection.

Reboot the TV

If the TV turns on and off by itself, you can try resetting the equipment. To do this you need to unplug the device and wait a few minutes to let the capacitors and diodes cool down and eliminate the charge. After that, you should reconnect the device to the network and check how it works after powering on.

Software update

Old firmware can also be the reason why TV turns off by itself. To fix the problem you will need to update the software. You can do this directly in the menu of your TV receiver, if it has the Smart TV feature, or you can do it via USB flash drive, previously downloading a new version of the software to it from your computer. If the TV panel’s auto-update feature is active, the user may notice that the LCD TV screen glows at certain times and then goes out. This means that the device checks for new software versions, installs them, and then shuts down. To prevent the technique from turning on arbitrarily and disturbing the user, you need to disable this option.

Control panel malfunction

One of the main breakdowns that can happen to your TV is a malfunction of the buttons on the control panel. If at least one of them does not work, protection mode will be activated and user will find out that TV set reboots on its own after turning on.

How To Fix a Samsung Remote Control That’s Not Working

You need to disconnect the loop from the control panel and check how the equipment works. If the problem is solved, you can control your receiver with the remote control or contact a service center to repair the device.

Power Module Failure

Faulty power module is another common cause of the TV receiver turning on and off randomly. We need to inspect the board, check capacitors and other elements for defects.

If they are found, you must either replace the defective parts or supply a new board. If the user does not know how to connect the module or how to repair it, you should contact the service center.

Dust and moisture

Dust and liquids inside the device often cause the TV to turn off by itself while in use and also turn on by itself.

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Dust conducts current and can create static electricity which can cause equipment to short circuit and go into protection mode. It can be removed with a vacuum cleaner. Moisture inside the TV leads to corrosion on the contacts and spontaneous switching on and off. To prevent malfunctioning, the moisture must be removed immediately if it is discovered to be trapped inside the device.

If the TV set is not responding to the remote control, make sure the batteries are in good condition. If the replacement did not work, please contact the “Lenbyt” workshop. It could be a failure of the TV receiver itself, not the remote. Qualified craftsmen will quickly identify the source of the problem and fix it at home.

  • The first thing to do is to download one of the many apps from Google Play Store. For example, any of these: one, two.
  • Next step. Turn on Wi-Fi on your smartphone and TV.
  • Next, run the application and follow the instructions.

The TV remote’s LED is faulty

In addition to the batteries, the problem may lie in the infrared LED. It can break off or simply malfunction. Just to determine whether the device is OK or not, you will need a smartphone.

To test the remote control with a mobile device the following conditions must be met.

  • The TV remote control must have an infrared sensor.
  • You’ll need a smartphone with a camera.

Sequence of actions to check operation of IR sensor by telephone is as follows.

  • Turn on the camera of your mobile device. This will display what is in the camera’s range.
  • Point the remote control at the switched on camera and long press one of the buttons. It is best to press on/off on the TV receiver.
  • If the remote control is working and the IR sensor works, you will see a reddish or blue-violet light from it on the smartphone screen. The weaker the light, the worse the remote works. Weak operation may be due to battery problems or oxidation of the contacts. Repairing these elements will help the device to work properly again.

Warning! At the time of testing the LED, the room must be dark.

Using this method you can identify those buttons of the remote control which don’t work and repair them. Sometimes you need an expert consultation. If the unit cannot be repaired, you need to buy a new remote.


If batteries in RC panel are working, there is a signal, but TV set doesn’t turn on or switching channels, than the culprit is extraneous interference. This situation can occur if there is a bright light source near the TV, which “clogs” the signal from the remote control.

Another reason can be source of electromagnetic waves which are nearby. This phenomenon is observed if the TV is placed near a microwave oven.

To make sure that exactly the interference disturbs the signal from the remote control, you need to turn off all the equipment located near the TV and try to turn the TV on. If even then there is no signal and the indicator on the TV is not blinking, you need to look for another source.

Check the remote control for damage. If it is damaged, you need to change it.

The TV set doesn’t react to the remote control, switches channels and modes and lives its own life

If your TV suddenly takes on a life of its own, switching channels, modes, sometimes not responding to the remote control. Then do the following, see “How to fix the remote control signal” on the TV? Photo.

Hi there! Hello, Vitaly! Not so long ago I had to treat a patient, tame a stubborn one, so to speak. Well, to be more specific, the LCD TV Samsung got out of hand and began to lead an independent, wild life.

Switched modes, channels by itself, and with this in every way hindered the calm and measured way of life of its owner. Sometimes it stopped responding to the remote control and switched to something on its own and did not want to go back.

Is there anything you can do in this case? Let’s look at the causes and methods of elimination. May forgive me the masters of the service centers, but this is my blog, what I want and what I do