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Teams on iOS 13. How to download video from YouTube? ⁠ ⁠

Teams. This is one of the most necessary things on iOS and iPados. Just think, having made one team you can download video from YouTube in a second, chop off the Internet with bluetooth, turn on fast charging. Soon I want to publish my team in the system settings, but for now I want to share the team (which I found on the Internet) which can download any video from YouTube. (Here is the link to the team https: // www.Icloud.COM/Shortcuts/F0CC8D75F66C4DCDA2726A689E99. ) Interested? Then I tell:

As soon as the command of the command is installed, download this command and add. If it does not work, we go to the settings = fast teams = unreliable commands and allow (the reliable team do not be afraid). After we downloaded and added the program, we go to the Internet, in my case Safari, and go to YouTube (yes, it does not work through the application. I will briefly tell you to open YouTube in Safari I need to clamp the YouTube link and click “Open in the new tab”) and find the video that we need. We begin to view it and then click on the “Share” button, in Safari or in any other browser. We leaf on the very bottom and find download youtube video and wait for the jump. After which we are shown by the video that we downloaded. This is such a small examination. Next, click on the “Share” button and save in the photo. I hope I was useful.

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, I added a command for downloading with a pickup, but I have been trying the third with YouTube and all the same. It still works for you?

Added to the teams after the alarm clock read Siri news and weather forecast. The teapot is turned on and opening curtains. Very comfortably. I also think to add a car for warming up the car to winter until I understand how.

I like 13 iOS, especially a dark topic!

The first way. Download using the Documents 5 application

Launch the App Store on your device and search for the free application “Documents 5”.

After installation, start it and touched the icon in the lower right corner, which looks like a safari icon (Compass).

A web browser will open, in which you need to search the line “Savefromnet”. Follow the link “Ru.Savefrom.NET »In the search results.

Photo method 1

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Loading through programs and applications in 2022

If for some reason the user does not want to install YouTube branded application on his device, then the video is best downloaded using special plugins.

VLC Media Player

One of the best offers among booters is the VLC media player presented in two versions: mobile and desktop (for stationary devices).

And if this has already been installed on the iPhone, then the user remains to connect the smartphone to the PC, go to the menu of its control, select the “Program” section in the list in the list of which will be VLC, and move the video copied from youtube in its opened field. In this case, the further reproduction of the video on the mobile phone will become possible only through the player.

Dropbox and Savefrom.Net

It is even easier to load media through Dropbox and Savefrom utilities.NET, practicing their simultaneous use. To do this, you need to create an account in the cloud service, select the right video on the hosting and click on the “Share” button, go to the SF utility and insert a copied link into its target line.

Next, the optimal format is selected for maintaining and the loading in Dropbox is made with the obligatory indication of the destination folder.

Safefrom.NET and document 5

Another simple combination that allows you to cope with the task. To do this, you need to download the Document Manager for the device, copy the video link and register it in the “Indicate” SF address with the quality of playback.

Next, through the “Share” button, the address is copying directly in the browser line of the manager installed on the iPhone, after which the download is carried out.

Video Cashe

As an option, you can try to download using this application by downloading it from the AppStore. So, having launched software and moving to the boot menu of its browser, you just need to enter the link of the selected video and suspend the download process in order to indicate its correct path, using a special icon for this in the lower part of the application.

Anyvideo Converter

Another option for loading the media is to use a computer browser, in the search engine of which you need to prescribe the address Yotube.Com. After that, the desired file is launched in the listed list of rollers, the link to it is copied to the exchange buffer and it is transferred to the utility, following the path of “Add urls. Start download”, after which the load will begin.

How else can you download a video uploaded from YouTube to iPhone?

To throw off the video pumped from YouTube, in memory of the iPhone, you can do without synchronization of iTunes, but then you will need either a video player from the App Store, or the application of any cloud service.

The VLC player can help in fast downloading the video, the mobile version of which is only a little inferior to a very popular desktop. Install this application, and then act according to the instructions:

Connect the smartphone to PC and go to the Gadget Management menu.

In the “Settings” block, select “Programs”.

Scroll below and you will see that VLC is in the list of programs that can be used to transfer files from iPhone and vice.

Select VLC and in the “VLC” Documents field, drag the video from YouTube.

Go to the VLC application on the iPhone and make sure that the video is available for playing.

Synchronization is not necessary to run after downloading the video on the list of VLC documents.

If you have an account at one of the cloud services, then you can use the cloud storage as an intermediary between the iPhone and PC. Then it is easy to do without ites at all.

Choose the cloud storage that is more familiar to you. Among Yandex options. Disk, Google Drive, Dropbox. We will dwell on the latter. To throw the video to the gadget through the “cloud” Dropbox, act like this:

Through the “Download” button, add a video to the “cloud”.

Go to the Dropbox mobile application with the iPhone and find the YouTube video.

Click on three points in the upper right corner of the screen. So you will call the menu:

In the window that appears, select “Save Video”.

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Dropbox will ask for access to the Photo folder on the device. Give permission. After that, the file upload will begin. You can find a video at the end of the download in the “Photo” folder.

The last way is the least attractive. Contact him only after the rest did not give a result. There are two reasons for this: firstly, when downloading a video from the cloud storage, mobile traffic will be spent (in incredible quantities), and secondly, watching videos through the photo application is not entirely convenient.

Iphone 11 how to download YouTube videos || download any video on IPhone 11

How to download video from YouTube to a smartphone

We made a separate material in which we advised several applications for downloading video from YouTube.

However, in addition to these programs for downloading videos, you can use Telegram Bota. For example, @videofrom_bot.

It is enough to throw a link to the video in a chat with a bot. And it will give possible options for downloading. After choosing a permit, the video will open in a new window. It can be saved on Android Smartphone, if you click on the screen and select “Download Video”.

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Ultra downloader plus

An application with wide functionality that allows you to download a video from the Internet, to structured them in the file system, control rollers and quickly send them to other devices. In particular, the possibility of streaming of content to SmartTV and Xbox is ensured by the possibility of streaming. As for watching downloaded videos, they are easy to open on iPhone, iPad and iPod, regardless of the resolution and size of the screen.

Ultra Downloader Plus supports downloading several videos at the same time. In addition, the application has an option to integrate the boot dispatcher into the browser with the possibility of its activation, interruption or installation. The built.In DLNA/UPNP service helps to configure a high.Quality flow data transmission, and the compatibility of the program with all IOS devices allows you to send video from phone to computer, laptop or tablet.

The application also supports Retina and AirPlay, helps to view downloaded rollers in full.Screen mode without loss of quality. With it, you can generate direct links to a busy video and share them with friends. All files and folders are easy to protect with individual passwords and limit access to them.

The main disadvantages of the paid program, according to some users, are the lack of a Russian.Speaking version and the inability to download the video loader from the official services of Apple. As a result, it often spreads through sites whose administration is not responsible for the quality and safety of software. This means that when loading and installing software, you must additionally check it using an updated antivirus.

How to convert a video for iPhone on PC

The best alternative to downloading video from the Internet on the iPhone using applications is to download content on a computer, its converting into a suitable format and further preservation on a smartphone with the possibility of playback in a pre.Installed player, sending to social networks or cloud storage. All this takes only a few minutes, does not require a long study of programs and avoids problems with the incorrect display of files and system conflicts.

You can download the video on PC using dozens of programs and extensions built into the browser. To convert files into your phone formats, use the Movavi Video Converter video converter. The program has an intuitive user integration in Russian, allows you to transform rollers without loss of quality and quickly send them to your iPhone. Using the converter, you can also conduct the basic processing of the video, squeeze it or save it in the original format, cut or glue fragments, improve playback quality and even add subtitles to the video.

How to save a video from YouTube, Instagram on the iPhone in the photo “Photo

Download the free Documents from the Readley from App Store.

Launch doCumbs and go to the built.In browser.

On the page opened, select the site from which you want to download the video, for example, YouTube.

Insert a link to the video with the Enter The Video Link field and click on the download button.

Sweet a new page to the Download Video with Sound section and click on the download button opposite the desired video resolution, for example, 720p.

On the page opened, click “Save”. Here you can give a downloaded video name.

How to Download YouTube Video

Return to the main page of the Documents application and select the “download” folder.

Click on the icon with the image of three blue points in the lower right corner of the downloaded roller. Select “move”, indicate the path of preserving the video “Documents” → “All photos” and click “Move to“ All photos ””.

Ready! After performing these simple steps, you saved the video from YouTube directly to the Photo application. Finding a loaded video is easiest in the album “Video”.

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How to download video for iPhone

Amoyshare Free Finder Free definitely the hottest on my list. As the best free video downloader for the iPhone, which iPhone users can use to download almost any video on the Internet. This site provides a trouble-free, safe and free download, allowing you to download a video for download from the largest and most popular websites for video exchange, such as YouTube. Tiktok, and more than 1000 other built.In sites.

The only software necessary for this is Documents by Readdle, which is freely available in the application store of your iPhone. Follow me in a simple leadership below to find out how to upload your favorite videos to your iPhone.

What is the best free video downloader for iPhone?

Now that I have listed the best free video downloader for iPhone, allowing you to download my favorite videos.

I sincerely hope that you tried and followed with great success for this. If you are, I would like to know which of the best video boots for the iPhone you used, and whether it gave you the results that you were looking for.