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How to make a search from a mobile phone picture

With the development of technology, any of the billions of pictures on the Internet can be found literally a couple of buttons presses. Check the uniqueness of the photo, recognize it, find a similar image or duplicate is also not a problem. And some search engines can even find the original image or its fragment among altered copies.

Initially, search engines used only metadata pictures. ALT attributes (description in the page code), headlines and texts of links. That is, only text information related to the image was analyzed. With the development of machine vision technology, the analysis began to be carried out on the basis of the contents (CBIR systems) and a set of signs-the shape, color and texture of the graphic file. This solved the task of finding pictures, as similar as possible to the original. Currently, an even more difficult task has been implemented. The search for identical images by a group of individual signs or their totality.

Search for a picture in Google Chrome on Android and iPhone

First about a simple search on a picture from a phone (searching for similar images) in the most common mobile browser. Google Chrome, which is available both on Android and on iOS. The same approach can be used in other browsers.

Search steps will be almost the same for both platforms

  • Go to the https page: // www.Google.Ru/imghp or https: // images.Google.Com (if you need a search for Google pictures). You can also just go to the main page of the search engine, and then click on the link “Pictures”.
  • In the browser menu, select the “version for PC” or “full version” item (menu in Chrome for iOS and Android is slightly different, but the essence does not change).
  • The page will reboot and a icon with a camera will appear in the search bar, click on it and either specify the address of the picture on the Internet, or click on the “Select the file”, and then either select the file from the phone, or take the picture of your phone with the built.In camera. Again, on Android and iPhone the integration will be different, but the essence is unchanged.
  • As a result, you will receive information that, according to the search engine, the picture is shown in the picture and the list of images, as if you were searching on a computer.
  • Also in the Google Chrome on the phone there is an additional possibility of searching for the picture: if the image is already open in the browser, click on it and hold it until the menu appears. Select “Find this image in Google” to find pictures similar to open.
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As you can see, the search for Google does not represent any difficulties on a browser on the phone, although it requires knowledge of the possibility of turning on the full version of the site.


The visual search tool in is certainly the most advanced technology ever developed for these purposes. Unlike other similar services in which you have no choice, except for the search for the entire image, here you can choose only a certain area, in the photograph of which you need to find. As a result, you will see similar pictures of only the selected part, and not the whole photo.

To start using the reverse search in. First you need to create a free account in the service, and then add the image to your profile. As soon as this is done, you can use the visual search tool to find similar images from the database

This function works in a web version, as well as in the official application for Android and iOS.

Search applications

For phone and tablet, there are various applications for searching pictures. This is convenient if you have to look often. Consider popular free programs.

Google Lens (Google Lens). Application for searching for information from photography. Available only for devices with Android system. You can download on Google Play by link.

And also works great with the text: he knows how to recognize, translate and even read aloud.

Yandex.A browser is a program for working on the Internet like Google Chrome or Safari. But it still has additional services from Yandex: voice assistant, Zen, weather, translator and others. You can set the link:

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We launch a voice assistant. To do this, click on the microphone icon.

Click on the camera icon below.

A phone camera is activated. We take a picture of the object or click on the gallery icon for choosing from memory.

After loading, Yandex will show the results.

After starting, press the camera icon at the top right.

  • If you press a large round button below, the program will take a picture and find information on it.
  • If you press on the gallery icon on the left, it will load the image from the device memory.

Photo Sherlock. Looking for a picture in Google. Links for installing the application:

The principle of work is the same as in other programs:

Search by Image. Android application. Searches in Google, Yandex, Bing and Tineye. You can install from Google Play by link.

search, photo, phone, download, iphone

After loading, the program will show the results. There will be several icons from below, through which you can open the results in other search engines.


Camfind. Application for searching for a picture from a camera or from a phone memory. You can install it by the link:

search, photo, phone, download, iphone

Search by photo via search4Faces.Com

Service specializing in searching people from photography. In his work, he uses neural networks and machine learning technologies, so you get the result in a few seconds. As a search result, you will receive a link to human profiles on social networks. Classmates, Tiktok and Clubhouse. To search for the photo on the iPhone, just go to the service website, select one of the four tabs, configure the filter and upload photos.

  • The ability to set the search filtering;
  • Use of neural networks and machine learning;
  • A large number of persons in the database.

Search by Image application

After the installation, it takes up little space. It works quickly. The program was created in order to recognize what is shown in the picture, and then find similar images on sites. It doesn’t matter what is displayed, whether it is animated or inanimate objects, goods or people, animals or buildings, streets or nature.

search, photo, phone, download, iphone

In fact, this is a full.Fledged neural network, sharpened under the definition of the essence of various objects. In neglected mode, it does not require maximum loading processor, and therefore the smartphone does not freeze, does not “stupid”, does not “buggle”. The application has a good rating and receives many positive user reviews.

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Search for a person by photo from the phone is one of the built.In functions. You can look for anything. If the picture is group, highlight one person, and the system will find links to sites indexed by Google, where other pictures with this object are published. By the way, it can be any: furniture, jewelry, etc. Using the selection, determine the search area, and the results can be sent in any messenger.

To download the browser, you need to go to the official page in the application store and install it. You can do this through a direct link:

Or you can download the program manually: open an application store on the phone, in the search to print the name and install. I’ll show you on the example of Android.

In the field “Search for games and applications” we print Yandex Browser and open the found program.

A window will appear with a request for the provision of access rights. Click “accept”.

After installation, click on the “Open” button to start the program.

In the future, it can be launched from the phone menu.

How to use Yandex Browser

There is a microphone icon in the search bar. Click on him.

Then press the camera icon to activate the camera.

We put the camera on the desired object and take a picture.

The program shows that it is in the picture and offers “find images in Yandex” or “see similar pictures”.

You can also upload a picture from the gallery. To do this, click on the camera icon.

How To Search By Image On Google In Mobile (Android & IPhone)

Below is the gallery icon on the right. Click on him.

How To Reverse Google Image Search On iPhone Or iPad Using Safari

Select the desired file from the phone memory.

On a note. Also, a browser can be controlled using a voice. To do this, use the icon with the image of the triangle.