Separate the password on Xiaomi without loss of data. Disconnect the lock forever

Use the blocking of the Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone using a password or pin code-my urgent recommendation. The phone has become the main digital assistant, it contains a huge number of personal information, which should remain personal, not public, and even more so it should not fall into the hands of an attacker.

A simple way to protect access to Xiaomi data. password.

But what to do if you forgot the password and cannot get to the smartphone yourself?

There are several ways to solve this problem, but they are all operational only on condition that you remember the data from your Google or Mi accounts.

Access restoration using the “Find Tele” function in the Google Account settings on the computer

Google services allow remotely manipulating access to Xiaomi if you were authorized on the phone under the Google account.

  • To do this, enter the browser as follows in the line of the browser address: Myaccount.Google.COM/FIND-IOUR-PHONE
  • You will get on a page with a list of Android smartphones that are registered on your account. Select the same password from which they forgot.

This device is locked Xiaomi what to do and how to get rid of

First of all, you have to stop panic. If the smartphone was bought from an official supplier, then the process of restoration of access will not take much time, although it will require a certain preparation. If the phone was purchased “with the hands” (on the market or by ad), then the situation for the owner will significantly complicate. With proper zeal, the Xiaomi Mi and Redmi will still turn out, but in the second case, additional financial expenses will be required.

Let us pay attention to an important nuance. There is information on the Internet about dozens of methods of unlocking, but almost all the described methods are no longer relevant. Among them is an official method, which involves writing an electronic letter to Xiaomi. In 2019, the option worked, but now this opportunity was “covered”-primarily due to a large number of requests with requests from unlocking phones listed by lost and stolen. Therefore, contrary to the widespread information, now there are only two effective solutions to unlock the phone with the status of this device is locked. We will further consider these methods.

How to unlock Xiaomi this device is locked by changing password

The method is possible in the presence of an active SIM card on which the Mi account is registered. If you do not remember what number the account was attached to, then on the lock screen, click “Activate this Device”. A new page with data about the Mi account and the registration number of the phone will open.

For an operational solution to the issue, you will need a second smartphone. We insert a SIM card with the right number into it, turn on the phone, go to the browser. We perform such actions:

  • We go to the Account;
  • click “Forgot the password”;
  • Enter the phone number;
  • Click the “next”;
  • Request SMS sending (press “SEND”, input of captcha)
  • We wait for SMS with a verification code;
  • Copy the code and insert on the site.

After performing the listed actions, the system will drop the old password to the Mi account. On the page that opened in the browser, the user will only need to enter and confirm the new password. After completing the procedure, you will need to take a phone with the locked input of this device is locked, click Activate this Device and enter a recently changed password. Then it remains to press the activation button and rectify the smartphone again (recall that after resetting the data, all the settings are returned to the default values).

The procedure is simple and takes little time. Even if you did not know before how to unlock this device is locked Xiaomi, then using the presented method, the unlock process would take no more than 5 minutes. There is no need to contact Xiaomi representatives and request manual unlocking.

By the way, if you need to unlock Xiaomi this device is locked, but you recorded the Mi account not on the phone, but by mail, then the algorithm of action will be similar. The only thing that will change is the format for submitting information and the method of confirmation of data. The methods are relevant for any Xiaomi smartphones, including Redmi Note 8 Pro, Redmi Note 9 Pro and Mi 10 Pro.

Forgot the password from the Mi account, what to do?

Quite often, owners of Xiaomi smartphones forget the password from the Mi-account. And after resetting the settings, the smartphone still requires entering this password. How to be in such a situation, now I’ll tell you.

First, go to the site and click on Sign in with Mi Account.

Then, in the window that appears, select Forgot Password.

Here you can enter a mail or a phone on which the recovery code will come. Thus, you can create a new password right on the site and without problems enter it on your Xiaomi.

Note: If you indicated the phone, but SMS does not come to it, you can call the operator and ask you to skip the SMS from the Mi source.

But what to do if neither by mail or phone comes messages? Either you just do not know or do not remember what data entered when registering.

Flashing and resetting settings to factory will not help. There is at the moment there is one truly proven option. this is an official letter to the technical support Xiaomi. In this way, I have already unlocked more than a dozen Xiaomi smartphones, whether it be an expensive Mi flagship or a budget Redmi.

In order for your letter to bear fruit, you need:

1000% working / Remove pattern unlock MI account without data loss in any MI devices !

  • Write a letter in English.
  • Enter all the necessary data and photos.
  • Write only on certain mailboxes.
  • Connect a smartphone to a stable Internet.

Removing erroneous lock

After some users, after a custom firmware of the operating system, a blocking error is revealed, which looks like “This Device Is Locked”.

To get rid of a bug, you need a cospaceer with Internet access and much more time than in the usual ways to unlock.

  • Slow down the volume simultaneously with the inclusion. Keep buttons for 8 seconds until the phone vibrates and goes into the “Fastboot” bootloader mode.
  • Open the official website of the manufacturer, select the tab with unlocking.
  • Using a translator or knowledge of the language, fill out the form of an application for a resolution of unlock.
  • Wait for what can be done for a whole week.
  • Download the program mi unlock, install.
  • Connect your Xiaomi via USB cable to a computer or laptop, log in and press the Unlock button.

Disconnecting the prohibition of input

In some cases, with multiple incorrectly introducing a password, the smartphone is blocked for a long period of time, after which a re.entry of a protective pattern is allowed.

In order not to wait until the system allows the device to use the device, just call your smartphone from another phone. Next, you need to accept the call and, without dropping the subscriber, turn the window of the conversation. Then we open the settings and remove the box from the “graphic password”. After entering the correct combination, it remains to click “OK”.

This will remove the lock and continue to use your mobile device.

Unlock with

I.Mi.COM. cloud service developed by Xiaomi specifically for its smartphones. In many ways I.Mi repeats the service from Google, so there will be no problems in working with it.

Attention! Get access to i.Mi.COM can be if you have a Mi account. For owners of Google accounts, the previous method is relevant.

To reset the graphic key, follow the following:

  • Open the browser on any device and go to the site;
  • A welcome window will appear on the display. Enter data from your account and log in to the system;
  • After a successful entrance, click on the “search for the device”;
  • On the screen, devices attached to your account are highlighted. If there is your phone among them, click on it. For a successful completion, the phone must be connected to the Internet;
  • On the right side of the display, click “Wipe the Data” and follow further instructions.

At the end of the discharge from the smartphone, all data will be erased, so we recommend that you take care of the safety of information.

Interesting fact! Reset settings remotely. a great way to save user data in case of loss or theft of a smartphone.

password, xiaomi, loss, data, disconnect

Password input reset

It often happens that the phone is blocked for several hours or a day due to a large number of incorrect password inputs. For example, the buttons could themselves in a. or the device was in the hands of a child. Of course, wait a few days. If you remember your graphic password, but the system does not allow it to enter, you need to do the following:

  • Call your number from another phone;
  • Take a call and brush the conversation window;
  • After that, go to the device settings and open the point with a password change;
  • Disconnect the old graphic key, unlock the phone and install a new protection method.

note! To do this, you must remember the graphic code, t. to. When turning off the password, the system will require it to enter.

Now you know how to unlock a smartphone if you forgot a graphic code. If you remember the code, but due to random inputs, the phone was blocked for several hours or days, then just call your number and turn off the screen lock in the gadget settings. Whereas the reset of settings is recommended only if you remember the data to enter the smartphone account.

How to unlock the phone if you forgot the Xiaomi password: a method for smartphones with TWRP

We remind you that the method is suitable exclusively for phones with an unlocked bootloader and TWRP Recovery. Therefore, if you use only the original Xiaomi software, proceed to the next section of the article. An alternative way to unlock is presented there.

The essence of the recovery through TWRP is simple. To get started, write the Resetpswrd for Twrp archive on Microsd, then insert the memory card into the phone and perform the following actions:

  • Turn off the phone and wait a few seconds;
  • We activate the recovery mode (simultaneously holding the power buttons and volume buttons);
  • We are waiting for the loading of the system menu;
  • We sequentially press “Cancel”, “installation”, “selection of the drive”;
  • select Microsd and find the desired archive (Resetpswrd for Twrp);
  • Click on the archive, in the new window we translate the slider to the right in the lower part of the screen;
  • We are waiting for the update of information and make “rebooting to the OS”.

With the help of the given method, it is easy to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the password. Without loss of data and the need for subsequent entry into the Xiaomi account, as required in the second method.

Important: the method works only in relation to smartphones from the Xiaomi ecosystem. If you forgot the Xiaomi phone password, then the method will give the desired result. If we are talking about products of other brands, we recommend that you find an alternative solution to unlock the device.

How to unlock Xiaomi if you forgot the password: a method for phones with official firmware

The method is suitable for people who bought a smartphone in a store and did not indulge in the installation of custom firmware, unlock Bootloader and similar things.

Important: We remind you that the proposed method will lead to dumping the telephone settings and the loss of saved data. After reset, you will have to re.enter a password to activate the MI account. If you do not remember the authorization data, then using the phone will not work. Therefore, you will lose access to the cloud service of Mi Cloud and many other useful options.

If you remember all the necessary data or are ready to restore it, then consistently follow all the actions from the following instructions describing how to unlock the phone if you forgot Xiaomi’s password:

  • Turn off the smartphone by pressing the side button;
  • Enter the Recovery mode by holding the keys of the shutdown and increasing volume;
  • In the menu that opens, select “Wipe Data” (control in recovery mode is carried out by side mechanical buttons of a smartphone);
  • Close the Wipe All Data and Confirm sequentially;
  • Wait for the completion of the data deleting process;
  • Return to the main menu, click Reboot, and then Reboot to System.

After rebooting the password, there will no longer be. But, as mentioned above, you will need to log in to the Mi account. Otherwise, using the phone will not work (a kind of protection against the actions of people who stole or found someone else’s phone Xiaomi). If you do not remember or do not know the password from the Mi account, but want to access the smartphone, then read the instructions on how to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone when the inscription occurs This Device Is Locked. When performing the recommendations provided, the process of restoring access to the phone will not take much time.

For visitors who love visual examples of actions, we present a leadership in a video format, telling how to unlock the phone if you forgot Xiaomi password.

With formatting

Subsequent methods imply complete data removal to unlock the Xiaomi smartphone. Before moving to them, you need to prepare and recall/restore access to the Google and Mi Account accounts.

Google password restoration

All smartphones based on Android, except for Huawei/Honor models released in 2019–2020, are tied to Google’s account. This is required for additional protection of the device-after resetting the phone to the factory state, it is necessary to log in under the account from the search giant, otherwise the FRP protection will work. Therefore, when the user does not remember the data for authorization under the Google account, they will have to be recovered first. For this:

  • Go to the form of restoration of access to the account at this link;
  • Answer the questions posed by the system;
  • Indicate the email address where to send a new password from accounting.

Restore access to the account when the device is blocked is more difficult, since the smartphone is used to confirm the user’s actions. a form appears on the screen with a request for access to certain functions.

Recovery of access to the Mi account

Xiaomi also took care of users’ safety and added mandatory authorization under the account in their service, which applies to owners of models from Redmi and. Here, access restoration is in the following way:

  • Visit an official website for entering the account;
  • Under the input form, click on “Forgot the password?”;
  • Confirm the password reset by indicating an email or phone number attached to the account;
  • After entering the data, confirm the action by introducing a combination with captcha, and click on “send”;
  • Now check your phone or email: a combination for a password will come there. It must be introduced into the form on the official website, and slip by “accept”;
  • the user will be transferred to the window where you need to come up with a new password.

A letter with a combination for discharge comes to the indicated mail within 5 minutes. When the receipt is delayed, check the spam folders or update “incoming”. If the sending of the code failed, return to the page of the official site and repeat the sending of the message.

You can unlock the Xiaomi blocked smartphone through the official support service on this site (located below the page). To do this, you will have to confirm that the user is the owner of the phone by providing:

Recovery menu

Through standard recovery, users roll back the settings of the device to the state of the “from the factory”, simultaneously deleting the files stored in the internal memory, bypassing the data on the memory card. Having restored access to Google and Mi Account:

  • Pull the lock key, select “Turn it off”;
  • When the gadget turns off, hold the power button and the volume swing up (or down);
  • After the brand logo appears in the list of functions, select “Recovery”. If the sensory control does not work, use the volume keys to move up/down, and the lock button for choosing a point;
  • Similarly, select Wipe Data/Factory Reset. Confirm the action by clicking on “Yes”;
  • After click on Reboot System to start the rollback process to factory settings.

The developers supply new models for simplified Recovery:

  • Disconnect the smartphone and use the combination of the buttons described above;
  • In the menu that appears, select Wipe Data and wait for the completion of the system rollback process.

Before starting the process, connect the smartphone to the charger. If at the time of recovery the phone turns off, it can turn into a “brick” due to damage to system files.

XIAOMI REDMI NOTE 11 | Remove Screen Lock & Bypass Google Account

Search Service

All data from the device is deleted through the company’s company search service from Google.

  • Go to the site. Autominate under the account to which the smartphone is connected.
  • Select the device in the list. On the right under the image of the gadget, select “Configure the lock and delete data”.
  • Now click on the “erase data” and confirm the cleaning of the memory.

The method will not work when wa-fi disconnected on the device.

The error “This device is locked

To unlock a blocked smartphone from XIOMI or Redmi is possible, but in most cases this leads to a complete removal of user files.

Xiaomi settings through Hard Reset settings

Further, the described method should be used in situations where the mobile phone constantly freezes or does not turn on at all. To reset the settings via Hard Reset, you need to take such steps:

password, xiaomi, loss, data, disconnect
  • Go to the recovery menu. To do this, turn on the phone in the standard way, and then click (and hold) at the same time the power buttons and volume buttons.
  • Select the options “Wipe Data” and “Wipe All Data”, and then confirm the intention by pressing “Confirm”.
  • Wait for the end of the reset (the appearance of the Data Wiped Successfullly inscription is confirmed) and click Reboot for rebooting the device.

The management in the recovery menu is carried out using side phone buttons. The inclusion key is responsible for confirming the action, and the volume change keys for switching between menu items.

Important: in some phones, the names of the recovery menu points may vary, but the principle of action remains unchanged.

Reset Xiaomi to factory settings via TWRP Recovery

The method is relevant only for users who previously unlocked the bootloader on Xiaomi and installed TWRP Recovery. If you did not, skip the point, since the presented method will be unavailable to you.

To reset the Xiaomi phone to the factory settings, you need to go to the TWRP Recovery recovery menu, select “WIPE” and move the slider in the right lower part of the screen to the right side. Management in this case is sensory, because all movements can be made by touches. That is, without pressing the buttons on the side face of the phone as in the situation using the method with Hard Reset.

After performing the listed actions, you must slightly wait for the completion of the reset of the settings (the “Done” notice will appear) and restart the device by pressing the “Reboot System” button.

How to create a graphic password on the Xiaomi phone to block the device

Of the available Xiaomi protection methods from strangers, the graphic password is the most reliable method. Fingerprints are not always convenient, especially in the cold season, when hands are in gloves. Identification by the face suffers from the same problems: for a long time, it depends on the lighting, and if you have dressed glasses or a hat, the phone does not recognize you.

To create a graphic pin code, enter the “Settings”, find the “Blocking and Protection” item there. Among the options, select the “Protection of the device” menu. Now click on the “Protecting Method” button, select “Graphic Key” and follow the indications on the screen. If everything went successfully, when you unlock the phone, you will specifically see a window for entering a graphic key, which looks as follows. If you forgot the graphic key and try to remember it, sorting out similar options, after a few attempts, the Xiaomi phone will warn you that he suspects you of an attacker and block the possibility of entering a password for several minutes.

Each next erroneous attempt will increase the lock time. Therefore, if you have already made 7 attempts, but did not remember the key, you do not need to continue, you can achieve that the phone is blocked for a day and even longer.

What to do if you forgot the Xiaomi graphic key, and access to the phone is urgently needed

I must say right away. there are no light tracks. Protection and protection so that it cannot be hacking and gaining access to the personal data of the owner.

I will describe three methods of reset, but each of them implies a complete removal of user data:

  • Using the Fast Boot menu from the smartphone itself
  • Using the Google service and the Find My Device application
  • Using the Cloud Service Xiaomi and Mi account

We drop the phone lock using Fast Boot

This method is suitable when you are the owner of Xiaomi, hold it in your hands, but you can’t remember the password.

All personal data will be deleted during the discharge process (photo, video, messages, mail, notes, music).

Turn off the phone. After the screen goes out, wait for about 10-15 seconds so that the operating system completes all processes. Press and hold the keys “increase the volume” and “power” for 10 seconds.

The “Fast Boot” menu logo will appear on the screen. Wait for a full load, after which you will see a menu of three points. We need the item “Wipe Data”. The menu navigation occurs using the keys “increase the volume” and “reduce the volume”, the choice is confirmed by the “power” key. Select “Wipe Data”, confirm the choice and wait for the end of the process.

password, xiaomi, loss, data, disconnect

After the completion of Xiaomi, it will automatically reboot, the reset was successfully completed, but all the information from the memory of the apparatus was removed. But there is no thin one without good. now you again gained access and the ability to fully work with a smartphone.

Resetting a graphic key using the Find My Device from Google

Removing data from Xiaomi memory to reset the password can be carried out remotely if you have lost your phone or stole it.

Now I will not talk about what to do if the Xiaomi phone is lost, but you remember the password. We are only interested in reset, and therefore we will immediately move on to the description of the process.

For the performance of this method, Xiaomi should already be connected to the Google account. If you used the services of this company on the phone, such as Gmail, YouTube or Chrome, most likely, the account of the smartphone’s memory is. The device must be connected to the Internet.

From any available device connected to the Internet, run the browser and enter the following in the address bar: Myaccount.Google.COM/Find-YOUR-Photo you will be invited to enter the login and password from the Google account. Enter it (I really hope that you remember this password), after which you will see a list of devices that are assigned to the account. In my case, I only have a mi 5 phone. Choose the device on which you need to drop the key and press it not it. We will be shown a new menu, at the very bottom of which there is a item “delete all data from the device”. we need it then. Press and follow further instructions. Now, even if you have lost the device, or stole it, even though you will not return it to yourself, you can be sure that all your personal data is successfully deleted and no one will ever get access to them. Well, the password was also removed for the company.

If you forgot the graphic password, you can drop it using the I service

I.Mi.COM is a Xiaomi cloud service that duplicates Google, but does it on its own, which means that it can be more convenient for many.

Access to I.Mi.COM is possible only if you recorded an Mi account on the phone and were identified through it.

On an affordable device, start the browser and enter into the address line: “https: // i.Mi.COM “, after which you will open a welcome page of the MI cloud service, where you get back under the Mi account.

Now we are interested in the menu item “Search for the device”, which is indicated by the card icon. Click on it and you will get in the search menu for the lost device. A message with a list of phones that are assigned to your Mi account will appear in the upper right corner of the screen. If among them there is one on which you need to drop a graphic key, choose it. Of course, he must be connected to the Internet. A new menu will appear in the same upper right corner, in which we will be interested in the “Wipe the Data” button, choose it and follow further instructions. Return

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