Set up the Xiaomi redmi note 8 camera

Standard activation method

Every Android smartphone, including the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021, allows you to activate debug mode. But by default this option is hidden, so the activation is done in two steps.

Redmi Note 8 Smartphone full Camera Settings & Camera Knowledge | 48MP

Change to developer mode

Turning on the debugging is done through the developer mode, which is initially hidden. Consequently, the first thing we need to do is to activate the advanced settings menu:

  • Open the phone settings.
  • Go to ‘About phone.

The message “You became a developer” will be a sign that you’ve enabled the missing option. Then you can move on to the process of direct activation of debugging.

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Enable Debugging

After completing the preparatory steps, move on to the main part of the instruction, which looks as follows:

  • Open the settings of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021.
  • Go to “Special Features” and then to “For Developers”.
  • Activate the slider near “Debugging on USB.
  • Confirm the operation.

This completes enabling this option, and you can interact with your smartphone through your computer in debug mode.

Which Redmi phone is better?

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Video Setup

Now let’s move on to setting the video recording mode. To put the phone in video shooting mode you need:

Press the button with the video camera image on it. Instead of a white button, a red button will appear, which serves as a trigger to start recording:

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Video shooting modes

  • Accelerated (timelapse). The captured video seems to be rewound, t.e speed more than it was in reality:
  • Slow. Ideal for fast-moving subjects, if you’re filming a sporting event or an animal. Video shot in this mode is slower than it actually was:

Capturing Frames When Taking Pictures

With this add-on you have the opportunity to take photos while recording video.

Image Stabilization

This feature is designed to help you shoot high quality video in extreme conditions, i.e. к. the program eliminates unnecessary vibrations. For example, if your hands are shaking when taking a picture, you are driving on the transport or just walking.

Activate the image stabilization function in the same section of the settings:

Video Quality

The name of this setting speaks for itself.

xiaomi, redmi, note, camera
  • Full HD/4K. very high quality.
  • HD. high quality.
  • SD. medium quality.

Background Blur

The bokeh effect, or simply put, background blur, is an ability to make an Accent on a certain subject, making it stand out from the mass of other elements in a photo.

In the case where your smartphone has a dual camera module (such as Xiaomi Mi6, Xiaomi Mi 5x, Xiaomi Mi A1) you can use a special portrait mode which you can learn about in the article:

For all other mobile devices you can use the proprietary application from Google and get no less quality blur effect even with a single camera. Read more about it in the article:

Manual camera mode on Xiaomi

We have chosen the best settings for photos, now let’s talk about the “Manual mode” in the Xiaomi camera.

Manual mode allows you to adjust white balance and ISO. This mode is good to use in low light conditions.

  • ISO. light sensitivity, has several options to choose from. The smaller the value, the darker the photo will turn out, the more, the brighter, but also more “noise” appears.
  • White balance can be chosen manually for more accurate color rendering.

All settings must be chosen individually, according to the situation.

In the example. Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite: AI camera is a camera that works with the support of artificial intelligence. The AI automatically “adjusts” to the image on your smartphone screen that you want to capture and applies a particular filter. You just start the camera and take a picture.

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1) Set the camera to front mode and click on the magic wand at the bottom of the screen. 2) Now you can change the quality of the photo on the front camera and remove, the so-called beauty mode. In the enhancement category, you just need to select the one or turn off the function altogether.

To take mobile photos and videos on any Android smartphone, including the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021, use the standard camera app. Its icon is located on the main screen and after clicking on it you get to the control interface of the camera.

Standard camera mode

After launching the application you get to the auto shooting mode. It may be called “Auto” or “Photo”. This mode is for taking pictures with the optimal balance of all the settings so they have good clarity and color reproduction. The photo is taken by pressing the circular shutter button.

As a rule, the camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 itself focuses well on the subject. But if Focus leaves much to be desired, you can forcibly focus on the desired object by tapping on the smartphone screen.

At the top of the screen, you’ll see additional options that might come in handy when you’re shooting. In particular, you can activate HDR for more accurate color reproduction of too light and too dark areas of the frame, apply artificial intelligence (AI) effects or, for example, turn on the flash.

To zoom in on the picture, you can use the zoom function. Slide your fingers from the center of the screen to the edges, and a handy zoom bar will appear in the interface to adjust the degree of zoom.

Switching to the front-facing camera

You can shoot not only on the main camera, but also on the front camera. To switch to the front lens, you need to press the arrow circle button, which is located to the right of the shutter button. Here you can also adjust the front camera for optimal shooting by selecting additional effects or activating AI.

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Switching between modes

Camera Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 helps to shoot not only photos, but also video. To switch between shooting modes, use the menu above the shutter button. Here are the main modes, the number of which depends directly on the firmware version of your phone.

So, you can switch to “Night” mode to make photos brighter in the evening, or to “Portrait” mode to create photos with the effect of blurring the background (bokeh). Clicking on the “Video” tab takes you to the video window. Just tap the red “Rec” button to start recording.

On the left you can see the “Pro” section, where the options for manual adjustment for photos are collected. Here the user adjusts settings such as white balance, image focus, ISO, and others.

Switching between lenses

If your version of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 is equipped with multiple cameras, then you can switch not only between the rear and front lenses. So, to switch to the wide-angle module, you need to tap on the circle with the value 0.6X.

If you need to turn on macro mode, you will have to go to an additional menu, which is called by pressing the button in the form of three bars.

Here you will find the Macro mode and other settings like activation of the horizon scythe or grid. In addition, this window presents a button to go to the settings mode.

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In the settings you can enable or disable the watermark, adjust the image quality and set the keyboard shortcuts for fast capture.

This section is very large, so do not be lazy to study it carefully to make photos and videos taken on Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 2021 as attractive as possible.