Setting the backlight keyboard on your Asus laptop

Installing the ATK driver

One of the causes of the malfunction may be the lack of a driver for the Asus keyboard backlight. To fix it you need to go to the site, then specify your model and go to its page. After that, select “Drivers and Utilities”, specify your OS, find the ATK driver among the products, and then unzip the installation file into the folder.

Then you should go to your computer settings, click on “Applications and Features,” find “Programs and Components” there, and from there uninstall the previously installed ATK driver. When the driver is uninstalled, click “Yes” to restart your computer. After powering on your PC, find the downloaded installation file in the downloads, double-click on ATKPackage_WIN10 64 _VER100039 to open. Run the installation application. After everything is installed, click close and restart your laptop.

But, it is possible that the problem is not so serious and you do not need the ATK program. However, to be sure, you need to experiment a little with the keys. First, press the Fn key. If the keyboard does not light up, the Fn key should be pressed together with the F4 key. As a rule, it is responsible for the brightness of the backlight, while the F3 key, on the contrary, reduces the brightness.

Check the official specifications or “F3” and “F4” keys for illumination. On the keyboard must be in working order button “Fn”. To turn on the backlight, hold down the “Fn” key and press the “F4” key several times.

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If the symbols are there, you can activate the backlight by pressing Fn and F4 (FnF4) at the same time. Pressing FnF4 again will make the backlight brighter;whereas pressing FnF3 again will dim the backlight and eventually turn it off altogether.

To turn on the backlight, hold down the “Fn” key and press the “F4” key several times. Depending on the number of keystrokes, the backlight brightness will gradually increase, allowing you to choose the most comfortable settings.

Not present in all models of the DEXP lineup. Your new keyboard has many unique backlight modes. You can switch them in two ways: by successively pressing FNSL or by pressing FNINS/HM/PU/DEL/PD, depending on which type of backlight you want.

How to Turn On/Off Keyboard Back light And Screen Brightness Asus Laptops

How to change the keyboard color on your Asus TUF Notebook

You can change the keyboard color of your Asus TUF laptop using Armory Crate software, which is pre-installed on your device. In addition to changing the color, you can also assign it certain lighting effects. If you have other TUF accessories, you can also synchronize its lighting with your laptop.

How to FIX all Asus Laptop Keyboard Light Not Working (No Light keyboard Backlight ) 2020.

Asus TUF The series of notebook models are designed to offer a superior gaming experience at an affordable price. There are various design configurations to choose from, each focused on the specific needs of the consumer. While not as premium as their ROG counterparts, these models are designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use, as they are MIL-STD-810H certified.

If your notebook is equipped with a backlit keyboard, press the F5 or F4 (on some models) key on the keyboard to turn the backlight on or off. You may have to press the fn (function key) at the same time.

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You can find out about the presence of backlighting from the official datasheet or by inspecting the “F3” and “F4” keys for a brightness icon. The “Fn” key on the keyboard should be in working order. To turn on the backlight, hold down the “Fn” key and press the “F4” key several times.

If the laptop is equipped with a backlit keyboard, press the key F5 or F4 (on some models) on the keyboard to turn on or off the backlight. You may have to press the fn (function key) key at the same time.

Do this with a combination of FnF3 and FnF4, or Fn down arrow and Fn up arrow. The key itself should have a picture of a keyboard with a sun on it. If the sun peeks out halfway. that’s the brightness up button, if it peeks out just a little bit. to dim the backlight.

Turn the notebook on and press the “F5” or “F12” key (depending on the model). Locate the “Fn” key next to the Windows key on the bottom left side of the keyboard. Press the space bar while holding down Fn to turn on the backlight.

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After finding the character you are looking for, press FnF4 at the same time. At the same moment all the keys on the keyboard will start glowing. If pressing FnF4 does not produce a positive result, you can search for a backlight by alternately pressing Fn and the other function keys.

How to turn the keyboard backlight on an Asus vivobook laptop

You many users of Asus vivobook 15 / s15 Asus vivobook 14, Asus vivobook 17, x420f, x420fa eb075t, 15 x512dk, x412da, x705ub bx097t have faced the problem of keyboard backlight not working.

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The reasons why the keyboard backlight on your Asus laptop may not work, but the main you just did not turn it on.

Let’s first briefly review how to turn on the backlight of the keyboard keys in Asus vivobook, and then why it doesn’t work.

How to enable ASUS Notebook Backlit Keyboard? |ASUS SUPPORT

setting, backlight, keyboard, your, asus

This is turned on depending on the model. It can be a simultaneous pressing of Fn F4 key, and the constant help you to increase the brightness of the backlight.

Continuously pressing the Fn F3 keys will help you decrease the brightness and eventually turn off the backlight.

There’s more to it. On some models these options are available by combining Fn and the arrow keys.

Another option is the F7 key. Many just have the keypad on the button and the light is on. that’s the button responsible for the backlighting, so take a closer look at the key drawings.