Setting up forkplayer on LG Smart TV

How to install forkplayer on Philips Smart TV?

How to set up Smart TV on your Philips TV.

  • Select the “Configuration” item.
  • Then select “Connect to network”.
  • Choose a “Wireless” or “Wired” connection type
  • If you connect via Wi-Fi select your network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks and keep the password to connect to it.

Install on LG

When adding the ForkPlayer app, take into account the year of manufacture of the device and the system installed on it. For LG TVs manufactured since 2010 with WebOS or Netcast OS, these instructions will work:

  • Open the main menu.
  • Go to the Smart TV Internet connection settings section.
  • Select “DNS Server”.
  • Enter the value
  • Save your configuration.

If after entering this DNS ForkPlayer does not appear in the list of applications, try turning SmartTV off and then on again. Or specify a different address:

Different applications are installed depending on the address. If adds ForkPlayer directly, then puts unofficial store ForkStore, from which you have to download the player itself.

If you set up ForkPlayer on LG TVs with WebOS or Netcast 2.0-4.5, then follow the steps below:

  • Open the TV settings and select the “Network Connection” tab.
  • Select the method used to connect your device to the internet.
  • Select an access point or network from the list.
  • Click on “Advanced Settings” button.
  • Select the manual DNS input tab.
  • Enter

You may see an error message on the screen when connecting to DNS. Don’t worry. Wait a few minutes and reconnect. If error message appears again, please turn Smart TV off and on again. To run the application after the connection is established, open the “Premium” tab and select vTuner widget, Russia TV or First Automotive.

ForkPlayer can also be installed on LG from a flash drive, but in this case its functionality will be significantly limited, and in order to expand it you will have to install the RemoteFork program and then activate it on the TV.

Since you’ve decided to expand your media library on your Smart TV, check out what other free apps you can install: we’ve thoughtfully prepared a selection.

Setup on Samsung

Owners of Samsung TVs with Smart TV can also take advantage of the ForkPlayer app to add some free multimedia entertainment. To do so:

  • Press the red “A” button on the remote control to bring up an authorization window.
  • Type your account name “develop”. The password should appear automatically. Select “Login.
  • Press the “Tools” button on the remote control. Go to ‘Settings’.
  • Go to “Development”.
  • Accept the terms of the agreement.
  • Select the IP address setting.
  • Enter address 46 for synchronization.36.222.114 (or
  • Press “Ok” and wait until app synchronization is completed.

After completing the synchronization you need to close the Smart TV and then turn it on again after a while. When you turn it on again, you’ll see several ForkPlayer apps at the bottom. Once you launch it, you will get a list of sites and services from which you can play videos on your TV for free.

For clarity, here is a video that will help you to understand where to press and what to choose.

The way to install the application may vary depending on the series and even models of Samsung TVs. For example, on Samsung UE40D6100SW the password is not added automatically when you enter the account name “develop”. If you faced such a situation, try to enter the value “111111” in the password field.

On other models instead of the “Tools” button you need to press the blue “D” button, then go to the “Development” section and follow the above instructions. In the M series of 2017 TVs, the procedure has a different procedure altogether.

  • Open the TV menu.
  • Go to “Settings.
  • Press the up button on the remote control and select “Network Status”.
  • Move the cursor to the left and open “IP Settings.
  • Set your IP address to be obtained automatically. If this option is originally selected, do not change it.
  • Go down to the DNS settings and select “Manual entry.
  • Enter address Between the numbers, press the right arrow to move to the next block.
  • Press “OK.”. Wait until reconnection is complete.

Important: This method does not work on stitched routers provided by ISPs. Also, your service provider may block you from changing DNS, so you might not be able to. But usually there is no problem with the setting.

To access ForkPlayer, you must launch the DivanTV app. By default, icons for most sites are off. To add them:

  • Press the red “A” button on the remote control.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Select “Start Menu Settings.”.
  • Click on the widgets to bring them to the start screen.
  • Go back and select any application to test ForkPlayer.

Just to understand, here is another video where a user shows that this method works.

If none of these instructions helped you, write about the problem in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев with the exact model. Let’s look at how else Samsung is trying to prevent us from enjoying all the features of Smart TV.

You can do without ForkPlayer at all and set up IPTV on your TV. we’ve already told you how to do this in detail.

Fork Player errors and problems

Let’s look at some of the difficulties ForkPlayer may encounter and how to solve them:

  • High-quality video is not playing. perhaps you have a weak Wi-Fi connection in your home. To check this version, you should connect an Internet cable directly to the TV, if the problem disappears. you need to increase the signal strength.
  • The player freezes (video scrolling does not work, the picture disappears, etc.).п.). the cause may be an unstable Internet connection, there is no distribution on the router channels; you need to replace the player in the settings (for example, replace tizen with html5). If you can’t solve the problem and ForkPlayer keeps on hanging, you can try to uninstall it from your TV and install it again.
  • connection or connection error. can pop up due to internal player malfunction, problems with the site from which the broadcast occurs. Maybe rebooting the device will help;
  • Error “Error Request”, “Cannot read”. can occur during technical works on the official ForkPlayer server. At these moments almost all users complain about failures. You just need to wait until they are finished and everything will work out on their own. After that, fresh updates should work better and faster.
  • facilitating the use of the device, combining a huge range of functions and features;
  • take the load off the TV, speeding up its performance (if you link it to a PC);
  • a large number of installation methods, among which anyone will be able to choose the best one for themselves.

It is for this application is so loved by many owners of TV sets Smart, they are not even afraid of failures that sometimes occur in the program, because with each trouble you can find a way out by yourself.

Installing Forkplayer on LG 2021 TV!

In this article, I will show the 2 most popular and working ways to install Forkplayer on LG TV. The first way by changing the DNS and the second way via Media Station X. Twigle does not work, I will help you solve this problem and install Forkplayer on LG.

Consider the first method of setting up Forkplayer by changing the DNS. Go to the settings section, and select the item “Network”. My TV is connected with a wired connection, using an Ethernet cable. You can see this by the label “connected to the Internet”. You can be connected via Wi-Fi. Depending on how you connect, select the network. I choose “wired connection.”. In the section, drop down the arrow and select change. In the item Server DNS, delete the IP address, and enter the server DNS, this is the most common DNS server. After changing the IP address, go to the connection button and click “ok”. Above will be displayed with green circles, wait until all 4 circles will be green. All circles are green, it means that everything is working. Go out of the settings section and open the Smart Hub. Using the arrows look for the section LG content store and go to it. Using the up arrow go to the search section. In the search box, write the English letter a. From the list, select Accuwether. The application appears on the screen, go to the “ok” button and click “install”. After installing the application, go to the Smart Menu, and using the right arrow, look for the installed application Accuwether. For convenience let’s move it to another place. In order to do that, press the thumb wheel on the remote control until a cross mark appears, then use the arrow keys to move the application to the desired location. I’ll put the application next to Tvigle, to exit the move mode, press the “back” button on the remote control. Go to the Accuwether app and Forkplayer opens, it works the same way as you did with the Tvigle app. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Let’s go to the second method.

Consider the second way to install Forkplayer via the Media Station X application. Open Smart Hub. Using the arrows, find the LG content store section and move to it. Use the up arrow to go to the search section. In the search bar, type the English letter m. Select the Media Station X from the list. The app appears on the screen, navigate with the “ok” button and click “install”. After installing the application, go to the Smart Menu, and using the right arrow, look for the installed application Media Station X. For convenience, let’s move it to another location like we did with the Accuwether app. I will put next to the application Accuwether. After switching the application, we enter the Media Station X. Now let’s proceed with the settings. Go to Settings and select Start Parameter, then press Setup. Using the virtual keyboard, type in the line VPLAY.ONE. Then click on the checkbox. Confirm by clicking “Yes”. If you have entered the correct site VPLAY.ONE, the app will become in Russian, like mine, and a message will appear telling you that the connection was successful. Go to the “Home” section. The Media Station X application has vPlay, FXMlPalyer, Forkplayer itself and two channel applications: OTT Play and OTTPlayer for IP TV. Go to Forkplayer. I want to warn you that on some TVs Forkplayer may not open in full screen. In this case, you can see that it did not open full screen. To make the application full screen, after starting to watch the video, click on the gear, and select full screen, and the video will open in full screen. As you can see, everything is simple.

Video. Installing Forkplayer on LG 2021 TV set! Two ways by DNS and via Media Station X!

How to install the program via USB flash drive on the LG Smart TV

You can install and configure Fork Player on LG using USB flash drive. In this case, there are also two options for transferring, unpacking the program.

Important! With this setup option, the initial access to ForkPlayer functionality will be limited. To expand it you will need to put and connect the option Remote and then run it through the setup Smart TV.

Setting up the utility via USB flash drive on your TV with WebOS

You can install widget from flash drive on OS WebOS. This will require:

  • Download the archive from the developer’s website. http://obovse.Download the archive at the developer’s site and connect the external drive to the TV.rar.
  • Unpack it on a flash drive.
  • Login to your account on the TV.
  • Connect the external drive to the TV.
  • As soon as the TV detects the stick, press the home button on the remote control. Swipe to the right until the line “Launcher widget” appears.
  • Launch the application.
  • Turn on the Remote program on your laptop, computer, and activate it on your smart TV.

After these actions will open access to the functionality of the utility, and you can browse various programs for free.

Transferring application via USB-flash drive to TV of 2010-2013 year

Equipment manufactured between 2010 and 13. Mostly equipped with NetCast operating system. On such a platform you can put ForkPlayer via flash drive. To do this, you must:

  • Download and unpack the archive the same way as in the last variant.
  • Go to the “My apps” tab in the TV menu. It is located at the bottom right.
  • Find “Apps on USB.”.
  • Launch the application from the drive.
  • Install it and put the Remote extension, as in the first installation option.

Tip. If the TV does not immediately recognize or does not play the USB flash drive, you must replace it. And before installing the application it is better to format USB flash drive to clear it from unnecessary information that prevents loading the utility.

What can go wrong. errors after installation

Despite the popularity and stability of the fork player for LG TV, errors can occur after installing it. They are related to the very technology of IP television, which is considered new. Let’s find out how to eliminate them.

Black screen

Sometimes a black screen appears after the settings when playing any IPTV. This is a software failure, which also causes loss of volume. Appears due to:

  • Owner of TV opened a hidden playlist or inactive IPTV. About 1000 pages are blocked every day, so before launching it is worth going to “Settings” and see the status of the connection.
  • Wrong player format selected. Enough to go to “Settings” and change the type of player. Then, refresh the page with services.

Large number of blocked pages caused by a huge amount of created video on IPTV. Every day people take various recordings, trying to illegally broadcast them through interactive TV. Such resources are blocked.

Advice. In order not to get to the blocked tabs, it is better to use the “General rating” tab, where the list of working channels is placed.

Black screen instead of video

Appears while watching media content. Reasons. there are codecs on the page that do not play the TV. Also, the wrong format of the player, which is changed in the settings. Often a simple reboot of the device helps.

Important! Forkplayer on LG is a utility to help open a larger list of commands and increase the functionality of Smart TV. It does not affect the internal settings of the “smart” TV. Therefore, when software crashes occur, it is worth checking the basic parameters of Smart TV, rather than trying to immediately remove the application, blaming the problems on it

In conclusion

ForkPlayer widget is indispensable for owners of LG TVs who want to expand the list of standard TV functions. After installing the application you will be able to easily browse websites, download videos and free channels. But you need to weigh all the risks, because unfortunate changes to the settings can put the TV out of working order.

Hello! My name is Peter Gras and I am the editor in chief of this portal. On this site our team tries to publish the most relevant and important information about various technologies in the world of digital television. Glad you stopped by, you’re welcome!