Setting WhatsApp on Huawei tablet. How to synchronize WhatsApp on the phone and tablet

“Votsap” is a useful famous program that allows you to stay in touch with friends, relatives and friends, colleagues, even being divided by a great distance from each other. A significant advantage. the use of the messenger is carried out through the Internet Internet, which allows you to save money on a mobile account. How to install WhatsApp on the tablet further.

The program can be installed and launched not only from a mobile phone, but also from the tablet. The large screen of the tablet computer provides maximum convenience when working with the messenger: at least small details in the sent photos and video files are better visible, higher quality of the video when communicating through the conference.

Distinctive features of the program

“Votsap” is not just a program for mutual correspondence and exchange of media files. This is an indispensable assistant who gives the user the opportunity:

  • Allows you to create a personal blog or profile for assistance in doing business.
  • Carry out audio and video calls without the cost of a mobile account.
  • Due to the complexity of the reliable encryption system that ensures the safety and security of the data, the user can conduct important negotiations without fear of leakage of information into the network.

Notice! The application was designed specifically for use from a smartphone. There is a way to install WA on a tablet, although with a similar method, minor inconvenience may occur during use: dialogs can be displayed smaller than the device screen (most often with such difficulty, the owners of the “iPads” are found).

Watsap functions

WhatsApp allows you to send messages, communicate in a chat, call up on audio and video communication. The messenger provides its services free of charge:

  • Communication and exchange of files. The messenger allows you to instantly exchange messages with other users, both text and voice. It is also possible to send media files, photographs, documents, PDF files, slide shows and more.
  • WhatsApp allows you to contact via voice and video calls.
  • Separate messages can be sent, added to favorites and format.
  • Group chat. The ability to create chats in which they can communicate, exchange files up to 256 people at the same time.
  • Synchronization. Each user has access to the synchronization of contacts and correspondence in WhatsApp on the phone and computer.

How to download

The application can be installed and used both android tablets and on iPads.

On Android

Usually it is impossible to download a messenger on a tablet via Play Market, since instead of the “Install” button on the screen there is an inscription: “It is not supported on your device”. If there is no such problem, then the application can be downloaded in a standard way through an official store at https: // Play.Google.COM/Store/Apps/Details?ID = COM.WhatsApp.

If the inscription is displayed, you will have to download a separate APK file on another resource: on the official website of the developers or an extraneous platform.

In any case, it will be necessary to allow downloading from unknown sources, since it is automatically prohibited on the tablets installation of programs not from Google Play.

You need to go to the settings, go to the “Safety” section, and click on the toggle switch opposite the inscription: “Allow unknown sources”.

Link to the loading file on the official Watsap website: https: // www.WhatsApp.COM/Android.

If it does not allow loading, but there is no desire to use extraneous resources, you can download an APK file to a smartphone or computer, and then transfer its tablet.

Otherwise, you can use a site, but you definitely need to verify its safety.

To check the security of the connection, you need to click on the castle located at the beginning of the address line. In the menu opened, all the necessary information will be indicated.


To install WhatsApp on the tablet, a SIM card will definitely be required. You can use the smartphone number, but it is advisable to purchase a separate for the tablet. This is relevant for those users who want to use WhatsApp simultaneously on a tablet and phone. Since when working on one device, the application will be thrown out of the account on the other.

  • After downloading the file, you need to click on it, read and accept all user agreements.
  • Then it may jump out a warning that this device is not supported. It needs to be skipped.
  • Then register through the phone number. SMS with a check code will come to the device, which must be entered in the field on the screen.

After installing WhatsApp, you can use on a tablet without a SIM card.

On the iPad

There are several ways to install Watsap on iPad. The first requires a hacking system, which leads to a loss of warranty.

First you need to access the file system: install a suitable program on a computer (Redsn0W, SN0WBREEZE or PWNAGE TOOL), open it and follow the instructions.

Then you need to install the Cydia application, create the Bigboss storage and install whatsApp through it.

The second method is simpler. For him you need to install the IFUNBOX program on a computer. It is available for downloading in Russian at http: //

  • It is necessary to download Watsap on iTunes, then select the file and click “Show in the conductor”.
  • Then, through the USB cable, connect the iPad to the computer, open IFUNBOX, click on “install the application”, find the desired file and click “Open”.
  • Next, you need to remove WhatsApp from the iPhone, reinstall and activate.
  • Connect the iPhone to a computer, enter ifunbox. Having opened the “Applied Programs” tab, you need to choose WhatsApp, find in its folder “doocations” and “Library” and copy them.
  • Disconnect the iPhone, connect the iPad and go to WhatsApp again. Delete Documents and Library folders there and insert copied.
  • Run WhatsApp, wait for the installation to end and turn off the iPad from PC.

How to install and use Watsap on Huawei and Honor, pictures with pictures.

If you want to install and use on your phone, smartphone or tablet vatsap and do not know how? In this article you will find information on how to install WhatsApp on Honor 9 and similar Android devices. Below you will find instructions with attached screenshots how to install the WhatsApp application on Huawei Honor, I hope it is suitable for your device. To install and use the wattzap messenger, it is necessary that your device has the Internet and preferably unlimited. If your phone is not an Internet, then you can download and use a vatsap by connecting to the Internet via wi-fi. This application allows you to write messages for free, call or make video calls, send and accept photos, videos and other files.

And so for starters we activate the Internet and open on the Android smartphone or tablet application “Play Market”. In the application window, we select “WhatsApp Messenger” (usually the application is automatically displayed on the first screen, but if it is none, then search for.) Look below at the attached picture. Click “install” after which download and installation will begin. Next, we will be offered to open the application (or open it by finding in applications on the phone).

To use the Watsap, we need to accept the conditions for providing WhatsApp services, click the “Accept and Continue” button. Next, they will offer access to contacts to send and receive photos and videos to friends and relatives, we click “Next”. They will ask you to allow WhatsApp access to photos, multimedia and files on the device, click “Allow”. We allow access to the contacts by selecting “allow”.

Now you need to enter the number to which whatsApp will be tied. Vatzap can be installed on a phone or tablet even if the number to which WhatsApp is tied is installed on another phone, that is, the number on a simple button phone, and the Vasap is installed on a smartphone without a SIM card or on a smartphone, you use a number for other needs, for example, just for Internet. Therefore, we indicate the number from which you want to use Watsap. Enter our number and click “Next” after which you will be asked to confirm the specified number, click “OK”. After confirmation, the confirmation code will come to your number, which we enter in the appropriate application field. Next, fill out the profile, enter the desired name and select “Next”. All is ready! Now you can use the Watsap on your phone, you can call for free, make videos and voice calls, write SMS, send and accept photos, videos and other files. Click “Start Chat” and see a list of contacts from the phone book who has WhatsApp.

To write a message, call or send a photo or other file we open the desired contact and perform the right action. You can also find out what numbers from the phone book use Vatsap looking into contacts. If the number tied to Watsap is installed on one device, and the application itself to another, then on the phone or tablet in which WhatsApp is installed, you need to save contacts with which you want to communicate and most likely keep the contacts in the memory of the device. Attention! calls and messages directly to the number itself, and not to the application can be paid.

I hope the instruction how to install WhatsApp on Android was useful for you. Do not forget to leave a review and indicate the model of the device that has approached or not the information above, so that other visitors to the site remains useful information from you.

  • We will be glad if you leave a review, useful advice or add. information.
  • Thanks for the responsiveness, mutual assistance and useful tips of the article.

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Why sometimes WhatsApp is not supported on the tablet

Sometimes it happens that the application is not installed at all, there is not even a button for installation in Play Market or iOS. This means that WhatsApp for the tablet is not supported on this device.

This happens only on very old models or on a technique that was attacked by a virus.

The developers of the WhatsApp messenger greatly facilitated the life of the application users, introducing data synchronization. To communicate through a messenger from a phone, computer or tablet, you do not need to create another account and re.register. This article is devoted to the question “how to synchronize WhatsApp with a tablet” and contains a detailed guide how to do it.

In addition, on our website you can find out how to download and install WhatsApp on a computer with Windows 10.

What is the synchronization of VOTSAP and why it is needed?

After all, a modern user usually has not only a smartphone, but also other devices: a computer, a tablet and another phone on which you can install a program from an official application store. For the connection and automatic exchange of all the profile information, using the same account on all devices, the SYNC function is used.

The synchronization option can provide a constant connection between all devices and a constant update of history:

  • All conversations and communications in chats.
  • User account settings: status, photo, avatar, number.
  • Contact information on the account.
  • All media files, documents, places, links that have ever been attached to the message.

How to use WhatsApp

To send a text message, in WhatsApp Messenger, select the person to whom you want to write a message from the list of contacts, enter the text and click on the icon with a paper aircraft.

You can establish your status in the application by choosing the appropriate section: free, busy at school, cinema, at work, is discharged the battery, I can’t speak, at the meeting, in the gym, sleeps, only urgent calls and so on. You can create a group chat.

  • Send images, photos, video and audio files, contacts and location on the map.
  • View contact information.
  • Search for correspondence.
  • Make video calls.
  • Call contact. When using this function, the vocal minutes are not written off from the tariff plan. network traffic is consumed.
  • Block contact. contacts cannot send messages, but can see the status of a user.
  • Clean or archive chat.
  • Add contact label to your phone table.
  • Send a message to the chat by e.mail.

WhatsApp Web on a tablet

Officially, the WhatsApp web version works only on the computer, but you can run it on your mobile device. You do not need to download additional services or make complex settings.

Connection to the account is carried out through a smartphone. To do this, you need to take a phone with an installed messenger, open QR on a tablet and scan it.

Synchronization takes less than a minute. After mating, saved contacts and messages will appear on a laptop. All new text messages will appear on both synchronized devices, and notifications will also sound.

Important. You cannot make calls through WhatsApp www.

How to Install Play Store on Huawei Matepad 11

How to open a window with a QR code

To open WhatsApp web on the tablet, it is not enough to go to the site exchange website through the browser. The official site automatically determines the type of device and offers to install a messenger. To run WhatsApp Web on a tablet, you need to switch the page to PC mode.

Instructions on how to open the WhatsApp web code on the tablet:

Important. This code is used to enter the system. Your Android or iPad tablet should be connected to the Internet. If the code is too small, increase the page scale.

The browser integration may vary. As an example, we used the ASUS tablet with the Google Chrome browser. Most web browsers can switch to the viewing mode for PC, this option is available in the settings.

How to log in in the account

As soon as the code appears on the screen, you can start synchronization. You will need a smartphone that should be constantly connected to the Internet, and the tablet. Scanning is performed in a matter of seconds.

Instructions for the entrance to WhatsApp Web on the tablet:

  • Open the QR code on the tablet, as shown in the instructions above.
  • Take a smartphone in your hand.
  • Open the scanner. To do this, click on the dashed button, select WhatsApp Web.
  • Pull the camera on the tablet display, the phone vibrates.

Using Wapsap Web on a tablet is the same as on a computer. If the icons are small and you cannot read the text in messages, change the page scale.

Advice. Can’t scan the QR code scan? Wipe the tablet with a soft cloth, muffle the light in the room and eliminate the glare. If the smartphone cannot focus, reduce the brightness of the display to make QR more noticeable.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet

WhatsApp is a software that gives the user the opportunity to instantly exchange text messages with other subscribers. In addition to them, this application allows you to hear a voice, as in mobile communications, and see the image, as in Skype. All mobile platforms are supported, as well as personal computers on Windows system.

If the user does not want to pay for mobile communications, but at the same time he wants to continue to communicate with loved ones, then VotSAP is an excellent solution. instructions How to install WhatsApp on the Android tablet, iOS.

Installation of WhatsApp on a tablet with Android system by official manufacturers is considered impossible and unauthorized. When trying to establish an expansion in the usual way, a message will jump out that this software is not supported. But this does not mean at all that you have to do with ordinary calls. There is a way to install WhatsApp on a tablet based on an android, and it will not cause difficulties even with a user who has never dealt with the installation of programs.

List of steps in order to download and install the WhatsApp messenger on the tablet:

  • Go to the main website of the WhatsApp software and download the installation file from it. This should be a self.mapping application in format “.APK “.
  • Now you need to move to the “Settings” menu and the “Safety” section of your device and install a checkmark near the item “Allow the installation of applications from an unknown manufacturer”, otherwise excessively sensitive security parameters will not allow you to calmly install the application, or even completely delete the “suspicious” installer.
  • Find the downloaded file in the internal memory of the tablet. Typically, downloaded things are in the Downloads folder, unless, of course, in the settings, another. Operating systems of many tablets include a special item in the home menu, which is called: “Downloads”. If there are difficulties with detection, then you can recall the name of the installer and enter at least part of it in the field for searching in the file manager.
  • Run the installation file by pressing it with your finger. If the security function in the settings was canceled, then no questions and obstacles to the launch of the program will arise. Sometimes a warning may appear that the application is not intended for tablet computers, but it just needs to be ignored and move on.
  • Now authorization.

It takes place in two stages:

  • First of all, you will need to activate the Google account with a binding to the phone number. SIM card can be taken for this, even with the zero at the moment balance. It is desirable that it is not the main way to install mobile communications.
  • After that, you need to go through the authorization process in the program itself. It will not work to miss this process. As soon as WhatsApp is launched, the algorithms laid down in it will verify the presence of an authorized profile on this device. After such an element is not found, this is reported by the user by direct text on the screen, and will not be allowed to use the resources of Votsap until it passes the authorization. The program will request a code sent to the indicated SIM card via SMS message. If this message is not possible to read on the tablet, then it can simply be rearranged in a mobile phone. In extreme cases, you can force the system to make a call to the indicated number and dictate the necessary numbers there. After undergoing authorization, immediately before using Votsap, you need to insert a SIM card back, otherwise nothing will work. installation of the WhatsApp application for iPad:

For the version of this device, the developers did not at all provide for the transfer of the program. Even a version for iPhone is not suitable. But this does not mean at all that you have to spend money on mobile communications. And for the iPad there are ways to install a messenger, and here is one of them:

  • Perform jailbreak on your device. This action will significantly expand the capabilities of the iPad, but will deprive it of a proprietary guarantee. In other countries, this action is officially considered illegal, but who can forbid the user to modify his gadget? In order for this manipulation to be successful, just download the Appsync program of the relevant version.
  • After that, you should connect the iPad to the computer and on the PC, using a file manager (in this situation it will be useful to use iTunes or ifunbox) and install the application (the button for this is located in the upper part of the screen). To successfully conduct this operation in the computer’s memory, there should be a installation file for WhatsApp with the IPA extension.
  • Now it remains to wait to complete the installation of Wottsap, turn off the gadget from the computer and start a new program on the iPad.
  • Pass authorization using previous steps.

If this method is not suitable for some reason, then it is possible to use the other:

  • Without installing jailbreak and, accordingly, without losing the right to technical support, there is an opportunity to put the necessary program, using the computer again.
  • Download WhatsApp for iPad from iTunesstore. This is a site with many other installation files the latest versions for programs that are difficult to find in other places.
  • After downloading the installer, you need to click “Show in the conductor”.
  • On a personal computer download and install the ITUNES program. IFUNBOX is suitable as an alternative option, but it does not work with all versions. Before installation, it is advisable to choose Russian.
  • Connect iPad to a computer via USB.
  • On the computer, run the software available and open with it the internal memory of the connected gadget. Install VOTSAP using IFUNBOX on PC.
  • Wait for the installation and turn off the device from a stationary computer.
  • Try to run WhatsApp on iPad. The error will jump out and the application will not start.
  • On the iPhone, it is necessary to delete this program if it was installed.
  • Download and install this program again on the iPhone. Do not restore, namely download and put in a new way.
  • Conduct authorization on iPhone.
  • Connect the iPhone to the computer and using the same file manager as the last time, open the internal memory of the phone and move the Documents folder and Library from the computer from the Docial Programs. “WhatsApp” folders.
  • Connect the iPad to the computer, through the file manager, delete the folders of documents and libraries available on it through the same directory, and then put in their place the folders that were on the iPhone.
  • Unload WhatsApp and start it again on iPad connected to the iPad computer. Wait for the end of the installation.
  • Now you can turn off the gadget from the PC and use the program.

How to install WhatsApp on Huawei phones without Google Play Store / Services

Fortunately, (the parent brand WhatsApp) provides two ways to install the application. The first is to get it from the Play Store, and the second is to get APK manually from the official website. Since the first of them is impossible in this scenario, we will explain how to install WhatsApp through the official site.

To simplify our readers, we not only defeated the whole procedure into simple steps, but also added direct links.

Go to the official WhatsApp download page: (preferably on the device you want to install WhatsApp)

Step 2. Now click the “Download now” button.

Step 3. Wait for the APK loading completion, then click APK.

If this is your first installation, your phone will request permits for installation, allow them all.

Step 5. click the “Install” button at the bottom.

Step 6. the phone will go to the installation. After this is done, the option will display at the bottom when opening the application, touch it to run WhatsApp.

Ready! That’s all! Now on your Huawei phone should be installed the latest version of WhatsApp. Set it the same as after installing from Play Store.

How to update WhatsApp on Huawei phones

Although the Google Play Store provides lists of applications on Android devices, it also serves as an instrument of the update service, which allows the developers to offer users the latest assembly of applications. Since we manually installed the WhatsApp APK file, the application will not be able to be updated automatically.

To install the latest version on your phone, you will have to repeat the process described above again. This time, as soon as you install WhatsApp on top of the existing installation, it will not delete existing data and will act as an installation of an update.

I hope that after this manual on your phone, Huawei will be launched by WhatsApp. If you have problems or questions, let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will be happy to help!

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card

Since it became clear that WhatsApp on a tablet can work without a SIM card, you need to figure out how to install the application correctly. After all, at the first launch, it will still demand to enter the phone number and confirm it.

The installation of the application is available in several ways:

  • After a previously registered number.
  • Using a stationary phone.
  • Using the Textnow application.
  • Through the virtual number.

The presented methods are strikingly different from each other. Therefore, the installation process, depending on the selected method, will be a kind of. The most rational solution is to consider each method individually.

Using a previously registered number

This method is selected by the vast majority of users. In principle, there are no pitfalls here. But there is only one clarification. for installing Watsap Thus, you need to register in advance in the system through a smartphone using a SIM card. If the account is already created, it remains only to download WhatsApp to the tablet. You can use the Play Market or App Store app?

It is not recommended to download the program from resources. Similar files may contain viruses that will negatively affect the work of the tablet.

The algorithm of action looks as follows:

As a way of passing verification, you must choose the voice option. So it will be possible to register from another device.

With a stationary phone

Another option for registering in the system, when it is not possible to install a SIM card in a tablet. using a stationary phone. WhatsApp does not put any restrictions on the type of number. The program does not matter whether a mobile or home phone is used. The main thing is to pass verification.

As a result, you need to take a few steps:

  • Download the program to the tablet.
  • Open WhatsApp and choose your country.
  • Enter a stationary phone number and click “Call me”.
  • Pass verification using an audio call.

When the user selects the “Call me” parameter, a call from the answering machine will receive a stationary phone. A person will be said to the person, which must be entered in the application as a confirmation of registration.

Of course, there is far from every household house now on a stationary phone. Therefore, the first way to register in WhatsApp without using a SIM card seems most effective. But there are several more options that need to be considered. Perhaps to someone they will seem more convenient.

How To Use WhatsApp On Tablet Without SIM or Web

With the Textnow application

Textnow is a unique application. It allows a person to create his own virtual number. Subsequently, it can be used when registering in the WhatsApp system. But first you need to figure out where to download the program, and how to work with it.

The application is available in Play Market and App Store. The program is distributed for free, so anyone can use it. When the user downloads and installs the application, you will need to take a few steps:

  • Open the program.
  • Indicate the email address and come up with a password.
  • Confirm registration.
  • Write the number that will issue an application.

Next, you need to perform certain actions in the WhatsApp application:

  • Open the program.
  • Enter the number that Textnow issued.
  • Try to confirm the creation of an account by SMS.
  • If the message is not displayed in the Textnow application, select the “Call me” item and respond to the bot call.
  • Enter the numbers that the answering machine said.

The disadvantage of this method is that it will be difficult for the user to restore the account if he deleys the application. Will have to start a new virtual number.

Using a virtual number

Textnow is not the only application that allows you to create a virtual number for registration in WhatsApp. There are several more programs and resources that work in this direction.

From paid services, the following can be distinguished:

Services offer a fake number for a symbolic fee. Only 3 rubles or a little more. But here the user cannot be sure that the sent numbers will work for a long time. Perhaps when you need to restore the account in the Vatsap, this will not work.

This list can be continued indefinitely, but in the case of free services, no one can guarantee the performance of the number received. However, even an unsuccessful (and free) attempt is unlikely to deliver a lot of inconvenience.

And there are also several applications for creating a number:

All programs, as well as the previously indicated services, work on a similar principle. A person simply enters the email address, after which he receives his virtual number. Next, you should perform only a couple of actions to register in WhatsApp:

  • Download the WhatsApp application.
  • Open the program and enter a virtual number.
  • Confirm the creation of an account with an SMS code or an audio call.

Due to the fact that virtual numbers have certain restrictions, it is recommended to use services that work through branded applications. The program will always have the opportunity to answer an automatic bot to confirm registration in WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp web versions

In the end, no one forbids the owners of tablets to use the web version of the popular Messenger WhatsApp. But here a person needs a smartphone. It will read the QR code from it. The same account will be used on the tablet or computer that was registered on the phone.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Open Web
  • Launch WhatsApp on the phone with a working account.
  • On the smartphone screen, go to the “Settings” section and select the “WhatsApp Web” item.
  • Put the phone on the QR code, which is located on the Internet page.
  • Confirm the synchronization of the account.

On the Web page.WhatsApp.COM user can receive help if problems arise with registration. But usually this process goes without difficulties.

It is also worth noting that the web version, although it is very similar to the application, is still not so comfortable. Especially if you use it on the tablet. The site is designed to work with personal computers, and it is not the best for mobile devices.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card

There are times when it is necessary to install WhatsApp on a device that does not support the SIM card. In such cases, users are interested in whether WhatsApp is working on a tablet without a SIM card. In this article, we prepared a leadership with a detailed description of how and in what cases you can use a messenger without a SIM card.

The first method

First, make sure your device works, has good access to Wi-Fi and enough space for installing the program. You will also need a working SIM card.

How to install WhatsApp on a tablet without a SIM card:

  • Open the browser and go to the messenger loading page;
  • Download and install a file with extension.APK;
  • When the program asks you to log in, enter your real phone number, you will receive an SMS code to confirm. If you have problems with SMS notification, select the voice check option. Remember the code and enter it in the field;
  • In order for the operation to be successful, it is necessary to allow the installation of applications from unknown sources in security settings. You can remove this flag when you finish.

As you can see, everything is quite simple, the process will not take much time, having completed these simple steps, you can use WhatsApp on your tablet without SIM card. Does the program work on its own? In order to use the application, you must have access to the Internet. Since there is no connection to Wi-Fi, you will not be able to communicate using the messenger outside the Wi-Fi zone of your mobile phone.

That is how WhatsApp is installed on a tablet without a SIM card, but there is another option for using the program.

Using WhatsApp web versions

In the end, no one forbids the owners of tablets to use the web version of the popular Messenger WhatsApp. But here a person needs a smartphone, a QR code will be scanned from it, the same account that was registered on the phone will be used on a tablet or computer.

The registration process is as follows:

  • Open the Web
  • Launch WhatsApp on your phone with a work account.
  • On the smartphone screen go to the Settings and select WhatsApp Web.
  • Put your phone on the QR code, which is on the site.
  • Confirm the synchronization of the account.

On the Web website.WhatsApp.COM users can receive help if they have problems with registration. Usually, however, this process is not difficult.

It is also worth noting that the web version, although it is very similar to the application, is still not so convenient. Especially if you use it on a tablet, the site is designed to work with personal computers, and for mobile devices this is not the best way.

With the Textnow application

Textnow is a unique application, it allows a person to create his own virtual number, after which it can be used when registering in WhatsApp, but first you need to understand where to download the program and how to work with it.

The application is available both in the Play Market and in the App Store, the program is distributed for free, so anyone can use it when the user uploads and installs the application, you need to take a few steps:

  • Open the program.
  • Enter your email address and come up with a password.
  • Confirm your registration.
  • Write down the number that will be provided by the application.

Next, you need to take a few steps in WhatsApp:

  • Open the application.
  • Enter the number provided by Textnow.
  • Try to confirm the creation of an account through SMS.
  • If the message is not displayed in Textnow, select “Call me” and get a border call.
  • Enter the numbers provided by the answering machine.

The disadvantage of this method is that it will be difficult for the user to restore his account if he deleys the application. It will be necessary to create a new virtual number.

With a stationary phone

Another option for registering in the system when it is not possible to install a SIM card in a tablet is the use of a stationary phone. WhatsApp does not impose any restrictions on the type of number, the program does not matter whether a mobile or home phone is used, the main thing is to go through verification.

Therefore, you need to take a few steps:

  • Download the program to your tablet.
  • Open WhatsApp and select your country.
  • Enter a stationary phone number and click “Call me”.
  • Pass the verification using an audio call.

When the user selects “Call me”, an answering machine will call on a stationary phone. As a confirmation of registration, a person will receive a password to enter the application.

Of course, in our time not every house has a stationary phone, so the most effective way to register in WhatsApp without using the SIM card is the first. But there are several more options that can be considered, perhaps someone will seem more convenient for someone.

How to enter the application without a SIM card

The registered and active user account on any device will work regardless of which SIM card is in the device. You can use WhatsApp on your tablet as many times as you like, and the device itself may not even have a slot for a SIM card. The same applies to smartphones.

You just need the Internet 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc.D., To work normally, make calls, audio and video, send messages and files.

In the case of authorization in a web version or a desktop version of the application, you also do not need a SIM card. Here, the check is carried out by scanning the QP code using the built-in scanner in the application on the smartphone. The only condition for using a web version and the desktop version of the service is the availability of a master account installed and activated on the phone. Thus, the entrance to WhatsApp without a phone number is not a problem if WhatsApp is activated on your phone.