Slow down android shooting like iPhone

Best (and worst) long exposure/slow shutter apps for iPhone

What is Slow Mo?

Modern smartphones have long ceased to be only a means of communication capable of establishing communication between people. Every year, manufacturers improve their devices, endowing them with more and more powerful and unique properties. The smartphone camera has turned into a professional shooting tool, displacing many budget digital “soapses” from the market.

Producer companies have implemented an extensive set of functions in their products, such as portrait survey, macro, optical zoom and much more. Slow Motion or a slowdown mode makes it possible to feel like a real clip maker, but you should look deeply at the nuances of working with it.

How to make Slow Motion video on iPhone?

In the first versions of the slow shooting on the iPhone 5s, there was a significant flaw. The video was stored not quite ready for publication. I had to initially send it to my mail or transfer it through messengers, cloud services and then post. Now the problem is irrelevant.

Creating a video built.In means

The principle of action is similar to Android devices:

Through the editor of the video SLO MO Video

This is an easy.To.Use application created to slow down and slight acceleration of the video.

  • Install the SLO MO Video application.
  • Run the program and choose a video.
  • Using a circular regulator, set a suitable speed in percent, where 100% is the usual video playback.

Video slowdown instructions

Creating a slowdown effect (slum) is quite simple.

Preparation of the material

The first thing is to shoot the desired material. It is removed at normal speed. But it should be noted that during the shooting it is necessary to set as high as possible the number of frames per second. And the higher this value is initially, the better the final slowdown will be obtained.

Use of the script

All this is done initially, even until the very moment of shooting. It is desirable that the shooting does not occur spontaneously. It will be better if the script is originally thought out.

In other words, even before the shooting, there should be an idea of ​​which moment there will be a slow reproduction, where it will go in normal speed and where to accelerate.

After the entire video material is shot, only work in the installation program will remain. Here we assume the use of the Inshot application.

Creating a project

Naturally, first you need to create a new video. I would like to notice what to create. Does not mean to shoot. After all, it has already been shot by us. You just need to create a new project.

Next, it is necessary to cut the initial video in order to be able to apply a slowdown to a separate fragment.

To do this, you need to find the required record section and click on the “split” button. Having made a cut, you need to find a place where the fragment will end and do it a second time.

Changing the speed of playback

Now we have a video site to which you can apply the effect of slowing down. To do this, select a fragment and press the “Speed” button.

In the window that opened, it is necessary to move the slider towards the decrease.

In order to apply changes, you need to press the button with a check.

Fix iPhone slow motion not Working in Android ���� Slow Motion

It should be noted that in this effect, when reproducing the result, some strobes will be noticeable.

How to immediately shoot a slow video?

Sometimes, to shoot a slow video, you do not need to install any additional programs. The operating system itself can come to the rescue.

We will try to figure out this issue and consider what to do on Android and iOS.

On Android

Almost any smartphone has the ability to record at a frequency of sixty frames per second. If you later watch this video at a normal frequency, namely in twenty.Four frames, then the image will slow down almost twice.

In different models of smartphones, the Slumo mode can have a different name. In Honor 9, he is called. “Slow down“.

The only thing you need to shoot a video in a slow mode is to choose a function and just start recording. Inside the program, you can directly evaluate the result, if necessary, make the entry settings and exit the effect.

There is another option for creating a similar effect. To do this, you need to set the 60 fps setting in the “Pro Video” mode.

But in order to make a transition to a normal viewing mode, namely in 30 or 25 fps, you will have to use another program.

On the iPhone

In order to remove Sloumo, you should click on the “Camera” button, and switch to “Slow” mode mode.

After that, you can aim the lens to the object for shooting. The recording begins after the central red button is pressed.

That’s all! Video with effect slowdown is shot. You can find it in the same place where all the photos lie.

As you can see. A slow video can be obtained in various ways, choose the most convenient for yourself!

How to make a slowdown in iPhone video

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Applications for creating slow videos

Now on Google Play, many programs are available that allow you to slow down, accelerate and cut videos. The highest quality of them are presented below.



The Effectum application is a real video editor that supports the processing of any rollers recorded both through the program itself and through the smartphone camera. Software allows you to slow down, accelerate, change audio traffic, cut and crop video. The utility is designed to install various rollers, and in HD and FullHD quality. A ready.Made result can be shared on social networks, or published it in TIK current. It is also possible to save the file in the phone memory.

Slow Motion Video FX

Slow Motion Video FX. A high.Quality utility designed to accelerate or slow down video. The program is completely free and does not take up much space in the smartphone memory. In the application, you can mount both pre.Prepared videos and recorded right now. A pleasant feature is the ability to post an edited video on YouTube or Tik Tok.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow Motion Video Maker is a reliable assistant for a novice video blogger. With its help, you can create slums, accelerate, trim and cries the video. Absolutely any videos are suitable for installation, if they are recorded in HD or FullHD quality. The result can be saved on the phone, or sent to a social network.

Video Slow Motion

Video Slow Motion

Video Slow Motion. A high.Quality application that allows you to accelerate and slow down the rollers. It is also possible to record a slow video directly from the program. In the settings settings, you can select the speed and pace of the video. The finished file can be sent to or instagram. The program is completely free and practically does not contain advertising.

Slow.Out shooting applications

A video shot at a speed of 60 frames per second and above can easily be turned into a slow shooting. Since the normal personnel frequency for the camera is 24 frames per second, while the mobile device camera allows you to remove 60 frames per second, this provides a higher clarity and smooth transition, and when reproducing at the usual speed, slowing will turn out about twice. Almost all modern flagships are able to shoot a slow video in 120 or 240 FPS, which gives even more opportunities to create high.Quality and spectacular rollers.

There are plenty of third.Party tools for slowing down android today. Consider some of them.

Slow Motion Video FX

Free application for slowing down and accelerating the video on Android, which allows you to choose the speed of the output video. Using this utility, you can mount already shot video files or record a video with the included Slow Motion effect. There is also the opportunity to export the resulting video to the popular YouTube video hosting video hosting.


The application is a full-fledged video editor for Android devices that support the possibility of editing videos shot on a smartphone and video recording directly in the program. With EFECTUM, you can create videos with the effect of slowdown and acceleration, “video on the contrary”, as well as manage the frame frequency, cut the video and change audio tracks. The utility works with various formats of media files, is easy to use, while it has a wide selection of options. The results of your work can be saved on the device or share them with friends on social networks.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Another free application with which you can create videos with the effect of Slow Motion, accelerate, cut and truck, as well as make reverse videos, slide shows, post filters, effects, animation and text. Software supports all popular media formats, and using the Slow Motion Video Maker tools. The resulting videos can be saved in memory of the device or shared by them in popular social networks. In addition, through the application you can squeeze the finished video without loss of quality.

Video Slow Motion

A good application with the support of popular media file formats that allows you to slow down, accelerate and cut videos. You can also record a slow video directly from the program. There is the possibility of choosing speed, the use of effects in individual sections of the roller. The finished file can be saved on the device or social networks.

What is Sloumo?

Sloumo (from the English Slow Motion) is a slow video that today is incredible popular in Tiktok and other social networks. A change in the perception of time causes a person strong and deep emotions (admiration, surprise, joy). Viewing extreme “sloopomes” can even provoke the release of adrenaline is a good way to distract from everyday routine, is it true?

It is believed that the discoverer of Slow Motion was the Austrian priest and physicist August Masger. In 1904, he created a technology of slow.Minded playing using a mirror drum. Since then, the effect of Slow MO has been actively used in the film industry. You are probably familiar with these legendary shots:

Today we will talk about how to quickly make a beautiful video with the Slow Motion effect and cause a sea of ​​admiration for your subscribers in Tiktok! For this you will need only a smartphone and a little imagination.


This application is a compact editor for Android devices where you can create videos using photos and video files, make a slowdown, add music and various effects.

slow, down, android, shooting, iphone

The Android application has 22 preinstalled options for visual processing, including Slow Motion and accelerate video, synchronization of audio and video traffic, adding frames and colors.

Ready.Made projects can be saved in three formats: square, standard and for Instagram. The application allows you to publish ready-made videos on online sites or in android messengers as soon as possible.