Synchronize iPhone contacts with google

synchronize, iphone, contacts, google

Tutorial on how to sync iPhone contacts with Gmail (supported by iOS 14)

Email address is for receiving or sending emails only?

Today with Gmail, you can handle contacts that you only did on your iPhone in the old days.

Manage your iPhone contacts in Gmail as conveniently as possible.

synchronize, iphone, contacts, google

The question arises: how to synchronize iPhone contacts with Gmail to update?

This page compiles 3 effective methods for transferring iPhone contacts to Gmail.

Keep reading and you will get a detailed guide.

How to easily transfer contacts from Android to iPhone

Recently I told you how you can quickly migrate your entire address book from iPhone to Android or BlackBerry, using the cloud service iCloud. But what if it is a reverse operation? This is where Google and its tight integration with Android comes in handy.

If you suddenly decided to switch from Android to iOS or use two smartphones at once, synchronization of contacts between them will also not be difficult. First, go to the settings of the Android-smartphone, select “Account and synchronization” and then “Synchronization of contacts. When you click on the appropriate button, your phone will start downloading your entire address book to your Google account.

Now how do you move your Google contacts to your iPhone?? To do this, you must add a new CardDAV account. In the settings of iPhone select “Mail, Addresses, Calendars”, then “Add account” and “CardDAV account”, where we can enter all the necessary data for the subsequent synchronization of contacts.

As a server, respectively, choose, and the fields below are for entering your email address and Google account password. If you previously used an Android smartphone, you managed to get it immediately after purchase.

Once you hit “Next”, the iPhone will automatically download all the contacts from your Google account. A similar trick works not only on iOS 7, but also on previous versions of the operating system. After you finish synchronization you can disable your CardDAV account.

This is probably one of the easiest and most convenient way, considering the “friendship” between Google and Android-smartphones. The contact transfer time is directly dependent on the size of your address book, but usually does not exceed five minutes.