Synchronize iPhones with each other without a computer. How to transfer a phone number to a new iPhone

I categorically welcome everyone! Why do you think most people after buying their first device from Apple, in the future, remain faithful to this brand? Design, materials, cool technologies, thoughtful ergonomics, convenience. all this is wonderful, but for many people a huge role is played by how iPhone synchronizes with iPhone.

And they are synchronized simply “with a bang”. The result is such an amazing and beautiful ecosystem that you are completely immersed in it. it will be very, very difficult to get out (for example, I still haven’t succeeded :)). And this is precisely the most cool “chip” of devices from Apple.

The question voiced in the heading can be interpreted from different sides:

  • You need to know how to synchronize all the data from one iPhone on the iPhone, but another. For example, after buying a new phone.
  • Partial information transmission is required. You just have two devices in your hands, and there is a desire to exchange photos, videos, contacts, games and applications between them.

The first point is most common, we will start with it.

How to completely synchronize iPhone with iPhone

For users puzzled by this problem, there are as many as two ways to solve it. The main concept of which is the same. to create a backup and restore it already on a new gadget, but the process itself occurs in different methods and through different programs. Of course everyone has its own positive aspects and disadvantages, and the choice will always remain with you. I did mine in favor.

Move data between iPhones


This will be my choice 🙂 Why? The main reason is that all data is updated automatically and the most relevant information is stored in the “cloud”. I do not need to think about anything. I put it for charging, everything else happens on its own.

How to synchronize two iPhone using a cloud? If briefly. you need to create a backup copy of the data on the old device and download it to a new. I have already described this process, I will not repeat. I will give a link. Everything is indicated there in sufficient detail, in stages and with pictures. The duration of this action depends on the speed of the Internet channel and data volume.

  • The size of the storage is limited by 5 gigabytes, when exceeds, a not enunch storage error occurs.
  • Wi-Fi connection is necessary.
  • Music and video uploaded to the device are not copied.


Honestly, I do not use this method, since I am lazy every time to synchronize the phone, connect it with a wire to the computer. However, for those who do not have a Wi-Fi connection, this will be the only way to move all the information between the iPhone.

First you need to download and install iTunes. If this program is already present on the computer, make sure that it is updated. Further, to save data, we use this instruction, to restore. this.

  • The size of the copies is limited only by a hard drive.
  • The ability to use without any Internet.
  • You can immediately load the media (music, films).

Synchronization of Mac and iPhone devices using iTunes

The iTunes program installed on macbook helps synchronize iPad, iPhone and iPod smartphones, as well as transmit music, files, photos on Mac. In addition, you can use a personal computer with Windows system.

Before using iTunes for synchronization, you need to save all the important information using iCloud. So the files will be available even when the iPhone is far away.

Using the iTunes application, you can synchronize such files, documents and programs as:

  • Photos and video files.
  • Musical files, albums, playlists, books, audiobooks, films and television shows, as well as podcasts.
  • Calendars and contacts.
  • Backups of devices that are created using iTunes.

Synchronization procedure using PC and USB cable.

  • iPhone or Mac are connected to the PC using a special USB-Lightning cable and the iTunes program opens.
  • A special icon will appear in the upper left corner of the program, you need to click on it.
  • On the left there will be a list of options, select “Settings”, and then the type of contents for synchronization, after which you need to click “Synchronization”.

Synchronization procedure using Wi-Fi

Even in the process of configuring PC and the ITUNES program via USB, you can configure synchronization using Wi-Fi. This will help in the future to avoid connecting the device to iTunes via cable, you only need to connect to the Internet. You can protect your connection and data by installing a VPN on MAC, before synchronization, since it is necessary to transmit data via the Internet. The process of synchronization in this case looks like this:

  • Mac or iPhone connects to a computer using a USB cable. Then you need to open the iTunes program, select your connected device in it.
  • On the left side of the program, select the “Review” option.
  • Then you need to select “Synchronize with this iPhone or Mac Wi-Fi”.
  • Then you need to click “Apply”.

For the Wi-Fi synchronization procedure, it is necessary that the device and PC are connected to one network. Then the device with iOS will be displayed in the program. After that, the iOS gadget will always conduct automatic synchronization when the phone or macbook is connected to the network, and the ITUNES program is open to the PC.

Imobie Anytrans program

Imobie Anytrans program excellent replacement of iTunes. In addition to the fact that it is able to produce all the same functions, the program is much more convenient, easier to use and more reliable. In addition to standard synchronization functions, the Anytrans application also contains a file manager, application manager and other useful and convenient functions.

Despite the fact that Apple simplified the iTunes application, Anytrans program easier and more understandable to use. As soon as the Mac or iPhone device is connected to the PC, animation and list of options appear on the computer screen.

The synchronization process using the Anytrans application is the same as using the iTunes program. However, the application helps to avoid duplication of files when transferring them from PC to iPhone or Mac, and you can also synchronize only some files and documents. In addition, Anytrans allows you to easily synchronize two devices with iOS among themselves. If the PC has an iTunes program and you need to switch to Anytrans, files can be easily connected to a new application, while gaining access to saved backups and libraries.

How to disable synchronization with a cloud on iPhone

The iOS operating system is designed in such a way that all user data is sent to the general virtual disc, icloud for their storage. To turn off the function of the cloud storage of information on the iPhone, you need:

  • We go to the smartphone settings.
  • Click on the account used.
  • Find the subparagraph “icloud”.
  • Turn off the ICloud Drive option.

The same process can be done on a personal computer. For this you need:

  • Open software “icloud”.
  • Then you need to remove the flags in all possible options.
  • In conclusion, you must click on the “Apply” key,

If everything is done correctly, then the device will stop sending all user files to a common virtual memory disk.

How to disable automatic synchronization in iTunes

ITUNES software, created to transfer files to the file user, also has automatic synchronization. This function sometimes transfers unnecessary data to the Portable Gadget of the User when connected to a computer via a USB cable. But even this function can be deactivated.

To disable automatic synchronization in iTunes, you need:

  • Connect a mobile device to a computer.
  • Open the iTunes program.
  • Remove the checkmark next to the tab of the Media Text object.
  • Select “Synchronize only marked objects”.
  • Save the accepted changes.

After performing the instructions, automatic synchronization in the ITUNES program stops.

What to do with old iPhone?

As soon as you configure your new iPhone, you will probably want to remove all the information from the old device. To do this, you need to perform two actions.

How to untie the iPhone from iCloud

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go to your Apple ID profile (upstairs)
  • Scroll down and click “Exit”

First disconnect the iPhone from iCloud. this will remove the activation lock

How to reset the iPhone

After that, you can safely discard the iPhone:

  • Open “Settings”
  • Go to the “main”. “reset”
  • Click “Wipe out content and settings”

Be sure to wash everything, not partially

All! Your old iPhone is ready to sell or inherit. you decide what to do with it.

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Synchronize iPhone with iPhone using iCloud

icloud. Great service for backup iphone. This IPhone synchronization method requires backup and restore the device using iCloud. You may need a new backup copy to make sure your data will be updated.

The synchronization of two iPhone using iCloud requires a stable network, and the backup process takes a lot of time. In addition, you will not be able to view files and selectively choose them for transmission. In the latter case, numerous reviews recommend trying method 1, which will help you cope with these problems.

How to synchronize iPhone using ICLOUD? instructions look like this:

  • Both of your iPhone should be registered under the same Apple ID.
  • Open the settings on your old iPhone click “Apple Id” “Enter ICloud”.
  • Turn on the types of data that must be synchronized.
  • Repeat this process on another iPhone select “combine” the data you selected will be synchronized from one iPhone to another.

Synchronize iPhones using iTunes

Before transmitting data through iTunes, you must make sure this is the latest version.

Types of files that can be transmitted in this way are limited, and the data on your iPhone will be deleted during synchronization from iTunes. Therefore, if you just want to transfer all your files and save them safe, you better use the first way.

How to synchronize two iPhone using “iTunes”? This is done very easily.

Connect the old iPhone to the computer and find your device in iTunes. Click on this computer and make a backup copy.

After the backup is completed, connect the new iPhone to the computer. Find it in iTunes. Select recovery from a backup and select a saved data set.

What is synchronization, and why it is needed

Considering the meaning of the term, the owner can understand that synchronization is called the process in which the data is transmitted from the device to the account. This is a convenient way to transfer all the files from the account to another phone. In some cases, you must first make a copy of the files from the account. Convenience is that if the owner performs the procedure, he will be able to save all the data from the phone or restore it if necessary.

Each user can do synchronization on the iPhone yourself. In one of the cases, a computer will be needed to carry out the procedure, in the other, use additional equipment is not required. Clients who bought a new phone and want to transfer all the data from the old smartphone to the purchased one resort to the procedure.

In what ways the owner can perform synchronization between two smartphones

It is not so difficult to synchronize iPhone with iPhone, customers are invited to use two options. For the first you do not need access to PC. The whole procedure is performed through ICLOD. Cloud storage allows you to make copies. And then they can be used to transfer information to another device. In the second method, the client should have a computer. The iTunes program is installed on it, through which the operation to synchronize the data of two smartphones will be performed later.

Also, users can contact an additional application through which you can perform the procedure. The client will need access to the Yandex service.Disk that has a cloud storage. The process will take place according to the following instructions:

  • First, the owner must install the selected service on the old and new iPhone;
  • The first gadget is performed by the creation of the account;
  • Next, a second cell phone will be required, it only needs to indicate the parameters that were used on the first phone to enter the account;
  • All files should be assembled in one folder;
  • When the procedure is completed, the information will automatically move to the “cloud”;
  • Next, you can take the phone that needs to be obtained;
  • The owner enters the service and downloads the necessary files from there.

How to perform an operation through the iTunes application

IPhone synchronization is possible through a special iTunes program. This method has advantages and disadvantages. At first it must be said that the procedure can only be done if you have access to a PC or laptop. It is also necessary to install the latest version of the application on a stationary PC. The operation is performed according to the following instructions:

  • First you should turn on the laptop and the old phone;
  • The gadget connects to the computer using the original cable;
  • A message will appear on the phone screen about the need to confirm that the user trusts the new device;
  • If the owner has not previously used the program, it will require the account of the account;
  • A password from the profile and its Apple ID is entered;
  • As soon as the authorization is performed, the user transfers the pointer to the left corner of the opening window;
  • There will be a menu, it selects a item to create a backup;
  • The section “Create a copy of now” should be selected from the list;
  • Copying of all information will begin from the old gadget;
  • The copying process will be monitored on the screen in the upper line of the program;
  • In a few minutes, the procedure for creating a copy will be completed;
  • Now you can turn off the old cell phone from the laptop;
  • The client will need a new smartphone, he is also connected to the PC using the original cord;
  • The ITUNES program starts on the computer;
  • In the upper corner, the menu section is selected, there should be click on the “Restore” item from the copy;
  • If the owner activated the finding function on the cellular, it will have to be temporarily deactivated;
  • Further, in the window that opens, it is chosen to “restore”.

The owner of the smartphone will only have to wait until the copy is loading to a new cell. After that, all information will be in the new smartphone.

How to perform the procedure using iCloud

To synchronize the iPhone accounts independently, even a beginner will cope with this. To do this, it is not necessary to have skills. You can post information through the cloud storage icloud. The value of which device is carried out by the transfer of parameters. The service operates only if both gadgets work on the iOS system. The procedure is performed in two stages:

Now the user can find out how to perform synchronization through iCloud:

  • First you need to connect a cell phone to the Internet;
  • Further, the creation is performed, the procedure time depends on the amount of information on the gadget, as well as on the data transfer speed.

When the procedure is completed, the transfer of data from Aylaud to another phone begins:

  • The new device is activated, the client indicates geolocation, and also establishes the position and language;
  • When a new window for setting the gadget opens, you should select the “Restore data from a copy of the iCloud”;
  • personal data for authorization in the system are entered;
  • The owner selects the copy that he created on the old cellular, the “Restore” button is pressed;
  • as soon as it is possible to synchronize two iPhone, the new gadget should be restarted.
  • note
  • If the user wants to transmit a multimedia type, then apply iCloud will not work. The owner will have to use iTunes.

How to synchronize iPhone with several computers

Apple does not allow the iPhone to synchronize with several iTunes libraries, because then users can easily exchange content among themselves, reducing income from sales of music and applications. When you connect your smartphone to another computer, you see a familiar message that “this device can be synchronized with only one iTunes library”. Otherwise, most files on the iPhone will be replaced.

Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The method by which the device “recognizes” the native library lies in a special file hidden on your Mac or PC. If you copy it from one of your computer and move it to another, then the smartphone will think that it was again connected to the original ITUNES library.

synchronize, iphones, each, other, computer

To get started, open Finder and use the Comandshift key combination. In the window that appears, enter ~/music/iTunes, click Enter.

Next you will see a list of files. Be sure to make a backup copy of the entire contents of this folder in case something goes wrong.

After that, open the ITUNES Music Library file.XML using text editor (Textedit). Here you will see the necessary key (highlighted in the screenshot), which should be copied or recorded on a piece of paper.

On the second computer, take all these steps again. Make sure iTunes is not launched and be sure to delete files.Itl in the Previous iTunes Libraries folder. If you do not have this folder, then delete, respectively, nothing needs.

Then, as you have already guessed, you need to replace the key from the ITUNES Music Library file.XML for the key to your library. Next, open the iTunes Library file.itl and delete all its contents. Be sure to save the changes.

Open itunes. You will see an error message, but you can safely ignore it. Just connect the iPhone to the computer. no files will be replaced anymore.

Other synchronization methods

How else can IPhone synchronize with iPhone or iPhone with iPad? To do this, we can use popular cloud services such as Dropbox or Yandex.Disk. They allow you to access files from a variety of devices, even if they work on different platforms. In order to synchronize files, you need to perform the following steps:

  • Install a client of the selected service on two devices;
  • Create an account on one device;
  • Enter the data of the created account on another device.

As soon as you add some files to the overall folder, they are copied to the cloud storage. After that, they can access them from another device. For example, you can create a file on the iPhone to continue its editing on a computer is very convenient and practical. Also, cloud services will ensure the transfer of files from a computer to devices with iOS without the help of iTunes.

The initial volume for storing user data in cloud services is not very large. For example, for Dropbox’s it is only 2 GB, and for the Yandex service.Disk. 10 GB. You can expand the data storage space using paid subscriptions. over, in the cloud service of Dropbox to expand free space, you can use the referral program. for each referral, the user receives an additional 500 MB.

Cloud services are good in that they save free space on devices with iOS. all data are stored on remote servers, and not in the memory of the devices. Their download occurs only at the time of use.

synchronize, iphones, each, other, computer

How to synchronize applications on iPhone and iPad via App Store

You can download your remote and installed applications right on the iPhone and iPad using the purchase section in the App Store. It contains all applications that you have ever downloaded or bought with your Apple ID. The ability to download remote applications has long existed on iOS, but now it has become really necessary.

  • Go to the purchase section.
  • Niphoneipodtouch: first go to updates, then to your Apple ID and select purchases.
  • Next, go to the section not on this device.
  • Click on the download icon next to those applications that you want to download to your device.

Thus, you can access previously purchased or downloaded applications that are not installed on the device used.

Lists will be called differently on different devices. For example, “not on this iPhone” or “not on this iPad”. The applications themselves in the lists will also differ.

Synchronization of applications through iTunes

You can still add ringtones.M4R and applications.IPA for its devices through iTunes. Thus, you can transfer files to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

if you have.IPA file of the desired application, you can copy it from the computer on the iPhone and iPad through iTunes with the usual tightening. This can be called synchronization, but in fact it is just copying the file from the computer to the device.

Format files.IPA can usually be found on the computer by the following location:

On Mac OS:

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes media/mobile applications/

On Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10:

Transfer contacts from old iPhone to iPhone 13 Pro Max / Mini [Free with iCloud]

Connect the iPhone or iPad to a computer via USB and simply pull the iPa files onto the device tab in iTunes.

Perhaps in the future, with the next update from iTunes, this function will be removed, or the IPA files will be deleted if they do not make them copies. So we do not recommend getting used to this method.