Nov 30, 2020. What these individuals seemingly don’t realize is that their efforts might very nicely backfire on them and all the rest of us. Broadcasters have generally submitted to the ideas of the V-chip and content rankings to assist mother and father regulate their children’s TELEVISION viewing of their properties. In spite of everything, isn’t that what all of this hoopla is about? They’ve also meekly accepted reasonable fines from time to time for indecent broadcasts. However, the vocal minority is now demanding that the FCC and Congress play hardball, i.e., impose very giant and numerous fines in addition to revoking the licenses of stations discovered guilty of indecent broadcasts. In response to this demand, there are actually bills circulating in both homes of Congress that would improve fines to the vary of $250,000 to $three million per violation along with threatening license revocation for habitual offenders. Petrescu, F.I.T., … Read more