Watch Leisure Tonight Season 36. 1981 Streamers Information Launch date: 14 Sep 1981 Genres: Entertainment, News, Newsmagazine. The Internet, as it is currently recognized, is still a new medium. In 1993, a gaggle of scholars at the National Center for Supercomputer Purposes (NCSA) developed a computer program called “Mosaic.” This program, known as a “browser,” allowed text and graphics to be transferred via telephone strains from one pc to a different and be assembled in a predesigned structure on a computer monitor. Mosaic?s page format potential was very restricted and was not a forum for any sort of animation, nonetheless. Recognizing the constraints, the team of graduate students and trainee programmers who created the software program left NSCA to type a new company: Netscape Communications. Bindu is the most well-favored actress in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi model Bindu looks attractive and probably the greatest choice Bangladeshi actresses. Bindu is currently residing in … Read more