The app to download books to Android

Apps for downloading applications on Android

The Android platform is catching the attention of users who want the widest selection of mobile applications. In this selection, we will share with you sites from where it is convenient to download interesting applications, useful utilities on Android. Only safe and regularly updated sites with easy category navigation and search will be mentioned.

Google Play is the most popular site for downloading most mobile apps for Android. Tying a Google Account to your cell phone allows you to download content to your phone remotely. Just go to Google Play from any device, under your account, search for and mark applications, click “Install” button. After that, all the applications will be installed on your phone in order. If you have several mobile devices, you can choose your smartphone or tablet to install. If the version of your smartphone is not compatible with the version of the mobile application, you will know about it by the inactive installation button.

On Google Play you can download the best apps to your phone for free

It should be noted that Play Market is built into the Android OS as an application, directly from it you can download to your Android selected software, utilities. Just turn on WI-FI and go to the directory programs, search for the application and press the install button.

Google Play application store has advantages over other catalogs of Android applications. There you will find almost all new products, top applications (both paid and free), evaluation versions of programs. Updates are released immediately, there is a check for the application before publication. That’s why it’s hard enough to pick up a virus through Play Market.

Play Market has a strict policy, which is why not all mobile applications can be published. For example, many YouTube downloading tools (such as Videoder) are only available on the official website and on third-party resources, as they violate the rules of the service.

Play Market not only offers Android apps. Other useful content is available for your smartphone and tablet, such as books, movies, games, music. In general, Google Play may well be the main, if not the only, resource for downloading interesting Android apps and other content for the mobile platform.

Cool Reader

Cool Reader is the most famous and popular book reader for android. Although it does not have the easiest interface, but after spending some time adjusting it for you, you will be 100% satisfied with the result. The application supports all popular formats: You won’t find any built-in stores here, but you can open the desired book from any directory in the root system of your device. Beautiful background textures, page turning effect, and easy to work with the table of contents will help you dive into reading for hours.

Listen to Android audiobooks with your MP3 player

If you have audiobooks on Audible, can you listen to audiobooks on Android devices without the Audible app, or share Audible audiobooks with friends? As mentioned above, Audible audiobooks are encrypted with DRM (digital rights management). But you can still use Audible Converter to remove DRM protection and convert Audible to MP3 files so you can listen to them in any Android MP3 player app. Audible Converter is easy to use, and you can transfer MP3 files to your Android smartphone or tablet after the conversion process.

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The best way to convert Audible books to MP3/M4B so you can play them anywhere, anytime. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal before it’s over!

RoyalLib Digital Library

“>website “>RoyalLib
“>free download “>
“>Subscription / paid content “>
“>Download formats “>fb2, doc, RTF, ePub, txt, HTML
“>Audiobooks “>-
“>Read online “>
“>Registration required “>-
“>Number of books “>n/a

One of the most extensive online libraries where you can get books on Android and download them for free. Let’s mention the main features of RoyalLib book library:

  • Download format for your device. pdf, doc, rtf, fb2 (FictionBook), html, epub or plain txt.
  • Books are broken down by genre, there are about 2 dozen of them. Alphabetical index by author, book, and series. Bibliotheque search is also available.
  • RoyalLib is available for online reading, and the user is free to customize the display on Android: colors, fonts, indents and other visual settings.
  • commenting system is developed, because the site is popular among runet visitors. Even rare books are rated by readers. There are often witty Комментарии и мнения владельцев and opinions from respected, experienced readers.

In spite of the fact that the site is covered with advertisements, it is still one of the most valuable resources where books are regularly posted, and on a free basis. We hope that RoyalLib will not fall under the squeeze of greedy copyright holders.


Beelinguapp is a specific resource for learning foreign languages by audiobooks. In the catalog of the application collected literature in 13 languages, including Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, as well as major European.

By the way, all books can be listened and read simultaneously in two languages. the foreign language being studied and the native one, which the user specified during registration (by default the system language is set as the main language).

Our audiobook collection is divided into six thematic categories:

  • Stories for kids.
  • Popular Stories.
  • Culture.
  • Short Stories and Novellas.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Travel.

Each edition is categorized into one of three difficulty levels: elementary, intermediate, or advanced.

In addition to books, the app has a small audio library. a collection of songs in foreign languages (mostly in English) and a news section, but the latter, unfortunately, are not dubbed. premium content added for paid subscribers, e.g., pictures, glossary, news with sound, games, special modes, etc. д., Which, in general, you can do without.

No obligation to pay for Beelinguapp. The free version is available without a time limit, but it has ads (lots of ads!) and there is no access to a number of materials. Subscriptions start at 399 a year. The minimum price is valid for a limited time, 30 minutes after installation.


LitRes. Read books online 2. LitRes. Read for free 3. LitRes. Listen to audiobooks online 4. Amazon Kindle 5. Home Library 6. Best books by Russian classic writers for free 7. MyBooks. library and books 8. Litnet. eBooks 9. Bookmate. Reading books is easy 10. Wattpad. Where the stories live 11. Free books, samizdat 12. Parallel translation of books 13. Parallel books, fairy tales, topicals in English

#1. App Name: LitRes. Read books online

Note: When you launch it, it asks to install or update Google services, but it works without it.

Free books available (mostly classics). Downloading books is not always successful on the first try. The built-in “reader” doesn’t have much contrast (the background isn’t quite white, the letters aren’t quite black).

#2. App Name: LitRes. Read for free

Note: When you run it asks you to install or update Google services, but even without it works. The books are really free; and you “pay” for the books by watching the ads. The built-in “reader” does not have a very contrasty look (the background is not quite white, the letters are not quite black). Occasional spontaneous reboot of the device.

#3. App name: LitRes. Listen to audiobooks online

Note: When starting it asks to install or update Google services, but it works without it.

It is possible to listen on e-books with audio channel or on wireless headphones (if the device has Bluetooth with the ability to pair with headphones, you need to check in each case separately).

#4. Application name: Amazon Kindle

Note: English-language interface, but, nevertheless, there are books in Russian (including free). The geometry of the application is not quite optimized for readers, but it is possible to use.

#5. Application name: Home Library

Note: You can set a contrasting theme in the settings. There are free books (mostly classics).

#6. Name of the application: The best books by Russian classics writers for free

Note: With Wi-Fi connected. obtrusive ads; without connection, leaves blank space in place of ads.

#7. Application name: MyBook. library and books

Note: The bookstore operates on a subscription model. That is, books are not sold “piece by piece”, but the entire library for a subscription period. Attention! Subscription can be renewed automatically with automatic deductions!

#8. Application name: Litnet eBooks

Note: The app focuses on online reading of free books by first-time authors. Built-in “reader” does not allow to set a completely white background.

Programs to download books to your computer for free

Bookmate is an online library for reading books by subscription. The library contains several million books and audiobooks of different genres and directions: classics, fiction, detectives, novels, children’s, poems, and much more. than 50,000 books are available for free reading. Available on Windows 10, Android and iOS.

AlReader is a popular ebook reader program. Supports FB2, DOC, DOCX, HTML, TXT, EPUB, MOBI and other formats. Can save bookmarks and has a fully customizable interface. There are versions for Windows and Android.

Fiction Book Editor is a program that allows you to edit books in FB2 format. It allows you to change the text, its style and font, to edit the metadata (author, title, genre, etc.), to change the font, to add typography and to change the source code. д.), insert images and hyperlinks, check oographies, and more.

ICE Book Reader is a terrific program for reading electronic print media. It is a quality alternative to all its competitors and can successfully carve a niche in the market. It can read files with extension.LIT.CHM and.ePub. ICE Book Reader perfectly replaces the converter. Also, ICE Book Reader allows you to translate data from TXT to HTML, from HTML to TXT, from TXT to DOC, from DOC to TXT, from PDB to TXT, from LIT to TXT, from FB2 to TXT, etc.д.

BookSeer is an interesting program for reading electronic books, which is also a database. The base can be used not only for books, but also for video collection, music, and regular paper books.

CoolReader is a program for comfortable e-book reading. It became very popular because of its great cross-platform capability. There are versions for different operating systems, smartphones and different devices for reading books.

STP Viewer is a simple multifunctional software product for visualization of 3D model description files. Displayed model quality and rendering speed along with low resource consumption, easy-to-use interface and a variety of tools provide the fullest range of facilities for viewing and printing model drawings and sections.

The STDU Viewer combines several useful programs in one. Browsing has never been easier. And if the documents are in different formats.? This is where the STDU Viewer is useful.

Martview is a pleasant program for reading electronic books. Ideal for those who have to read large texts electronically, but really miss paper books. The program’s interface imitates book pages, even flipping is done with the same gestures as when using a paper book. This is especially useful for those who have a touch screen. The classic horizontal or vertical scrolling mode is also available.

Hamster Free eBook Converter is a powerful program that converts books into multiple formats. Will help convert text into a format your e-book or other mobile device can read. Supports over 200 devices, including Amazon Kindle, Sony, PSP, iPad, Kobo, Nook, iRiver and many others.

Collection of free readers. special programs for reading books on computer. Storing books electronically means having thousands and even hundreds of thousands of books in your library. Most of these programs allow you to read aloud texts with a synthesized voice, that is, read electronic books aloud.

Balabolka is a free program for reading aloud text files by computer, able to speak Russian and other languages through modules.

Sigil. free multiplatform program that specializes in editing and extremely simplifies work with EPUB e-books.

Calibre. free eBook reading application for avid book lovers, which has the capabilities of an electronic library.

Icecream Ebook Reader is free and comfortable application, that allows to organize, store and read electronic books with comfort. Opens files in most text formats.

FBReader. high-quality free multiplatform reader for Windows and Android, that has rich features for comfortable using.

MartView is a free and incredibly stylish, distributed e-book reader, designed for tablets and ordinary PCs.

Alreader2 is the most powerful universal program reader, adapted for many file formats of electronic publications.

Ice Book Reader Professional is a free and useful program designed to read books in different text formats.

ToM Reader Russian. free and handy reader, that can also be used for personal archive management.

DjVu Reader is a free program designed to work with the popular format (.djvu) to save documents, images, and books.

Spurtz. free and small utility for Windows, which allows you to significantly increase the speed of reading.

ComicRack. free app is positioned by the developers as the unbeatable and best program for reading/creating unlimited comic book storage.

FB2 Reader for Android

How to open books in fb2 format on your Android? Download the best all-around book reader for Android for 2021.

Modern smartphones can replace almost anything you need, including a book.

EBookDroid. PDF DJVU Reader” will allow you to turn your Android device into a tablet for reading. FB2 Reader for Android.

The program Moonreader allows you to read any book directly from your Android device!

“The i-reader. is a free program that is also distributed without the requirement of payment. Best All-in-One Book Reader for Android.

If there are some books that don’t work for you. please send problematic books to email !

Foliant is an app for organizing your book collection and conveniently reading them.