The button on the laptop keyboard does not work

Setting a key that has fallen off

It is a bit more complicated if the part is broken, having come off with the retainer. To perform the repair, you will need:

Dropping heavy objects sometimes bends the fasteners on the keyboard itself, which support the key swing. They are made of flexible aluminum, so they can be easily repaired. It is important not to damage these mounts made of aluminum, otherwise it will be extremely problematic to reassemble the keyboard. This can only be done in the service center.

No special efforts are required to insert individual buttons. You should avoid heavy pressure not to damage the plastic bindings.

How to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working | Windows 10, 8, 7

Malfunctioning of the keyboard is a frequent occurrence. The causes are plenty: spilled coffee, hard knocks on the keys, contamination or hardware failure. To independently determine why the laptop keyboard does not work, you can read our article.

Even a stuck key can ruin your mood, not to mention when the whole keyboard ceases to give signs of life. You can react in different ways: take the laptop for repair, buy a new input device or connect a USB keyboard.

Before you can act decisively you need to determine the cause of the problem. Batterion specialists told us how integrated notebook keyboards break (batterion.(ru/keyboard).

The most common types of failures are the following:

The button fell out. This is particularly likely to happen if you bang the keys as hard as you like or if you drop the notebook. The problem is solved by reinserting the missing part (you should hear a click when the latch locks into the grooves). When the lock is broken you can buy a new key and install it in the input device.

The cable, which is responsible for transmitting signals from the keys to the motherboard, is broken. In this case, the input device at all stops responding to clicks. Hardware defect requires a qualified repair, although sometimes it is cheaper and easier to buy a new keyboard. You can do it on the Batterion notebook hardware site:

Not working some of the keys on your notebook is the most common type of keyboard failures. The main reason is clogged contacts. Keyboard needs to be cleaned. There are many means for that: wipes-defender and special brushes, USB-cleaner, can with compressed air, gel-lipo. If surface cleaning didn’t help, you need to disassemble the keyboard. This case requires accuracy and dexterous hands, otherwise you can easily break the fragile locks.

The conductive tracks are shorted. In 90% of the cases the corrosion of the tracks is caused by spilled liquid (sweet tea, coffee, juice) on an open laptop. Chances to fix the keyboard at home are not much, but it is possible to save your laptop from more serious problems. The first aid to the laptop after such a disaster:

  • Unplug your computer immediately and remove the battery;
  • With paper napkins to soak the keyboard;
  • Dry the keyboard with a hair dryer (cold air mode);
  • Take the laptop to the service center where it will be dismantled, fully dried and if necessary damaged tracks will be repaired.
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Causes and solutions

It is worth noting right away that the causes of the situation under consideration are not numerous, which does not make it easy to solve them.

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1 variant

Pay attention to the available keys on your keyboard block. Perhaps next to the indicated block there is a dedicated button, which is responsible for turning on / off F1-F12. In modern laptops it is possible to meet it very seldom, but on the older models there were earlier buttons, which were called “F Lock” and “F Mode”. Consequently, if your model has a similar functionality, then try just clicking on the right button. It’s easy.

2 option

The second option is a standard and familiar action for most computer problems. This is a check of the software drivers, in particular the input/output device in question. To check if the device is up to date, do the following:

  • Right-click on the “This Computer” (My Computer) shortcut and select “Manage”;
  • Open “Device Manager” and expand the “Keyboard” directory;
  • Open the properties of each device that are available in this category, and go to the “Driver” tab;
  • pay attention to the “Version and Date” block and compare the information with the official data, which can be found on the website of the developer of your computer or individual device.

If necessary, download them and install the latest version.

3 variant

The third option, which is the most complex in its performance, involves updating BIOS drivers. For obvious reasons such action should be treated with extreme care, as ill-considered manipulations can lead to the actual failure, but the computer as a whole. So this option should be left as a last alternative, especially if the user does not have certain skills. Perhaps a better option would be to purchase a new (external) keyboard. The file with the updated BIOS can be found on the official website of the developer.

Buttons on the numeric keyboard do not work

The numeric keyboard is located on the right side of the main keyboard of the laptop. It has this name because it offers quick access to numbers from 1 to 9. If some of the keys on the numeric keypad are not working then try pressing the Num Lock key.

The side keyboard on the laptop does not work: the reasons

It often happens that the main keyboard works but the side keys are not pressed. This occurs due to inattention of the user. Most likely, the “num Lock” button is jammed. It must be pressed, or the ” num Lock” and “FN” keys must be pressed. After such manipulations the side keyboard should work. Is everything, the above manipulations have not brought the laptop in itself, it is necessary to deeply inspect the technique.

The side keyboard on the laptop does not work, the reasons:

button, laptop, keyboard, does
  • Hardware. Mostly it is connected with clogs and also with the presence of liquid in the keyboard area. This often happens if there are children sitting at the notebook who like to drink juice, milk or tea.
  • Software. They are associated with the possibility of infection of the laptop with malicious software, simply put, viruses. Often a driver failure occurs because of this. These causes are eliminated quite simply, we recommend that you first resort to their implementation, rather than deal with hardware causes.
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Fix a software failure

If cleaning and other methods described above have not worked, the first thing to do is to try to make repairs in software. As we have already mentioned, incorrectly working drivers or software failure at operating system level can lead to the fact that part of the laptop keyboard does not work properly. What you can do in such cases:

Start the computer in so-called “Safe Mode”. To do this, reboot the laptop, and immediately after the beep press the button responsible for entering the boot menu. Usually it is F8, but it can also be another function key or even a combination of keys.

When a window labeled ” boot options” appears you need to select the option to start the device in safe mode, using up/down arrows (the mouse is not working at this stage of booting yet). The essence of the method lies in the fact that the laptop will run without drivers (or rather, with a minimum number of them). If after checking the serviceability of the problematic keys they work, then the matter is really either incorrectly working drivers, or in the presence of system problems at the software level. If part of the keyboard will not work in safe mode, we can conclude that the problem is hardware.

So, we found out that the inoperability of the keys has a software reason. Let’s describe how to update the drivers:

  • Reboot your notebook in standard mode;
  • Launch “Device Manager” (Start menu, enter “Device Manager” in the console search). If some letters of the laptop keyboard, used to type a phrase, do not work, try to type this phrase in the search field of any browser, he will be able to correct the error and give a grammatically correct result.
  • It remains to copy it (using the PKM) and place it in the console, using the same mouse or combination CtrlV. You can also do another way. open any text and copy and paste from it the necessary letters;
  • the search result will appear, select the desired service from it, it will be the first in the list;
  • In Device Manager, look for the “Keyboards” branch, expand it and click on the available device by clicking on “Update Drivers”;
  • A window will open, prompting you to select the option to automatically search for a keyboard driver on the network or manually on your computer. We choose the first option;
  • If the system displays a message that the driver update is not required, simply delete the current version by selecting the same context menu item “Delete”;
  • Windows will try to find the right driver for your keyboard and automatically install it;
  • if the attempt will be unsuccessful, simply restart your laptop, the system will detect the device without drivers during the peripheral check and will try to install them.

You can also update drivers with the help of specialized utilities capable of detecting all outdated drivers and replace them with the latest stable versions. If as a result of this step, some of the keyboard and will not work, it is obvious that the reason is not in the software malfunction.

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Liquid has been spilled on your notebook keyboard

Filled laptop must immediately de-energize. disconnect from the mains, remove the battery, and then turn it open and allow the liquid to drain. Even if the spill was small, the device can not be turned on without making sure that the space under the keys and motherboard are dry, which requires disassembly of the laptop.

If the liquid did not contain sugar or salt, it is enough to carefully wipe it from all parts. Acidic, sweet, salty or alkaline solutions are aggressive, quickly cause corrosion, and therefore the removed buttons will have to wash with clean, preferably distilled water. Wipe the surface underneath them and the “motherboard” if necessary with wet wipes. Evaporate the liquid by wiping damp areas with alcohol. In any case, after all manipulations the laptop will have to dry disassembled at least one day.

Coffee spilling on keyboard

Problems with flat cable pins

Functionality of the flat cable and its contacts is also checked when the laptop is disassembled. The exact location of the part can be found in the instructions for the specific model of the device, and the first thing you should examine is the connector. If the contacts are damaged or the flat cable is loose, you must replace it. If there is a plaque or rust, you can remove it with an eraser or cotton swab with alcohol.

This fault is common on laptops that have been in use for a long time. Often complete failure is preceded by failures in the work of some keys, changes in the brightness of the keyboard backlight (if any).

What to replace the keyboard. a temporary solution

The following options can be used as a temporary replacement for the native keyboard:

To run the on-screen keyboard in Windows, you can type the appropriate query in the search box or go to “Special Features”. “Keyboard”. “On-screen keyboard” in the settings (you can also enable the option through the Control Panel). If you need frequent access to the input tool, you can pin it to the taskbar.

If you have to work with the keyboard a lot, this method of solution, even if temporary, is not suitable. In this case, the best option for full interaction will be the use of external keyboard, connected via USB. The device driver is usually installed automatically, but if not, you can install it manually.

As you can see, there are many causes of the problem, so the solution can be quite unexpected. Did one of the above methods help you to fix the problem? Tell us about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.