The camera on the phone does not turn on

Android camera crash: how to fix the problem on your Samsung phone

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Owners of different Samsung smartphone models (S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, Mega 2) may face an unpleasant situation: the “Camera” application does not start. Instead of starting the camera, the Android user receives a notification that a failure has occurred.

At service centers, they will tell you that you need to pass the device for diagnosis to find out the cause of the failure. It could be a software “glitch” or a hardware failure.

However, there are several methods by which you can find out the cause of problems related to the camera, and even fix them yourself. We will consider simple, but quite effective ways.

Compatibility issues

When you turn on the camera you see a black screen, text with an error, Android camera does not work and just hangs? So, to begin with, restart your phone. there could be small glitches if the device has been working for a long time without interruption. The camera is back in order? These crashes are especially common for users whose smartphones do not have a power on/off schedule. How to avoid such mistakes in the future: “Settings”. “Schedule on/off./off. power.”.

camera, phone, does, turn

End any programs that can use the camera. For example, a transparent screen.

Check if you have installed any camera applications? E.g. filters, a different program to create pictures, utilities to make it work better. They may be of high quality, but if they do not fit your model or take up too many resources together with other applications. Deactivate such programs via the application menu. Use the default snapshot tool. Uninstalled it? Prefer a resource-efficient and popular camera app.

Doubts that the problem is with the program? Boot into safe mode. How to do it? Reboot your device. Press Volume Up/Down button from the moment the welcome screen appears until the device powers on. If it worked, it will say “Safe Mode”. The camera still does not work as it should? So the reason is something else.

Camera doesn’t work in Android after flashing? Update the Android operating system by going to “Settings”. “About phone”. “Wireless Update. If the version is custom, perhaps the developers did not take into account some features of compatibility with this model of phone or tablet. You will have to roll back to the original or find a new unofficial one. Here’s how to get back to the factory OS after reflashing. Recovery menu. “wipe data/facroty reset”. “wipe cache partition”. “installzipfromsdcard”. specify backup location. If you have not made it, look it up on the Internet or other users. Take care not to catch the virus.

Why is the camera not working in a particular application, such as Skype?? The program may not be compatible with your operating system version. Make sure that the application is allowed to use the camera. Reinstall the software in which the camera does not work.

Repair the camera on your phone: what to do on the steps

restart your phone

This is probably the first place to start. In a kind of different failures, errors, incorrect termination of some software. can be so that the camera will show a black screen and not work.

A simple reboot often helps to “restore” and make the phone work again.

Note: to reset (turn off) the phone. Just press ON/OFF button for 3-5 sec., until the special. Menu on top of the desktop. Here is an example.

Check whether the camera is taped over (there is no debris, dust on it at all)

Pay close attention to the camera surface: isn’t there any debris, dust etc.? It is recommended to wipe the camera with an alcohol wipe (though I would like to mention that dust often causes image degradation, not complete disappearance).

If your phone is new and you turn it on for the first time. Examine the phone carefully to see if there are any protective films left on it. It is not uncommon for manufacturers to tape over the camera with a special protective tape (this also applies to the battery terminals, see “Removing the Battery”). photo below).

Sticker on the camera and phone battery (as an example)

Note that in some cases it is hardly noticeable, and may be the same color as the phone body (so many people do not notice it).

reset the camera, clear its cache

Next, I recommend to open the application “Camera” (which you shoot). open its settings and reset them to defaults (t.е. The ones that were the default). In some cases, because of the inclusion of some “not brought to mind” functions of the developer. the smartphone may not work correctly with the camera.

The screenshots below show you how to reset your camera settings on Android 8.0

Default camera settings (Android 8.0)

Also recommend to clear the cache of the camera app. To do this, open the Android settings tab “apps and notifications”. then find it in the list and open its properties (see. screenshot below).

Camera. clearing the cache (android 8.0) / Clickable

Recall recently installed programs.

The point is that some audio and video programs can conflict with the camera app (especially, this applies to software designed to replace the standard app). This category can include: editors, programs for taking screenshots and videos from the screen, voice recorders, players, etc.

So if you installed any of this software the day before, I recommend to pay close attention to this. Try to remove the software, reboot the phone and check how the camera works.

Pay attention to the software you installed the day before

Did you update your system?? It might be worth doing a rollback.

Many users have noted that problems with the camera (and not only with it) often begins after a system update (and, in recent versions of Android, this occurs almost automatically (it is enough to accidentally click on the wrong. ), just like in Windows. ).

If this is what happened you are advised to either roll the system back to the factory presets or wait for the next update from the developers in which they will fix the problem.

To rollback, go to the Android settings under “System/Backup and Restore” and click on “Restore factory settings”.

Warning! After rolling back to the factory settings. All your data will be deleted from the phone (make a backup copy beforehand)!).

backup and restore (factory reset)

Check Android for viruses and malware

Unfortunately, there are now enough viruses and Android (you can catch it, for example, when you install various games from little-known sites). In general, when the phone is infected, you can usually notice the following things:

  • various banners start to flicker on the desktop (including a number of applications where there have never been ads before);
  • The phone may freeze or restart randomly;
  • There may be problems with the installation of a number of software: the phone just goes into reboot when installing it;
  • spontaneous updates, installing applications, etc.д.

If in addition to the camera, there are problems of the above nature, I recommend that you thoroughly check your phone for viruses. This topic is quite vast, and in order not to “bloat” this article. here are a couple of links to help.

camera, phone, does, turn

Check updates

Be sure to look whether there was an update to your operating system, if the camera does not work is a bug of the developers.

You can check for updates by following these steps:

  • Go into the settings,
  • Tap on phone info,
  • Then press the MiUA version,
  • Click the check for updates button.
  • If updates are found. update, if not. go to the next point.

Check the setting for the camera, where the camera shots are stored, perhaps the carrier is full, or simply out of order, in the case of the camera saves images on the flash card.

Flash card problems are very common, so it can be considered one of the main reasons for camera problems on your phone.

Clean the removable flash card or replace it.

The camera on your phone does not work: quick troubleshooting

When choosing a new phone, the buyer is always guided by a number of important criteria. One of them is the camera. Using the built-in camera makes fun selfies and unforgettable vacation moments remain in memory. Thanks to modern smartphone cameras, many people have even forgotten what an ordinary camera looks like. Therefore, for many will be a big problem when the camera stops working in your phone for no apparent reason. This is what we will talk about in our article.

There are several ways of fixing this problem. But about everything in order. First of all, it is necessary to determine the nature of the breakage. If the phone was dropped and the camera lens is broken or the body of the device got into the water, then you can not fix the problem yourself. You will need to contact the service center, since you will need to replace some parts. In case the gadget has not been exposed to mechanical impact and the problem is at the software level, you can fix everything yourself.

What to do if the camera does not work on your Android phone

Before you call a service center, you should find out why the problem has occurred. Often the following causes affect the functioning of the camera in the device:

  • firmware;
  • viruses;
  • Breakages of mechanical nature;
  • cache;
  • contaminants;
  • conflicts with other applications;
  • lack of memory;
  • A mistake in the settings;
  • memory card problems.

Consider the examples of possible reasons why the camera does not work on your Android phone and how to fix them below.


Error in operation can occur after updating the firmware of the device. In this case it is worth to restart the phone and try to turn on the photo and video tools again. Sometimes this method may not work the first time, so it is worth to try 2-3 more times.


Viruses and malware interfere with. To recognize a virus:

  • Go to the “Downloads” folder and click on “Applications”;
  • if the description of required permissions contains “Sending SMS” or “Making calls”, it means that the selected utility contains a virus;
  • Install antivirus software on your phone or clean the gadget by connecting to PC.

Mechanical damage

The failure is also affected by mechanical damage to the device. Check your smartphone for bumps or scratches on the protective glass of the front or back camera (on the lens) may be damaged. If you have not been able to fix the camera in your phone, it is still worth taking it to repair.

Cache is an intermediate memory buffer that contains operational information. Accessing data in cache is faster, but its capacity is limited. Therefore, from time to time you need to clean the storage from unnecessary information and open programs. To clear the cache, you need to:

camera, phone, does, turn

After that try to run the program for shooting again.

If you still have questions or complaints. Let us know

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Sometimes even the most obvious reasons can interfere with the phone. Check the front and rear lenses of your smartphone for dirt. Dirt on the top of the case and on the inside of the appliance is the cause of the malfunction. Clean the handset by removing the case.

Conflicts with other applications

Failure of the lens can be caused by utilities that can take pictures, videos during use (messengers, social networks, etc.). To be sure, try to start taking pictures through other programs or uninstall the programs in which it is used and install them again. By uninstalling the utilities one by one and checking each time you will be able to find the cause and solve the problem.

Not enough memory

Failure may be caused by the lack of available space on the smartphone. If you previously installed more than one application or store a lot of files, photos or videos, then there may be a problem. Clear the phone memory and try to check the possibility to take a picture again.

Unable to connect the camera. Close other apps that can use the camera and flash on Huawei and Honor

Incorrect settings

On devices with the Android Marshmallow operating system, there is a personalized order of access to the main utilities. In this case, you need to confirm that the “Camera” app has access to use the gadget. To do this:

  • go to “Settings”;
  • go to the “Applications” tab;
  • Select the “Camera” application;
  • Click on the “Permissions” icon and make sure the “Camera Permissions” button is on.

Resetting all settings to factory defaults will also help get rid of the problem. If you create a backup beforehand, you do not risk losing data.

The problem with the memory card

Android phones work with a memory card, so malfunctions can occur when you save content to the card. The problem may be lurking in the wrong card position. To do this, try removing the SD card and putting it back into the device. Also The difficulty can be in the lack of memory on the drive.

Check your device for viruses and trojans

Alas, for the Android operating system, there are a huge number of viruses, trojans and other malware. The most interesting thing is that the user in many cases is at fault for infecting the device. it is enough to install an application from a third-party source (not from Play Market), which contains a malicious file.

Thus, viruses can also affect the camera. In this case it is worth to use an antivirus, the choice in the same Play Market is large enough, in addition, most of these applications can be downloaded completely free of charge.

The “Camera” application is still unavailable

Phones that haven’t been helped by any of the above methods are likely to have a more serious camera failure. To fix it, it is better to contact the Samsung service center at your place of residence. Specialists will conduct a complete diagnosis and. if necessary. replace parts.

Samsung Galaxy S7. Pressed Recovery. Phone vibrated for 20 seconds. After that main camera and microphone do not turn on, but speakerphone works, camera sees. Writes 21 mp. Also the home button aka fingerprint did not work. What to do. Re-flash?

Reply. It is possible that the phone camera or other components have mechanical damage. Hard reset, and if it does not help. take it to the service center. Of course, the problem will not be solved for free, but diagnostics will help you find out if it makes sense to repair.

Samsung Galaxy phone. The camera stopped working. Previously screen was changed, after repairing camera worked. I uninstalled some unwanted apps and might have deleted something related to the camera. The camera did not work after that.

Answer. Maybe there is a software problem. Reformat the memory card, check it for errors. You can clear the cache of the Camera application and do a reset (as a last resort).

I take photos on the camera, but they are not saved in Gallery. Tried through Total Commander, can’t find it. And voice SMS are not recorded via WhatsApp, I do not understand the reason for the failure of the Camera.

Response. In the settings of the camera application you need to specify the storage location of photos: SD card or internal memory of the device. If pictures were previously stored on the memory card, it is worth checking it for errors and perform formatting.

I have a Samsung Galaxy 10 camera and it often asks for formatting. What to do? Because you have to format and delete important records. SD card class 10.

Answer. If the memory card is of low quality, this is quite possible. Just in case, try to format it with Android tools or with the desktop SD Formatter program, and then check for errors with the system utility chkdsk.