The child’s Smart watch does not turn on

Smart watch doesn’t turn on what to do?

To turn the gadget on, you just need to press the button, which in almost all models is located on the left side. The button is pressed for 3 seconds, after which you need to release it and wait until the watch screen lights up.

Smart watch doesn’t charge (or fitness bracelet)

Use only the included power adapter and cable. often the reason why does not go charging to the Smart watch is clogging contacts, cable breakage or failure of the brand (original) power adapter.

Why don’t the child‘s smart watches see the SIM-card?

There are several reasons why a child‘s smart watch does not see the SIM card: malfunction of the watch as a whole. (very, very rare, not fixable); 4. Incorrectly inserted SIM card (also quite common, about fixing written below).

If the smartwatch does not connect to your smartphone, consistently check the charge level on both devices. Make sure the Bluetooth connection is active. Then try to delete the connection on the smartphone and reconnect.

How to turn on your Smart Watch after you buy it?

To turn on the gadget, you just need to press the button, which in almost all models is located on the left side. Press the button for 3 seconds, then release it and wait for the watch screen to light up.

  • Check the hardware Use only original accessories (charging cable, power adapter and docking station)
  • Try to turn the watch on when it is charging.
  • Plug the charger into another outlet and repeat step 2.

How to turn on a smart watch If there are no buttons?

To get to the settings of a touch watch without buttons, you should do 10 quick taps on the screen. This number of clicks is provided so that you will not enter the settings after an accidental touch. After entering the settings, the first thing you can do is to set the current time.

The easiest cause to fix is a dead battery. Connect Amazfit Beep to the docking station for a few hours and it should start. It is quite possible that your watch stops charging because of the charger breakage. Try charging Amazfit Beep in a different way to confirm the hypothesis.

How to turn off the Elari Kidphone 2?

Julia O. Pavel Yu. Turn it off and on with the off button. If the function is blocked (switching off the watch with the button) using an app (for example, if the watch was used and the previous owner had it on), wait until the battery runs out and the watch shuts down automatically.

You can switch the watch off with the SMS-command pw,123456,poweroff#. Simply send it from your number to the number in the watch. If there is no response, try sending the command pw,523681,poweroff#.

What to do if the Smart watch doesn’t turn on: a breakdown of the different brands

Manufacturer’s guide to fixing the problem on different models of smart watches.

child, smart, watch, does, turn


Why smart watch does not turn on Huawei and how to fix the problem. Connect Huawei to the charger (voltage 5V, current strength. 1A) for 10 minutes, then check whether it turns on. If the watch is not responding normally or the screen turns off, force reset by pressing and holding the top button for 15 to 20 seconds.


Most often Samsung Smart watch does not turn on because of a firmware failure. In such a case, it is necessary to forcibly reboot the Samsung Galaxy or Gear. hold down the Home button for eight seconds until the logo appears on the screen. If the Galaxy still does not respond, charge the device and try resetting again.


Canyon smart watches don’t turn on or charge. If your gadget vibrates and blinks while charging but the process never starts, then its battery is drained to zero. If this is the case, connect the power, wait for the vibration to turn on, disconnect the charger, and repeat the procedure again. The duration of repetitions depends on how long the Smartwatch battery has been completely dead (usually it takes about a minute). When charging starts, wait for the process to finish, then update the gadget’s firmware via Bluetooth.

What to do if the Smart watch Dz09 doesn’t turn on. You should hold the power button for at least 3 seconds to make the device work, if that does not help, it means that the battery is completely discharged. Dz09 batteries have a limited lifetime, so if you use your device for several years, replace the battery with a new one. If the battery is good, check if the charger works.

If Smartlife Vega, Smartwatch M4/M5, or other Chinese models that are sold on Aliexpress and in Russian stores do not turn on, also check their battery and charger.

Smart watches for children

What to do if a child‘s Smart Watch doesn’t turn on. Wearable gadgets for children, such as the Aimoto Kids, Digma Kid, Smart Baby Watch Q100/Q50, or others are arranged similarly to adult models. But, since kids are not as careful with their things, a frequent cause of device failure is wetness or mechanical damage. So, in addition to checking the charger and battery of children’s watches, it is worth asking the child what activities with the clock preceded the breakdown.

Fitness bracelets, such as the Xiaomi Mi Band, do not have a power button. If the gadget stopped showing signs of life, it is worth checking whether it can charge, and whether its display is functional.

Why the Smart baby watch does not work and does not turn on?

It usually happens that the Smart baby watch was working, and then suddenly stopped charging and turning on, t.е. “died.”.

The first thing you can do, change the charging cord and try charging the watch with another charger. It is always desirable to charge your smart watch with a quality original phone charger. If this does not help, there are two main reasons why the clock is off:

This can be repaired. Just change the battery and your watch will work.

Batteries can be ordered at our watchmaking service. We send by mail of Russia. Order it HERE

The child may not tell you and may not even notice that the watch was hit by a drop or a trickle of water. But the fact remains: Children’s watch with GPS must be protected from water. If the watch does not turn on and the check-ups show that the watch has a deposit and corrosion inside, you should apply to the service center where the watch will be treated for corrosion. The watch will “come to life”.

In the photo you can see that the water got on the hand off sensor and corroded

Our service center is able to restore your watch after it has been exposed to water.

In the photo you can see traces of corrosion on the button slit Smart baby watch q50. It took the watch out of service.

We had the watch cleaned of all traces of corrosion and it is now operational.

After getting into water is better to replace the battery on the watch, t.к. Short-circuited by water could have rendered it unusable

If replacing the battery did not help (this also happens!), you may have a defect in the motherboard (hardware).

If the warranty period has not yet expired, you should contact the seller and ask for a replacement watch.

To order the battery. send us a request on What’s app, Viber 7 909 538 35 35 indicating the model of clock. We have batteries for both push-button and touch-sensitive Smart Baby Watch.

We will quickly accept your order and send the battery by mail of Russia. Delivery to any city (5-7 days).

We send batteries for smart watches all over Russia. Delivery is quite economical (100 )

How to get the battery, you need to go to any electronics repair service center (phones, tablets and.т.e) and you will get a replacement there very quickly.

Battery replacement procedure is not complicated, you need to unsolder and solder 2 wires. Any dad who has a soldering station at home or a technician at the Electronics Repair Service Center can do it. Depending on your city.

To order the battery, send us a request on What’s app, Viber 7 909 538 35 35 indicating the model of the watch

How to turn on the Apple Watch for the first time? Turning on iWatch and what to do if it doesn’t turn on?

You are the happy owner of a modern gadget, but do not know how to turn on the Apple Watch? Then this information is for you!

Switching on the iWatch

Before you power on your purchase for the very first time, you must put the watch on charge and leave it idle for a couple of hours to allow it to fully charge. After all, it will serve as a guarantee of long battery life.

Getting to know a Smartwatch for the first time is quite an exciting moment. The first time you turn on the Apple Watch may be a little disappointing for some fans of the legendary company’s gadgets. This is due to the fact that the time allotted to start the device is just over one minute.

Such slow speed is a nuance, to which you can take indulgently, because such a miracle of technology is the first of its kind among Apple products. Exactly the first launch of the smart watch is 1 minute and 10 seconds.

child, smart, watch, does, turn

It should be understood that such a small device, which is the first-born of its generation, could not hold a powerful iron. However, only the first launch of the gadget takes so much time, and for normal users, this moment will be reduced to “no” later on.

How to launch the iWatch?

After unpacking the watch and visual inspection, you should put it into action, that is, activate the iWatch. How to turn on the Apple Watch for the first time:

  • On the right side of the gadget under the round button is the power button;
  • After pressing it, the screen will display the characteristic Apple icon;
  • The image will be faint at first, do not be afraid of this;
  • don’t press anything until the gadget asks you to choose a language.

Pairing iWatch and iPhone

To begin with, make sure that both devices are turned on, the phone is active:

Devices should be placed close to each other. On your phone, you need to open the iWatch app.

The first time you turn on the Apple Watch activates synchronization between devices, so the watch will ask you to “pair” and the i icon will respond positively, the same manipulation should be done on the smartphone.

child, smart, watch, does, turn

Then the phone camera is pointed at the screen of the device, a few seconds of animation and the pair is created. Wondering how to turn on the Apple Watch for the first time, you need to know the following points that arise when synchronizing with your smartphone:The first power on the iWatch

  • You will be asked to choose a hand to wear the Smart Watch on;
  • Then enter your Apple ID password. “Activation lock” will pop up if “Find iPhone” service is installed on the phone;
  • All iWatch settings you made on your smartphone will be automatically transferred to your watch. Therefore, it is recommended to double-check them again;
  • Then create a password for the iWatch, which can consist of either four digits (short password) or more (long password). You should decide on a setting such as unlocking the Apple Watch phone or vice versa;
  • synchronization of applications: by pressing “Later”, only messages, mail and contacts will be synchronized.

The whole process does not take much time.Apple Watch won’t turn on

A common problem with the iWatch not turning on

What to do if the Apple Watch does not turn on? There may be several reasons for this, the most common is a dead battery. To rule out another problem:

  • Connect the device to a charger.
  • Try turning it on by pressing and holding the side keys.
  • In case the problem is really the battery, let the battery charge fully and then use the watch.

If after doing this the iWatch does not turn on, it may be due to a system glitch. Then a reboot is required. Though this wrist accessory is quite small in size, it is a mini computer and like any system, can occasionally malfunction.How to turn on Apple Watch?To reset it, you need to press the side button and the Digital Crown wheel at the same time and hold for ten seconds. Don’t worry, such operation will not cause loss of settings and data.

Let’s see other problems which can be the reason why your iWatch won’t turn on.

Other problems with the iWatch not turning on

You may have stopped charging for a variety of reasons. You can try to solve the problem yourself. You can easily fix simple problems. The watch most likely won’t start due to:

  • Broken physical power button.
  • Software failure, freezes.
  • Whether the watch was damaged as a result of physical force (fall, shock).
  • Water entering the watch.
  • Apple Watch battery breakdowns.

How to fix it?

The most effective ways to fix the problem:

As previously mentioned, the watch can simply run out of power. Charge it before you do anything else. Check:

  • The condition of the charger.
  • Whether the power adapter is plugged in.
  • Whether the cable is loose.
  • Whether the connector in the watch and the charger are dirty.
  • Try charging with a different cable and adapter.

Some uncomplicated ways to troubleshoot

Some simple troubleshooting methods are listed below:

  • Dry your Apple Watch.
  • Replace the charger.
  • Perform forced reset of the gadget (it is performed by simultaneously pressing and holding the side button and the Digital Crown wheel for ten seconds).

If the “Apple” logo appears after performing a forced reboot, the device is working.

In lieu of a conclusion

The Apple Watch may be difficult to turn on if the battery is dead and the charger is broken. When charging the accessory, make sure the cord and the unit are okay.

If this does not start the Apple Watch either, then it is most likely a technical malfunction. Do not try to disassemble the gadget on your own. It is better to go to the nearest service center where the master will unequivocally determine the reason why your accessory does not turn on.