The computer does not see Xiaomi via USB

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Alternative connection methods

If you can’t connect your Xiaomi Redmi 10 phone to your computer via USB, you can try alternative methods of transferring information from one device to another:

The first option does not need a detailed description, because in this case you just need to insert the memory card into the adapter and connect it to the PC via the appropriate slot. But this type of pairing will only allow you to transfer files to or from the flash drive.

To access the memory of the smartphone you need to use a Wi-Fi connection. You will need an additional program for this. For example, MyPhoneExplorer. It should be downloaded on PC (from the official site) or on the phone (via Google Play).

Further connection is performed as follows:

  • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Open the MyPhoneExplorer application on the phone.
  • Think of a password to connect.
  • Open the program on the PC.
  • Press “File” button and choose “Connect.
  • Confirm the pairing by entering the previously created code.

This way your smartphone can connect to PC without using a USB cable. MyPhoneExplorer on your computer will display a list of all available files. You can transfer information both from and to the phone.

Xiaomi does not see the computer via USB: why and what to do?

Connecting a smartphone to a computer or laptop, usually occurs through a USB-cable. Why?? The reasons can be different: to charge the device, to transfer photos, videos, music and so on. Sometimes users complain that the Xiaomi smartphone does not see the computer (or the computer does not see the smartphone). What it can be connected with? There are several versions, and we will start with the most common.

Causes of problems

The main reason why the computer does not see the phone are not faults in computers, but the settings in the device. Along with these, the second most important are:

  • “Wrong” USB cord (non-original cable or damage to the connector, wire);
  • Lack of drivers on your laptop to connect your phone model;
  • system malfunction related to a laptop or Xiaomi malfunction;
  • Incorrect choice of connection method (Xiaomi charges via USB, but cannot connect).

The Android app plays a significant role here, if the user has made an update. In new versions Xiaomi does not see the computer because of the data protection installed by the developers. But first things first. moving on to problem solving: what to do if the problem is a faulty cable.

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The problem of connecting the gadget to the laptop is solved in the same way as in a personal computer.

  • It is necessary to reset from the mobile device files of different types (photos, videos, audio files, text documents, etc.).д.);
  • To organize the work with the system partitions of the smartphone (most often the installation of the application cache).

If international stable firmware is used, three connection options will be available to the user when connecting the phone to the PC (you just need to put down the curtain to access them):

  • Easy Charge (the default). In this mode, only charging the battery and there is no way to view the information contained on the smartphone;
  • File Transfer. This mode opens access to all content of the cell phone, including system partitions;
  • PTP picture transmission. Allows quick access to the folder that contains photos and screenshots.

Errors of connecting Xiaomi smartphone to PC and their elimination

Transferring music, photos, videos and games via USB cable from PC to phone and back is a common operation for the user. Sometimes this feature stops working. the smartphone does not connect to your computer, or seems to connect, but the device memory remains inaccessible. This article will help to understand what is causing the problem and how to fix it.

The main reasons why Xiaomi does not connect to PC

The reasons why the computer does not see Xiaomi smartphones, 3:

It is possible to eliminate the problem with standard means and using third-party software.

Why the computer does not see Xiaomi when connected via USB

Many users find themselves in a situation where, when connecting a Xiaomi smartphone via USB cable for the purpose of transferring data (photos, videos and other files), the computer does not see the mobile device. Sometimes the phone is successfully detected, but only charges, and all the necessary user actions are not available. There can be several reasons for incorrect synchronization. They are divided into software. when the problem is with the system settings, and hardware. when there is a problem with the modules of your device Xiaomi. In the first case, the problems can be solved independently, adhering to the following instructions.

How to correctly connect your phone to the computer

Before dealing with the problem when the computer does not see the Xiaomi phone via USB, you need to remember the algorithm for the correct synchronization of the gadget with the PC.

First, it is recommended to take a functioning cable, which comes with your smartphone.

If it is not available, you can use a third-party cord. The main thing that it would have been working and matched the connector Xiaomi. Cables with MicroUSB and USB Type-C outputs are available on the market. At first glance, they do not differ much, but there is still a difference.

USB options NOT showing in android when connected to PC but phone charges

Once you have found a working cable, connect it to the computer and phone. When pairing, a notification should appear on your smartphone screen.

If Xiaomi does not connect to your PC via USB only charges, or the computer does not see your Xiaomi phone via USB but charges, then open the notification curtain on your mobile gadget. In the window with the connection to the PC, most likely, it is set to “Charge only”.

Then click on the notification and change the value to “Transfer files via USB.

Provided that the PC, smartphone and cable are working properly, the PC screen should display a notification of a successful synchronization. After that you can swap files between the devices.

Xiaomi! ПК не видит смартфон при подключении как накопитель!

If your smartphone still does not connect when all the above conditions are met, then we suggest looking at one of the following troubleshooting methods.

Device Manager and USB Drivers

In this part we will talk about how to fix the error USB Device not recognized in the Device Manager of Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10. Note that these are several ways, and as I wrote above, they may or may not work for your particular situation.

So, first of all, go to the Device Manager. One of the fastest ways to do this is to press the Windows keys (with the logo) R, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter.

Your unidentified device will most likely be in the following sections of the manager:

[Solved] Redmi Mi Phone “Not Connecting to PC” via USB

If it is an unknown device in other devices, then you can, after connecting to the Internet, right-click on it and select “Update drivers” and maybe the operating system itself will install everything you need. If not, the article How to install unknown device driver will help you.

In case an unknown USB device with an exclamation mark appears in the “USB Controllers” list, try the following two things:

  • Right click on the device, choose “Properties”, then in the tab “Driver” click “Rollback” if it is available, and if not. “Uninstall” to remove the driver. After that, in the Device Manager, click “Action. Update Hardware Configuration and see if your USB device is no longer unrecognized.
  • Try going to the properties of any device named Generic USB Hub, Root USB Hub, or USB Root Controller and under the “Power Management” tab, uncheck “Allow this device to be turned off to save power”.

Another way I’ve seen it work in Windows 8.1 (when the system writes error code 43 in the description of the problem USB Device Not Recognized): for all the devices listed in the previous paragraph in order, try this: right click on the mouse. “Update Drivers. Then. search for drivers on this computer. choose a driver from the list of drivers already installed. In the list you will see a compatible driver (which is already installed). Select it and press “Next”. after driver reinstallation for the USB controller, to which unidentified device is connected, it can work.

What to do if the computer does not see Xiaomi Redmi 4x?

Sometimes it can be a nuisance when connecting the computer does not see the Xiaomi Redmi 4X. It prevents you from moving files between devices and synchronizing data.

The reasons why the PC can’t see the Redmi 4X phone may vary. Fortunately, most of the time the problems are not very serious, so it won’t take long to fix them.

Consider the possible causes and their solutions.

These tips will work for most Xiaomi phones.