The computer doesn’t respond to the mouse

What to do if the mouse doesn‘t work

First of all you need to find out what is the cause of the problem: the device or the computer. To do so, connect your mouse to any other desktop or notebook. If it works, it’s your PC, if not, it’s your mouse.

You can also do the opposite. Find and connect a known good mouse to your computer. If it doesn‘t work, it confirms a problem with your PC.

UEFI BIOS setup screen.

Another way to make sure your mouse works is to check its functionality outside of the operating system. You can do this in the UEFI setup on modern computers, or by booting from an installer or Live CD on older computers. If there is nothing wrong with the mouse, the problem is definitely with the OS or drivers.

It is easier to replace a faulty mouse than to repair it. The only exceptions are expensive gaming models which you can try to fix. PC problems can easily be fixed using one of the methods below.

Check the cord

The cable is a weak point of wired mice, so it is better to start troubleshooting with it. Carefully examine the insulation for kinks and other damage: the cable may have been trapped or chewed by animals.

If the mouse starts working when you move the cord or in a certain position it means that the contact in the wires is broken. There are two ways: you can forget about it and just replace the mouse for a new one, or you can make troubles, clean the wires and solder them with insulated cable.

Replace the battery

With wireless devices it might be because the battery is dead. If so, you can easily replace the battery with a new, high-quality one. If you are using a battery it will be enough to charge it.

Confirm that the port is working properly

The next logical step is to check that the port your mouse is plugged into works properly. If it’s a USB plug, try plugging in a flash drive or other device and see if it works. You can also simply connect the mouse to a different port. preferably the one on the back or on the very top.

There is only one PS/2 port on the motherboard for a mouse, so you can try connecting to USB with a special adapter. It also makes sense to check the pins of the connector itself. they are shaped like pins and sometimes get bent. They can easily be straightened out with tweezers or a thin screwdriver.

By the way, check if the mouse is accidentally plugged into the keyboard connector. The ports are not interchangeable, so nothing will work.

Reset the battery on your notebook

Mouse crashes on portable devices are often caused by software glitches, which can be corrected by doing an initialization procedure. Proceed as follows:

  • Completely disconnect your notebook and unplug from the power adapter if it is removable.
  • Press and hold the power button for 30-60 seconds.
  • If you removed the battery, put it back in place.
  • Turn the laptop on and plug in the mouse, it should work.

Change the settings

Sometimes your mouse is working but behaving erratically. For example, the cursor moves too slowly or jerkily. If so, you should check the sensitivity and other settings of the mouse.


  • Start the “Control Panel”, go to “Hardware and Sound.
  • Open the “Mouse” item and switch to the “Pointer Settings” tab.
  • Pay attention to the “Speed of pointer movement” option. Set the average value and change it little by little. But do not go too fast: too fast may result in a loss of precision.
  • “Turn on increased pointer precision”. often problems occur because of this setting. Try turning it on or off and checking your mouse.
  • “Display mouse pointer trail”. when this option is turned on, a long trail follows the cursor, which many people mistake for system slowness. Check and uncheck this option.


  • Open System Preferences.
  • Go to the “Mouse” section.
  • Try changing the values of all parameters. Move the sliders and see the result.


  • Call up the main menu and go to the system settings.
  • Go to “Mouse & Touchpad.
  • Turn on the “User-defined Acceleration” and “User-defined Sensitivity” toggle switches.
  • Try changing the settings.

Your computer does not respond to the mouse: Solutions

As for specific problems with manipulators, when using PS/2 devices connected to stationary computer units through special connectors on the motherboard, damage to the connectors themselves is not excluded. Quite often you can encounter the problems caused by the impact of viruses or “slack” of drivers.

At least, on all kinds of Internet forums there are often reports that the computer does not respond to the mouse when you start the operating system, but after putting it to sleep from the keyboard and the subsequent exit from it all falls back into place and the manipulator works as if nothing had happened. It seems to be a problem with the drivers.

Finally, rarely, but you can find situations where the cause of mouse failure is the user-installed software, although it’s not known for sure why this conflict occurs. But here is the fact remains. If the computer does not respond to the mouse button or actions with the scroll wheel, then there is either a mechanical failure or a wrong setting in the operating system. As it is already clear, you should check both the mouse and the settings for buttons or scrolling.

Reboot and reconnect devices

So, now moving from consideration of the causes of failure to options for their removal. For cases with malfunctioning keyboard on laptops can be offered to disassemble it (remove all the buttons), and then a good scrubbing or wipe with a damp cloth. Just there can accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. And if you consider that many young people like to work at a laptop while chewing a sandwich, you know.

In the case of the manipulator, when the computer hangs and the mouse is unresponsive, you may suggest the first thing to do is simply reboot the system. If that does not help, you can try reconnecting the device.

For USB devices you can use so called hot reconnect while the system is running. Simply try plugging the mouse into a different port. PS/2 devices, on the other hand, should only be restarted when the power is off. If the effect is zero, check the functionality of the mouse on another terminal, and for yours try to connect a known working device to find out if there are no problems with the connector or port itself.

Mouse cursor and disappearing cursor

A common mouse problem in Windows 10 is related to Realtek HD Audio Manager. Unfortunately, Realtek HD Audio Manager is also the cause of the sound driver problems. Right-click the taskbar, select “Task Manager” and click the “Startup” tab. If you see Realtek HD Audio Manager, right click and choose “Disable”. Now reboot your system.

Disabling Realtek HD Audio Manager has been known to fix both mouse freezes and cursor disappearance problems.

HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse problems on a computer running Windows 7, Vista, or XP

If you are having trouble using your HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse, refer to another section of this document that corresponds to the problem you are having. Then, if the problem persists, refer to. For more troubleshooting information, see the HP support document Using Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse and Troubleshooting.

If your computer does not recognize your mouse or your mouse is very slow, download and install the latest version of the USB 3 driver.0.

On the right side of the most recent versions of the USB 3 driver.0 for the serial port press the Download button and follow the on-screen instructions.

Check the power and connection status (Bluetooth mouse)

Check your wireless mouse for connectivity and power problems if your mouse uses Bluetooth to connect to your computer.

Find and remove any packing inserts from the mouse. These inserts are preventing the device from receiving power.

If your mouse has a switch, verify that it is set to on.

If the mouse doesn‘t turn on, charge the battery by connecting the charging cable to a power source, such as a USB charging port on a computer or an external USB power adapter. If the mouse uses replaceable batteries, install new batteries.

Under Windows, search for and open Bluetooth and Other Settings.

Make sure that Bluetooth is set to On.

If your mouse is not listed, put it into discovery mode according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then tap Add Bluetooth or other device. To perform its pairing.

The mouse does not move correctly or does not work consistently

The problem:

The computer mouse is not stable, the cursor does not move properly.

May be caused by:

This problem could be caused by one of the following. They may vary depending on the mouse connected to your computer.

  • The computer mouse is dirty.
  • Bad surface.
  • Moisture and other external interference on your fingers (for Touchpad).
  • Other input devices interfere with normal operation.
  • Driver problems.
  • Optical part is blocked.
  • Mouse has malfunctioned.

Computer mouse is dirty

Check that the mouse and the surface on which it operates are in a clean condition, dust and other materials can interfere with the LED (laser) in an optical mouse and the ball in an optical-mechanical.

Poor surface finish

While most computer mice will work with any surface, if you are suspicious, we suggest trying various other surfaces: a mouse pad, a book, paper, or something else to make sure it is not the surface that is causing the problem.

Moisture and other external interference on your fingers

Users who use a touch pad may observe strange mouse cursor behavior due to moisture or other materials on their finger. For example, hand cream.

And for the reliability of the entire device, it does not hurt the case for the tablet Samsung 9.7, or another model that will protect it from mechanical damage.

Disable other external input devices

If you have other input devices such as another external mouse, graphics tablet, keyboards, etc.д. Try disabling these devices to make sure they are not causing your problem.

Update the drivers and uninstall the old ones

Since the drivers control how the mouse interacts with the operating system, if there are problems with the drivers, then there may also be problems with the mouse cursor movement. Make sure you have the latest drivers from your manufacturers.

If you replaced your mouse with a different one from another manufacturer, we strongly recommend that you uninstall the old drivers.

computer, doesn, respond, mouse

Optical part is blocked

Users who use an optical mouse probably experience strange mouse cursor behavior because part of the optical eye is blocked. This is most often caused by the hair.

Computer mouse is malfunctioning

If you have done all of the above steps to troubleshoot the mouse and nothing has helped, then it is probably broken. Another test we suggest you do to determine if the problem is with your mouse or not is to connect it to another computer. If not, you may need to replace the mouse.

The mouse has begun to work backwards. When you move it up,down it moves to the right,left,and when to the right,left it moves up,down.Please advise what to do !

The same problem as Vadim.Canyon Mouse.

same problem i have with the ritmix mouse

Same problem as everyone else what the hell

Hi, here are a few things you can do to help you all get rid of mouse inversion. If anyone has already solved this problem, please write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. 1. As strange as it may sound, change the batteries in your mouse. From what I understand, many users are having problems because of this. 2. Control panel/mouse settings, see if there is an inversion setting. 3. Look for inversion settings in your mouse software. 4. Update your mouse drivers. 5. Uninstall and restore the mouse in the Device Manager.

Cameron mouse, same problem, it started all of a sudden. I have to use my mouse with a 90 degree rotation to the left to work properly. All attempts to fix it have failed. On another computer, same thing. Time to get a screwdriver and hammer.

computer, doesn, respond, mouse

I bought a wireless mouse and it goes to the left and it goes up and I go down and it goes to the right, so I thought it was easy for the Chinese to hold my hand sideways with the mouse. However I decided to disassemble it, came to the conclusion that the Chinese soldered the receiver light incorrectly, or whatever it’s properly called. I opened it with a screwdriver, short-circuited the pins on this receiver, and suddenly, for some unknown reason, its orientation came back to normal. I bought the mouse for 150r, I didn’t feel sorry for it, and if you have the same situation with the expensive new mouse, you better return it and get your money back=)

The same problem with the mouse CNS-CMSW4G I have to work with the mouse turned 90 degrees to the right. I tried all of the above tips did not work, wrote to technical support canyon

Friends with canyon mice did it? With the change of direction?

What to do if the mouse cursor when the computer is turned on does not open the Internet, or office, or other folders, although the cursor moves, the mouse seems to work. But it does not activate.

Marina Most likely your just turned on computer is still busy with other processes (loading background programs, antivirus, etc.п.) and for a while can not respond to your actions.

What to do? The mouse works but sometimes stops.

mouse constantly moves in the wrong direction, worked for three years normally, and in the morning I come and barely opened Yandex

Mouse from Defender wireless kit. right-left, suddenly turned into up-down, changed the battery, removed the device from the system, restarted the computer.

What to do if the cursor even moves normally, but sometimes “freaks out” and teleports to other places where I did not want him to lead? It may be due to a bad surface, such as a rough or t.п. The mouse works fine for three years, and then I come in the morning and I can barely open the Yandex. While laser and optical mice can work on almost any surface, a mouse pad is never superfluous, plus it won’t scratch the table surface. Also this problem can be caused by bent/damaged mouse cord.

What to do if the mouse on your computer is not working properly. Old Mouse Turns Off by Itself. The mouse from the other computer worked fine, then after a month it stopped opening folders, it selects not what I want, jumps, breaks off. And also to copy with CTRL or to copy text with a left mouse button. Bought a new mouse. The cursor slows down the screen, “freezes” in place and abruptly jumps around. And after a few minutes, it shuts down altogether. I tried to uninstall and update the driver. all in vain. P.S. I have Windows XP, if anything.

What to do if the computer doesn‘t see the mouse?

Since your computer does not “see” the mouse, it makes sense to check if it “sees” the USB port itself. The easiest way to do it is through the BIOS. To enter BIOS, you need to press a certain key (Del, F12, etc) to enter BIOS.) in the first few seconds after powering on the computer.

We recommend the following steps to fix the problem:

  • Turn off your computer and unplug it;
  • Next, remove the laptop battery;
  • With the battery removed, hold down the computer’s power button for at least 30 seconds;
  • Release the power button and place the battery in the laptop;